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DLC New Pokemon - Confirmed & Added

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DLC New Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the new legendary, confirmed, added, returning Pokemon, total of 230 and more!

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Confirmed Newly Added Pokemon

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August 8th Pokemon Confirmed In Pokemon Presents

Newly Revealed Additional Pokemon

Newly Added Pokemon
Teal Mask
Indigo Disk
Raging BoltRaging Bolt
Indigo Disk
Iron CrownIron Crown
Indigo Disk

During August 8th, Pokemon Presents, there were 4 Pokemon that have been revealed to be added to the game.

Pokemon Confirmed Via Video

Also, there is to be told total of over 230 Pokemon in total (Both Part 1 and 2).

PhantumpPhantumpTrevenantTrevenantCramorant iconCramorantCleffa iconCleffaClefairy iconClefairy
Clefable iconClefablePoliwag iconPoliwagPoliwhirl iconPoliwhirlPoliwrath iconPoliwrathPolitoed iconPolitoed
Ekans iconEkansArbok iconArbokSwinub iconSwinubPiloswine iconPiloswineMamoswine iconMamoswine
Magby iconMagbyMagmar iconMagmarMagmortar iconMagmortarHorsea iconHorseaRhyhorn iconRhyhorn
Rhydon iconRhydonRhyperior iconRhyperiorInkay iconInkayMalamar iconMalamarDoduo iconDoduo
Dodrio iconDodrioLapras iconLaprasAlolan Sandshrew iconAlolan SandshrewAlolan Sandslash iconAlolan SandslashSkarmory iconSkarmory
Shieldon iconShieldonBastiodon iconBastiodonCranidos iconCranidosRampardos iconRampardosVullaby iconVullaby
Mandibuzz iconMandibuzzDuskull iconDuskullDusclops iconDusclopsDusknoir iconDusknoirDuraludon iconDuraludon
Tyrogue iconTyrogueHitmonchan iconHitmonchanHitmonlee iconHitmonleeHitmontop iconHitmontopOddish iconOddish
Gloom iconGloomVileplume iconVileplumeBellossom iconBellossomLitwick iconLitwickLampent iconLampent
Chandelure iconChandelureJangmo-o iconJangmo-oHakamo-o iconHakamo-oKommo-o iconKommo-oTimburr iconTimburr
Gurdurr iconGurdurrConkeldurr iconConkeldurrPikipek iconPikipekTrumbeak iconTrumbeakToucannon iconToucannon
Golett iconGolettGolurk iconGolurkGeodude iconGeodudeGraveler iconGravelerGolem iconGolem
Alolan Geodude iconAlolan GeodudeAlolan Graveler iconAlolan GravelerAlolan Golem iconAlolan Golem
▶Pokemon Presents August 2023

June 21st Nintendo Direct Revealed Pokemon

New Confirmed Pokemon

Teal Mask
Munchlax iconMunchlaxSnorlax iconSnorlaxSentret iconSentretFurret iconFurretHoothoot iconHoothoot
Noctowl iconNoctowlAipom iconAipomAmbipom iconAmbipomGligar iconGligarGliscor iconGliscor
Poochyena iconPoochyenaMightyena iconMightyenaCorphish iconCorphishCrawdaunt iconCrawdaunt
Indigo Disk
Exeggcute iconExeggcuteExeggutor iconExeggutorAlolan Exeggutor iconAlolan ExeggutorTrapinch iconTrapinchVibrava iconVibrava
Flygon iconFlygonFeebas iconFeebasMilotic iconMiloticMinccino iconMinccinoCinccino iconCinccino
Solosis iconSolosisDuosion iconDuosionReuniclus iconReuniclus

In the 2nd trailer that aired in Nintendo Direct, these Pokemon has been confirmed to be added top the game.

List Of DLC Added Pokemon

New Pokemon Added With DLC

New Pokemon

New Legendary Pokemon Added With DLC

New Legendary Pokemon
OgerponOgerpon (DLC Part 1)TerapagosTerapagos (DLC Part 2)

Visuals Of Pokemon That Has Been Revealed

New Pokemon

There are no details released yet, but this Pokemon's visuals has been released. This Pokemon also appeared in the new Anime series, so there is a chance this Pokemon is very important for this storyline.

Anime Part 1

Introduction From Official Website

This Pokémon is small in stature and not particularly strong, but when push comes to shove, it can crystallize the energy in its body to form a protective shield. Apparently, it can also assume a dormant state when it feels that its life is in danger by pulling its head, limbs, and tail into its shell and making itself look like a jewel.

DLC Confirmed Pokemon List

Since you can transport them with Pokemon Home, there is a chance they will not appear in the wild.

Pokemon Confirmed For Part 1 "Teal Mask"

Pokemon Confirmed For "Teal Mask"
Chingling iconChinglingChimecho iconChimechoFeebas iconFeebasMilotic iconMiloticSeedot iconSeedot
Nuzleaf iconNuzleafShiftry iconShiftryGrubbin iconGrubbinCharjabug iconCharjabugVikavolt iconVikavolt
Vulpix iconVulpixNinetales iconNinetalesAlolan Vulpix iconAlolan VulpixAlolan Ninetales iconAlolan NinetalesYanma iconYanma
Yanmega iconYanmegaMunchlax iconMunchlaxSnorlax iconSnorlaxSentret iconSentretFurret iconFurret
Hoothoot iconHoothootNoctowl iconNoctowlGligar iconGligar
(S exclusive)
Gliscor iconGliscor
(S exclusive)
Aipom iconAipom
(V exclusive)
Ambipom iconAmbipom
(V exclusive)
Poochyena iconPoochyenaMightyena iconMightyenaCorphish iconCorphishCrawdaunt iconCrawdaunt

Pokemon Confirmed for Part 2 "Indigo Disk"

Pokemon Confirmed For "Indigo Disk"
Blitzle iconBlitzleZebstrika iconZebstrikaCottonee iconCottoneeWhimsicott iconWhimsicottSeel iconSeel
Dewgong iconDewgongMilcery iconMilceryAlcremie iconAlcremieBeldum iconBeldumMetang iconMetang
Metagross iconMetagrossEspurr iconEspurrMeowstic iconMeowsticMeowstic iconMeowsticExeggcute iconExeggcute
Exeggutor iconExeggutorAlolan Exeggutor iconAlolan ExeggutorTrapinch iconTrapinchVibrava iconVibravaFlygon iconFlygon
Feebas iconFeebasMilotic iconMiloticMinccino iconMinccinoCinccino iconCinccinoSolosis iconSolosis
Duosion iconDuosionReuniclus iconReuniclus

Total Of Over 230 Pokemon Is Being Added

The DLC is planning to add a total of over 230 Pokemon that has not appeared in the Scarlet and Violet yet. Currently only a small part of the Pokemon has been released.

DLC Part 1 "Teal Mask" Added Pokemon

Summer School At "Land of Kitakami"

land of kitakami

In the first part of the story, you will join members of a different school and head to Summer School at "Land of Kitakami". The main character will meet new friends and Pokemon along the way and solve the Folk Tale thats been told in the village.

3 Heros That Protect Land of Kitakami

New Pokemon

2 new Pokemon has been revealed. It looks like they are Heroes that protected the Land of Kitakami in the past. They are featuring a dog, monkey, and pheasant which might be connected to the Japanese folk lore, "Peach Boy" (Momotaro).

New Legendary Pokemon "Ogerpon"


There are no details yet, but the new legendary Pokemon "Ogerpon" might be the key to the storyline. It looks like it might be a Grass-type Pokemon.

It Is Wearing A Mask


▲With such a delicate body, the face is actually a mask. As the image you can see the face, and it looks fairly cute.

DLC Part 2 "Indigo Disk" Added Pokemon

Story Based In "Blueberry Academy"

Blueberry Academy

In the second part of the story, the main character will head to the sister school academy "Blueberry Academy". You will take classes, and interact with the students there and complete the story.

New Legendary Pokemon "Terapagos"


In the "The Indigo Disk", the mysterious Pokemon that is known to live in Area Zero, "Terapagos", will appear. The type icons are portrayed on its shell, so it might be linked to the [Terastal] operation.

There Is Some Information Released Inside The Game

▼Information Confirmed Inside The Game

[Scarlet/Violet Book]
While separated from the research team in the crater's depths, I found a strange....entity.
Whether it was a Pokemon, or even alive at all, I know not. It bore a shell with layers of overlapping hexagons, and gleamed brighter still than gemstone. Viewed as a while, it resembled a mysterious brilliant disk.

[Research Station No. 1 Memo]
We've determined that this energy crystallization is linked to the being we call ■■■.
The interlocking hexagonal plates that comprise ■■■'s shell must somehow cause this
phenomenon -- which I've dubbed "Terastallizing".

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