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Gimmighoul Coins Farm Guide - Location & Map
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Gimmighoul Coins Farm Guide - Location & Map

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Gimmighoul Coin farm guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the locations and routes, maps, fastest farming guide, 999 coins usage, NPC Medali guy, respawns & more!

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Table of Contents

Gimmighoul's Coin Location Map

※We are currently adding where we found the coins
Press the Icons to see further details on where we found them.

Roaming Form and Chest Form

Roaming FormChest Form
Gimmighoul Roaming Form
Coins Collected: Starting from 1 coin
No battle (cannot be captured)
Reappears daily
Gimmighoul icon
Coins Collected: Starting from 50 coins
Battle (can be captured)
Randomly Appears

Gimmighoul's Coins can be collected from finding Roaming and Chest Form Gimmighouls in the map. You must battle Chest Form Gimmighouls, and if you defeat it then you will get a large amount of coins.

The Number Of Pieces Is Random After The 2nd One

Chest Forms reappear randomly over time, but the number of pieces obtained when they are defeated is also completely random. In some cases, 10 pieces are obtained, while in other cases, more than 500 pieces can be obtained.

How To Find Gimmighoul

Chest Form Is Often Found In The Watchtowers And After Ruins

  1. Top of the tower
  2. On the tower

Chest Forms are often found in the observation towers scattered around the map and at the ruins of abandoned buildings. You can also try flying towards the Watchtowers and find some hidden chests, so if you are nearby make sure to stop by.


▲If you look carefully at the map, you will find places like the one in the image, so look for them.

Find Roaming Form Near A Signboard Or Under The Bridge

Roaming Form
A Place That Is Easy To See Them
Around the signboardWatchtowers
RuinsUnder and around the bridge
On a rockMountains/High grounds

Roaming Forms can be found all over the map. The above are particularly common places, so if you see a suspicious place, look for it. It is recommended to explore the ruins of the watchtowers, abandoned buildings or nearby ruins when searching for the Chest Form.

How To Effectively Collect Gimmighoul Coins

Prioritize Getting Coins From Chest Form


▲It is recommended to find a Watchtower that has not been visited.

Chest Forms are an advantage because you can get more coins at once than the Roaming Forms. Just by capturing Chest Forms will let you collect more than 999 pieces necessary for evolution so don't forget to explore the Watchtower where they are often found.

Required To Progress Story To Go To Certain Locations

In the story, Chest Forms are also found in places that cannot be reached without the Move Across Water and Climb Surfaces Legendary Rides, which are released when the Path of Legends story is advanced. Once you have found all the Chest Forms that you can collect at your current state, start progressing the Path of Legends storyline.

Story Walkthrough Guide

Go Around The Ten Sights Of Paldea


There are a total of 10 scenic points in the Paldea region, all of which are marked with signs. Since there are Gimmighouls in various places, it is easy to go around because you only need to go around with Fly. You can make it a routine to do one round every day to collect coins.

Getting Around Cortondo

It is recommended to fly to the South Province (Area Two) watchtower, check to see if the Chest Form is restored, and then follow the pictures to go around. The wild Pokemon in the area are also weak, so it is easy to go around.

Recommended Route

Next to the farm equipment
Next to the farm equipment
Behind the truck
Behind the truck
Over the fence
Over the fence
Beside the farm tools
Beside the farm tools
Beside the farm tools
Beside the farm tools

Use The Sound Of Coins To Locate It

If Gimmighoul are near you, a sound like a tinkling of dropped coins can be heard. When you are looking for Gimmighoul, it is recommended to turn on your sounds since it is easier to find if you notice the sounds.

Get 20 Pieces At Medali

Medali map
Detailed MapPlace
REP map
Rep Location

Talk to the Rep of the Cleaner in Medali and he will give you 20 Gimmighoul Coins only once. You can only get these coins the first time you talk to them.

How To Use the Gimmighoul Coins

You need 999 Coins for Gimmighoul To Evolve

Collet Clipart
Type 1Type 2

It is necessary to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coin in order to evolve the new Pokemon, Gimmighoul. Be careful not to exchange coins for LP by mistake.

Gimmighoul How To Get & Location

Consumes 999 Coins In One Evolution

When Gimmighoul evolves, the 999 coins disappear. If you want to evolve another Gimmighoul, you need to collect 999 coins again.

Will Gimmighoul Respawn?

Both Forms Reappear

Roaming FormChest Form
GimmighoulRoaming Form
Respawns Daily
Gimmighoul Icons
Respawns Randomly

Roaming Forms Reappear Daily

Roaming Form are confirmed to reappear at the same location after more than a day. Use the same routes or the map as a guide to collect Gimmighoul Coins in Roaming Form.

Chest Form Reappears Randomly

The reappearance of the Chest Form is not just a matter of time, but also random. The drawback is that it takes time to discover the Chest Form because it reappears somewhere in the Chest Form locations shown on the map in this article.

Gimmighoul Coin Location and Efficient Collection Images

In addition, the number of coins available from reappearing Chest Forms is also randomized. Sometimes you receive only 10 coins, sometimes 500 or more.

Go Around Where They Appear If You Want To Capture Them

Even if you fail to catch one during the first encounter, as mentioned above, they will be randomly resurrected somewhere. It does require some time and effort to find it don't worry if you think you won't be able to get it again as it respawns after sometime, so go around the usual places to find them.

How To Check Coins

You Can Check Pokemon Materials From The Inventory

Gimmighoul Coin Location and Efficient Collection Images

To see how many Gimmighoul Coins you have, go to Bag > Pokemon Materials and you will see them in the Pokemon Materials list.

Coins Beyond Pokemon Team Are From Coin Rep

Medali Map
Detail MapPlace
Rep Map
Rep Location

Get More Coins Than You Can Carry

You can not hold more than 999 Gimmighoul Coins, so the map will keep the coins with him if you exceed your amount. If you exceed the Gimmighoul Coins go to Medali to get it from him after spending your coins to evolve.

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