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Pokemon HOME Support & Release Date

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Pokemon HOME Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV) Check the release dates in Spring, new updates, links, series compatibility, differences of paid & free plans & more!

Table of Contents

When Will Pokemon HOME Be Linked To SV?

With The February Update, Can Check Battle Data

Ver 2.1.0 Available

User Interface Preview
Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image

"Battle Data" is now available with the February 2023 update of Ver 2.1.0. You can now check the Ranked Battles results and used rates of popular Pokemon.

Pokemon Transfer Scheduled For Spring 2023

Pokemon Home Schedule

The support compatibility between Pokemon SV and Pokemon HOME is scheduled for the Spring of 2023. Once linked, Pokemon from previous titles can be transferred to Scarlet and Violet.Pokemon HOME is available from both Switch and smartphones.

New Features & Pokemon

Pokemon HOME Paid & Free Plans Differences

Differences In Available Features

Number of Pokemon that can be stored30 Pokemon6000 Pokemon
Pokemon Bank Transfer To Pokemon HOMEUnavailableAvailable
Number of Pokemon that can be placed in the Wonder Box at once3 Pokemon10 Pokemon
Number of Pokemon that can be placed in the GTS at once1 Pokemon3 Pokemon
Room TradeParticipate OnlyParticipate or Host
Judge functionUnavailableAvailable

Number Of Pokemon That Can Be Stored Is Very Different

The biggest difference between the paid and free plans is that the number of Pokemon that can be deposited increases from 30 to 6,000. The free plan can only be used as temporary storage when moving and transferring Pokemon from one game to another, but the paid plan can be used as a storage location when your Pokemon inventory is full.

Paid Plan Needed To Transfer To Pokemon Bank

With the paid plan, you can move Pokemon from your 3DS software to Pokemon SV using the Pokemon Bank. If you have a Pokemon that you want to use in your 3DS software, consider subscribing to a paid plan.

Paid Plans Price List

1 Month
(30 Days)
3 Months
(90 Days)
12 Months
(365 Days)

12 Months Paid Plan Recommended For People Who Have A Full Box In The Game

If your Pokemon SV inventory is full and you're having trouble making ends meet, join the 12-month plan and use it as a place to store your Pokemon. The 12-month plan is much more reasonable since it will be 36 dollars if you pay per month.

Select 1 Month If You Just Want To Just Transfer Pokemon

If you just want to transfer Pokemon from the other Pokemon games to Scarlet and Violet, you can subscribe to a one-month plan and complete the Pokemon transfer within the time frame.

Pokemon HOME Feature List

*Tap each function to go to a detailed explanation.

Storage Function
▼Pokemon Storage & Transfer▼Judge Function (Paid
Pokemon Exchange Feature
▼Wonder Box▼GTS
▼Room Trade▼Trade Pokemon
Other Features
▼National Pokedex Entries▼Receive Mysterious Gift
▼Get Rare Pokemon▼Check Battle Data
▼Check Game Announcements▼Earn Points And Convert To BPs

Pokemon Storage & Transfer

Pokemon Storage & Transfer
Difference on Paid & Free Plans[Paid]
Can store up to 6000 Pokemon
Can store up to 30 Pokemon
Available DevicesSwitch and Smartphones

Up to 6,000 Pokemon can be deposited at Pokemon HOME. You can check the status of the stored Pokemon including information such as its ability and the skillset.

Stored Pokemon Can Be Transferred To A Different Pokemon Game

Can move Pokemon between different software.

*Pokemon SV will be supported from Spring 2023

Pokemon can be brought from other Pokemon titles other than Scarlet and Violet by using the Pokemon storage and transfer functions. However, transferring between the Pokemon HOME (center of image) and the Switch's Pokemon application (right side of image) can only be done with the Switch version of Pokemon HOME.

Judge Function

Judge Function
Difference on Paid & Free Plans[Paid]
Can be used up to 6000 Pokemon
Available DevicesSwitch and Smartphones

Only those who subscribe to a paid plan will be able to use the Judge Function, which allows them to check the Pokemon Individual Value (IV) stored in inventory. It will be easier to identify the Pokemon individual value if you deposit a large number of Pokemon of the same species that have been hatched from breeding.

Individual Value Checker Guide

Random Exchange Worldwide With Wonder Box

Random Exchange Worldwide With Wonder Box
Difference on Paid & Free Plans[Paid]
Up to 10 Pokemon can be stored at a time.
Up to 3 Pokemon at the same time
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

By storing Pokemon in the special Wonder Box, you can randomly exchange Pokemon with people around the world. The exchange will take place automatically even when the app is closed.

Exchange The Pokemon You Want At GTS

Exchange The Pokemon You Want At GTS
Difference on Paid & Free Plans[Paid]
Can be used up to 3 Pokemon at the same time.
Can only be used on 1 Pokemon at a time
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

If you set the Pokemon you want and the Pokemon you are willing to exchange, you can exchange Pokemon with other people who match your conditions.You can also set up Pokemon that are not registered in your National Pokedex for the Pokemon you want.

Pokemon Trading Board

Random Exchange In Room Trade

Random Exchange In Room Trade
Difference on Paid & Free Plans[Paid] Host Room Trade
[Free] Room participation only
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

Up to a group of 20 players can be added in a room and each user can exchange one Pokemon with the other. Who gets the Pokemon is completely random.

There Is Also A Random Matching Feature

In addition to exchanging group IDs and QR codes with friends, there is also the ability to join groups at random.

Feel Free To Trade Pokemon With Nearby Friends

Friend exchange
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

You can exchange with users you are friends with in the Pokemon HOME. It is an easy way to exchange Pokemon, although take note that it can only be done within a close proximity

Register Pokemon On National Pokedex At HOME

National Pokedex
Available DevicesSwitch and Smartphones

When a Pokemon is registered in a Pokemon HOME, the Pokemon also gets recorded in the National Pokedex. Following the Pokemon registration in the app, you will be able to view the Pokedex description of it each game, such as its type, height, and so on, on both the Switch and mobile phone versions.

Pokedex Guide: How To Complete Pokedex and Rewards

Includes Mega Evolution And Gigantamax Forms

Mega Charizard X Gigantamax Charizard
Mega Charizard X
Gigantamax Charizard

When Mega Charizard X or a Gigantamax Charizard Pokemon is stored, each figure is registered in the National Pokedex.

Mobile Version Lists Pokemon Moves And Ability

Mobile Version

You can also check Pokemon's moves and abilities, an exclusive feature to the smartphone version of the Pokedex.

Receive Mysterious Gifts

Receive Mysterious Gifts
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

You can get random Mystery Gifts if you scan the serial code or QR code for Pokemon HOME. Pokemon from these gift rewards will be sent to the Pokemon HOME box.

Mystery Gift Codes List - How To Receive & Unlock

Receive Valuable Pokemon

Limited Edition Pokemon
Available Devices Switch and Smartphones

You can get a free Pokemon when you fulfill certain conditions at the Pokemon HOME. Free Pokemon like Pikachu in the picture will be described as "Seems to have a had a fateful encounter in Pokemon HOME".

Pokemon You Can Get And How To Get Them

PokemonUnlock Conditions
Pikachu iconPikachuStart the Switch version of Pokemon HOME
・Original Trainer Name: HOME
・Nature: Hardy
Starter Pokemon
Launch Pokemon HOME for smartphones.
・Select one from Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle
・Hidden Ability
PichuPichuObtain a sticker and put it in your profile
・Nature: Hardy
RotomRotomExchange Pokemon with GTS
・Nature: Timid
EeveeEeveeExchange Pokemon at the Wonder Box
・Nature: Serious
MagearnaMagearnaComplete the National Pokedex (including different figures) in the Pokemon HOME
・Appearance: as it was 500 years ago

Pokemon other than startup rewards will be sent to the Present Box. From the mobile version, go to the Menu (3 lines at the bottom of the screen) → Mystery Gifts → Let's go to Present Box.

Battle Data Can Be Viewed

Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image
Pokemon HOME image
Available DevicesSmartphone version only

You can check the rankings such as the Pokemon used in battles in Ranked Battle and online battles on Pokemon SV. You can also check skills, abilities, and held items in the ranking.

Confirmed Information

1Ranked Battle ranking & rate per season
2Pokemon usage ranking
3Pokemon usage ranking range
└ Related with Pokemon battle team
└ Technique rate
└ Ability rate
└ Held Item rate
└ Tera Type rate
└ Top 10 Pokemon that you defeated
└ Top 10 Pokemon that has been defeated
4Results of the official tournament (currently in preparation)
5Results of fellow tournaments (currently in preparation)

Check Game Announcements

Available DevicesSmartphone version only

You can check announcements about in-game events and information about Pokemon SV online competitions.

Convert Accumulated Points To BP

Pokemon HOME Points

When Pokemon are deposited, Pokemon HOME Points are accumulated according to the number of Pokemon deposited. Points accumulated can be redeemed for BP for each game.

Pokemon HOME Transfer

Procedure for moving Pokemon from one work to another

How To Transfer Pokemon From The Pokemon Bank

1Download Pokemon HOME from the eShop
2Update Pokemon Bank from eShop
3Select a game to connect to Pokemon HOME
4Select the title from the pull-down menu in the bank and choose the Pokemon you want to add to the box you want to move.
5Enter the password for the withdrawal issued at the HOME in the bank
6Wait a while, and you're ready to be linked up on the platform!

Move Individually Or In Batches

Pokemon deposited in the Pokemon Bank can be moved to the Pokemon HOME by selecting each box in the bank or all Pokemon in the bank in its entirety.

Cannot Return To Bank From Pokemon HOME

You cannot move Pokemon from the Pokemon HOME to the Pokemon Bank. Even Pokemon that were originally in the bank cannot be returned, so be careful when moving them from the bank.

Pokemon Bank And HOME Paid Plans Required

To move from a Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME, you must be on the paid plan at a Pokemon HOME. In addition, to store a Pokemon in the Bank, you must subscribe to the paid plan for the Pokemon Bank.

Transfer To Other Pokemon Switch Titles

Switch Titles You Can Transfer Pokemon
・Pokemon Sword and Shield
・Pokemon Legends Arceus
・Pokemon BDSP

The above titles are free to move Pokemon around, take note that it is limited to Pokemon appearing in the Pokedex of each work. For example, a Pokemon from Pokemon BDSP could go through Sword and Shield → Legends Arceus and finally back to Pokemon BDSP

Let's Go Pikachu Version Cannot Be Returned If Deposited In Other Titles

Pokemon that have been deposited in software other than Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee it cannot be moved back to the Pikachu & Eevee software. Be careful if you are planning to return the Pokemon in the end.

What Is Pokemon HOME?

Cloud Service For All Pokemon

Cloud-based Service

Pokemon HOME is a new cloud service that allows you to collect all your Pokemon in one place. You can collect and exchange Pokemon from previous series as well as Switch titles and Pokemon GO in one place.

Available On Switch & Smartphone Apps

The service will be deployed on the Switch and a smartphone app. The Switch is used to move Pokemon, and the smartphone is used to exchange Pokemon.

Differences Between Switch Version & Smartphone Version

Link with Nintendo Switch software
Moving Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME
Collecting Pokemon Transferred from Pokemon GO
Pokemon Exchange at Pokemon HOME
Receive Mystery Gifts
Check Battle Data
Check Notices
Convert Pokemon HOME Points to BP

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New Features

New Features & Systems

Useful Information

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