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List of Evolution Stones & Items
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List of Evolution Stones & Items

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Evolution Stones & Items Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the entire list and Pokemons that uses the Stones & Items, shops to purchase, evolutions and more!

Table of Contents

All Pokemon Evolution Levels & Conditions

List Of Evolution Stones & Items

List Of Evolution Stones

Sun Stone IconSun StoneMoon Stone IconMoon StoneFire Stone IconFire Stone
Thunder Stone IconThunder StoneWater Stone IconWater StoneLeaf Stone IconンLeaf Stone
Shiny Stone IconンShiny StoneDusk Stone IconDusk StoneDawn Stone IconのDawn Stone
Ice Stone IconIce StoneOval Stone IconOval Stone

List Of Evolution Items

Malicious Armor IconMalicious ArmorAuspicious Armor IconAuspicious ArmorLeaderLeader's Crest
Metal Coat IconMetal CoatKingKing's RockRazor Claw IconRazor Claw
Cracked Pot IconCracked PotChipped Pot IconChipped PotSweet Apple IconSweet Apple
Tart Apple IconTart Apple--

How To Get Evolution Stones & Evolution Items

Purchase At Delibird Presents

Delibird Presents

If you have 3 or more Gym Badges, you will be able to purchase them at "Delibird Presents" which are in each towns. 1 is 3,000 Pokedollars. Other than the 4 types of Stones, 2 types of Apples, and 4 types of honey, there will not be any other Evolution items.

Location Of Delibird Presents

★ Locations of the Delibird Presents


Picked Up By Red Glowing Poke Balls

On the field, there are red glowing Poke Balls. When you pick them up, there is a possibility they are Evolution items, so try picking them up to see.

The Sparkling Dropping Can Be Items As Well

Sparkling Droppings Pick Up

When walking in the field, there are Sparkling items that shine. When you go near them and press A, you can pick them up and they can be Evolution Stones or Evolution Items.

Train Pokemon With Ability Pickup

pickup ability

If you train a Pokemon that has the Ability Pickup, after battling, there is a chance you can pick up Evolution Stones. It is a very low chance, but if you have a Pokemon with this ability, it is recommended to train.

Location of Pokemon with Ability Pickup

Pokemon That Evolves From Evolution Stones & Items

List Of Pokemon That Evolves From Evolution Stones

Table of Contents(Click To Move)
▼Fire Stone▼Water Stone▼Thunder Stone
▼Leaf Stone▼Ice Stone▼Moon Stone
▼Sun Stone▼Shiny Stone▼Dusk Stone
▼Dawn Stone▼Oval Stone

Fire Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Growlithe IconGrowlitheArcanine IconArcanineUse Fire Stone on Growlithe
Eevee IconEeveeFlareon IconFlareonUse Fire Stone on Eevee
Capsakid IconCapsakidScovillain IconScovillainUse Fire Stone on Capsakid

Water Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Shellder IconShellderCloyster IconCloysterUse Water Stone on Shellder
Eevee IconEeveeVaporeon IconVaporeonUse Water Stone on Eevee

Thunder Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Pikachu IconPikachuRaichu IconRaichuUse Thunder Stone on Pikachu
Eevee IconEeveeJolteon IconJolteonUse Thunder Stone on Eevee
Magneton IconMagnetonMagnezone IconMagnezoneUse Thunder Stone on Magneton
Eelektrik IconEelektrikEelektross IconEelektrossUse Thunder Stone on Eelktrik
Tadbulb IconTadbulbBellibolt IconEelektrossUse Thunder Stone on Tadbulb

Leaf Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Eevee IconEeveeLeafeon IconLeafeonUse Leaf Stone on Eevee

Ice Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Eevee IconEeveeGlaceon IconGlaceonUse Ice Stone on Eevee
Crabrawler IconCrabrawlerCrabominable IconCrabominableUse Ice Stone on Crabrawler
Cetoddle IconCetoddleCetitan IconCetitanUse Ice Stone on Cetoddle

Moon Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Jigglypuff IconJigglypuffWigglytuff IconWigglytuffUse Moon Stone on Jigglypuff

Sun Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Sunkern IconSunkernSunflora IconSunfloraUse Sun Stone on Sunkern
Petilil IconPetililLilligant IconLilligantUse Sun Stone on Petilil

Shiny Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Floette IconFloetteFlorges IconFlorgesUse Shiny Stone on Floette

Dusk Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Misdreavus IconMisdreavusMismagius IconMismagiusUse Dusk Stone on Mismagius
Murkrow IconMurkrowHonchkrow IconHonchkrowUse Dusk Stone on Murkrow

Dawn Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Kirlia IconKirliaGallade IconGalladeUse Dawn Stone on Male ver of Kirlia
Snorunt IconSnoruntFroslass IconFroslassUse Dawn Stone on Female ver of Snorunt

Oval Stone

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Happiny IconHappinyChansey IconChanseyMake Happiny hold the Oval Stone and level up during Morning or Day

List Of Pokemon That Evolves From Evolution Items

Table of Contents(Click To Move)
▼Malicious Armor▼Auspicious Armor▼Leader's Crest
▼Metal Coat▼King's Rock▼Razor Claw
▼Cracked Pot▼Chipped Pot▼Sweet Apple
▼Tart Apple--

Malicious Armor

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Charcadet IconCharcadetCeruledge IconCeruledgeUse Malicious Armor on Charcadet. (Violet ex: Exchange 10 pieces of Sinistea Chips at Zapapico)

Auspicious Armor

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Charcadet IconCharcadetArmarouge IconArmarougeUse Auspicious Armor on Charcadet. (Scarlet ex: Exchange 10 pieces of Bronzor Fragments at Zapapico)

Leader's Crest

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Bisharp IconBisharpKingambit IconKingambitMake Bisharp hold a Leader's Crest then defeat the Bisharp that is surrounded by Pawniards 3 times and level up

Metal Coat

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Scyther IconScytherScizor IconScizorTrade Scyther while holding Metal Coat

King's Rock

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Slowpoke IconSlowpokeSlowking IconSlowkingTrade Slowpoke while holding King's Rock

Razor Claw

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Sneasel IconSneaselWeavile IconWeavileLevel up Sneasel during Night while holding Razor Claw

Cracked Pot

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Sinistea IconSinisteaPolteageist IconPolteageistUse CrackedPot or ChippedPot to Sinistea

Chipped Pot

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Sinistea IconSinisteaPolteageist IconPolteageistUse CrackedPot or ChippedPot to Sinistea
Sinistea IconSinisteaPolteageist IconPolteageistUse CrackedPot or ChippedPot to Sinistea

Sweet Apple

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Applin IconApplinAppletun IconAppletunUse Sweet Apple to Applin

Tart Apple

Pre-Evolution EvolutionEvolution Conditions
Applin IconApplinFlapple IconFlappleUse Tart Apple to Applin
Special Evolution - List of Special Evolution Method

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