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Annihilape Build For Tera Raid - How To Train

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Annihilape Build For Tera Raid - How To Train | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Annihilape Build For Tera Raid - How To Train | Pokemon SV - GameWith

How to train Annihilape Build For Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to train, best movesets, Effort Values, recommended skills and what to bring.

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Table of Contents

Annihilape - Pokemon Details

High Firepower Physical Ghost-type Attacker

Annihilape Icons
Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
GhostAdamantVital SpiritPunching Glove
Base Stas11011580509090

Recommended Moves

  1. Fighting
  2. Normal
  3. Ghost
  4. Fighting

Annihilape is a Ghost/Fighting type Pokemon with high Attack Base Stats. It is a high-firepower attacker that makes use of its exclusive Rage Fist moves.

Pokemon For Solo Raid

Annihilape is a Pokemon that takes a long time to start hitting due to the increased power of Rage Fist. If you play in Solo, the time limit doesn't reduce even if NPCs become faints, and you have relatively more time to spare, making it a Pokemon suitable for solo Raid.

Recommended For Raid Where Ghost-type Move Is A Weakness

Since Rage Fist is a Ghost-type move, it is recommended for Ghost-/ Psychic-type Raids that are weak to Ghost-type moves.

About The Exclusive Move, Rage Fist

Rage Fist Description

Annihilape's exclusive move, Rage Fist, increases its power with the number of times it has been hit. The power increases by 50 for each hit, with a maximum of 350, making it a powerful move even for Raid.

Rage Fist - Effects & Which Pokemon Can Learn

How To Train Annihilape For Raids

Click To Move
▼How To Reroll & Train Annihilape ▼Learn The Best Moves

How To Reroll/Train Annihilape

Summary Of Things To Do
  1. Catch the pre-evolved form, Mankey or Primeape.
    └ Reroll it if you want to save money.
  2. Change Ability to Vital Spirit with Ability Capsule.
    └ If you're a Defiant, you don't have to change
  3. Change Nature to Adamant with Mints.
  4. Distribute Effort Values
  5. Evolve Primeape into Annihilape
  6. Raise Annihilape to Lv 100
  7. Use Bottle Caps to Max IVs
  1. Catch the Pre-evolved Form, Mankey or Primeape
  2. MapDetailed Location
    Map Image

    The pre-evolutions, Mankey and Primeape can be found on the map. Especially Mankey is relatively common in the wild, so it is easy to catch.

    Reroll If You Want To Save Money

    Once you got the Annihilape, use items to train it be an ideal individual Pokemon. Each item costs money, so if you want to save even a little money, it is recommended to reroll its Nature, Individual Value, and Ability.

    How To Get Strong Pokemon - Breed Best Stats Guide
  3. Ability Capsule Turns Ability Into Vital Spirit
  4. ItemEffect / How To Obtain
    Ability CapsuleAbility CapsuleUsually if there are two Abilities, you can use the other one.
    Purchased at Delibird Presents for 100,000 Poke Dollars

    With the Ability Capsule, you can turn Ability into Vital Spirit. If you don't have it, get it at Delibird Presents. If the original Ability is Defiant, there is no need to change the Ability.

  5. Change Nature To Adamant In Mints
  6. Items Effect / How To Obtain
    Adamant MintAdamant Mint・Change Nature stats to Adamant.
    ・Nature itself does not change.
    Purchased at Chansey Supply for $20,000

    With Adamant Mint, you can change Nature stats into Adamant. If you do not have one, go to Chansey Supply in Mesagoza or other places and buy one for $ 20,000 Poke Dollars. If the original Nature is Adamant, there is no need to use Mints.

  7. Distribute Effort Values

    Since Annihilape can increase its DEF with Bulk Up, it'd be more efficient to slightly distribute the Effort Values to DEF. Also, if the firepower is too low, it will run out of time before defeating the enemy, so it is best to distribute Effort Values to ATK to the maximum. The extra Effort Value 2 does not affect the status, so there is no problem even if you do not set it.

    Raise HP To 252 If It Is Troublesome

    If you find it troublesome to distribute Effort Values in detail as described above, it is no problem to distribute EVs to the maximum in HP.

    If You Can Afford It, Buy Items and Strengthen Quickly

    If you can afford it, the fastest way is to buy Vitamin in bulk to increase the Effort Value. However, each one costs 10,000 Poke Dollars, it would take about 50 units (500,000 Poke Dollars) to raise everything to the max.

    If You Want To Save Money, Battle Wild Pokemon

    Power Item (Increase Specific EV Gain By +8)
    Power WeightPower WeightPower BracerPower BracerPower BeltPower Belt

    By capturing or defeating Wild Pokemon, you can earn 1 to 3 Effort Value for each of them. If you give a Pokemon a Power Item, you can increase the amount of Effort Value it gets by 8. Power Items costs only $ 10,000, so they are recommended for those who want to save money.

    ▶ Power Items List - Effects & How To Get

    ▼Recommended Pokemon To Defeat To Raise Effort Value

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    Chansey IconChansey
    ※Required Encounter Power
    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location

    If you cannot see the appearance location image, please click to enlarge it.

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    *Scarlet Exclusive

    If you cannot see the location clearly, click the image to enlarge it.

  9. Evolve Primeape Into Annihilape
  10. Use Rage Fist More Than 20 Times To Level Up

    Used Rage Fist more than 20 times to level up
    Learned at Level35

    The evolution requirement is to use Rage Fist, which Primeape learned at level 35, at least 20 times in battle. When Primeape levels up and meets the required conditions, it will evolve into Annihilape.

  11. Raise Annihilape To Lv 100
  12. Fastest Way Is To Use Exp Candy

    Exp. Candy LEXP Value: 10,000
    Exp. Candy XLEXP Value: 30,000

    If you clear the 5 or 6 star Tera Raid, you can get Exp. Candy L or Exp Candy XL. It is the most efficient way to level up when training a Pokemon.

    ▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

    Those With No Candy Can Gain EXP From Chansey

    If you do not have enough candies to raise its Level to 100, try to defeat Chansey in North Province Area Three to raise the Level quickly. Keep leveling up until you have enough candy to get to Lv 100.

    ▶How To Level Up Fast
  13. Max IV with Bottle Caps
  14. ItemEffect / How To Obtain
    Bottle CapBottle CapMax one IV
    Purchased at Delibird Presents (20000 Poke Dollars)
    Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle CapMax All IV
    Drop Bid at Porto Marinada

    Use the Bottle Cap to "Hyper Train" and raise the Individual Value to the highest except for the Sp. ATK. Hyper Training can be done by speaking to the NPC behind the Pokemon Center in Montenevera.

    Locations To Hyper Train

    MonteneveraNPC Location
    NPC Location
    Bottle Cap Guide

Learn Special Moves

Recommended Moves
Bulk Up- Acquired in TM64
- Increases durability to avoid being fainted.
- Learned at Lv 44
- Lowers enemy DEF and increases damage
- Acquired in TM87
- Increases the power of Rage Fist by making the enemy use Attack moves
Rage Fist- Learned at Lv 35
- High Firepower as a Main Weapon
- Not for Normal Raid due to the Ghost-type moves
Drain Punch- Acquired in TM73
- Excellent recovery move
- Restores HP taken by attacks

Bulk Up and Drain Punch are TM moves, so check TM locations and materials.

How To Use Annihilape In Raids

Summary Overview
  1. Have it hold the Punching Gloves or Other Items
  2. Bulk Up on 1st ~ 3rd Turn
  3. Screech on 4th ~ 6th Turn
  4. Use Rage Fist after getting hit 5 or 6 times
  1. Have it hold the Punching Gloves or Other Items
  2. ItemEffects
    Punching  GlovesPunching Gloves Boosts the power of the holder’s punching moves and prevents direct contact with the opponent
    - Can increase the power of two attack moves
    Sitrus BerrySitrus BerryIf a Pokemon holds one, it can restore its own HP by 1/4 when HP falls below half
    - The effect to recover HP makes you harder to be fainted
    Lum BerryLum BerryIt restores Status Effects (Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Ice, Sleep, Confusion)
    - You can only inflict half the damage when you get burned, it'd be easier to clear the raid if you can recover from Status Effects

    Before you take on Raids with Annihilape, don't forget to let it hold an item. The above items are recommended.

  3. Bulk Up On 1st ~ 3rd Turn
  4. Bulk Up

    The power of Rage Fist will not increase unless you get attacked, so give priority to Bulk Up, which raises DEF so that your Pokemon won't be fainted easily in battles even if attacked.

    Enemies Can Cancel Your Stats Increase

    The increases in your stats could be canceled by Raid bosses. In such cases, you need to use Bulk Up again. If you are about to be fainted due to the loss of HP, use Heal up!

  5. Screech On 4th ~ 6th Turn
  6. Screech

    After stacking Bulk Up 2 or 3 times, use Screech to lower the enemy's defense, or use Taunt to stack more Bulk Up.

  7. Use Rage Fist After Getting Hit 5 or 6 Times
  8. Rage Fist

    Let's attack with Rage Fist after getting attacked five or six times. The power increases up to 350 after 6 hits. You might be able to beat the opponent in one blow if you exploit its weakness.

    The Number Of Hits Continues Even If Annihilape Faints

    The power increase of Rage Fist continues even if Annihilape faints. The number of times it gets hit is not reset even if it has fainted.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Information

Pokemon SV Raid Events Banner
▶Latest Raid Events

Tera Raid Events

EventEvent Duration & Contents
Mighty Mewtwo
Event Period
Sept 1 (Fri) 00:00 - Sept 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
7★ Mighty Mewtwo will appear. The Mewtwo will have a Mightiest Mark and the Tera Type is Psychic.
▶7 Star Mighty Mewtwo Guide

How to Train Pokemon for Raid

▶Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles

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Beans Boy 1

Been able to solo 5-star raids with ease with this one, without really having to worry about type effectiveness against the tera type. Haven't tried it against a dark raid yet but for everything else so far it's been mint.

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