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Energy Amplifier Initiation Event - Free Diona Event & Release Date
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Energy Amplifier Initiation Event - Free Diona Event & Release Date

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Energy Amplifier Initiation is an rumored content for Genshin Impact 1.5 update. Learn about fractured fruits, rewards, release date, and more about Energy Amplifier Initiation.

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Version 1.5 Update Details

Energy Amplifier Event - Duration & Details

DurtionApril 30, 2021 (Friday) - May 17, 2021 (Monday
How To UnlockAdventure Rank 30 or higher

Collect Fractured Fruit Data To Unlock Rewards

Head to the different locations marked in the map and defeat powered-up enemies there to collect the Fractured Fruit Data. Collect as much as you can to purchase the different rewards from the event shop.

3 Locations To Visit

Act Release Schedule
Act IMarch 30, 2021
Act IIApril 3, 2021
Act IIIApril 6, 2021

There are a total of three acts that will be released as part of the event. Each Act will mark three locations where you can find the Fractured Fruit Data. After finding the 3 Fractured Fruit Data per area, you can do the domain to complete it.

Unlock Diona As Part Of The Rewards

Diona is the featured character for this event and you can unlock her by collecting 1000 Fractured Fruit Data. She's an excellent support and unlocking her is a must!

Event Can Be Done In Multiplayer

This event can be played both in single player and multi-player. If you're having a hard time in defeating all of the enemies or clearing the dungeon, you can bring friends to help you along.

Energy Amplifier Event - Rewards

Collect 5000 Points On Each Twisted Realm To Claim All Rewards

To claim all the rewards for the event, the players should finish all of the Acts of the event and earn at least 5000 at the Twisted Realm.

Energy Amplifier Event - Act Guide & Walkthrough

Act & Domain Guides
▼Act I▼Act 2
▼Act 3-

Explore Points Of Interest For Irminsul Fruit Fragments

Collect Irminsul Fruit Fragments

Collect Irminsul Fruit Fragments

This event will have the player using the ancient relic, The Elemental Amplifier to collect and use different Irminsul Fruit Fragments. These Fragments have different power and effects that you can use in combat!

Fragments Spread Around The World

Fragments Spread Around The World

Elemental Fruit Fragments can be found in different points of interests around the world. Search for them in point of interests stated by the event screen.

Buffed Enemies Protecting Fragments


Expect enemies to be there guarding the fragments! These enemies are buffed by Mutation Stones nearby. Destroy the stones first using geo characters or heavy attackers before defeating them for an easier battle.

Configure The Fragments Into The Energy Amplifier

Configure The Fragments Into The Energy Amplifier

There multiple ways you can place down the fragments inside the Energy Amplifier. This will determine its effects during combat!

Place More Fragments With Motive Force

Place More Fragments With Motive Force

The amount of Fragments you can place on the Energy Amplifier is determined by your character levels. The higher your level, the more fragments you can add!

Borrow Friend's Characters For Higher Levels

Borrow Friend

Don't have that many high-level characters? Don't worry! You can ask for help and borrow a character from one of your friends. This is similar to the buddy system implemented in previous events.

Check Out The Multiplayer / Coop Guide Here

Challenge Domains


Three kinds of domains will also be available during the event. Challenge these domains to be able to get Fractured Fruit Datas together with Primogems and Mora. This domains can only be challenged once.

Enter The Twisted Realm

Enter The Twisted Realm

Finally, players will have access to the Twisted Realm, a domain with twists! It has different challenges and difficulties that you can do for points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Twisted Realm Has Different Level & Conditions


You can select difficulties and conditions for the Twisted Realm Event. Select as much as you can and increase the challenge level!

Act 1 - Domain & Place Of Interest Guide

Act 1 - Places Of Interest

Place Of Interest - Springvale

High GroundBeneath The CliffsRow of Camps
High Ground
Click to Enlarge
Beneath The Cliffs
Click to Enlarge
Row of Camps
Click to Enlarge

Place Of Interest: Guyun Stone Forest

Ocean SurfaceAbandoned ShipWithin The Tower
Ocean Surface
Click to Enlarge
Abandoned Ship
Click to Enlarge
Within The Tower
Click to Enlarge

Place Of Interest: Lingju Pass

Act 1 Domain - Vishap's Rest

Act 1 Domain - Vishap
Ley Line DisorderDefeated Geovishap Hatchlings will drop unstable High-Energy Crystal Cores that will explode when characters get near them, dealing Geo DMG to nearby characters
General Tips- Always have a shield
- Stay away from exploding High-Energy Crystal Cores
- Take note of Geovishap Elemental changes
Enemies Inside The Domain
Wave 1Geovishap HatchlingGeovishap Hatchling x 2
Wave 2Geovishap HatchlingGeovishap Hatchling x 1
GeovishapGeovishap x 1
Wave 3GeovishapGeovishap x 2

Recommended Characters To Bring

Against the Geovishaps, having a shield is a must. Have a character that will easily give you shields to protect you from the Geovishap's attacks. Geo characters are particularly good for this.

Act 2 - Domain & Place Of Interest

Act 2 - Places Of Interest

Place Of Interest - Cuijue Slope

Place Of Interest: Dadaupa Gorge

Guerilla AssaultHutsDirect Entry
Place Of Interest: Dadaupa Gorge
Click to Enlarge
Place Of Interest: Dadaupa Gorge
Click to Enlarge
Place Of Interest: Dadaupa Gorge
Click to Enlarge

Place Of Interest: Nantianment

Act 2 Domain - Where Shadows Writhe

Ley Line DisorderA Plasma Field will be generated at the edges of some parts of this domain once the challenge begins. While within the field, characters will be hit by a lightning strike once every 2s and take Electro DMG
General Tips- Use mechanism to create a safe zone
- Hydro & Cryo Characters are a must
- Shields are highly recommended
Enemies Inside The Domain
Wave 1Pyro Slime Pyro Slime x 4
HilichurlHilichurl x 2
Wave 2Hydro ShawachurlHydro Shawachurl x 1
Geo ShawachurlGeo Shawachurl x 1
HilichurlHilichurl x 2
Wave 3Pyro Gunner VanguardPyro Gunner Vanguard x 2
Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer VanguardElectrohammer Vanguard x 2

Recommended Characters To Bring

During this section, having Cryo and Hydro characters are very valuable as you can easily break the shields of the Fatui members. Having a healer is also a good idea to increase survivability.

Where Shadows Writhe Location Here!

Open Mechanism To Create A Safety Field

Open Mechanism To Create A Safety Field

Upon activating the device, a circular safety zone will appear. Being inside this circle will protect you from the constant electro damage from outside of the field.

Act 3 - Domain & Place Of Interest

Act 3 - Place of Interest

Place Of Interest: Dragonspine

Place Of Interest: Wuwang Hill

Tidal FlatDeserted TempleThe Old Gate
Tidal Flat
Click to Enlarge
Deserted Temple
Click to Enlarge
The Old Gate
Click to Enlarge

Place Of Interest: Yaoguang Shoal

PeaksBetween The ColumnsSharp Shot
Click to Enlarge
Between The Columns
Click to Enlarge
Sharp Shot
Click to Enlarge

Act 3 Domain - Frost-Worn Space

Ley Line DisorderWhen Frostarm Lawachurl's HP has dropped to a certain point, opponents known as Attendants will appear and grant it several bonuses. Each Attendant will increase the Frostarm Lawachurl's Elemental RES and Physical RES by 10%. The Attendants will also heal it every 12s for 5% of its HP.
General Tips- Defeat the enemies and use a Pyro character to activate the device.
- Go through the frosted area.
- Defeat the Cryo Abyss Mage and the Frostarm Lawachurl to clear this domain.
Enemies Inside The Domain
Wave 1Cryo Hilichurl Shooter x 2
Ice Shield Hilichurl x 1
Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl x 1
Samachurl x 1
Wave 2Cryo Slimes x 7
Large Cryo Slimes x 2
Wave 3Cryo Abyss Mage x 1
Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl x 2
Wave 4Frostarm Lawachurl x 1
Cryo Hilichurl Grenadiers x 2
Ice Shield Hilichurl x 2

Recommended Characters To Bring

Pyro & Range Characters

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Nexcy 3

God I despise this event

Necorolli 2

To "invite" Diona from this event you need to exchange 1000 Fractured Fruit Data, which can be obtained as you complete the various missions in each Act.

Amaterasu 1

sounds like an interesting event

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