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Beginner's guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See tips for starting, things to do in the early stage, and explanations of new features, best Pokemon and more!

Table of Contents

How To Progress The Game

Right Straight To Mesagoza

Right Straight To Mesagoza

From the start of the game to the end of the event at the school in Mesagoza, follow the in-game directions without branching. After that, you will be able to progress the story as you like.

Walkthrough To Reach Mesagoza
1Set up your configuration
- Language, Name, and Appearance
2Go downstairs and talk to the mother
3After talking to Clavell, go upstairs and pick up the hat and bag.
4Go outside and you will have a conversation event
Obtain the Rotom Phone
5Go to the house across the street
6Choose your first Pokemon (Starter Pokemon)
▶Best Starter Pokemon and How to Reroll
7Head to the location where Nemona is.
8Have a Pokemon battle with Nemona
[Nemona's Pokemon Team]
One of Starters (Lv5) which is weak to your Starter Type
8After winning, you will receive a "Pokedex"
9Get to the destination and an event occurs
Obtain "Sandwich" and "Potion"
10Catch a wild Pokemon on the Poco Path
11An Event occurs when you head to the lighthouse
12Give the Sandwich to Koraidon/Miraidon
13Follow Koraidon/Miraidon
An event occurs in the deep the cave
14Give you the TM "Swift"
15Battle with Arven at the lighthouse
[Arven's Pokemon]
Skwovet iconSkwovet (Lv5)
16Climb the ladder and talk to Nemona.
17Go to South Province (Area One).
18An event occurs in front of the Pokemon Center in Los Platos.
Unlock the Poke Portal.
19Exit Los Platos and go to the South Province (Area One) again.
20Pokemon battle with Nemona before Mesagoza.
[Nemona's Pokemon Team]
One of the Starters (Lv8) which is weak to your Starter Type
Pawmi iconPawmi (Lv8)
21Climb the stairs to the destination.
22A series of battles with Team Star Grunts.
[Their Pokemon Team]
Shroodle IconShroodle (Lv8)
Yungoos iconYungoos (Lv9)
Unlock the Terastalize
23Climb the stairs to enter the school.
24Move out of the classroom.
- Arven/Team Star event in the Cafeteria
- Nemona event in the Staff Room
25Event in the Director's Office.
26Sleep on the bed in your room.
27Event on the ground.
28Event near the stairs.
29Becomes able to move freely.
- Unlock the Legendary Ride
- Able to have the Picnic

Reset The Starters IF You Need

Starter Pokemon List
Stater: FuecocoFuecoco
Starter: QuaxlyQuaxly
Starter: SprigatitoSprigatito
What To ResetContents
GenderGender ♂/♀ is resetable
NatureNature is also resetable
If you want to strengthen it in particular

After the beginning, you will be asked to choose a Starter Pokemon to adventure with, If you want to pick the gender and nature, you can reset at this point.

▶Best Starter Pokemon
& How To Re-Roll

Then You Can Freely Proceed The Three Storylines

Victory Road
Victory Road
・Conquer gyms and become a champion
 └The order of gyms is up to you
・The number of badges increases the level of Pokemon's obedience
▶All Gym Leader Guide
Path of Legends
Path of Legends
・Defeat Titan Pokemon in various locations and collect Herba Mystica
・Herba Mystica increases the abilities of your Legendary Ride
 └Travel becomes easier
▶Titan Pokemon List
Starfall Street
Starfall Street
・Defeat all the bosses at the Team Star bases in each area
・Unlocks the moves of TM by the number of badges
▶Team Star Bases Guide
▶Story Walkthrough Chart

Recommended Order

shortest route
RedVictory Road
BlueStarfall Street
GreenPath of Legends

Follow the above, you can challenge in order of the opponent's level.

Level Of Obedience Increases As You Conquer Gyms

1 Gym Badgeup to Lv25
2 Gym Badgesup to Lv30
5 Gym Badgesup to Lv45
8 Gym Badgesup to Lv100
▶All Gym Leader Guide

Set Your Destination On The Map

Set your destination on the map

After opening the map with Y Button, you can press A Button to set your destination. Once a destination is set, the direction will be shown on the minimap as you move through the field, it is easy to avoid getting lost.

Fly To The Place You Have Been Before

Fly To The Place You Have Been Before

Press Y Button to open the map, move the cursor to the feather mark, and then press A button to Fly to there instantly. Feather marks are set at Pokemon Centers and some of the places you have been.

Explore The Map As You Go

Collect Fallen Items

ItemBerry / ItemTM

There are many items fallen in the field, not only Potion and other items sold in stores, but also important items such as Rare Candy and TM.

Defeat Trainers To Get Rewards

Trainer Battles

The man in front of the Pokemon Center in each town will ask you to defeat a certain number of trainers in a certain area. If you accomplish it, you will receive items such as TMs or [Amulet Coin] so be proactive to battle trainers when you find them along the way.

Various Ways To Catch Pokemon

Tera Raid Battle

Appearance of CrystalParticipation
Participation screen of Tera Raid Battle

You can challenge Tera Raid Battles by touching the crystals in each location. It's able to chatch Tera Type Pokemon different from their original types. And you can also challenge in Multiplayer.

▶See the Tera Raid Battle Guide

Wild Tera Pokemon

Wild Tera Pokemon

There are some wild pokemon glowing on the field, they will become Terastalized once you enter the battle. You cannot catch them in this state, but if you deal a certain amount of damage to them, the Terastal will be removed and you can catch them.

▶See the Terastal Guide

Pokemon Mass Outbreak

open map to check

The Pokemon in Mass Outbreak will be shown as an icon on the map, even if they are not registered in Pokedex, will be shown as a [?] icon. You should open the map and check it immediately.

▶See the Mass Outbreak Guide

Best Pokemon In The Early Game And How To Train Them

Best Pokemon For The Early Stage

When Sprigatito Is Your Starter

PokemonWhere To Find/Explanation
Fletchling IconFletchlingAround Los Platos
Nacli IconNacliAround South Province (Area Three)
Makuhita IconMakuhitaAround South Province (Area Three)
Cyclizar IconCyclizarAround East Province (Area One)

When Fuecoco Is Your Starter

PokemonWhere To Find/Explanation
Marill IconMarillSouth of Cortondo
Makuhita IconMakuhitaAround South Province (Area Three)
Cyclizar IconCyclizarAround East Province (Area One)
Tadbulb IconTadbulbNear the river south of Cortondo

When Quaxly Is Your Starter

PokemonWhere To Find/Explanation
Fletchling IconFletchlingAround Los Platos
Makuhita IconMakuhitaAround South Province (Area Three)
Tadbulb IconTadbulbNear the river south of Cortondo
Paldean Wooper IconPaldean WooperAround Los Platos
Paldean Wooper
▶Story Team For Early Game

Proceed While Fighting With Trainers

Battle trainers

The trainers in this game will not fight unless you talk to them. You can ignore them and proceed without battles, but you may obtain more experience from Pokemon trainers, so it is recommended to proceed while battling them in order to level up.

Use Auto Battle Against Wild Pokemon For Leveling Up

Auto Battle
ControlsPress R Button in the field

Let the Pokemon that is walking with you move toward the opponent and automatically battle with the other Pokemon. Since it wouldn't cause they encounter, there is no need to select moves or do anything. This is an efficient way to level up your Pokemon.

▶See the Auto Battle Guide

Note That Pokemon Don't Evole In Auto Battle

Even if your Pokemon reach the evolution level in Auto Battle, they won't evolve automatically. If they have passed the evolution level, you can level up your Pokemon by using the experience from normal battles or Rare Candy.

Able To Forget And Remember Moves At Any Time

Able To Forget And Remember Moves At Any Time

Select "Check summary" from your Pokemon Team, you can let your Pokemon remember or forget moves by pressing A button on the moves screen. It is possible to remember forgotten moves at no cost, so feel free to customize the moves.

Make A TM With TM Machine

Make A Tm With Tm Machine

Using the TM Machine in Pokemon Centers, you can make the TMs you want. This requires Pokemon's fallen items and LP(League Points) as materials. As you progress through the story and pick up TMs dropped in the field, the lineup of TMs you can make will increase.

▶See the TM Machine Guide

Legendary Ride And Unlockable Abilities

Ride On Koraidon/Miraidon To Travel

Legendary Ride
How To GetAfter the event at the Academy in Mesagoza

You can travel by riding on the back of Koraidon in Scarlet or Miraidon in Violet. At first, you can move quickly and make small jumps as the bicycle in the previous games, and other abilities can be unlocked as you progress through the story.

▶See the Legendary Ride Guide

Ride Abilities Unlocked By Defeating Titan Pokemon

Unlockable AbilityTitan Pokemon
DashStony Cliff Titan IconStony Cliff Titan
Move Across WaterOpen Sky Titan IconOpen Sky Titan
Jump HighLurking Steel Titan IconLurking Steel Titan
GlideQuaking Earth Titan IconQuaking Earth Titan (Scarlet Exclusive)
Quaking Earth Titan IconQuaking Earth Titan (Violet Exclusive)
Climb SurfacesFalse Dragon Titan IconFalse Dragon Titan

Obtain the Titan Badge by defeating Titan Pokemon, the ability corresponding to Titan Pokemon will be added to the Legendary Ride. As the abilities are unlocked, you will able to explore the map more comforbly than before.

▶Titan Pokemon List

Things To Know For Beginners

Swap Pokemon Between Box And Party At Any Time

Swap Pokemon Between Box And Party At Any Time

You can swap the Pokemon between the box and the party at any time by pressing X Button to open the box from the main menu.

Auto Heal

Auto Heal

Press X Button to open the main menu, then move the cursor on the Pokemon Team and press - Button to activate "Auto Heal," which will automatically use recovery items until the Pokemon is fully recovered .

Items Are Used In The Following Priority Levels

1Potion IconPotion
2Fresh Water IconFresh Water
3Soda Pop IconSoda Pop
4Super Potion IconSuper Potion
5Lemonade IconLemonade
6Moomoo Milk IconMoomoo Milk
7Hyper Potion IconHyper Potion

In "Auto Heal", the recovery items are consumed in the order above . For example, if you have a lot of Potions, Fresh water will not be consumed until all of the Potions are used up.

▶See the Auto Heal Guide

Lock On

▲Pokemon's name and level will be shown.

You can activate Lock On by pressing ZL Button when you are close to a Pokemon, or by holding ZL Button while closing to a Pokemon. Once you locked a Pokemon, you can move with this Pokemon in the center of the screen , but if you move too far away, it will be unlocked.

Camera App

activate Camera App

The Camera App can be activated by pressing down on the D-Pad. You can take memorable pictures of your favorite Pokemon or scenery. But the Camera App is disabled only during the Legendary Ride.

▶How to use Camera App

Change the Main Character's Appearance

Change the Main Character

You can change the Main Character's outfit and appearance by pressing left on the D-Pad. The outfit can be changed on the first screen, and the looks can be changed by pressing + Button.

Appearance Related Articles
キャラメイクのやり方|肌の色は変えられる? How To Change The AppearanceHairstyles GuideHairstyles Guide

Interact With Others In Co-op Play

Open the Poke Portal With X Button

open Poke Portal
How To UnlockReach the first Pokemon Center

You can play in Co-op mode by using the communication function Poke Portal. Press X Button to open the menu and select the Poke Portal.

▶Multiplayer / Co-Op Guide

What You Can Do In Co-op Play

Explore the Paldea region with up to 4 players
Challenge Tera Raid Battle wiht your friends
Enjoy the Picnic
Exchange and battle with other players

Explore The Paldea Region With Up To 4 Players

Explore the Paldea region with up to 4 players

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Co-op Play allows you to explore the great fields of the Paldea region with other players. Let's enjoy the encounters with various Pokemon.

Challenge Tera Raid Battle Wiht Your Friends

Challenge Tera Raid Battle wiht your friends

Four players can take on Tera Raid Battles, wherein they can work together to fight Terastalized Pokemon, which is the new feature in this game, and the battles take place in realtime.

▶Tera Raid Battle Guide

Enjoy the Picnic

enjoy the picnic

You can have a Picnic with the Pokemon which is walking with you, which allows you take group photos and make Sandwiches with up to four players. Also, there is a chance to find Pokemon Eggs by having your Pokemon play with other trainers.

Exchange And Battle With Other Players

Exchange and battle with other players

As in previous games, you can interact with other trainers through "Trade Pokemon" and "Battle Pokemon".

Interact With Pokemon In Picnic

Press X Button To Hold A Picnic

Press X Button To Hold A Picnic
How To GetAfter the event at the Academy in Mesagoza

You can hold a picnic in a flat outdoor area by , where you can interact with Pokemon, recover Pokemon, and make friends with them.

What You Can Do In Picnic

Make Sandwiches
Obtain Pokemon Eggs
Take Photos
Wash Pokemon
Play with Pokemon and get to know them

Make Sandwiches

make a sandwich

In Picnic, you can make a Sandwich by combining "Ingredients", "Condiments" and "Toothpicks". Eating the Sandwich will not only restore Pokemon's health, but will also have other effects such as increasing experience and Shiny spawn rate.

▶How To Make Sandwiches

Obtain Pokemon Eggs

Obtain Pokemon Eggs

There is a chance to find Pokemon Eggs by having your Pokemon play with other trainers, and it is also able to get Pokemon Eggs during the Picnic in Co-op Play (Union Circle).

Wash Your Pokemon

Wash Pokemon

You can wash your Pokemon to remove the dirt from battles. After being washed, Pokemon's health will be restored and their Happiness will increase.

Photo Shoot With Pokemon

Photo Shoot With Pokemon

You can take pictures with Pokemon in Picnic. Choose the Filter you like to make the photos in your own style. It is also able to take pictures with other players in Co-op Play.

Play With Pokemon And Get To Know Them

Play With Pokemon And Get To Know Them

Talk to them and play with them in Picnic, you may find a side of them that you didn't see.

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