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Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles & Raid Tips

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Best Pokemon Raid Guide for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (Pokemon SV). See best Pokemon for Tera Raids, Tera Raid Strategy, tips and Strongest Pokemon for Raid Battles.

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Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board
Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

Recommended Level

DifficultyRecommended LevelBoss Level

Depending on the difficulty of the Tera Raid battle, the level of the Pokemon that will appear is set. Check the difficulty of the raid and choose a Pokemon that match its difficulty.

EXP Farming Guide

Best Pokemon For Raids

Koraidon IconKoraidon[Scarlet Exclusive]
・Can be obtained during the story
・Very strong against Pokemon who is weak at Fighting Type
▶More Details
Miraidon iconMiraidon[Violet Exclusive]
・Can be obtained during the story.
・Especially strong against Pokemon who is weak at Electric Type
▶More Details
Perrserker IconPerrserker・Amazing Strength when 4 Perrserker is in the team
・Only possible when playing with friends
▶More Details
Iron hands IconIron Hands[Violet Exclusive]
・Belly Drum + Drain Punch Combo is very Powerful
・Amazing Durability
▶More Details
AzumarillAzumarill・Great against Dragon/Fire/Ground type Tera Raids
・Belly Drum & Huge Power & Rain and great Attack Power
▶More Details
Iron Valiant IconIron Valiant[Violet Exclusive]
・Amazing against Dragon-Types
・Miraidon and Koraidon is weak against Dragon Types
・Also works great as a Tank
Sylveon IconSylveon・Ability Pixilate & Hyper Voice are powerful
・With Fake Tears, it can lower Sp. Def of the opponent
・Moonblast is also powerful
▶More Details
Tinkaton IconTinkaton・Great against Dragon Types
・Fairy Type is great against Koraidon
Gigaton Hammer is very powerful

Recommended For 5 and 6 Stars Raids

Above are the recommendations for the difficult 5 and 6 Star Raids, If you are having difficulty in battling, it is better to play with friends.

Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board & Thread


KoraidenKoraidonFightingDragon[Best EV] HP 252/ATK 252
[Held Items] Power Up Type (Other than Choice Series) / Lum Berry
Drain Punch
Collision Course
Close Combat / Outrage

Screech As First Move Is Great

Screech lowers the defense of Pokemon by 2 folds making Physical Damage deal more damage to enemies. It matches well with the Physical Attacker, Koraidon. Screech however has a pretty low Accuracy so if it did not hit the first time, no need to force to use the attack.

Be Careful With Types That Are Strong Against Fighting Type

  1. PoisonFlyingPsychicBugFairy
  2. Ghost

For Koraidon, you will be using mainly fighting Types. So when you are fighting types that are listed above, use other Pokemon.

▶Koraidon Best Build For Tera Raid


MiraidonMiraidonElectricDragon[Best EV] HP 252/ Sp. ATK 252
[Held Items] Power Up Type (Other than Choice Series) / Lum Berry
Metal Sound
Electro Drift
Dragon Pulse

Use Metal Sound At The Start

Metal Sound lowers the Special Defense of the enemy Pokemon by 2 folds. This works great with the Special Attacker Miraidon. It is great to pair Miraidon with a team of Special Attackers. However, note that Metal Sound has a fairly low accuracy so no need to force the use of the attack.

Care For Pokemon Strong Against Electric Types

  1. GrassElectricDragon
  2. Ground

When using Koraidon, you would mainly use Electric Type moves so when facing types above, it is recommended to not use Koraidon.

▶Miraidon Best Build For Tera Raid


PerrsekerPerrserkerSteel[Nature] Adamant
[Ability] Steely Spirit (HA)
[Item] Choice Band
[Best EV] HP 252/ ATK 252
Iron Head
Any Moves
Any Moves
Any Moves

[Note] Do not forget to switch to Hidden Ability

The Meowth that you will receive from the event has the common ability for Meowth. Use Ability Patch to change to change the ability. This can also be obtained through 6★ Raides so it is recommended to raise Koraidon or Miraidon first.

Multiple Steely Spirit Is Amazing

Steely Spirit increases the damage of Team (including self)'s Steel Type moves by 1.5 Times. In a raid having 4 Perrserker with Steely Spirit can increase the power of Steel Types to x7.6 times

How To Get Galarian Meowth?

Obtain Galarian Meowth

The Pre-Evolution of Perrserker, Galarian Meowth can be obtained by befriending teachers in the academy. If you want to breed Galarian Meowth for better stats, you need to make it hold Everstone.

▶Perrserker Best Build For Tera Raid

Iron Hands

Iron HandsIron HandsFightingElectric[Violet Exclusive]
[Best Nature] Adamant
[Item] Booster Energy
[EV] HP 252/ATK 252
Belly Drum
Drain Punch
Thunder Punch / Wild Charge
Any Moves

Belly Drum + Drain Punch Is Amazing

After using Belly Drum to maximize the attack, heal your HP using Drain Punch. Since not fainting is important in raids, healing with Drain Punch is an amazing move.

Used Item Gets Restored After Using It

With the specialty Quark Drive, the Booster Energy will be used but it will be restored after the raid.

▶Iron Hands Best Build For Tera Raid


AzumarillAzumarillWaterFairy[Best Nature] Adamant
[Item] Sitrus Berry / Shell Bell
[EV] HP252/ATK 252/DEF 4
Belly Drum
Play Rough
Rain Dance / Superpower

Belly Drum & Type Matching Move Is Powerful

With Belly Drum, you want to raise your ATK to the MAX and then use the Ability [Huge Power] to get the best damage from the type matching move. If you use [Rain Dance] the Water move attack will be increased by 1.5 times.

To Care For HP Use "Sitrus Berry" or "Shell Bell"

When you use Belly Drum, your HP will be cut down to half so to recover 1/4 of your health use the Sitrus Berry, or recover the health of 1/8 with the Shell Bell.

Once You Use The Item, Can Be Recovered After The Raid

The Sitrus Berry will come back once the raid battle is over so do not worry.

▶Azumarill Belly Drum Build For Tera Raid

Iron Valiant

Iron ValiantIron ValiantFairyFighting[Violet Exclusive]
[Nature] Adamant / Jolly
[Item] Booster Energy
[EV] HP 252/ ATK 252
Drain Punch
Soul Break
Any Moves
Any Moves

Amazing Against Dragon Types

Miraidon and Koraidon are bad against Dragon Type raids so in this case, Iron Valiant will shine. This is because of Iron Valiant's very high speed and the ability to use Drain Punch as a powerful damaging move.

Can Also Be Tank Type

With the ability, Reflect and Light Screen, Iron Valiant can also be a support for the team. However, the durability of Iron Valiant is not very high so make sure to watch your HP during the set-up phase.

Used Items Gets Recovered After The Raid

Booster Energy that is consumed because of the ability, Quark Drive, will be restored after each Raid so no need to worry about losing the item.


TinkatonTinkatonFairySteel[Nature] Adamant
[Item] Power Up Type (Other than Choice Series) / Lum Berry
[Best EV] HP 252/ ATK 252
Gigaton Hammer
Play Rough
Any Moves
Any Moves

Great Against Fairy Type & Dragon Type Raids

Tinkaton is a Steel and Fairy Type which is great against Fairy and Dragon Types. Especially at Fairy Raids wherein Tinkaton's unique move, Gigaton Hammer, which deal devastating damage to enemies.

Great When Covering Up For Koraidon and Miraidon

Fairy Type and Dragon Type Raids are difficult when using Koraidon and Miraidon because of their typing. Tinkaton is great for those raids which works amazing against those two types.

Do Not Let Tinkaton Hold Choice Band

The unique move of Tinkaton, Gigaton Hammer, cannot be used 2 times in a row. When Tinkaton is holding a Choice Band, after using Gigaton Hammer, the next round will be a blank round, so do not use a Choice Band

Recommended Party For Raids

Assumes That You Are Playing With Friends

This is a recommended team for Tera Raid Battle. However, since Pokemon needs to match, this is only possible if you play with friends.

Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

Perrserker Squad

Recommended Party

【Note】Make Sure To Use Hidden Ability

The Galarian Meowth that you will receive from the event has a common ability and you need to use Ability Patch to change it to Hidden Ability. You can obtain Ability Patch at ★6 Raids so you can raise Koraidon and Miraidon first.

Hidden Ability Guide

Start With Screech At The Beginning Of The Battle

It is recommended to use one turn to reduce the defense of the enemy at the start. If you can communicate with the team, one of the players should use Cheer, "Go All Out!" for a faster clearing.

Be Careful To Pokemon Not Affected By Screech

If the Pokemon has the ability like above, status reducing stats may not work or will increase a status of the enemies.. When battling Pokemon listed above, avoid using Screech.

Not Recommended Against Type Strong Against Steel

  1. FireWaterElectricSteel

Types that can decrease the damage of steel types will make clearing difficult for raids. For those types, use another Pokemon.

Miraidon + Iron Hands

You Can Activate Iron Hands's Ability

The Ability that Iron Hand's Ability, Quark Drive, will increase the highest stat of the Pokemon when there is an Electric Field. Miraidon will release an Electric Field once he enters the field enabling Quark Drive to activate right away.

Make Iron Hands Hold Other Items

PokemonRecommended Item
Iron HandsIron HandsFightingElectric・Power Up Type of Item
(Life Orb / Black Belt etc.)
・Sitrus Berry
・Lum Berry

Quark Drive, because of Miraidon's effect, Booster Energy is no longer needed as a held item. Using Power up item for power increase or stability of Farming is recommended.

For Ditto Farming

Sample Party
Weak Pokemon w/ No MovesMiraidon MiraidonMiraidon MiraidonMiraidon Miraidon

The Host Should Choose A Pokemon With No Damaging Moves

Support Only

The Ditto will transform into the Pokemon that the Host of the raid uses. So it is recommended that the host will use a very weak Pokemon without any damage moves. With this, the difficulty of the raid will be very easy.

Change Moves On Status Screen

Forget Moves

You can change the used Moves of the Pokemon on-hand from the Status Panel. You cannot change the moves of the Pokemon in the Box.

Other Than The Host, Koraidon and Miraidon Are Recommended


Since Koraidon and Miraidon is the fastest to build it is recommended to use them for high level raids. However, if the type of the Terestal are strong against Koraidon and Miraidon, it is recommended to use other high level Pokemon.

All Legendary Pokemon List & Types

Raid Battle Tips & Strategy

Use The Weakness Of The Terra Type

Before entering a Raid Battle, make sure to check the Type of the Raid Battle. Do not forcefully use a Pokemon that is weak against the Raid Pokemon Type.

Recommended To Use "Go All Out!" At The Start


During Raids, the "Support" that can be done 3 times and status moves like Screech are great for having an easier Raid.

Avoid Making Your Pokemon Faint

In Tera Raids, making your Pokemon Faint is a huge time loss. So it is recommended to avoid it with HP recovering moves or increasing HP EVs.

Heal The Teammates When They Are About To Lose


By using Cheer's Heal Up, you can raise the HP of Team's Pokemon. Check the HP of your teammates and your Pokemon and use this cheer actively.

Do Not Forget To Use Terastal Form


After hiting 3 moves, you can transform your Pokemon into a Terastal.. This can easily boost the power of same type moves and is crucial when battling Tera Raids.

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