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Hilichurl Language Guide - Dictionary & Translator

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Hilichurl Language Guide is a language translator in Genshin Impact. Guide includes Ella Musk, how to use, when to use the book, hiluhcurl book dictionary & translation list.

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Hilichurl Language - Dictionary & Translator

Handy Handbook Of Hilichurlian

hilichurl language dictionary
Da / Dada 1. Good / Very Good.
2. Casual affirmation when conversing, such as "Ah, okay."
3. Very, completely, most.
Note: "Dada upa" means "very tall/large mountain."
Ika ya /
Ika yaya /
Yaya ika
1. A bad person / Bad people!
Note: If you hear hilichurls shout these words and you are confident in yourself, give them a wallop. Otherwise, run.
Muhe 1. Like, want.
Note: You will not generally hear hilichurl say that they like you, so translating this as "want" is sufficient.
Gusha 1. Vegetables, grasses, fruits. Disliked things.
Note: Aside from eating plants, "mosi gusha" can also express unhappiness. If a hilichurl says "Gusha" to you they want fruits, rice, or wheat, or if they are dissatisfied.
Mita 1. Meat, delicious food. Liked items.
Note: "In movo lata mita / Mita in movo lata / Mita movo lata" refears to "meat in the water" - I believe that even you can figure that one out, little Ella.
Upano 1. Difficult to explain, please see note.
Note: This word is affixed to nouns and describes an upper direction, height, or flight. It can indicate flying insects, birds, clouds, patrolling knights, a small companion sent flying by a larger hilichurl. In short, this word is difficult to explain.
Celi1. Hot. Something that is hot. Fire.
2. Occasionally "sun"; "Celi upa" without "upa" can also mean "sun."
Note: "Celi lata" is an unusual figure of speach as it implies both cold and heat. This phrase generally refers to things that emit light but not heat. For example, "Celi lata gusha" is "Small Lamp Grass," And " Celi lata" cna describe things such as fireflies, stars, or the moon.
Kucha gusha/ Unu gusha 1. Seed.
Note: It may be hard to believe that I would list such a word. Hilichurls do not specifically practice farming, but they have a habit of stockpiling seeds. Sometimes when they are in a good mood, they will find a place and bury their seeds.
Kucha Small
Unu Number one.
holy word that embodies the hilichurl's concept of gods and origin of life.
Du Number two.
Unu du Number three.
Dudu Number four.
Mani Number 5
Also means "hands" or "Phyisical labor"
Sada 1. Sold, hard.
Note: In Hilichurlian, "Upa sada" means that you are prepared to do something.
Boya 1. Used with certain words to denote colors.
Celi boya red
Gusha boya green
Nini boya white
Nunu boya/ Sama boya black
Unu boya yellow
Aba mosi dada From waking until lunch
Unta mosi dada The wonderful time from lunch till just before sunset.
Mosi aba nunu From after sunset until late nught.
Unta nunu Late night
Du ya zudi dala1. Where did this thing go?
Note: After some thought, I have decided to omit Hiluchurlian directional words from this handbook. Hilichurl do not have absolute directions, so their directional speech is relative. However, the subject in their responses depends on their attitude towards you. If they like you, they will speak from your point of view. If not, they will use themselves as the frame of reference. The most recommended method is to obtain a map, and ask them this question, and have them identify the location on the map.

Hilichurl Language Guide

Hilichurl Langauge

hilichurl language

Hilichurl Language is one of the language in the world of Teyvat widely used by Hilichurls. Thanks to Ella Musk a well-known scholar of Hilichurlian linguistics, you will have a chance to communicate with the hilichurls.

Ask Ella Musk For Help

Genshin Impact just released a new event called Mimi Tomo (Unusual Hilichurl). Players will seek Ella Musk's help to gather information and locate the said unusual hilichurl.

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Other Achievements Related To Ella Musk

Here are the other Achievements or quest related to Ella Musk and her language assistance.

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mi do not muhe ye means I do not love you in the language of hilichurlian - Kaeya

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