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Best Pokemon for Catching Pokemon (Others) Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to find and capture the best Pokemon for catching others.

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List Of Best Pokemon For Catching

Recommended Pokemon

PokemonDescription / How To Get
BreloomBreloom - Learn "False Swipe" from TM
- Use "Spore" to put target to sleep
- Ability「Effect Spore」should be avoided
Evolve from Shroomish
*Make sure Shroomish learns 「Spore」 at Lv 40 before evolving
GalladeGallade - Learns "False" at Lv 23
- "Hypnosis" can put target to sleep
Use Dawn Stone on Kirlia♂ to evolve
Iron Valiant IconIron Valiant - Learns "False Swipe" from TM
- "Hypnosis" can put target to sleep
- Has a higher Base Stats than Gallade
Catch in the wild
- Learns "Night Shade" at Lv 30
- "Hyposis" can put target to sleep
Trade Haunter to evolve

Breloom Is Especially Recommended For Catching

"Spore" is the only move that puts target in a sleeping status with 100% accuracy. Additional to that out of the Pokemon that can learn "False Swipe", Breloom has higher base stats, making them useful for catching.

It Is Ideal To Have Both False Swipe And Sleeping Move

Having the move "False Swipe", that can leave the opponent with 1 HP and can put your opponent to sleep is ideal.

▶False Swipe - Location & Which Pokemon Can Learn

False Swipe Deals 0 Damage To Ghost Type Pokemon

False Swipe is a Normal Type Move is which Ghost type is immune to. To catch Ghost type, use moves like Night Shade which deals fixed damage.

Use Pokemon That Has "Soak" Is Another Option

"Soak" changes opponent's type to Water. With this, Grass types that are immune to Spore, Ghost types that takes no damage from False Swipe, and Rock/Steel types which can half the damage of False Swipe, can be changed to Water type. Golduck is recommended as they can learn both "Soak" and "Trick Room", which disables abilities

▶Soak - Effects & Which Pokemon Can Learn

Effective Way To Capture/Increase The Catching Rate

Deal Damage To Weaken Target

False Swipe

First deal damage to the Pokemon you want to catch to weaken them. Make sure you do not deal too much damage and knocking out the Pokemon.

False Swipe Leaves At Least 1HP Increasing Catching Rate

Even if you use enough damage to faint your opponent, with False Swipe it leaves 1 HP making it very useful for catching. Other moves that also has fixed damage is also useful in these situations.

Useful Moves For Reducing HP
False SwipeLeaves target with 1 HP *Recommended
Seismic TossDeals Damage depending on your Pokemon's Lv
Useful for catching high Lv Pokemon
Night ShadeDeals Damage depending on your Pokemon's Lv
Useful for catching high Lv Pokemon
Super FangDeals half the target's HP
RuinationDeals half the target's HP.
Deals damage to Ghost type

Status Effects Increases Catching Rate


When catching Pokemon in the wild, it is also important to note that Status Effects can increase the catching rate. Within Status Effect, the Sleep Status Effect is highly recommended because it limits the moves and puts them to sleep.

Recommended Sleep Status Move

Recommended MovePoint
Spore - Puts target Pokemon to sleep with 100% accuracy
- Does not effect Grass Type Pokemon
Hypnosis - Puts target Pokemon to sleep with 60% accuracy
- Many Pokemon are able to learn
Yawn - Puts target Pokemon to sleep next turn with 100% accuracy
- Many Pokemon is able to learn

Poison And Burn Should Be Avoided

Poison and Burn is a Status Effect but it deals damage over time and may knock out Pokemon you want to catch.

Use Different Poke Ball Depending On Situation

Recommended Poke Ball

Item Description/How to Get
Ultra Ball[Ultra Ball]
Has highest catching rate within normal PokeBall
- Available after obtaining 5 Gym Badges.
Quick Ball[Quick Ball]
Has a more successful catch rate if used at the start of a wild encounter.
└ Throw at the start of the fight
- Available after obtaining 6 Gym Badges
Repeat Ball[Repeat Ball]
High catching rate on already caught Pokemon
- Available after obtaining 3 Gym Badges
Dusk Ball[Dusk Ball]
Increase catching rate at night or in dark place like cave.
- Available after obtaining 7 Gym Badges
Timer Ball[Timer Ball]
Becomes progressively more effective the more turns that are taken in battle.
└ Recommended for Pokemon which takes longer to catch such as Lesser Legendary Pokemon
- Available after obtaining 8 Gym Badges
Dive Ball[Dive Ball]
Increases the catching rate for Pokemon that live underwater
- Available after obtaining 5 Gym Badges
Nest Ball[Nest Ball]
Increases catching rate, the lower the Lv of target Pokemon
- Available after obtaining 3 Gym Badges
Net Ball[Net Ball]
Higher catching rate on Bug and Water type Pokemon
- Available after obtaining 2 Gym Badges

Weaken and Status Effect target Pokemon and throw Poke Ball to catch. Sleep Status Effect will be gone after several turns, so repeat throwing Poke Ball after reapplying Status Effect.

Throw Quick Ball At The Start

Quick Ball increases chance of catching Pokemon if thrown at the start of the fight. Catching them will prevent you from fighting, so it is recommended to give it a try.

Gym Badges Makes Certain Levels Of Pokemon Easier To Catch

Up to Lv25Up to Lv30Up to Lv35Up to Lv40
Up to Lv45Up to Lv50Up to Lv55Up to Lv100

In this series, the number of Gym Badges you have, decides the Lv of Pokemon that can be caught with ease. Complete Gym and obtain Gym Badges to catch high Lv Pokemon.

▶Gym Leaders Guide - Weaknesses & Recommended Order

Throw Poke Ball (ZR) From Behind To Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack

Without wild Pokemon noticing, throw Poke Ball (ZR) from behind. They cannot move for a turn so use it to your advantage.

Use Catching Power

To increase catching rate even more, use Sandwich to activate Catching Power. There are different Powers for different types, so choose sandwich depending on Pokemon you want to catch.

▶Sandwich Recipes List - Locations & Unlock

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Anonymous 1

It says here that Golduck can learn Soak and Trick Room, and that Trick Room disables abilities. But neither Golduck can learn Trick Room, nor Trick Room disable abilities.

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