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Path of Legends' Walkthrough Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the recommended routes, Pokemon types and levels, different battles, the ending, and more!

Table of Contents

Walkthrough Guide

Paldea Region Recommended Walkthrough Guide

Map of Paldea

Working On Different Routes At The Same Is Recommended

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are 3 story routes. You can start at any route, but instead of working on 1 route, it is recommended to work in the same level routes at the same time. In the end you would need to complete all the routes, so it will be easier if you work on them together.

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Stony Cliff Titan (Stone Titan) Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Stony Cliff Titan
Recommended LevelLv 16
Free Play (Treasure Hunt) Starts
Go east of Mesagoza and head to South Province Area 3
Find the Titan that is north of South Province Area 3
└ You should go to the Pokemon Center at Artazon before heading over
Chase the Titan and climb the mountain
Battle the Titan on top of the mountain
Klawf IconStony Cliff Titan (Recommend Lv 16)/Rock
After winning, unlock Ride Move "Dash"

Capture Water/Grass/Fighting Pokemon

The Stony Cliff Titan has a lot of weaknesses and the Pokemon that you can capture in the beginning of the game, Water/Grass/Fighting types, are very effective. Especially if you chose Fuecoco as your starter, you will not have an effective move so you want an effective type of Pokemon.

▶Stony Cliff Titan Guide

Next Recommended Route


The next Open Sky Titan is Lv 19. The Cortondo Gym and Artazon Gym are lower levels than this Titan, so you want to defeat them first.

Guides Listed Here
Cortondo Gym
Cortondo Gym
(Lv 15)
Artazon Gym
Artazon Gym
(Lv 17)

Open Sky Titan (Flying Titan) Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Open Sky Titan
Recommended LevelLv 19
Fly across to west of Cortondo
Head northwest to the middle of West Province Area 1
Head north (Towards Titan icon)
Go all the way up the mountain where boulders will come falling down and battle the Titan
Bombirdier IconOpen Sky Titan (Recommend Lv 19)/FlyingDark
After winning, unlock Ride Move "Surf"

Easier If You Have Electric/Rock/Fairy Type Pokemon

The effective types for the Open Sky Titan are Electric/Rock/Fairy. They are fairly easy to get in the beginning of the game, so you would want to add some to your party.

▶Open Sky Titan Guide

Next Recommended Route

Next Recommended Route

Next is the Lurking Steel Titan which is Lv 28. The Levincia Gym, Dark Crew, and Fire Crew are lower levels than this Titan, so you want to defeat them first.

Guides Listed Here
Levincia Gym
Levincia Gym
(Lv 24)
Dark Crew
Dark Crew
(Lv 21)
Fire Crew
Fire Crew
(Lv 27)

Lurking Steel Titan (Steel Titan) Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Lurking Steel Titan
Recommended LevelLv 28
Fly across to north of Levincia
Head north and go to East Province Area 3
A Titan will appear by the watchtower
Use the Dash move on your Ride and hit the Titan and the battle will start
Orthworm IconLurking Steel Titan (Recommend Lv 28)/Steel
After winning, unlock Ride Move "Jump High"

Have Ready Fire/Fighting Type Pokemon

The Lurking Steel Titan is a Steel type, so it is weak against Fire/Fighting. Usually Ground is also a weakness, but with its ability it will be non-effective so you want to avoid using Ground types.

▶Lurking Steel Titan Guide

Next Recommended Route

Next Recommended Route

Next is the Quaking Earth Titan which is Lv 44. It is recommended to defeat the Cascarrafa Gym, Medali Gym, and Poison Crew prior to challenging the Titan since the levels are similar.

Guides Listed Here
Cascarrafa Gym
Cascarrafa Gym

(Lv 30)
Medali Gym
Medali Gym
(Lv 36)
Poison Crew
Poison Crew

(Lv 33)

Quaking Earth Titan (Ground Titan) Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Quaking Earth Titan
Recommended LevelLv 44
Fly across to north of Cascarrafa
Head west of Asado Desert until you stumble across the Titan and battle begins
Great Tusk IconIron Treads IconQuaking Earth Titan (Recommend Lv 44)/Ground
After winning, unlock Ride Move "Glide"
└ After defeating the Titan, you can go back to the same place, this time being able to catch it

Differentiates With Version You Are Playing

The Quaking Earth Titan differentiates with the Pokemon version that you are playing. Scarlet is Ground/Fighting and Violet is Ground/Steel so you need to find a Pokemon that best fits its weakness.

Titan Guide Articles
Quaking Earth Titan (Scarlet ver) GuideScarlet verQuaking Earth Titan (Violet ver) GuideViolet ver

Next Recommended Route

Next Recommended Route

Next is the False Dragon Titan is Lv 55. The Montenevera Gym through Glaseado Gyms, and Fairy Crew are levels close to the False Dragon Titan so you want to defeat them first.

Guides Listed Here
Montenevera Gym
Montenevera Gym
(Lv 42)
Alfornada Gym
Alfornada Gym
(Lv 45)
Glaseado Gym
Glaseado Gym
(Lv 48)
Fairy Crew
(Lv 51)

False Dragon Titan (Water/Dragon Titan) Guide

Walkthrough Guide

False Dragon Titan
Recommended LevelLv 55
Fly across to west of Medali Gym
Go north where the Casseroya Lake is at
Go to the island where the Titan icon is at
└ Ride Move Surf (Unlock after defeating Open Sky Titan)
Speak to the Tatsugiri saying "Titaaan~" and the Titan battle begins
Dondozo IconFalse Dragon Titan (Recommend Lv 55)/Water
After you defeat it twice, Tatsugiri will appear
Tatsugiri IconFalse Dragon Titan (Recommend Lv 55)/DragonWater
After winning, unlock Ride Move "Climb Surfaces"

3 Consecutive Battles So You Want Healing Items

The False Dragon Titan consists of fighting Dondozo 2 times, and Tatsugiri 1 time, which is a total of 3 battles. You can go to a Pokemon Center, but it is a bit far so it is easier if you have a lot of healing items so you can heal right on the spot.

▶False Dragon Titan Guide

Next Recommend Route

Next Recommended Route

Next you will be battling against Arven which this strongest Pokemon is Lv 63. It is recommended to defeat the Fighting Crew of Team Star before battling Arven.

Guides Listed Here
Fighting CrewFighting Crew (Lv 56)

Arven's Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Head the lighthouse in the small road of Cabo Poco
└ Where you fought Arven first
After the event, speak to Arven and the battle starts
Pokemon Team and Level
Greedent IconGreedent (Lv 58)
Garganacl IconGarganacl (Lv 62)
Scovillain IconScovillain (Lv 60)
Toedscruel IconToedscruel (Lv 61)
Cloyster IconCloyster (Lv 59)
Mabosstiff IconMabosstiff (Lv 63)
After winning you have completed the Path of Legends Route
▶Arven Guide Here

Complete The Other Routes

After completeing the Path of Legends, you need to defeat the Last Bosses in the other routes. If you have been defeating the other Gyms and Starfall Street, you will be able to challenge the Last Boss right away.

Victory Road
(Lv 58)
(Lv 59)
(Lv 60)
(Lv 61)
(Lv 62)
(Lv 66)
Starfall Street
Clive (Lv 61)
Cassiopeia (Lv 63)

After Completing All Routes To Challenge The Last Boss

The Way Home

After completing all routes from Victory Road/Path of Legends/Starfall Street, you will be able to battle the Last Boss. After defeating the Last Boss, it will finally be the ending and you will unlock the Post Game features.

Last Boss Guide
SpoilerScarlet ver (Lv 66)SpoilerViolet ver (Lv 66)
▶Post Game Guide - Unlockables & What To Do In The Endgame

What Is The Path Of Legends?

Collect Ther Herba Mystica And Defeat The Titans Route


The Path of Legends is where you defeat Titan Pokemon in certain parts of the map and collect Herba Mystica with Arven. Titans are a lot bigger and stronger than a normal Pokemon and they will be harder to defeat.

▶Titan Pokemon List - Herba Mystica

Unlocks Ride Abilities

Unlock Ride

When you defeat a Titan, you will be able to do more things with your Ride. There are places that you can not go if you do not have these special Ride abilities, so it will make your adventure easier if you defeat the Titans.

▶Legendary Ride Guide - How To Unlock & Upgrade


If you defeat the Stony Cliff Titan (Klawf) you will unlock "Dash". If you press into the L Stick, you will be able to speed up. While you are dashing and hit a tree, Pokemon will come down and a battle will start.

Jump High

After defeating the Lurking Steel Titan (Orthworm) you will unlock "Jump High". If you press the B Button long, you will be able to jump higher than normal. If you want to jump to a higher position or to a further place, this move is very useful.

Surf (Move Across Water)

If you defeat the Open Sky Titan, you will unlock "Surf". You will be able to cross over oceans and rivers, and get closer to Pokemon in the water. If you had defeated the Stony Cliff Titan and unlocked the Dash, you will be able to you will be able to Dash across water.

Glide (Fly Through The Sky)

How To GlideOnce you are in the sky, Press the B Button

When you defeat the Quaking Earth Titan, you will be able to Glide from high places. But since it is a Glide where you descend after jumping, it is not for you to fly to your destination or freely fly across the sky.

Climb Surfaces

When you defeat the False Dragon Titan, you will unlock "Climb Surfaces". There were places you were hit against the wall and not proceed, but with this you will be able to go to locations you had not been able to before.

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Victory Road

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Starfall Street

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Path of Legends

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The Way Home (Zero Lab)

After Completing The Game

Academy Ace Tournament

Clearing For The First Time
Clearing For The Second Time
Academy Ace Tournament GuideFarming Money in Ace Tournament

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