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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Classes Guide - Answers To Exam & Rewards | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Classes guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn the answers to class midterms & final exams, rewards, how to unlock, friendship events, benefits and more!

Table Of Contents

How To Unlock Classes

Class Overview

1Take classes from the Entrance Hall's Reception Desk
▼ How To Unlock Each Class
2Proceed with Class (1) - Class (3) per subject
*Friendship Event will occur
3Take the Midterm Exam
▼ Test Answers
4Proceed with Class (4) - Class (6) per subject
*Friendship Event will occur
5Take the Final Exam
*Last Friendship Event will occur
6Friendship event will be completed with each of the teacher's event is over

Events will happen as you progress through your classes. Although the details vary per class teacher. Classes are unlocked depending on the number of Gym Badges you've earned.

Get To Know Your Teachers Outside Of Class

Events happen when you talk with each teacher outside of their class. You can become friends with them by talking to them and solving their problems. You will be rewarded if you complete all of the events to the end. You need to take classes in order for the events to happen.

▼ How To Progress Teacher Friendship Events

Some Teachers Differ When Unlocking Their Events

Some teachers have a different way of going through this events. For example, Jacq will require you to fill up your Pokedex. For the Academy Director, you will need to defeat all of Team Star's Base.

Teacher's Events Are Unlocked After Their First Class

Teacher's Events Are Unlocked After Their First Class

By taking the first class for each subject, a teacher's event will be unlocked. Talk to the teacher in the Teacher's Lounge and other places to get to know them.

How To Unlock Teacher Events

* These are how the team unlocked each class

How To Unlock
Available from the start
Available From The Start
Battle Studies
Available From The Start
When you start your Treasure Hunt
Mr. SaguaroSaguaro[Subject]
Home Ec
When you start your Treasure Hunt
Collect 2 Gym Badges
Collect 2 Gym Badges

Collect 2 Gym Badges

Collect 2 Gym Badges

When you are able to take classes and proceed with the Treasure Map, each Gym location will be marked with a [ ! ] on the map. At this time, if you collect 2 Gym Badges, you will be able to meet the teacher outside of school.

Events Will Continue After You Clear The Final Exams

When the Final Exam at the end of class is completed, the last event of the Teacher will be unlocked. After the final event is unlocked, head to the teacher's location and talk to them to complete it.

▼ Clear Conditions For Teacher Events

Event Progress Conditions After The Second Event

Number of EventsConditionsHow To Unlock
2nd EventTake each class 3 TimesGet 3 Badges
3rd EventTake each class 4 TimesGet 4 Badges
4th EventTake the Final ExamGet 7 Badges

The event progression works in conjunction with the classes. New classes are released depending on the number of Gym Badges you've earned. It is requires to progress through the main story to get the events.

How To Unlock Director Clavell & Nurse Miriam

Director Clavell and Nurse Miriam also have Friendship Events, but you'll need to gain Star Badges and Gym Badges to get them. Nurse Miriam's was unlocked after clearing all 8 Badges, while Director Clavell's was unlocked after completing the Team Star storyline.

Class Question & Final Exam Answers

Jacq (Biology)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① ZR Button
② A, 2
③Walking Around
④ Giving them a Berry
⑤ Gym Badges
① Two
② False
③ No, it won't
④ 1 in 4,000
⑤ False

Tyme (Math)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① Double Damage
② Half Damage
③ Eleven
④ About 4%
⑤ One-and-a-half times as much
① Five
② 75
③ About 12%
④ Triple Damage
⑤ 2

Dendra (Battle Studies)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① Special
② The move's name
③ 4
④ Terastallizing and attacking
⑤ Fighting
① Go all out!
② Auto Battles
③ Exchange materials
④ Level 50
⑤ True

Sage (Languages)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① Thank You
② Delicieux
③ Time to eat
④ Compliment them
⑤ Salvatore
① Delicieux
② I love you
③ Anger
④ Happiness
⑤ Salvatore

Hassel (Art)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① Tera Jewel
② Grass type
③ Hexagon
④ Medali
⑤ There is no correct answer
① The Treasure Eatery
② Surrendering Sunflora
③ 2
④ Levincia
⑤ False

Raifort (History)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① The Great Crater of Paldea
② Treasure
③ Approximately 2,000 years ago
④ 805 years ago
⑤ Knowledge
① Area Zero
② 805 years ago
③ A folding fan
④ Health
⑤ 10 years ago

Saguaro (Home Ec)

Midterm ExamFinal Exam
① Increasing Speed
② Fillings and condiments
③ Oran Berry
④ True
⑤ False
① Sparkling Power
② It helps hatch strong Pokemon
③ Make food with others
④ Pokemon Wash
⑤ It doesn't matter

You Can Answer Any Choice In Class

Choices will appear during class out of tests, but they won't affect your progress in the story. Some questions have correct or incorrect questions, so take the class seriously to deepen your Pokemon knowledge.

Teacher Events - How To Unlock

Unlock Friendship Events To See The Story

How To Unlock
Talk at the Schoolyard after clearing the Final Exam
Battle Studies
After clearing the Final Exam, go to the Purchasing Department
After clearing the Final Exam, talk in the Staff Room
After clearing the Final Exam, talk in the Art Room

There Is A Condition To Clear The Friendship Event

How To Unlock
- Friendship Event happens when you fill up the Pokedex at a certain point
・No. of Pokemon:30
・No. of Pokemon:100
・No. of Pokemon:200
・No. of Pokemon:400
Talk at the Entrance Hall after all Legendary Pokemon are released
▶ All Legendary Pokemon List & Types
Home Ec
Give the Sweet Herba Mystica in the Home Ec classroom

Gain The Sweet Herba Mystica From A Raid

Sweet Herba Mystica can be obtained by defeating the Titan Pokemon (Earth) or get it as a reward from clearing Tera Raids. It's been confirmed that the Herba Mystica is a rare reward from 5-Star or higher Raids.

Class Rewards & What Do You Get

Rewards From Teacher Events

TymeTymeTera Shard (Rock) ×50
DendraDendraProtein ×10
SalvatoreSalvatoreGalarian Meowth
HasselHasselTera Shard (Dragon) ×50
Nasty Plot
Will tell you the location of the Shrine and where you can get find a Lesser Legendary Pokemon
SaguaroSaguaroSlowpoke Cup
JacqJacq30 Pokemon: TM57 False Swipe
100 Pokemon: Ultra Ball x 20
200 Pokemon: Quick Ball x 20
400 Pokemon: Shiny Charm
Nurse MiriamNurse MiriamMax Revives × 10
Director ClavellDirector ClavellLarge Nugget

Lesser Legendary Pokemon Location

When you start the last Friendship Event with Dr. Raifort, he will note the location of the Shrine where the Lesser Legendary Pokemon appears on the map. after that.

Read our stake location guide below to learn more how to check Lesser Legendary Pokemon in the map.

Stake Locations & Map

Benefits Of Going To Class

You Will Get A Galarian Meowth

You Will Get A Galarian Meowth

The most exciting part of going to class is eventually getting a Galarian Meowth. Since this Pokemon is not normally available and is not included in the Paldea Pokedex, this alone is a merit in taking classes.

EXP Candy At Midterm & Final Exam

Midterm ExamExp. Candy S × 5
Final ExamExp. Candy M × 5

EXP Candy is awarded when you pass your Midterm and your Final Exams in the Academy. Midterm Exam occurs after the 3rd Class, Final Exam occurs after the 6th Class.

Clear All Classes For 5 Exp. Candy L

Clear All Classes For 5 Exp. Candy L

If you complete all the classes and pass the Final Exam, you will receive 5 Exp. Candy L as a congratulatory gift from Director Clavell.

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