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Ceruledge Build For Tera Raid - How To Train

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Ceruledge Build For Tera Raid - How To Train | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Ceruledge Build For Tera Raid - How To Train | Pokemon SV - GameWith

How to get Ceruledge Build For Tera Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to train Bitter Blade, Effort Values, recommended skills, and what to bring.

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Ceruledge IconCeruledge
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Table of Contents

Ceruledge - Pokemon Details

Physical Attacker That Can Disable Fire Moves And Can Heal Itself

Tera TypeNatureAbilityHeld Item
ghostfireAdamantFlash FireLife Orb
Base Stats75125806010085

Recommended Moves For Mighty Cinderace Raid

  1. Fire
  2. Normal
  3. Fighting
  4. Psychic

When using Ceruledge in the Cinderace Tera Raid Event, make sure to use Bulk Up to increase durability in battle and Psycho Cut to target the weak spots of your opponent. The Tera Type should be set to Ghost to nullify the damage effects from Cinderace's Fighting type moves.

Recommended Moves for Normal Tera Raids

  1. Fire
  2. Normal
  3. Dark
  4. Ghost

Ceruledge is a Physical Attacker that can use its Flash Fire ability to disable Fire-type moves. Its signature move, Bitter Blade, is the most powerful HP recovering move, making it easy to fight while recovering HP.

Useful In Fire And Ghost Type Raids


Since Ceruledge's main firepower is its Fire and Ghost type moves, it can play an active role in the above types of Raid that can exploit weaknesses with these moves. In addition, if it is used against a Pokemon that is originally a Fire type, you can use it because it can use its ability Flash Fire to disable Fire moves.

Likely To Be Useful For 7★ Cinderace Raid

The Mighty Cinderace

Ceruledge is likely to be useful in the ★7 Cinderace Raid battle for the coming up limited-time event. It can continue to attack while recovering with Bitter Blade while disabling both the opponent's main Fire and Fighting moves.

Cinderace Tera Raid Event

How To Train Ceruledge For Raids

Navigation Table (Tap to Jump)
▼ How To Train & Strengthen Ceruledge▼ Learn Ceruledge's Best Move

Training & Strengthening Ceruledge

  1. Get Ceruledge or Charcadet before evolution
    └ Reroll or breed if you want to save money
  2. Exchange Malicious Armor for Evolution
    └ Required only if evolving from Charcadet
  3. Change ability to Flash Fire for Raids
  4. Change Tera Type if necessary
  5. Change Nature to Adamant with Mints
  6. Raise Effort Value
  7. Raise Ceruledge to Lv 100
  8. Raise Individual Value with Bottle Cap
  1. Get Ceruledge Or Charcadet Before Evolution
  2. Charcadet HabitatAppearance Location
    Appearance Map
    Charcadet Location

    Ceruledge is limited to Violet and only appears in Raids with 5 to 6 stars, so if you don't have it, catch a pre-evolved Charcadet. Charcadets appear over a wide area, but the probability of their appearance is low, so it is recommended to activate Encounter Power's Fire when they do not appear easily.

    Charcadet - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature

    Reroll Or Breed To Save Money

    Finally, items are used to raise them to ideal individuals. Since each item costs money, it is recommended to reroll its Nature, Individual Value and Ability if you want to save some money.

    Tera Type Guide - How To Change & Reroll
  3. Exchange Auspicious Armor For Evolution.
  4. Zapapico LocationNPC Location
    Zapapico Location
    NPC Location

    For the Violet version only, talk to the old lady in front of the fountain in Zapapico and she will exchange the 10 Sinistea fragments in exchange for Malicious Armor. Since it is not available in the Scarlet version, use the Auspicious Armor, its counterpart item, as an exchange material and trade it with someone from the Scarlet version.

    Pokemon Trading Board

    Collect Pieces Of Sinistea At Its Habitat

    Map Habitat

    When Sinistea is defeated or captured, a piece of Sinistea fragment can be obtained. It can also be acquired by defeating it with Let's Go! You can search around its habitat or if a Mass Outbreak is occurring then it is recommended to go there and capture a lot.

  5. Change Ability To Flash Fire For Raids
  6. ItemEffect / How To Obtain
    Ability PatchCan change to a special Ability (Hidden Ability)
    ★6 Star Tera Raid Reward

    When training a Ceruledge caught in Raid, it is necessary to change its Ability to Flash Fire when its Ability is Weak Armor. However, it is a waste to use it to revert from Hidden Ability to normal Ability, so it is recommended to have a spare Charcadet with Flash Fire unless you have extra Ability Patches at hand.

  7. Change Tera Type If Necessary
  8. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Tera Shard FireTera Shard Fire ×50Sets Tera Type to Fire
    (Fire Type) Raid Rewards
    Tera Shard GhostTera Shard Ghost ×50Sets Tera Type to Ghost
    (Ghost Type) Raid Rewards

    Use Tera Shards to change the Tera Type to match the enemy's nature to get the upper hand in battle. It is recommended that you use the fire tera that can increase the power of Bitter Blade while use Ghost Tera Shard if you want to disable Normal and Fighting moves of your opponent.

    Can Be Changed In Medali's Treasure Eatery

    Treasure Map

    Tera Type can be changed by going to Treasure Eatery in Medali. Enter the restaurant and talk to the NPC in the kitchen. It won't be available until Medali Gym unless you have cleared it, so if you haven't already, attack it first.

    Gym Leader Larry (Medali Gym) - How To Beat & Best Pokemon To Use
  9. Change Nature To Adamant In Mints
  10. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Adamant MinticonAdamant Mint・Change Nature to Adamant.
    ・Nature does not change by itself
    Purchased at Chansey Supply for 20,000 Poke Dollars

    Adamant Mint can be used to change Nature into Adamant. If you don't have one, go to Chansey Supply in Mesagoza and buy one for 2,000 Poke Dollars. If the original Nature is Adamant, there is no need to use Mints.

  11. Raise Effort Value

    To achieve both durability and damage consistency, raise the stat to 252 for both HP and ATK. Add the remaining points to DEF.

    Raise Effort Value

    If you can afford it, the fastest way is to buy Vitamin in bulk and distribute the Effort Value. However, each piece costs 10,000 Poke Dollars, to boost it to 1 stat approximately 26 pieces may be used while roughly 50 pieces (500,000 Poke Dollar) are necessary to raise all stats to the maximum.

    Save Money By Defeating Specific Wild Pokemon

    Power Item (Increase Specific Ev Gain By +8)
    Power Weight  iconPower Weight Power Bracer iconPower Bracer

    By capturing or destroying wild Pokemon, you can earn 1-3 Effort Value. If a Power Item is given, it is also possible to increase the Effort Value gained by 8. Power Item costs only 10,000 Poke Dollars each and is recommended for those who want to save money.

    Power Items List - Effects & How To Get

    ▼Recommended Pokemon To Defeat To Raise Effort Value

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    +1Lechonk iconLechonk
    +2Oinkologne iconOinkologne
    Chansey iconChansey
    *Encounter Power required
    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    +1Yungoos iconYungoos
    +2Arcanine iconArcanine
    Heracross iconHeracross
    Ursaring iconUrsaring
    Bisharp iconBisharp
    Lokix iconLokix
    +3Luxray iconLuxray

    If you can't see the spawn location image, click to enlarge.

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    +1Scatterbug iconScatterbug
    Tarountula iconTarountula
    +2Orthworm iconOrthworm
    Sandaconda iconSandaconda
    Stonjourner iconStonjourner
    *Limited to Scarlet Edition

    If you can't see the spawn location image, click to enlarge.

  13. Raise Ceruledge To Lv 100
  14. Fastest Way Is To Use Exp Candy

    The fastest way to level up is with candy alone.
    Exp. Candy LEXP Gain (10,000)
    Exp. Candy XLEXP Gain (30,000)

    You can get Exp. Candy L or Exp. Candy XL if you clear Tera Raid with 5 or 6 stars. Because it is most effective to level up a single Pokemon, it is recommended that you work on your Pokemon team one at a time.

    ▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

    Get Chansey If You Have Few Candy

    If you don't have enough candy to raise your level to Lv 100, try to defeat Chansey in North Province (Area Three) to raise your level. It is recommended to hunt for Chansey until you get sufficient candies.

    EXP Farming Guide
  15. Raise Individual Value With Bottle Cap
  16. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Bottle CapBottle CapMaximize 1 Individual Value
    Buy from Delibird Presents ($ 20,000)
    Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle CapMaximize all Individual Value
    Win bidding auction at Porto Marinada
    ▶Bidding & Auction Guide

    Perform Hyper Training using the Bottle Cap and maximize the Individual Values other than Attack. Hyper Training can be done by talking to the NPC behind the Pokemon Center in Montenevera.

    Where To Perform Hyper Training

    MonteneveraNPC Location
    NPC Location
    Hyper Training - Location & How To Do

Best Moves To Get For Ceruledge

Bitter Blade・Learned at Lv 48.
・Fire-type move that is mainly used to deal the most damage.
Swords Dance・Learned at Lv 37.
・Increases one's attack stat by 2.
Bulk Up
・Acquired in TM64.
・Increase your ATK and DEF by 1.
Shadow Claw
・Learned as it evolves.
・Main fire type attack move to use against ghost types.
Psycho Cut
・Learned at Lv 56.
・Best Cinderace counter move.
・Acquired in TM87.
・Block the opponent's Status Move.
・Learned at Lv 16.
・Inflict burns that halves the opponent's attack.
・Acquired in TM74
・Halves the opponent's physical attack damage.
Light Screen
・Acquired in TM75
・Halves the opponent's special attack damage

Ceruledge's mainly draws its firepower from Bitter Blade and also recovering a portion of its HP while Swords Dance raises the user's Attack stat, both of them are fixed while you can use the other open slots for other moves. All of the moves in the open slots may be used to provide for additional counter measures against the opponent, thus the composition of moves should be adjusted based on the opponent.

How To Use Ceruledge In Raids

How To Use It In The 7★ Cinderace Raid

  1. Equip it with Life Orb.
  2. Use Bulk Up on the 1st turn.
  3. Use Swords Dance twice for the 2nd and 3rd turns.
    └ Use Bulk Up once more
  4. Attack when ready
  1. Equip it with Life Orb.
  2. Held ItemEffect
    Life Orb iconLife OrbIf you have equipped it, every time you attack, your HP decreases by 10% of the maximum HP while it increases the damage power of the move by 30%.

    Life Orb is recommended to be used as a Held Item to increase the firepower of both Bitter Blade and Psycho Cut so you can consistently deal damage in the ★7 Cinderace Tera Raid Event. Since the holder using Life Orb loses 10% of its max HP after using a damaging move, you may use Bitter Blade's HP recovery to counter its negative effects and secure its survivability in battle.

  3. Use Bulk Up On The 1st Turn
  4. In the first turn, perform Bulk Up to increase the user's attack and defense by one level. Increasing defense will reduce damage taken and make it easier to afford to use buffs in the following few turns.

  5. Use Swords Dance Twice For The 2nd And 3rd Turns
  6. In the second and third turns, perform Swords Dance twice to increase ATK by 4 steps. If you there's a chance to follow it up, you can use Bulk Up one more time and increase ATK up to the maximum of 6 stages, especially during the first turn.

  7. Attack When Ready
  8. Attack the target when you are done using buffs to increase your stats. When Ceruledge's HP is low, use Bitter Blade to recover while attacking while use Psycho Cut to do the most damage when you have enough HP. As the opponent's HP decreases,the effects of buff and debuff moves are reset, so make sure to consistently attack while reusing buffs and Cheer.

    Cinderace Tera Raid Event - Counter Pokemon & Types

How To Use Ceruledge In Normal Raids

  1. Use Held Items to increase damage.
  2. Use Stat Buffs, Status Moves and Shields
  3. Attack After Preparation
  1. Use Held Items To Increase Damage
  2. Held ItemEffects
    Life Orb iconLife OrbIf you have equipped it,every time you attack, your HP decreases by 10% of the maximum HP while it increases the damage power of the move by 30%.
    Charcoal iconCharcoalWhen held, the power of fire-type moves is increased by 1.2 times.

    Since Ceruledge is able to learn Bitter Blade, which allows it to heal in proportion to the damage it inflicts, it is recommended to give it items that can increases its firepower from its attacks. You may choose between Charcoal and Life Orb, Charcoal does not have a con and can increase fire moves by 1.2 times while Life Orb has a disadvantage, but it can increase all moves by 1.3 times so you might consider this when choosing.

  3. Use Stat Buffs, Status Moves And Shields
  4. BuffsEffects
    Swords DanceIncreases the user's attack by 2.
    Bulk UpIncreases your attack and defense by 1.
    Taunt Target is taunted into a rage that allows it to use only attack moves for three turns.
    Will-O-WispEnables the user shoots a sinister flame at the target to inflict a burn that may half the opponent's attack.
    Reflect Puts up a wall of light to reduce damage from physical attacks for five turns.
    Light ScreenPuts up a wall of light to reduce damage from special attacks for five turns.

    Once the battle begins, use Stat boost moves, weak moves, and wall moves to make it easier to deal damage and increase survivability. It's important to use shields or barriers to protect and reduce the damage you receive when your HP is low to avoid getting knocked off in battle, also you might consider using it when you've finished using buffs and status moves.

  5. Attack After Preparation
  6. When ready, you can initiate an attack with Bitter Blade or Shadow Claw depending on the type of opponent you are taking on. The effects of buff and debuff moves are reset when the opponent's HP drops, so make sure to attack often while using buffs and Cheer.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Information

Pokemon SV Raid Events Banner
▶Latest Raid Events

Tera Raid Events

EventEvent Duration & Contents
Mighty Mewtwo
Event Period
Sept 1 (Fri) 00:00 - Sept 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
7★ Mighty Mewtwo will appear. The Mewtwo will have a Mightiest Mark and the Tera Type is Psychic.
▶7 Star Mighty Mewtwo Guide

How to Train Pokemon for Raid

▶Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles

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Anonymous 1

Ceruledge is not good at all in the Cinderace raids. Do not use. 1. Slowbro 2. Armarouge 3. Espathra. All better options.

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