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Titan Pokemon Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Weakness & Location

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Titan Pokemon Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Weakness & Location | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Titan Pokemon Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Weakness & Location | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Check out this Lurking Steel Titan (Orthworm) guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to beat, weaknesses, recommend Pokemon, locations, levels, & more!

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Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Level & Weaknesses

Recommended LevelLv. 28

Orthworm Weaknesses

×2Fire Fighting
×0.5Normal Grass IceFlying Psychic Bug Rock Dragon Steel Fairy
ImmunePoison Ground

Orthworm Moveset

Iron TailSteel

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Recommended Pokemons

PokemonRecommended Move/Location
Crocalor iconCrocalorEmber (Acquired ar Lv. 1)
Incinerate (Acquired at Lv. 12)
Starter, Fuecoco evolves at Lv. 16
[url {"article_id":"373625","text":"Hariyama iconHariyama"}]Force Palm (Acquired at Lv. 13)
Seismic Toss(Acquire at Lv. 31)
East Province (Area Three)
Fletchinder iconFletchinderFlame Charge (Acquired by evolution)
Located at South Province (Area One). Fletchling evolves at Lv. 17
Growlithe iconGrowlitheFire Fang (Acquired at Lv. 24)
East Province (Area Three)
Torkoal iconTorkoalFlame Wheel (Acquired at Lv. 20)
Lava Plume (Acquired at Lv. 28)
East Province (Area Three)

Use Fire/Fighting Type Pokemon

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) is a Steel type, so it is vulnerable to Fire/Fighting/Ground type of pokemons. However, the Ground type is not recommended since it is nullified by the Titan Pokemon's Ability.

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Location & Walkthrough

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan)
  1. From the Pokemon Center (North of Levincia) follow the road going East.
  2. Go down the hole surrounded by fence
    └ If the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) Pokemon runs away, chase it with Dash.
  3. Defeat it as fast as you can before it escapes and hid under the hole
    └ Try catching up by using Dash just like you did on the first part of the chase.
  4. Defeat the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan)
    └ Obtain Herba Mystica
  1. From The Pokemon Center (North of Levincia) Follow The Road Going East.
  2. Orthworm map location
  3. Go Down The Hole Surrounded By Fences
  4. 塔

    Once you go down to the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan), go down to the hole that is surrounded by a fence, that has a tower beside it. In order to reach the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) faster, use the Legendary Ride and Dash towards the titan. You will be automatically engaged in a battle if the Orthworm tries to escape, keep on chasing it until you defeat it.

  5. Upon 1st Defeat, It Will Escape Through A Hole
  6. Orthworm first defeat

    Upon defeating the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) once, it will start to dig a hole and escape the area. Chase the Orthworm and engage in a battle with the Titan once again.

  7. Defeat the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan)
  8. defeat the orthworm

    After defeating the Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) once again, you will unlock a Legendary Ride riding skill called High Jump.

    Legendary Ride Guide

How To Defeat The Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan)?

Ground Type Are Ineffective

ground type are ineffective

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) has an Earth Eater Ability, that recovers its HP once attacked by a Ground type, that is why it is not recommended to use a Ground type pokemon

Protect Yourself From The Sandstorm


The Orthworm can change the weather by using Sandstorm. His HP is high resulting in a long-term battle. In order to avoid getting damaged by the Sandstorm, make sure to equip yourself with recovery items.

Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan) - Unlock The Jump High Skill

Jump High Skill

ProcedureHold the B Button longer

By pressing and holding the B button longer, you will be able to execute the Jump High riding skill. This Jump High skill finally allows you to climb some of the hard to reach areas allowing you to explore more places than before.

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