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Friendship Level Guide - Evolution & Checking Happiness
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Friendship Level Guide - Evolution & Checking Happiness

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Friendship Level Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to check happiness, evolutions, use Soothe Bell, Friendship Rater, evaluation and picnics and more!

Table of Contents

How To Increase Friendship Level

Raising Friendship Guide

Raising Friendship Walkthrough
  • Let the Pokemon hold a Soothe Bell
  • Interact with the Pokemon during a Picnic
  • Use EXP Candy
  • Raise the Pokemon's level
  • Add the Pokemon to your Party and travel with them
  • Use Vitamins (Effort Value Item)
  • Use berries that can raise friendship
  • Let The Pokemon Hold A Soothe Bell
  • Soothe Bell can increase friendship by 1.5 times. Just by walking with the Pokemon raises its Friendship, it is recommended to give the Soothe Bell to the Pokemon you want to raise the Friendship.

    How To Get The Soothe Bell

    Pick Up In Mesagoza
    Buy from Delibird Presents Shop (5,000)
    Sooth Bell
  • Interact With The Pokemon In Picnics
  • Picnic With A Pokemon

    By interacting with the Pokemon during Picnics, you can increase their friendship level. This method is recommended if you want to raise friendship quickly since you can talk to your Pokemon and bathe them as much as you want until you get to the right level.

    Picnic Guide

    Catch Using A Luxury Ball

    You can use a Luxury Ball to catch a Pokemon. This Pokeball can be bought from Delibird Presents and its effect is similar to the Soothe Bell. It is recommended to use this specific Pokeball if you want to raise the friendship of a Pokemon.

    Friend Ball Is Hard To Get But Also Recommended

    Friend Ball is like the Luxury Ball, but catching a Pokemon with a Friend Ball it can instantly raise the Pokemon's friendship by 1 level and also may evolve.

  • Use EXP Candy
  • Use EXP Candy

    Friendship can be increased by using EXP Candy on a Pokemon. You can get a lot of candies from Tera Raid Battles and it is recommended to hunt Raid crystals if you want to level up as well as gain friendship.. Also, it is best to use large quantity of candies to be more efficient.

  • Raise The Pokemon's Level
  • Raise The Level Of Pokemon

    Whenever the Pokemon increases its level, friendship also increases. You can gain EXP not only in battles but also from EXP Candy so use this to your advantage if you want to quickly level up a Pokemon of preference.

    How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming
  • Add The Pokemon To Your Party & Travel With Them
  • Travel With Pokemon Team

    The Pokemon in your team gains friendship the more you walk and battle. This method has a low friendship accumulation so it is still recommended to do other methods if you want it to increase Friendship quickly.

  • Use Vitamins (Effort Value Item)
  • Use Vitamin (Effort Value Item)

    Vitamins can raise Effort Value (Basic Point) and also raise friendship in the process. If you want to accumulate friendship thru battle, it is recommended to use Vitamins beforehand. However, this method is fairly expensive because Vitamins cost 10,000 Poke Dollars each so it is not recommended when you just want to raise the Friendship.

    Types Of Vitamins
    HP UpHP UpProteinProteinIronIron
    Vitamins - How To Get & Uses
  • Use Berries That Can Increase Friendship
  • Use Berries That Can Increase Friendship

    There are berries that can raise friendship but its adverse effect can decrease a Pokemon's Effort Value (base point).

    Types Of Friendship Berries
    Pomeg BerryPomeg BerryKelpsy BerryKelpsy BerryQualot BerryQualot Berry
    Hondew BerryHondew BerryGrepa BerryGrepa BerryTamato BerryTamato Berry

How Friendship Level Decreases

Procedure Guideline
  • Pokemon faints during battle (Excluding Online Battles)
  • Using Specific Items
  • Fainted Pokemon (Excluding Online Battles)
  • Fainted Pokemon (Excluding Communication Match)

    Friendship decreases when a Pokemon faints during battle. However, fainting during Online battles does not affect friendship.

  • Using Specific Items
  • Items Decreasing Friendship
    Energy PowderEnergy PowderEnergy RootEnergy Root
    Heal PowderHeal PowderRevival HerbRevival Herb

    Some items can lower the friendship of a Pokemon. These items works like Potions and are cheaper to buy, but if you do not want to lower your friendship level, you may want to use regular recovery items.

How To Check Friendship Level

Highest5 HeartsBest Friends
4 HeartsPretty great friends
3 HeartsGood friends
2 HeartsGetting along well
1 HeartStarting to get friendly
Lowest0 HeartNeutral

Friendship NPC At Central Fountain At Cascarrafa

Friendship NPC Map & Location
Friendship NPC Map & Location

You can check the friendship with a selected Pokemon by talking to a woman with Marill who can be found at the central fountain at Cascarrafa.

Ribbon For The Pokemon With Highest Friendship

Get A Ribbon From Highest Friendship

When you get your Pokemon with the highest friendship evaluated, you will receive a Best Friends Ribbon. This has no particular effect but it is a good way to signify your favorite Pokemon.

Can Be Seen At Picnics

Can Be Seen At Picnics

If you want to evaluate the Friendship level yourself, have a Picnic with the Pokemon. When you speak to them or shower them, the number of hearts will appear showing you the level of their current friendship.

Evolve With Two To Three Hearts

Evolve With Two To Three Hearts

The Pokemon that requires friendship when evolving can be done between 2-3 hearts. Remember that there are sometimes time conditions such as evolving at day or night so it is recommended to adjust it by using Picnic to check.

Special Evolution - List of Special Evolution Method

Effects Of Having High Friendship

Increase experience (Normal is 1.2x)
Status effects can be healed on their own
May withstand an attack that may have been a critical hit
The hit rate of the opponent's move decreases×
Increase the probability that you may hit a Critical Attack×

Increase Experience Gain


Pokemon with 4 to 5 Friendship Hearts will receive 1.2 more EXP than a regular Pokemon. It is also possible to increase Friendship first, then train them.

How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

Status Effects May Heal On Their Own

Pokemon with 4 or 5 Friendship Hearts may heal Status Effects on their own in rare cases. Status Effects can be healed, but this is limited to these Status Effects (Poison/Paralysis/Ice/Sleep/Burn)

May Withstand An Attack That May Have Been A Critical Hit

Pokemon with 4 to 5 Hearts may withstand damage that's supposed to faint it, but stand it to 1 HP instead. However, it cannot withstand damage from Status Effects like Poison or moves like Self-Destruct

Hit Rate Of Opponent's Move Decreases

Pokemon with high Friendship have a low chance of getting hit by an opponent Pokemon. It may also avoid High accuracy moves as well, so raising your Friendship is an advantage. It also makes it harder to be hit by low-accuracy items, such as Hypnosis. Note that this does affect Special Moves or One-Hit Kill moves.

Increase The Probability Of Critical Hits

Max Friendship Pokemon has a higher chance of dealing a Critical Hit when they attack. This is useful since it makes it more efficient in inflicting damage. When aiming to capture a Pokemon, it is safer to use a move that does not deal Critical Attacks, like False Swipe.

Pokemon That Evolves With Friendship

Before Evolution After EvolutionRequirement
PichuPichuPikachuPikachuReach high friendship and Increase the level of Pichu
IgglybuffIgglybuffJigglypuffJigglypuffReach high friendship and Increase the level of Igglybuff
AzurillAzurillMarillMarillReach high friendship and Increase the level of Azurill
EeveeEeveeEspeonEspeonReach high friendship and increase the level of Eevee in the morning or noon. Must not have a Fairy move
EeveeEeveeUmbreonUmbreonReach high friendship and increase the level of Eevee in the evening or midnight. Must not have a Fairy move
EeveeEeveeSylveonSylveonIncrease the friendship of Eevee and level up when it has Fairy moves
ChanseyChanseyBlisseyBlisseyIncrease the friendship level of Chansey and increase its level
RioluRioluLucarioLucarioReach high friendship and increase the level of Lucario at any time of the day
SnomSnomFrosmothFrosmothReach high friendship and Increase the level level of Snom in the evening or midnight

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