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Guide for the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV).See the different types and levels, the Pokemon Team, recommended Pokemon, interview answers and more!

Table of Contents

Elite Four Strategy Guide

The Suggested Level is 60

The suggested level for beating Elite Four is 60. Since it'd be a series of battles and you are unable to go to the Pokemon Center, it is necessary to prepare in advance. The maximum level of Pokemon used by the enemy is 61, so you should raise your Pokemon level to at least the latter half of 50.

Battle After Elite Four Is Up To Level 66

The maximum level of the Elite Four is 61, but when it comes to clearing the Victory Road, the maximum level of the opponent will be 66. So try to raise your level to at least 65 to be able to beat them.

How To Level Up Fast ( EXP Farming)

Prepare A Lot Of Recovery Items

Because you cannot go to the Pokemon Center, you need to be prepared in case you become exhausted or your HP gets low. Ideally, you should have at least 10 to 20 pieces of "Piece of Energy" or "Superb Life Potion" to ensure a successful completion of the game.

PP UP Can Be Recovered By Recalling Moves → Forget Move

In addition to items that recovers HP, using PP Up will highly benefit you for the consecutive battles as this training item can slightly raise the PP of a single move that has been learned by the target Pokemon. you may use it as an alternate

if you don't have PP Max which can be used to raise the maximum PP of a single move that a Pokemon knows.Moves Change Guide - How To Relearn Moves

Recommended Pokemon For Elite Four

Recommended Pokemon Party
DragoniteDragoniteFlamigoFlamigoStarter Pokemon

Pokemon Team Can Be Changed Each Time

Since there is preparation time between each battle, you can switch the Pokemon on your Pokemon Team lineup depending on the situation. If you have trained many Pokemon, you can improvise your strategy by switching to a Pokemon party with a type advantage each time you fight.

Elite Four Interview Answers

Correct Answers For Rika's Interview
  1. How did you here today?
    → You can select any of them
  2. Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in.
    2. Naranja Academy (Scarlet)
    3. Uva Academy (Violet)
  3. So, what brings you to the Pokemon League today?
    2. I came to become a Champion
  4. Now, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?
    3. I want to find treasure
    You will be asked again later, so answer with the same option above
  5. Tell me: Which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty?
    → You can select any of them
  6. And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?
    → Select the name of the leader in the Gym who you answered the 5th question.
  7. But do you remember which type of Pokemon (the Gym Leader you choose) used?
    → Select the type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader you choose on the 6th question.
  8. What was the category of the Pokemon you chose to be your first partner?
    → Select the category of the Starter you chose.
  9. Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?
    → Select the same answer this time that you chose for the 4th question.
  10. Do you like Pokemon?
    1. Yes

(※ In case of failure, start over from Q1)

    List Of Gym Leaders And Types

    Gym NameGym Leader &Type
    Cortondo GymKatyKaty bug
    Artazon GymBrassiusBrassius Grass
    Levincia GymIonoIono Electric
    Cascarrafa GymKofuKofu water
    Medali GymLarryLarry normal
    Montenevera GymRymeRyme ghost
    Alfornada GymTulipTulip Psychic
    Glaseado GymGrushaGrusha Ice

    Starter Pokemon Category

    FuecocoFuecocoFire Croc Pokemon
    SprigatitoSprigatitoGrass Cat Pokemon
    QuaxlyQuaxlyDuckling Pokemon

    Elite Four And Their Pokemon

    Elite Four 1: Rika

    Elite Four 1
    Main TypeGround

    Elite Four 1's Pokemon

    Rika (Elite Four) Guide & Strategy Tips

    Elite Four 2: Poppy

    Elite Four 2
    Main TypeSteel

    Elite Four 2's Pokemon

    Poppy (Elite Four) Guide & Strategy Tips

    Elite Four 3: Larry

    Elite Four 3
    Main TypeFlying

    Elite Four 3's Pokemon

    Larry (Elite Four) Guide & Strategy Tips

    Elite Four 4: Hassel

    Main TypeDragon

    Elite Four 4's Pokemon Team

    Hassel (Elite Four) Strategy Guide

    Top Champion Geeta Battle

    Champion Geeta
    Geeta (Champion) Guide & Strategy Tips

    Geeta's Pokemon Team

    Champion Nemona Match

    Champion Nemona
    Nemona Battle Guide & Best Pokemon Team

    Nemona's Pokemon Team

    ▲Select the first Pokemon you chose.

    Can The Elite Four Be Rematched?

    Elite Four Rematch

    Elite Four Can't Fight A Second Time

    Once the Champion test is cleared once, a second and subsequent Rematch will not be possible. Currently, we have to wait and hope that an update will make it possible to rematch them.

    Can Compete Hassel In The Academy Ace Tournament

    Out of the Elite Four, Hassel is the only one that can be rematched at the Academy Ace Tournament, while Rika, Poppy, and Larry cannot be rematched again. Although not in the Elite Four, Geeta and Nemona can also compete in the Academy Ace Tournament aside from Hassel.

    Academy Ace Tournament Guide

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Story Related

    Pokemon SV storyline
    ▶Complete Story Guide

    Victory Road

    Victory Road Related Guides
    Victory Road Guide

    Starfall Street

    Starfall Street Related Guides
    Starfall Street GuideStar Training Center (STC) Guide
    Starfall Street Walkthrough

    Path of Legends

    Path of Legends Related Guides
    Path of Legends Walkthrough
    ▶Titan Pokemon List

    The Way Home (Zero Lab)

    After Completing The Game

    Academy Ace Tournament

    Clearing For The First Time
    Clearing For The Second Time
    Academy Ace Tournament GuideFarming Money in Ace Tournament

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