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Check out New Features and Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (PokemonSV). This guide includes what's new, new features and gameplay mechanics, new Pokemon, new Terestal and Tera Raid, and more!

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Terestal Overview

New Feature Terastal Added

PokemonSV Terastal
DescriptionAll Pokemon can be turned Terestal

Terastal is a new feature that can enhance a Pokemon's type during battle. This will change the Pokemon's type into its Tera Type. If the Pokemon's original type, Tera type, and move type all match, its power is further increased!

Can Be Changed To Any Type With Terastal

PokemonSV Terastal Image

There are 18 Tera types in total. It does occur that a Pokemon will have a different Terra type from its original type. It appears that each individual Pokemon has their own Tera type.

New Terra Raid Battles Added

PokemonSV Tera Raid image

Tera Raid Battles are a new type of raid battle wherein four players work together to defeat a wild Terastallize Pokemon within a time limit. The turn-based raid battle in Sword and Shield has been replaced with a seamless battle type where players must cooperate with each other in order to battle.

Pokemon In The Field Can Also Be Terastal

Image of Terastallize Pokemon

On the field, wild Pokemon that are glowing will Terastallize after starting a battle with them! When their HP is reduced to a certain level, their Terastallize form is removed and they can then be captured!

New Story Elements

Unfolds In Three Grand Stories

▼ Victory Road
▼ Path of Legends
▼ Starfall Street

Unlike in previous series, there is no single storyline, but rather three grand stories. Each can be played in any order, giving you freedom in progressing the stories.

Victory Road

PokemonSV Victory Road

This route will take the players to gyms in various locations to gain the title of Champion. Just like in the previous installations, the goal is to reach the top of the Pokemon League!

Path Of Legends

PokemonSV Path of Legends Image

Path of Legends is another storyline wherein you help Arvem, a senior from your Academy, to gather rare ingredients. These ingredients are guarded by Titan Pokemon so it seems that the ingredients will take a challenge to get.

Starfall Street

PokemonSV Starfall Street image

This story focuses on getting into the hideouts and defeating the leaders of "Team Star", a group considered a problem at the Academy. The goal is to defeat the bosses of all the groups by entering each of their hideouts.

Challenge Gyms In Any Order

PokemonSV New Element

Straying away from the conventional formula of the Pokemon games, players can challenge gyms and their leaders in any order they like. Create your own strategic route according to what you have on hand.

Adventures With A Legendary Pokemon

PokemonSV New Element

In the story, you will explore the Paldea region with the legendary Pokemon Koraidon or Miraidon depending on your version of the game. These legendary Pokemon can switch modes and can move on land, sea, and air.

Playing Scarlet
Playing Violet
Playing Scarlet
Playing Violet
Playing Scarlet
Playing Violet
All Legendary Pokemon List

New Pokemon Features

New Region Pokemon Forms/Versions Added

PokemonSV New Element Image

With the new region, players will be introduced to the Paldea Form. These Pokemon are variants of previously known Pokemon with different characteristics, such as type and abilities.

New Paldea Forms

Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper

New Moves Added

Shed Tail

Shed Tail

According to the Pokemon website, this move lets "the user create a substitute for itself using its own HP before switching places with a party Pokemon in waiting". This move consumes more HP than a normal substitute, but it is a technique with a lot of potential.

Since there is a scene wherein Cyclizar is using it, this might be a move exclusive to Cyclizar.

Tera Blast

Tera Blast

A move that changes type depending to the Pokemon's Tera form. The damage of this move is based on the Attack or Special Defense, allowing for more tactical options.

New Items & Features

New Items Added

Mirror Herb

Mirror Herb

An item the can copy an opponent's stat increase. Automatically used when a stat change is happening to the opponent. It is likely to be used as a countermeasure against Pokemon that can increase their stats through moves like Swords Dance.

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice

The number of attacks in a series of moves is increased by this item. It is currently unknown whether this is practical or not since it's is not guaranteed to be the maximum number of attacks.

Create TMs With TM Machine

TM Machine
Required MaterialsHow To Get
LP (League Points)・Exchange LP (League Points for Pokemon Lost & Found
・Progress the story
Pokemon Lost & FoundDropped after battles with wild Pokemon

In this current version, all can be created with the TM machine installed in the Pokemon Center. The materials used are dropped by Wild Pokemon after battle or with the LP (League Points).

Overview Of Other Features

New Let's Go Feature


This function allows Pokemon to fight and pick up items on their own. It seems highly practical since it enables efficient exploration of the field.

Picnics Added


Now you can have a picnic with your Pokemon! While here, you can play with your Pokemon, give them a bath, create sandwiches, and more!

Picnic Guide - How To Use

Eggs In Picnics

Eggs In Picnics

In this version, Pokemon Eggs are available at Picnics. How to get Eggs is still unknown right now.

Communicate With Other Players Through The Poke Portal

Poke Portal

This title allows players to communicate with people around the world through the Poke Portal! This will require an Internet connection and a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Union Circle

Union Circle

A new feature implemented in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the option to explore the same world with up to 4 players. You can show your Pokemon to each other, and cheer each other on in battle. Four people can also enjoy a picnic at the same time.

New Pokemon List


New Pokemon

New Starter Pokemon
New Legendary Pokemon
Other New Pokemon

Since the setting will be a in a new region, many new Pokemon will be added. Evolved versions of existing Pokemon and region variants have also been announced, with more information expected to be announced.

New Features

New Features & Systems

Useful Information


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