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Labyrinth Warriors is a rumored event for Genshin Impact. Learn the event locations, event monsters, release date, event rewards, and how to clear the event.

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2.2 Version Updates
ChildeChildeHu TaoHu Tao ThomaThoma
Event List Rewards & Guide

Labyrinth Warriors Release Date & How To Unlock

Labyrinth Warriors Release Date

Labyrinth Warriors Release Date
Event Duration
2021/10/21 10:00 – 2021/11/08 03:59
(Server Time)
Event Shop
2021/10/21 10:00 – 2021/11/15 03:59
(Server Time)
Adventure Rank 30 and above
How To Unlock
Complete the Omnipresence Over Mortals Archon to unlock the event

Join Childe and Xinyan to take on the challenges that await inside the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. This Domain seeks to challenge warriors with fights waiting within its rooms!

Released As Part Of The 2.2 Update

Released As Part Of The 2.2 Update

Labyrinth Warriors will be one of the featured events of the 2.2 Update! Join Childe, Xinyan together with the Shiki Taishou to uncover the mysterious domain that was built by his master, Kamuna Harunosuke.

2.2 Update Summary

Labyrinth Warriors Event - Walktrhough Chart & Tips

Event Walkthrough Chart

1Prepare for the Trial.
2Enter The Trial.
3 Accomplish the Martial Trials.
4 Collect Tokens for Xinyan.

1. Prepare For The Trial - Tips

Select 2 Teams: Combat & Support

2 Teams For Labyrinth Warriors

Combat parties will be the first team that will be battling while the Support will be the characters that you can choose from when you encountered a room with "Curative Emplacement".

Choose A Shikifuda That Suits The Team

Shikifuda Buff For The Team

You can select from 9 Shikifudas for the team and each Shikifuda will have their own effects so carefully choose one that would support your team the most for this cannot be changed during the challenge.

2. Enter The Trial - Tips

Fight Your Way Through The Domain

How To Enter

You can check the map as to where you can enter the domains.

Explore Each Rooms To Finish The Trial

Explore The Map

Every domain has several rooms that will have different goals. Move towards the Decisive Emplacement to finish the domain.

Each Room Has A Different Effect

How To Enter

You can explore the rooms freely in the domain and each room has a mechanism or treasure chest placed to it. After doing the trial in the room, you can receive the effect depending on the mark in the room.

3. Accomplish Martial Trials - Tips

Martial Trial

Martial Trials are quest that is needs to be done while in domain to get additional rewards. Check them from the Event page and accomplish them as much as possible.

Labyrinth Warriors Event Tips

Before Entering The Domain - Tips

Before Tips

Having 1 Healer In Your Party Is Recommended

There are no time limit in challenging the domain. You will also be facing multiple enemies at once and several damage dealing traps while exploring the domain. Having an healer makes it safe for players to traverse the domains.

Choose 3 Shikifudas That Will Support Your Attackers

Shikifudas will help a lot in boosting the damage of your attackers. There are no elemental effects in Shikifudas. Choose the Shikifuda that will support your character well. For example, Electro Shikifuda will help with Energy Regeneration of Xiao.

During The Domain - Tips

How To Change Teams?

MarkCharacter Screen
Mark In Domain
Character change Screen

You can change team members if you encounter a Curative Emplacement room. You can know it is a Curative room if you see the mark with a heart in the middle of it.

Examine Sparkling Items For Damaged Replica

Sparkling Objects

Examining Sparkling objects has a chance of giving you Damaged Replica. Not all of them however drops Damage Replica.

Destroy All Objects For Hidden Chests & Martial Trials

Destroying all the objects will sometimes reveal Exquisite Chests. Even if they do not, destroying objects will help in accomplishing Martial Trials so make sure to break those vases, partitions and pots.

Watch Out For Treasure Chests In Rooms & Corridors

Treasure Chests

There are treasure chests hiding on Corridors that will give you EXP books and artifacts. Make sure to take them all. They are pretty difficult to find because they blend in the background. These chest does not respawn when you restart the domain.

Sparkling Floors Will Trigger A Debuff

Debuff Floor

If you found a floor that has small shining spots on it, jump over it because stepping on it would trigger a random debuff.

Labyrinth Warriors - Event Currencies

How To Get Aged Tokens?

Aged Tokens

Obtain the Aged Tokens by completing the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. These tokens can be exchanged in the event shop for various materials and also you can get a free Xinyan!

Battered Shikifuda

Battered Shikifuda

This item can be obtained while doing the challenge. It is similar to the item cards used in the Theater Mechanicus that gives buffs during the challenge.

Damaged Replicas

Damaged Replica

These Damage Replicas can be used as an enhancer to level up the Shiki Taishou's abilities on the event screen. You can get Damage Replicas upon through explorations of corridors and rooms of the domain.

Labyrinth Warriors Rewards

Obtain Xinyan!

Free Xinyan in Labyrinth Warriors Event

Complete the event and complete all the requirements for the Blazing Unison in order to exchange for Aged Tokens and get a free Xinyan!

Rewards Showcased in 2.2 Update

Rewards Showcased in 2.2 Update

Primogems, Crown of Insight, and other rewards await when you clear the Labyrinth Warriors Event. You can also get a Xinyan from this event!

Xinyan Best Build, Team Comp & Weapon

You Need 4160 Aged Tokens To Get Xinyan & All Trove 1 Gifts

You need to get 4160 Aged tokens to get Xinyan and Trove 1 gifts. You can easily accumulate this by running the dungeon multiple times.

Event Related Guides

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

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Epitome Of Invocation

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JadefallJadefall's SplendorTulaytullahTulaytullah's Remembrance
ProspectorProspector's DrillRange GaugeRange GaugeFavonius SwordFavonius SwordRainslasherRainslasherSacrificial FragmentsSacrificial Fragments
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


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