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Tower Defense Guide - Event & Strategy Guide | Theater Mechanicus
Tower Defense Guide - Event & Strategy Guide | Theater Mechanicus | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Tower Defense Guide - Event & Strategy Guide | Theater Mechanicus

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Tower Defense is also called Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact. Guide contains tower defense rewards, how to unlock, coop, strategy, mechanicus and what is Theatre Mechanicus.

Table of Contents

Theater Mechanicus Stage Guides

Lantern Rite Festival Schedule & Details

Tower Defense - Latest Difficulty Guide

Guide For Difficulty 4 (Stage 3) Released!

We've prepared a guide catering specifically tp the latest stage! Check it out from the link below:

Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 4 Guide Here!

Tower Defense - Event Details

Tower Defense
Click to Enlarge
Event Duration 02/10/2021 ~ 02/28/2021
(Server Time)
Unlock Conditions - Finish The Origin Of The Lanterns.
- Finish Liyue: Theater Mechanicus.
Rewards - Peace Talisman
- Veneficus Sigil

What Is Theater Mechanicus?

Theater Mechanicus is a Tower Defense game where players will place automatically attacking objects (mechanicus) to stop enemies from entering their territory.

What Is Tower Defense?
- The goal is to defeat enemies who are trying to invade your territory.
- Players will use Mechanichus to attack enemies.
- Making use of Enemies weakness is the key point
 └ You can place Mechanicus in realtime.

Tower Defense - Recommended Characters

Characters That Can Delay Movements & Crowd Control

Characters Can Delay Movements
JeanJeanTraveler (Anemo)Traveler (Anemo)KeqingKeqingZhongliZhongli

Most of the opponents are easily controlled and caused to float. However, there are also enemies that cannot be easily controlled, so make sure to leave a spot in your team for those particularly huge enemies.

Send Enemies To Holes

Another way of defeating enemies is to blast them into holes, thereby defeating them. This is very effective against small enemies.

Earth Structures Can Block Enemies & Delay Them

You can delay the enemies using geo structures produced by Zhongli & Traveler (Geo). Use these to delay huge enemies.

Hydro & Cryo To Freeze Enemies

Huge Monsters Can Be Stopped By Freezing

Ruin Guards, Lawachurls and other large opponents can be delayed by freezing them. Performing an elemental combo with Hydro / Cryo Mechanicus is also recommended.

Shield Destroying Characters

Shield Destroying

There are a lot of enemies that you will face who have elemental shields. We also strongly recommend you bring characters that can destroy shields on your team!

Tower Defense - Recommended Mechanicus

Different Per Difficulty

Each stage in Theater Mechanicus will require effective use of a certain Mechanicus to clear smoothly. It is recommended to understand the function of each Mechanicus and apply that knowledge to subsequent difficulties. Here are our recommendations per stage:

DifficultyRecommended Mechanicus
1 SparksVeneficus Mechanicus: Spark
ThunderstrikeVeneficus Mechanicus: Thunderstrike
Thin IceVeneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice
2 Tidal FlatsVeneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats
SparksVeneficus Mechanicus: Spark
3 GustVeneficus Mechanicus: Gust
4 Ambush MineAmbush Mine
Special Mode TBA

Tower Defense - Strategy Points

Check Enemy List Before Placing Mechanicus

Enemy List
Click to Enlarge

Click the button indicated above to check the enemy list.

Press the button in the upper left of the screen to check which enemies will appear in the field. Check the enemies and choose the element that gives you the advantage.

Some Of Enemies & Their Weaknesses

At The First Wave, Place Mechanicus Near The Monster Gate

Click to Enlarge
Mechanicus Function
Mark IVeneficus Mechanicus: Mark I Recovery Mechanicus: Mark I generates bonus Veneficus Points for each opponent defeated in a small AoE around it.

Collect Veneficus Points fast by placing Recovery Mechanicus near the monster gate area surrounded by damage dealing Machines.

In The Later Part, Place Mechanicus In The Meet Point

After collecting enough Veneficus Points, place Mechanicus in the map where monsters from different gates meet.

Freezing Is Effective


Freezing your enemies in locations where Mechanicus are placed will be a highly effective way of defeating enemies and maximizing the damage from Mechanicus.

Easier With Multiplayer

Click to Enlarge

If you are having a difficult time clearing the challenges, try Multiplayer. You can pair with up to 1 traveler to take on Theater Mechanicus together.

Check Out Multiplayer Forum Here!

Check Guides Below For Per Stage Strategies!

Tower Defense - How To Unlock & Play

Theater Mechanicus Flow

1 Finish the Quest The Origin Of The Lanterns.
2 Head to Liyue Harbor and finish the Quest Liyue: Theater Mechanicus.
3 Create a Xiao Lantern.
4 Talk to Ruijin and select difficulty.
5 Place Mechanicus.
6 Finish the challenge.

Prepare Items Needed For Xiao Lantern

Xiao Lantern Craft

Select Difficulty For Theater Mechanicus


Like the Hypostatic Symphony Event, each chess stage will have a different difficulty that players can choose from. This will influence how many sigils you will get - the bigger the risk, the better the rewards!

DifficultyReward Multiplier
1 x 1.0
2 x 1.2
3 x 1.4
4 x 1.6
5 x 1.8
6 x 2.0
7 x 2.5
Special Mode x 3.0

Place Mechanicus

Tidal FlatsVeneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats Attack opponents in a small AoE with Water Cannons that deal Hydro DMG and apply the Wet Status.
SparksVeneficus Mechanicus: Spark Attack opponents with Blazing Sparks that explode, dealing PYro DMG in a small AoE.
Thin IceVeneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice Periodically fires a Frost Bullet in a straight line. On hit, deals Cryo DMG to opponents.
ThunderstrikeVeneficus Mechanicus: Thunderstrike Attack 1 opponent at a time with a Thunder Strike that deals Electro DMG.
Mark IVeneficus Mechanicus: Mark I Recovery Mechanicus: Mark I generates bonus Veneficus Points for each opponent defeated in a small AoE around it.
GustVeneficus Mechanicus: Gust Once deployed, the orientation can be adjusted in the construction menu to attack in different directions. Releases an Anemo attack that knocks the opponents back.
LongbowVeneficus Mechanicus: Longbow Periodically fires an Arrow Shot, dealing Physical DMG to opponents in hits.
DesireVeneficus Mechanicus: Desire Continuously buff th Veneficus Mechanici within a small AoE around it increasing their DMG. This buff does not stack with the effects of other Mysticus Mechanici: Desire and Mysticus Mechanici: Fulfilment.
Ambush MineAmbush Mine Upon contact with the enemy, Ambush Mine will explode, dealing massive Pyro DMG to surrounding enemy units.
Portal of WondersArcane Mechanicus: Portal Of Wonders Player can select Arcane Mechanicus: Portal of Wonders to teleport to another Portal. Up to two Arcane Mechanici : Portal of Wonders can be built in a Stage.

Mechanicus Can Be Upgraded

Level Up
Click to Enlarge

These Mechanicus can be upgraded to increase their fire power by spending Veneficus Sigil. You'll earn these Sigils by completing Tower Defense challenges.

Raising Festive Fever Unlocks Stages & Mechanicus

By doing missions from Lantern Rite Tales, you will unlock new stages and Mechanicus that will make the challenge easier.

Not Letting Enemies Pass Accomplishes The Challenge


By not letting enemies pass through your territory, you can finish the challenge. Every stage, there is a specific number of enemies allowed to pass. Clearing the challenge would give you Veneficus Sigil.

Tower Defense - Event Rewards

Peace Talisman For Xiao Market

Peace Talisman For Xiao Market

You will receive the event currency that will be used to purchase rare items such as Dust Of Azoth. They can be used at Xiao Market. This can only be received by finishing certain conditions.

Veneficus Sigils For Mechanicus Upgrade

You will receive Veneficus Sigils depending on how well you perform in the Theater Mechanicus. This is used to upgrade your Mechanicus.

More About Peace Talisman Here!

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