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Best Pokemon Tier List For Ranked Battles

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Tier List of Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the list of Pokemon, what builds are strong, items to hold and combinations and more!

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▶︎Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles

Best Pokemon Tier List

Season 3 Tier List For Ranked Battle(3/19 Update)

S Rank Tier Pokemon Explanation

Flutter Mane IconFlutter ManeGhostFairyScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 55-55-55-135-135-135
・High Sp. Attack and Speed
・Nullify Dragon, Fighting and Normal Moves
・Can use excellent Special Attack Moves
Dragonite iconDragoniteDragonFlying[Base Stats] 91-134-95-100-100-80
・Physical Attacker with high ATK
・Powerful Fast Move "Extreme Speed"
・Ability Multiscale makes it highly durable
Baxcalibur IconBaxcaliburDragonIce[Base Stats] 115-145-92-75-86-87
With its Ability, it cancels out Burn
・Powerful Physical Attacker with high ATK
・Many weaknesses can be made up for by Terastal
Gholdengo iconGholdengoSteelGhost[Base Stats] 87-60-95-133-91-84
Nullify Status moves that target itself
・Powerful Signature move Make It Rain
・Various Status moves such as Trich and Recover
Garganacl IconGarganaclRock[Base Stats] 100-100-130-45-90-35
Salt Cure + Recover's Endurance Combo
・Purifying Salt can make it ignore stauts ailments
・Physical Tank with high DEF

A Rank Tier Pokemon Explanation

Dondozo IconDondozoWater[Base Stats] 150-100-115-65-65-35
・One of the best High Defense Pokemon out of all Pokemons
With [Unaware], it can cancel out opponent's Stat Boost moves
・Strong in Pivot Battles with Fissure and Yawn
Iron Moth IconIron MothFirePoisonViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 80-70-60-140-110-110
・Fire type Special Attacker with high performance
・Raises Sp. ATK and SPD with Quark Drive
・Plenty of Subweapons other than Fire Moves
Iron Bundle IconIron BundleIceWaterViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 56-80-114-124-60-136
・Wide range of learnable moves including Freeze-Dry and Water moves
Fastest among Paradox Pokemon
・Fastest Encore using Pokemon in the current meta
Kingambit IconKingambitDarkSteel[Base Stats] 100-135-120-60-85-50
・Physical Attacker with excellent type and durability
・Sucker Punch with Same type attack bonus, easily limits the opponent's options
・Deal with Fighting types by Terastalizing
Mimikyu IconMimikyuGhostFairy[Base Stats] 55-90-80-50-105-96
Nullify the first opponent's attack with its ability: Disguise
・Wide range of learnable Fairy and Ghost type Attack moves
・Easily defeats opponents with Swords Dance and Shadow Sneak
Espathra IconEspathraPsychic[Base Stats] 95-60-60-101-60-105
・Ability Speed Boost makes it easy to make the first move
・Greatly lowers Sp. Defense with Lumina Crash
・Take over Speed Boost with Baton Pass
Annihilape IconAnnihilapeFightingGhost[Base Stats] 110-115-80-50-90-90
Powerful Signature move Rage Fist
・With Final Gambit, it can aim for duelist exchange
・Can make a Setup with Stealth Rock
Meowscarada IconMeowscaradaGrassDark[Base Stats] 76-110-70-81-70-123
・Powerful Signature move Flower Trick
・Overgrow and Protean are both powerful
・Wide range of moves like Low Kick and Play Rough
Iron Hands IconIron HandsFightingElectricViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 154-140-108-50-68-50
・Physical Attacker with extremely high HP and ATK
・Wide range and variety of Attack moves
・Can deal more damage to other Physical Attackers
Magnezone IconMagnezoneElectricSteel[Base Stats] 70-70-115-130-90-60
・It has high base stats of SP ATK
・In advantage battles with Volt Switch it is very powerful
・With Terastal it can countermeasure its weakness to Ground
Corviknight IconCorviknightFlyingSteel[Base Stats] 98-87-105-53-85-67
・Physical Tank with excellent type tolerance
・With its Ability, it can bounce back the stat-lowering effects to its opponent
・By using U-turn it can assist the allies next moves
Hippowdon IconHippowdonGround[Base Stats] 108-112-118-68-72-47
・Makes a Setup with Yawn and Stealth Rock
・Deals damage easily with Sand Stream
・Also strong to Substitute with Whirlwind

B Rank Tier Pokemon Explanation

Roaring MoonRoaring MoonDragonDarkScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 105-139-71-55-101-119
・High ATK and SPD
・Suitable for Terastal due to the variety of learnable moves
・Deals against Tank Pokemon with Roost and Taunt
Iron ValiantIron ValiantFairyFightingViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 74-130-90-120-60-116
・High ATK, Sp. ATK and SPD
・Very wide range of Attack moves
・Excellent Support moves such as Encore and Destiny Bond
Great Tusk IconGreat TuskGroundFightingScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 115-131-131-53-53-87
・Physical Attacker with high HP/ATK/DEF
・Headlong Rush with high firepower
・Can increase ATK with Protosynthesis
Breloom IconBreloomGrassFighting[Base Stats] 60-130-80-60-60-70
・Spore with stable hit rate is powerful
・Many Attack moves work well with Technician
・Highly useful as a holder of Focus Sash
DragapultDragapultDragonGhostViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 88-120-75-100-75-142
・High SPD and plenty of styles are powerful
・Dragon Darts is strong against Focus Sash
・Can be both Physical and Special Attacker
Palafin IconPalafinWater[Base Stats] 100-70-72-53-62-100
・High stats after changing the form
・Powerful Signature move, Jet Punch
・Needs to Pivot for Form changing
Volcarona IconVolcaronaBugFire[Base Stats] 85-60-65-135-105-100
・Stats boosting Attacker that can use Quiver Dance
・Inflicts Burn easily with Flame Body
・Strong against durable Pokemon with Morning Sun
Clodsire IconClodsirePoisonGround[Base Stats] 130-75-60-45-100-20
・Special Tank with high HP and Sp. DEF
・With Unaware it can ignore opponent's stat boost moves effects
・Effective healing effect of Recove and Black Sludge
Wash Rotom IconWash RotomElectricWater[Base Stats] 50-65-107-105-107-86
・With Levitate, the only weakness is Grass
・Pivot battles with Volt Switch is powerful
・With Will-O-Wisp and Foul Play it can become a Physical Tank
Brute Bonnet IconBrute BonnetGrassDarkScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 111-127-99-79-99-55
・Learns the accuracy stable Spore
・Attack is strong and works well as Physical Attacker
・Same type attack bonus Sucker Punch is very powerful
Azumarill IconAzumarillWaterFairy[Base Stats] 100-50-80-60-80-50
・Physical Attacker that has Huge Power
With high ATK power, Aqua Jet is powerful
・Fairy type that is strong against Dragon types
Scizor iconScizorBugSteel[Base Stats] 70-130-100-55-80-65
・Fast Move Bullet Punch is powerful
・It can use powerful same type attack bonus U-Turn
・With Steel type, it is easier to pivot

C Rank Tier Pokemon Explanation

Umbreon IconUmbreonDark[Base Stats] 95-65-110-60-130-65
・Pokemon that can become either Physical or Special Tank
・With Healing Moves and Leftovers it can handle its HP easier
・It can setup with Yawn or Foul Play
Garchomp IconGarchompDragonGround[Base Stats] 108-130-95-80-85-102
・Other than SP ATK, the Stats are high standard
・Same type attack bonus Earthquake is strong
・With Ability Rough Skin it is strong against Contact Moves
Hydreigon IconHydreigonDarkDragonScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 92-105-90-125-90-98
・High standard Attacker that has high SP ATK
・Levitate and Terastal combination is very strong
・With Taunt it can countermeasure Tanks easier
Sylveon iconSylveonFairy[Base Stats] 95-65-65-110-130-60
・Pixilate Style Attacker is powerful
・With Hyper Voice it can penetrate through Substitute
・With Yawn and Fast Moves, it can make effective small turns
Grimmsnarl IconGrimmsnarlDarkFairy[Base Stats] 95-120-65-95-75-60
・It can use Status Moves as a Fast Move
・It has strong abilities as a Screen Setter as well as Setting Up
・Attacker that makes use of its high ATK is strong as well
Scream Tail IconScream TailFairyPsychicScarlet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 115-65-99-65-115-111
・Great Supporter with both endurance and SPD
・It has a variety of learnable Status moves which creates lots of Styles
・Calm Mind + Stored Power Style is strong
Skeledirge IconSkeledirgeFireGhost[Base Stats] 104-75-100-110-75-66
Torch Song can increase SP ATK which is strong
・With Unaware, it can ignore the opponent's Stats increase
・Physical Tank that can use both Healing Moves and Unaware
TinkatonTinkatonFairySteel[Base Stats] 85-75-77-70-105-94
・Signature Move Gigaton Hammer is very powerful
・Can setup with Stealth Rock or Thunder Wave
・With its Ability Mold Breaker it can make it harder for moves to be nullified
Gengar IconGengarGhostPoison[Base Stats] 60-65-60-130-75-110
・It is a useful Attacker that has SP ATK and SPD
・It is easy to make use of Focus Sash
・Encore or Destiny Bond type Changing moves are strong
Glimmora IconGlimmoraRockPoison[Base Stats] 83-55-90-130-81-86
・With its ability it can attack Physical opponents with Toxic Spikes
・Making use of its high SP ATK, it is a strong Special Attacker
・It can also setup with Stealth Rock
Cloyster iconCloysterWaterIce[Base Stats] 50-95-180-85-45-70
・With Skill Link, it can attack Icicle Spear 5 consecutive times
・Attacker Styles that use Shell Smash is very strong
・Since DEF is high, it is powerful against Physical Attackers
Iron TreadsIron TreadsGroundSteelViolet Exclusive
[Base Stats] 90-112-120-72-70-106
・Within Ground types, it is one of the high SPD Pokemons
・Earthquake and Iron Head's Same type attack bonus is very strong
・Can setup with Stealth Rock or Knock Off
Mudsdale IconMudsdaleGround[Base Stats] 100-125-100-55-85-35
・With Ability Stamina it can increase DEF
・With Stealth Rock and Roar, it can setup
・Body Press is strong when you have increased DEF
Gothitelle IconGothitellePsychic[Base Stats] 70-55-95-95-110-65
・With Ability Shadow Tag it can limit opponent's pivots
・Taunt and Trick countermeasures Tanks
・With Stored Power it can become an Attacker
Blissey IconBlisseyNormal[Base Stats] 255-10-10-75-135-55
・Overwhelming SP ATK endurance is useful
・With Stealth Rock it can support Pivots
・Serene Grace allows to add extra effects
Avalugg iconAvaluggIce[Base Stats] 95-117-184-44-46-28
・Overwhelming physical defense is useful
・With Recover it is easier to take care of HP
・Body Press which has high defense is very powerful
Heat Rotom IconHeat RotomElectricFire[Base Stats] 50-65-107-105-107-86
・Useful Attacker that has Type resistance
・It has a variety of Fire and Electric type Attack moves
・Will-O-Wisp and Trick move Support is strong as well

Best Pokemon Criteria For Tier List

Lesser Legendary Pokemon And Other Can't Be Used In Series 2

In Series 2, you will not be able to use Lesser Legendary Pokemon, and Past Series Pokemon that are not logged into the Pokedex.

Evaluated By Usefulness In Battle


A lot has changed since the start of Ranked Battles has started. For this reason, when evaluating the Pokemon, we emphasized the usefulness and frequency of encounters in the current battle field rather than simple performance and specifications.

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