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Mass Outbreak Guide - Shiny Odds & Hunting
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Mass Outbreak Guide - Shiny Odds & Hunting

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Mass Outbreak Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Guide includes how to get & change Mass Outbreaks, how to Shiny Hunt, how to change time, use Sparkling Power!

Table of Contents

Shiny Hunt In Mass Outbreaks

Shiny Hunt Procedure

Reroll Procedure
  1. Check the Habitat of the Pokemon you are looking for in the Pokedex
  2. Move to Habitat
  3. Eat a Sandwich with an Encounter Power effect that matches the type of Pokemon you are hunting
  4. Change date with the Map open until you get your desired Pokemon to have a Mass Outbreak.
  5. Head to the Mass outbreak location
  6. Defeat 60 Pokemon in the Mass Outbreak with Let's Go feature
  7. Turn off Autosave, then save manually
  8. Eat a Sandwich with a Sparkling Power effect that corresponds to the type of Pokemon you're Shiny Hunting
  9. Reset Pokemon in field by holding a Picnic
  10. Save when you find a Shiny
  1. Check The Habitat Of The Pokemon You Are Looking For
  2. Sylveon's Habitat

    ▲Find Sylveon on its Natural Habitat

    First, check the Habitat of the Pokemon you want to have a Mass Outbreak of. You can check it from the Pokedex in the game, although we recommend to check the article linked below to easily find the Pokemon with the Search and Filter functions.

    Paldea Pokedex
  3. Move To The Habitat
  4. Travel to the Habitat of the Pokemon you are looking for.

    ▲In this image, you are at the Habitat of the Pokemon of the Southwest Area of Alfornada

    Once you have identified the Habitat of the Pokemon you are looking for, travel to that location. You don't need the Pokemon to spawn yet.

  5. Eat A Sandwich With The Right Encounter Power
  6. Eat A Sandwich With The Right Encounter Power

    When you have an activated Encounter Power effect that matches the type of the Pokemon you are hunting, it's more likely to appear. It is recommended to have it active when hunting in Mass Outbreaks. Activate Lv 2 with a recipe that does not use a Herba Mystica or activate Lv1 at the store.

    Encounter Power Sandwich/Food List
  7. Change Date With Map Open Until There's A Mass Outbreak
  8. date

    Once you arrive to the Habitat, repeat the date change until the Pokemon you want has a Mass Outbreak. While doing this process, it is recommended to return to the home screen with the map open to easily check the Outbreaks after you change the date.

    How To Change The Date

    Please use it at your own risk as it may affect game performance.

    ① Select System Settings on the Switch's home screen
    ② Select System → Date and Time from the setting
    ③ Advance the date by one day (Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet)
    If it is about 23:00, it is possible that it will overlap the date, therefore update the date as well.
    ④ Return to the game and check the map
  9. Head To The Mass Outbreak Location
  10. After Mass Outbreak, head to the Mass Outbreak point

    Once the Pokemon you are looking for has a Mass Outbreak, head to the actual location. At this time, if the spawn conditions of the Pokemon you are looking for are not met, that Pokemon will not have a Mass Outbreak even if you go to the specific location.

    Mass Outbreak Guide
  11. Defeat 60 Pokemon In The Mass Outbreak With Let's Go!
  12. 大量発生したらレッツゴーで60匹倒す

    Defeating 60 Pokemon during Mass Outbreak will increase Shiny appearance rate, so use Let's Go! to start battles and defeat as many as you can. If a Shiny appears in the process, you don't have to worry because your Pokemon will not defeat a Shiny.

    Check For The Notification Where It Shows That The Pokemon Is Running Low

    Use even less as a landmark

    When 50 Pokemon are defeated during a Mass Outbreak, a notification appears in the upper right corner of the screen saying that there are only a few more on the way. When you get this notification, defeat 10 more to get a total of 60 Pokemon.

  13. Turn Off Autosave And Save
  14. Random

    After defeating 60 Pokemon, turn off Autosave in the settings and then manually Save.

  15. Eat A Sandwich With Sparkling Power
  16. Sandwich

    Recommended after completing Tera Raids so you can receive materials.

    After saving, make sure to eat a Sandwich with a Sparkling Power that matches the type of Pokemon you are hunting to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon. It is possible to reroll without eating Sandwiches, but if you want to increase the ratio of getting a Shiny, then consuming Sandwiches with Sparkling Power is highly recommended.

    Sandwich Recipes List
  17. Reset with a Picnic and Search for Shiny
  18. Find Shiny at Picnic Reset

    If you open Picnic and then quit, the Pokemon around you will be reset. This means that Shiny can be rerolled without defeating it first, so a Shiny reroll is possible without ending the Mass Outbreak. It is recommended to check the appearance of Shiny in advance, as it will speed up the process.

    Shiny Pokemon List (Shiny Pokedex)

    Let's Go! Recommended For Pokemon That Are Difficult To Distinguish From Shiny

    In the case of Pokemon that are difficult to determine if they are Shiny or not, the process of resetting the picnic and then checking them manually takes up time, When the Mass Outbreak is over, return to step 6 and repeat.

  19. Save When You Find A Shiny
  20. Make sure to hit save when you are able to get a Shiny or when you see one, so you can load back just in case. This is the final reroll procedure.

Probability Of Getting A Shiny

Mass OutbreakNone30〜59 Pokemon60 Pokemon or more
+Shiny Charm1/13651/10241/819
+Sparkling Power Lv31/10241/8191/683
+Shiny Charm
+Sparkling Power Lv 3

All Shiny probabilities are increased with each feature. You'll need to complete your Pokedex the Shiny Charm,and ★5 Raids to get the Herba Mystica that activates the Sparkling Power, so if you want to do a Shiny reroll, it's recommended to do it after completing the game.

Story Walkthrough Guide

How To Check Mass Outbreak

Open The Map To Check

Open the map and check

Pokemon that are Mass Outbreak will be marked with an icon on the map. If the Pokemon has not been registered to your Pokedex, the icon is displayed as [?] so it is recommended to check the map if you are looking for Mass Outbreaks.

What To Do When Mass Outbreak Is Not Available

Explore The Underground Caves

Pokemon with Mass Outbreak may not be found even if you go to the corresponding location of the map. If you do, check to see if there are any underground caves. Since you can't see the difference in elevation on the map, Mass Outbreak sometimes occur inside the caves.

Sometimes Spawns In Cliffs And Rocks.

If you cannot find a mass outbreak in a place where there are no caves, it's possible that they may have spawned in cliffs and rocks. So make sure to check your surroundings.

How To Change Mass Outbreak

Pokemon Will Change Over Time

Mass Outbreak

Mass Outbreak occurs and disappears over time. If you are playing normally, you will need to set aside some time and wait for Mass Outbreak to switch over, so don't miss the in-game notifications.

How To Change The Time

Please use it at your own risk as it may affect game performance.

How To Change
  1. Select System Settings on the Switch's home screen
  2. Select System → Date and Time from the setting
  3. Advance the date by 1 day
    └Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet
  4. Return to the game and check the map
  1. Select System Settings On The Switch's Home Screen
  2. Home
  3. Select System → Date And Time From The Setting
  4. setting
  5. Advance The Date By 1 Day
  6. date
  7. Return To The Game And Check The Map
  8. map

What Is Mass Outbreak?

A Large Number Of Pokemon Appearing In A Specific Location

The appearance of a large number of Pokemon in a specific location.

Mass Outbreak is a phenomenon in which a large number of one type of Pokemon appear in a particular location. Unlike normal wild Pokemon, the specific Pokemon spawning in Mass Outbreaks will continue to appear within a certain range.

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