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Find All Materials For Marvelous Merchandise Here!

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Patch 1.3 Details

Some of the details regarding update 1.3 is released during a Livestream.

Featured Characters
From 2/3
New Quests & Events
Xiao's Story Quest: All That Glitters
Travel with Xiao and unlock the Event Lantern Rite.
Lantern Rite Event Series
This event will have 3 Phases:
└ ① Lantern Rite Tales
└ ② Theater Mechanicus
└ ③ Xiao Market
Stand By Me Event
Complete challenges and get a free 4★ Liyue Character.
Five Flushes Of Fortune
Complete photo challenges and exchange photos for rewards!
Vishaps and Where To Find Them
Defeat Vishaps by sending out Expdition or hunt them down yourself!
New Boss
Primo Geovishap
 └ A powerful version of Geovichap.
 └ Has various kinds.
Scheduled Banner
Xiao's Banner
 └ February 3, 2021 ~ February 16, 2021
Keqing's Banner
 └ February 17, 2021 ~ TBA
New Items
Parametric Transformer
A special converter that transforms unwanted items in your inventory into new level up items. This item can be acquired as a reward of Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest.
Dust Of Azoth
A special ingredient that can change elemental items of certain elements into another element.
More About Version 1.3 Here!

1.3 Chinese Livestream On January 22!

Livestream Schedule
January 22 (Fri) 12:00 PM~ (UTC+0)

We will be translating and covering the details of the livestream so check the link below for more details!

More About 1.3 Livestream Here!

Slime Paradise Event

Slime Paradise
Event Duration
2021/1/22 – 2021/1/31 23:59 (UTC+8)

A new web event started! Earn Primogems and other rewards by creating a theme park for cute slimes!

More About Slime Paradise Here!

Marvelous Merchandise Returns!

Event Duration
2021/01/23 10:00:00 – 2021/01/30 03:59:59
(Server Time)

Marvelous Merchandise will return this January 23. Search for items required and receive wonderful rewards!

More On Marvelous Merchandise Event Here!

Hypostatic Symphony Event Released!

Hypostatic Symphony

Challenge your skills and battle a more challenging Hypostasis.

More About Hypostatic Symphony Here!

New Character: Ganyu & Related Events

The details of the Banner featuring our favorite half-adeptus was released! Check out the link below for more details!

Zhongli Changes Released!

Zhongli is receiving a buff! His overall performance will be improving in the upcoming update, making him a more effective support and DPS character! Check the details in the article below.

More About Zhongli's Buff Here!

Events & Area To Be Released In Version 1.3 & Onwards

The following are some Teyvat cultural events and possible new locations in Liyue and Mondstadt that will be released in Version 1.3 onwards!

Version 1.2 Details Released!

New Characters
Rate Boosted
New Weapon
Festering DesireFestering Desire
4★ Sword
4★ Catalyst
Dragonspine SpearDragonspine Spear
4★ Polearm
Snow-Tombed StarsilverSnow-Tombed Starsilver
4★ Claymore
Should You Pull From Albedo Banner?

Things To Do In Patch 1.2

Explore The New Area "Dragonspine"
Do In The Mountains Quest
Finish Quest to unlock the new Domain "Peak Of Vindagnyr"
Collect all Crimson Agate
・Find one of them by solving Ragged Records.
・Use it to level Frostbearing Tree!
・At Level 8, do Crimson Wish for more Agate.
Finish Festering Fang
Collect Strange Tooth and get Dragonspine Spear as a reward.
Discover and explore Entombed City
① Unlock Secret Room Gate to get treasures.
② Find All Ancient Carving.
③ Receive a Snow-Tombed Starsilver.
Farm Artifacts In Dragonspine
Complete New Quests
Princeps Cretaceus (Albedo Story Quest)
Clear to unlock the new event, The Chalk Prince And The Dragon.
Finish New World Quests
Ah, Fresh Meat
The Festering Fangs
Play New Events
The Chalk Prince And The Dragon
① Receive Festering Desire from Albedo.
② Collect Glimmering, Warm & Miraculous Essence
 └ Defeat Resurgent Cryo Regisvine
 └ Do Frostborn Miracle Challenge
③ Exchange received items for various rewards.
Lost Riches
Explore with Seelie for rewards.
Hypostatic Symphony
Fight powerful Hypostasis for rewards!
2nd Marvelous Merchandise
Give items in exchange of rewards!
Check Out 1.2 Updates Here!

Recent In-Game News

Jan 22nd
Other1.3 Chinese Live Stream
Details about the upcoming version 1.3 will be shown in the Livestream
Jan 16th
EventHypostatic Symphony Event
Challenge different bosses to get wonderful rewards!
Jan 10th
WishGanyu Banner Details!
Details regarding Ganyu's Banner has been released!
Jan 6th
EventLost Riches Event
You can receive a "pet" seelie by joining the Lost Riches Event!
Dec 29th
Event1.3 Zhongli's Adjustments
One of the fan-favorite characters, Zhongli, will be getting a well-deserved buff in 1.3!
Dec 23th
EventAlbedo Banner
Get new characters such as Albedo in the new wish event!
EventEpitome Invocation
New Weapon Gacha featuring Summit Shaper & Skyward Atlas!
EventThe Chalk Prince And The Dragon
Do the new event and discover secrets in Dragonspine!
Dec 9th
EventWhile It's Warm Event
Take delivery orders to win Primogems!

▼Events & Wish Currently Happening

New & Updated Articles

Xiao - Best Build & Released Date
Xiao - Best Build & Released Date
Stand By Me (Free Liyue Character) Event - Release Date & Reward
Stand By Me (Free Liyue Character) Event - Release Date & Reward
1.3 Update - Release Date & Patch Notes
1.3 Update - Release Date & Patch Notes
Zhongli Buff - 1.3 Adjustment & Changes
Zhongli Buff - 1.3 Adjustment & Changes
Primo Geovishap - Location & Drops
Primo Geovishap - Location & Drops

Genshin Impact - Interactive Map Tool

Map Tools

Full Interactive Maps

Map Articles By Category

Genshin Impact - Tier List & Ranking

Tier List

Character & Weapon Tier List

Best Girl / Best Boy Ranking Tool

Rerolling Guides Here

Current Events / Wish (Gacha) Banners

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Ganyu Banner Ganyu's Banner
Jan 12th - Feb 2nd
Epitome InvocationEpitome Invocation
Jan 12th - Feb 2nd
- Skyward Pride (Claymore)
- Amos' Bow (Bow)
beginnerBeginners' Wish
Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation
Check Out Which Banner You Should Pull From Here

Limited Events Currently Available

Character / Weapon
Hypostatic SymphonyHypostasic Symphony
Jan 16th - Jan 31st
Test your skills and battle Hypostasis for rewards!
Marvelous Merchandise
Jan 23rd – Jan 30th
The second Marvelous Merchandise is here! Give required items for various rewards.

Upcoming Limited Events

Boosted Characters
Xiao BannerXiao's Banner
Feb 2nd- TBA
Coming Soon
All Event List - Rewards & Guide

Genshin Impact - Character Database

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Element
List Of All Characters

5 Star Characters

4 Star Characters

Unreleased Characters

Other Character Related Guides

Genshin Impact - Weapons & Artifacts Database

Weapons & Artifacts
Best Weapons & Artifacts For Each Character


Weapon Related Articles


Set Bonus Guides

Genshin Impact - Materials & Recipes Database

List Of All Materials

List Of Materials By Category

Genshin Impact - Story & Quest Walkthroughs


World Quest Guides

Check Out World Quests List Here!

Boss Fight Guides

Check Out The Boss List Here!

Spiral Abyss Walkthrough & Guides

Spiral Abyss

All Spiral Abyss Floor Guides

Check Out The Spiral Abyss Guide Here

Genshin Impact - Beginner Tips

Check out Beginners Guide & Tips here!

Beginner Guides

Play With Friends! Check Out UID Exchange Forum Here

What Is Genshin Impact?

Free Cloud Platform Multiplayer Game

Genshin Impact is a free to play game (includes in-app purchases). It also supports cross platform gaming with PS4, PC & Mobile (iOS& Android) which lets the player interact with other players using different devices.

Release Date & Product Information

Release DateSeptember 28, 2020
PlatformsPS4, PC, iOS, Android
*To be released on Switch, release date unannounced
PriceFree (includes In-App Purchases)

Will There Be A Nintendo Switch Version?


It has been confirmed that Genshin Impact will be released on Nintendo Switch in the near future. The release date has not been announced yet, but we have gotten some info regarding its compatibility and cross-play features, so check those out below!

Learn More About The Switch Version Here

Will There Be A PS5 Version?

It hasn't been confirmed yet by the game's official site or social media accounts, but there have been hints that a version for next-gen consoles is in the works!

Check Out If It Will Release For The PS5!

The New Game From miHoYo

Genshin Impact is created by miHoYo, a company that is known for games such as Hokai Gakuen & Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact is an open world adventure filled to the brim with content.

Features Anime-like Beautiful Graphics

One of the points that makes Genshin Impact great is its anime-like beautiful graphics. You can travel the beautiful world called "TEYVAT" alone or together with friends.

Features Cast Filled With Popular Voice Actors

The Japanese cast of Genshin Impact is filled with popular voice actors including Aoi Yuuki and Horie Shun.

Check Out Character Voice Cast Lists Here!

Seven Elements Hold The Key

Genshin Impact's combat is based around a system in which familiar elements react with each other to produce different effects. Manipulating a party full of different elemental users will be key in becoming proficient at this game!

Cross Save Support

You can easily transfer your game device to different devices with Genshin Impact's Cross Save Support.

Check Out Cross Save Guide Here!

Has Regular Updates

Mihoyo announced that they plan to release new contents every 6 weeks. Because of this, you will always find something new to do!

Copyright© 2012-2020 miHoYo ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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