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Best Pokemon Tier List for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV) See what Pokemon are strongest for Ranked Battle, Lesser Legendary Pokemon listed up & all competitive Pokemon.

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Strongest Pokemon Criteria for Tier List

Pokemon Strong In Single Battles

Assuming Season 1's Rank Battle


We have created a Tier List anticipating the Rank Battle Season 1 that will be occurring in December. Since we are not certain on the facts of the Rank Tournament, this is just a forecast that we have thought of, and might be the strongest Pokemon Tier List.

Considering The Changes That Happened Since Sword & Shield


In this game, there are some changes in moves such as the PP and effects. Also the Dynamax effect that was in the Sword & Shield has changed to the Terrastalization so this will also make big changes in the battles. Considering these changes, we have created the Tier List to best fit the criteria.

Considered Offensive Performance Over Durability


It is assumed that Terrastalization will provide huge damage buff to the Pokemon. Due to this, we have analyzed the Pokemon considering their offensive performance over their durability.

Existing Pokemon's Tier List

Pokemon Tier List Since Sword & Shield

Pokemon that will be strong in Single Battle environments, that has been known since the Sword and Shield Tier List.

S Rank Pokemon Explanation

Dragapult IconDragapultDragonGhost[Violet Exclusive]
[Base Stats] 88-120-75-100-75-142
[Role] Special Attacker/Support
-Fast Attackers are powerful in the first part of battle
-Is a Special Attacker as well as Support, and has a variation of roles
-Since Dynamax will not be available in-game, it will hold a strong offensive power
Mimikyu IconMimikyuGhostFairy[Base Stats] 55-90-80-50-105-96
[Role] Physical Attacker
-With its ability: Disguise, it can invalidate the opponent's attack which is a strong point
-Swords Dance & Shadow Sneak is a strong combo
Tyranitar IconTyranitarRockDark[Scarlet Exclusive]
[Base Stats] 100-134-110-95-100-61
[Role] Physical Attacker
-With its ability: Sand Stream the Stats Value is 650
-Very high level of offensive power as well as durability
-With Terra Form, it can omit the 4x weakness

A Rank Pokemon Explanation

Dragonite IconDragoniteDragonFlying[Base Stats] 91-134-95-100-100-80
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Ability Multiscale combined with the move Dragon Dance is very strong
-With Terra Form, it cam omit the 4x weakness
-Extreme Speed allows it to always move first.
Breloom IconBreloomGrassFighting[Base Stats] 60-130-80-60-60-70
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Use Spore to put them in Sleep
-Forces your opponent to bring out a new Pokemon or an ability to defeat Breloom
-Poison Heal & Substitute is a powerful combo
Volcarona IconVolcaronaBugFire[Base Stats] 85-60-65-135-105-100
[Role] Special Attacker
-Strong attacker that can use Quiver Dance
-With Terra Form, it cam omit the 4x weakness
-Since Dynamax is not available in-game, attacking its weakness has been more difficult
Hippowdon IconHippowdonGround[Base Stats] 108-112-118-68-72-47
[Role] Support
-It has great offensive power as well as Yawn and Stealth Rock that is great for Support
-By using Sand Stream it will destroy your opponent's Focus Sash
-It can force your opponent to bring out a Pokemon to defeat Hippowdon
Azumarill IconAzumarillWaterFairy[Base Stats] 100-50-80-60-80-50
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Easily deals with Dragon Types which are fairly common in competitive scenes..
-Huge Power Ability & Aqua Jet deals powerful damage
-Belly Drum Build & Vest Build are great in battle
Scizor IconScizorBugSteel[Base Stats] 70-130-100-55-80-65
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Swords Dance & Bullet Punch is a powerful combo
-The only weakness is Fire
-With the Terra type of Steel, it can hold back Fire to 2 times and use Bullet Punch to increase offensive power

B Rank Pokemon Explanation

Wash Rotom IconRotom
[Base Stats] 50-65-107-105-107-86
[Role] Special Attacker/Support
-Only weakness is Grass type so it is a very strong Pokemon
-With Terra Type of Electric, there is no weakness plus they will be increase of the offensive power
-The Support is also another factor that is great
Garchomp IconGarchompDragonGround[Base Stats] 108-130-95-80-85-102
[Role] Physical Attacker/Support
-With Terra Form, it cam omit the 4x weakness
-Use the Terralize on Dragon or Ground type to raise your offensive power
Cloyster IconCloysterWaterIce[Base Stats] 50-95-180-85-45-70
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Focus Sash (Item) with Shell Smash is a very strong combo
-Use the Terralization and raise your offensive power even more
Gyarados IconGyaradosWaterFlying[Base Stats] 95-125-79-60-100-81
[Role] Physical Attacker/Support
-Intimidate lessens ATK of enemy making you have "more defense
-Being the Dragon Dance Attacker type or Thunder Wave Support type can be strong asset
-Be cautious it does not learn Power Whip
Toxapex IconToxapexPoisonWater[Base Stats] 50-63-152-53-142-35
[Role] Support
-Excellent Pokemon with great resistance and high durability
-With Regenerator the ability to continue fighting is a strong point
-Can learn New Move: Chilling Water

New Featured Strong Pokemon

New Featured Strong Pokemon List

Featured Paradox Pokemon
roaring moon iconRoaring Mooniron moth iconIron Mothiron hands iconIron Hands
Lesser Legendary Pokemon
Chien-Pao IconChien-PaoChi-Yu IconChi-Yu
Other Featured New Pokemon
Palafin IconPalafinTinkaton IconTinkatonGarganacl IconGarganacl
Baxcalibur IconBaxcaliburGholdengo IconGholdengoGlimmora IconGlimmora

Pokemon that are new and came out in this version, Scarlet & Violet. We think these Pokemon will be strong in Single Battle Environments.

Featured Paradox Pokemon Explanation

Roaring Moon IconRoaring MoonDragonDark[Scarlet Exclusive]
[Base Stats] 105-139-71-55-101-119
[Role] Physical Attacker
-With Terra Form, it cam omit the 4x weakness
-It does not lack in base stats and it has great offensive power as well as durability
Iron Moth IconIron MothFirePoison[Violet Exclusive]
[Base Stats] 80-70-60-140-110-110
[Role] Special Attacker
-The move coverage of Fire and Poison is very good (covers various types)
-Not only does it have offensive power, it has special durability and can become a strong Special Attacker
Iron Hands IconIron HandsFightingElectric[Violet Exclusive]
[Base Stats] 154-140-108-50-68-50
[Role] Physical Attacker
-It is one of the top class Pokemon that has physical durability
-Great with Assault Vest to fully increase its durability

Lesser Legendary Pokemon

Chien-Pao IconChien-PaoDarkIce[Base Stats] 80-120-80-90-65-135
[Role] Physical Attacker
-Lesser Legendary Pokemon that is Dark and Ice type
-With its ability it is very powerful in lowering your opponent's defense
-Its offensive power and speed are very high and has a large range of moves it can learn
Chi-Yu IconChi-YuDarkFire[Base Stats] 55-80-80-135-120-100
[Role] Special Attacker
-Lesser Legendary Pokemon that is Dark and Fire type
-With its ability it can lower your opponent's special defense
-If you have it hold a sash it can become a Special Attacker type with can be very powerful

Other Featured Pokemon Explanation

Palafin IconPalafinWater[Base Stats] 100-70-72-53-62-100
[Role] Physical Attacker
-With its ability the total stats are total of 650
-By using Choice Items and the move Flip Turn activates its effect making it a strong combo is a strong asset
Tinkaton IconTinkatonFairySteel[Base Stats] 85-75-77-70-105-94
[Role] Physical Attacker
-It is a very strong Steel and Fairy combo Pokemon
-With its unique move Gigaton Hammer it can become very powerful with extreme offensive power
Garganacl IconGarganaclRock[Base Stats] 100-100-130-45-90-35
[Role] Physical Attacker
-A Rock Type with 500 Total Stats
-It may have a low Special ATK and Speed, but since it does not use those stats, the way the Pokemon's stat is spread makes him competitive against high Base Stat Pokemon
-With its ability Purifying Salt it can heal from its current status
Baxcalibur IconBaxcaliburDragonIce[Base Stats] 115-145-92-75-86-87
[Role] Physical Attacker
-This game's Pseudo Legendary Pokemon
-With its ability it is immune to Fire Type moves and cannot be burned
-Ice Shard that always hits first, is very strong
Gholdengo IconGholdengoSteelGhost[Base Stats] 87-60-95-133-91-84
[Role] Special Attacker
・Evolved from Gimmighoul
- With its ability it is immune to Status Moves
-Its unique move, Make It Rain, is very powerful
Glimmora IconGlimmoraRockPoison[Base Stats] 83-55-90-130-81-86
[Role] Special Attacker/Support
-When hit by Physical Attacks, it spread Toxic Spikes
-Its Special Attack Stat is very high making it a great Special Attacker
-Can also be used as a Set-Up Pokemon for moves like Stealth Rock which can help in your battles

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