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All Pokemon Evolution Levels & Conditions
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All Pokemon Evolution Levels & Conditions

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List of all Pokemon evolution levels in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn how to evolve Pokemon, evolve conditions and level requirements chart in this Evolution guide.

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Evolve Condition Of New Pokemon

※Evolve conditions are going to be updated once confirmed.

Evolve Condition Of All Pokemon

※Evolve conditions are going to be updated once confirmed.

Pichu IconPichuPikachu IconPikachu
Pikachu IconPikachuRaichu IconRaichu
Igglybuff IconIgglybuffJigglypuff IconJigglypuff
Jigglypuff IconJigglypuffWigglytuff IconWigglytuff
Venonat IconVenonatVenomoth IconVenomothVenonat Lvl. 31
Diglett IconDiglettDugtrio IconDugtrioDiglett Lvl. 26
Meowth IconMeowthPersian IconPersianMeowth Lvl. 28
Psyduck IconPsyduckGolduck IconGolduckPsyduck Lvl. 33
Mankey IconMankeyPrimeape IconPrimeapeMankey Lvl. 28
Growlithe IconGrowlitheArcanine IconArcanine
Slowpoke IconSlowpokeSlowbro IconSlowbroSlowpoke Lvl. 37
Magnemite IconMagnemiteMagneton IconMagnetonMagnemite Lvl. 30
Grimer IconGrimerMuk IconMukGrimer Lvl. 38
Shellder IconShellderCloyster IconCloyster
Gastly IconGastlyHaunter IconHaunterGastly Lvl. 25
Haunter IconHaunterGengar IconGengar
Drowzee IconDrowzeeHypno IconHypnoDrowzee Lvl. 26
Voltorb IconVoltorbElectrode IconElectrodeVoltorb Lvl. 30
Happiny IconHappinyChansey IconChansey
Magikarp IconMagikarpGyarados IconGyaradosMagikarp Lvl. 20
Eevee IconEeveeVaporeon IconVaporeon
Eevee IconEeveeJolteon IconJolteon
Eevee IconEeveeFlareon IconFlareon
Dratini IconDratiniDragonair IconDragonairDratini Lvl. 30
Dragonair IconDragonairDragonite IconDragoniteDragonair Lvl. 55
Mareep IconMareepFlaaffy IconFlaaffyMareep Lvl. 15
Flaaffy IconFlaaffyAmpharos IconAmpharosFlaaffy Lvl. 30
Azurill IconAzurillMarill IconMarill
Marill IconMarillAzumarill IconAzumarillMarill Lvl. 18
Bonsly IconBonslySudowoodo IconSudowoodo
Hoppip IconHoppipSkiploom IconSkiploomHoppip Lvl. 18
Skiploom IconSkiploomJumpluff IconJumpluffSkiploom Lvl. 27
Sunkern IconSunkernSunflora IconSunflora
Eevee IconEeveeEspeon IconEspeon
Eevee IconEeveeUmbreon IconUmbreon
Slowpoke IconSlowpokeSlowking IconSlowkingSlowpoke Lvl. 37
Pineco IconPinecoForretress IconForretressPineco Lvl. 31
Scyther IconScytherScizor IconScizor
Teddiursa IconTeddiursaUrsaring IconUrsaringTeddiursa Lvl. 30
Houndour IconHoundourHoundoom IconHoundoomHoundour Lvl. 24
Phanpy IconPhanpyDonphan IconDonphanPhanpy Lvl. 25
Chansey IconChanseyBlissey IconBlissey
Larvitar IconLarvitarPupitar IconPupitarLarvitar Lvl. 30
Pupitar IconPupitarTyranitar IconTyranitarPupitar Lvl. 55
Wingull IconWingullPelipper IconPelipperWingull Lvl. 25
Ralts IconRaltsKirlia IconKirliaRalts Lvl. 20
Kirlia IconKirliaGardevoir IconGardevoirKirlia Lvl. 30
Surskit IconSurskitMasquerain IconMasquerainSurskit Lvl. 22
Shroomish IconShroomishBreloom IconBreloomShroomish Lvl. 23
Slakoth IconSlakothVigoroth IconVigorothSlakoth Lvl. 18
Vigoroth IconVigorothSlaking IconSlakingVigoroth Lvl. 36
Makuhita IconMakuhitaHariyama IconHariyamaMakuhita Lvl. 24
Meditite IconMedititeMedicham IconMedichamMeditite Lvl. 37
Gulpin IconGulpinSwalot IconSwalotGulpin Lvl. 26
Numel IconNumelCamerupt IconCameruptNumel Lvl. 33
Spoink IconSpoinkGrumpig IconGrumpigSpoink Lvl. 32
Cacnea IconCacneaCacturne IconCacturneCacnea Lvl. 32
Swablu IconSwabluAltaria IconAltariaSwablu Lvl. 35
Barboach IconBarboachWhiscash IconWhiscashBarboach Lvl. 30
Shuppet IconShuppetBanette IconBanetteShuppet Lvl. 37
Snorunt IconSnoruntGlalie IconGlalieSnorunt Lvl. 42
Bagon IconBagonShelgon IconShelgonBagon Lvl. 30
Shelgon IconShelgonSalamence IconSalamenceShelgon Lvl. 50
Starly IconStarlyStaravia IconStaraviaStarly Lvl. 14
Staravia IconStaraviaStaraptor IconStaraptorStaravia Lvl. 34
Kricketot IconKricketotKricketune IconKricketuneKricketot Lvl. 10
Shinx IconShinxLuxio IconLuxioShinx Lvl. 15
Luxio IconLuxioLuxray IconLuxrayLuxio Lvl. 30
Combee IconCombeeVespiquen IconVespiquen
Buizel IconBuizelFloatzel IconFloatzelBuizel Lvl. 26
Drifloon IconDrifloonDrifblim IconDrifblimDrifloon Lvl. 28
Misdreavus IconMisdreavusMismagius IconMismagius
Murkrow IconMurkrowHonchkrow IconHonchkrow
Stunky IconStunkySkuntank IconSkuntankStunky Lvl. 34
Bronzor IconBronzorBronzong IconBronzongBronzor Lvl. 33
Gible IconGibleGabite IconGabiteGible Lvl. 24
Gabite IconGabiteGarchomp IconGarchompGabite Lvl. 48
Riolu IconRioluLucario IconLucario
Hippopotas IconHippopotasHippowdon IconHippowdonHippopotas Lvl. 34
Croagunk IconCroagunkToxicroak IconToxicroakCroagunk Lvl. 37
Finneon IconFinneonLumineon IconLumineonFinneon Lvl. 31
Snover IconSnoverAbomasnow IconAbomasnowSnover Lvl. 40
Sneasel IconSneaselWeavile IconWeavile
Magneton IconMagnetonMagnezone IconMagnezone
Eevee IconEeveeLeafeon IconLeafeon
Eevee IconEeveeGlaceon IconGlaceon
Kirlia IconKirliaGallade IconGalladeKirlia Lvl. 30
Snorunt IconSnoruntFroslass IconFroslassSnorunt Lvl. 42
Petilil IconPetililLilligant IconLilligant
Sandile IconSandileKrokorok IconKrokorokSandile Lvl. 29
Krokorok IconKrokorokKrookodile IconKrookodileKrokorok Lvl. 40
Zorua IconZoruaZoroark IconZoroarkZorua Lvl. 30
Gothita IconGothitaGothorita IconGothoritaGothita Lvl. 32
Gothorita IconGothoritaGothitelle IconGothitelleGothorita Lvl. 41
Foongus IconFoongusAmoonguss IconAmoongussFoongus Lvl. 39
Tynamo IconTynamoEelektrik IconEelektrikTynamo Lvl. 39
Eelektrik IconEelektrikEelektross IconEelektross
Axew IconAxewFraxure IconFraxureAxew Lvl. 38
Fraxure IconFraxureHaxorus IconHaxorusFraxure Lvl. 48
Cubchoo IconCubchooBeartic IconBearticCubchoo Lvl. 37
Pawniard IconPawniardBisharp IconBisharpPawniard Lvl. 52
Rufflet IconRuffletBraviary IconBraviaryRufflet Lvl. 54
Deino IconDeinoZweilous IconZweilousDeino Lvl. 50
Zweilous IconZweilousHydreigon IconHydreigonZweilous Lvl. 64
Larvesta IconLarvestaVolcarona IconVolcaronaLarvesta Lvl. 59
Fletchling IconFletchlingFletchinder IconFletchinderFletchling Lvl. 17
Fletchinder IconFletchinderTalonflame IconTalonflameFletchinder Lvl. 35
Scatterbug IconScatterbugSpewpa IconSpewpaScatterbug Lvl. 9
Spewpa IconSpewpaVivillon IconVivillonSpewpa Lvl. 12
Litleo IconLitleoPyroar IconPyroarLitleo Lvl. 35
Flabébé IconFlabébéFloette IconFloetteFlabébé Lvl. 19
Floette IconFloetteFlorges IconFlorges
Skiddo IconSkiddoGogoat IconGogoatSkiddo Lvl. 32
Skrelp IconSkrelpDragalge IconDragalgeSkrelp Lvl. 48
Clauncher IconClauncherClawitzer IconClawitzerClauncher Lvl. 37
Eevee IconEeveeSylveon IconSylveon
Goomy IconGoomySliggoo IconSliggooGoomy Lvl. 40
Sliggoo IconSliggooGoodra IconGoodra
Bergmite IconBergmiteAvalugg IconAvaluggBergmite Lvl. 37
Noibat IconNoibatNoivern IconNoivernNoibat Lvl. 48
Yungoos IconYungoosGumshoos IconGumshoos
Crabrawler IconCrabrawlerCrabominable IconCrabominable
Rockruff IconRockruffLycanroc IconLycanroc
Mareanie IconMareanieToxapex IconToxapexMareanie Lvl. 38
Mudbray IconMudbrayMudsdale IconMudsdaleMudbray Lvl. 30
Fomantis IconFomantisLurantis IconLurantis
Salandit IconSalanditSalazzle IconSalazzle
Bounsweet IconBounsweetSteenee IconSteeneeBounsweet Lvl. 18
Steenee IconSteeneeTsareena IconTsareena
Sandygast IconSandygastPalossand IconPalossandSandygast Lvl. 42
Skwovet IconSkwovetGreedent IconGreedentSkwovet Lvl. 24
Rookidee IconRookideeCorvisquire IconCorvisquireRookidee Lvl. 18
Corvisquire IconCorvisquireCorviknight IconCorviknightCorvisquire Lvl. 38
Chewtle IconChewtleDrednaw IconDrednawChewtle Lvl. 22
Rolycoly IconRolycolyCarkol IconCarkolRolycoly Lvl. 18
Carkol IconCarkolCoalossal IconCoalossalCarkol Lvl. 34
Applin IconApplinFlapple IconFlapple
Applin IconApplinAppletun IconAppletun
Silicobra IconSilicobraSandaconda IconSandacondaSilicobra Lvl. 36
Arrokuda IconArrokudaBarraskewda IconBarraskewdaArrokuda Lvl. 26
Toxel IconToxelToxtricity IconToxtricity
Hatenna IconHatennaHattrem IconHattremHatenna Lvl. 32
Hattrem IconHattremHatterene IconHattereneHattrem Lvl. 42
Impidimp IconImpidimpMorgrem IconMorgremImpidimp Lvl. 32
Morgrem IconMorgremGrimmsnarl IconGrimmsnarlMorgrem Lvl. 42
Snom IconSnomFrosmoth IconFrosmoth
Cufant IconCufantCopperajah IconCopperajahCufant Lvl. 34
Dreepy IconDreepyDrakloak IconDrakloakDreepy Lvl. 50
Drakloak IconDrakloakDragapult IconDragapultDrakloak Lvl. 60
Sprigatito IconSprigatitoFloragato IconFloragato
Fuecoco IconFuecocoCrocalor IconCrocalor
Quaxly IconQuaxlyQuaxwell IconQuaxwell
Lechonk IconLechonkOinkologne IconOinkologne
Pawmi IconPawmiPawmo IconPawmo
Paldean Wooper IconPaldean WooperClodsire IconClodsire
Fidough IconFidoughDachsbun IconDachsbun
Smoliv IconSmolivDolliv IconDolliv
Primeape IconPrimeapeAnnihilape IconAnnihilape
Dunsparce IconDunsparceDudunsparce IconDudunsparce
Farigiraf IconFarigirafFarigiraf IconFarigiraf
Wiglett IconWiglettWugtrio IconWugtrio
Greavard IconGreavardHoundstone IconHoundstone
Bisharp IconBisharpKingambit IconKingambit
Special Evolution - List of Special Evolution Method

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