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Shiny Pokemon - How To Increase Odds & Hunting

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Shiny Pokemon - How To Increase Odds & Hunting | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Shiny Pokemon - How To Increase Odds & Hunting | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Shiny Pokemon Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the how to increase Shiny appearance odds, Fast Shiny Hunting, Sandwiches, how to get Shiny Charm, and more!

Table Of Contents

List of All Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon Pokedex
Shiny Pokedex

How To Get Shiny Pokemon

Rare Chance To Be Found In The Wild

Rare Chance To Be Found In The Wild

Pokemon have a rare chance of being shiny when you meet them in the wold. Since Pokemon can now be seen while you walk around, you can search for Pokemon by simply walking around the field without entering a battle.

Have A Chance Of Getting A Shiny From Eggs

Have A Chance Of Getting A Shiny From Eggs

During the picnic, you may investigate the basket find a Pokemon egg. It's possible for a shiny Pokemon to hatch out from that egg. If you have a male and female in your team and their egg group matches, it's highly likely that you can find an egg.

How To Obtain & Hatch Eggs

Put Pokemon of different genders and the same egg group in your party
Have a Picnic outside the cities or towns
Take out Pokemon team and give it some time
Examine the basket next to the table to get the egg
You can hatch eggs by placing them in your party and walking around
Egg Hatching & Power Guide

How To Increase Chance To Get Shiny

Overview Of Methods To Increase Probability

▼ Sandwiches・ Activate Sparkling Power Lv3
Probability is increase by 4x than the normal rate
・ The effect does not affect the egg hatching
▼ Mass Outbreak- Shiny probability is increase when a certain number of Pokemon are defeated/captured in large numbers
Probability is increased by 2-3x
▼ Foreign Egg Breeding・Hatching eggs with both Original Trainers of different nationalities
Probability is increased by around 6x than normal
▼ Shiny Charm- Just obtaining it increases the chances.
Probability is increased by around 3x

List Of Probabilities When Combined

Mass OutbreakNone30~59 Pokemon60 or more
+Shiny Charm1/13651/10241/819
+Sparkling PowerLv31/10241/8191/683
+Sparkling Lv3
Foreign BreedingShiny AmuletShiny Probability
Normal BreedingForeign Breeding
Without Charm1/40961/683
With Charm1/13651/512
Shiny Probability

Sandwich Activates Sparkling Power

Mass Outbreak
ProbabilityActivate Lv3 and it will increase about 4x (1/1024)

Activating Sparkling Power Lv3 with the meal power of the Sandwiches increases Shiny's appearance rate by about 4 times. Note, however, that it does not affect the rate of Shiny appearing in Egg hatching.

Mass Outbreak

Mass Outbreak
Probability・Defeat/Capture 30~59 Pokemon, then it will increase by 2x (1/2048)
・Defeat/Capture 60 or more, then it will increase by 3x (1/1365)

When a certain number of Pokemon in a mass outbreak are defeated or capture, the probability rate of a shiny will increase! As long as the mass outbreak is not over, the increased rate will continue even if the area is move or the report is completed.

Mass Outbreak Guide

Foreign Egg Breeding

Foreign Egg Breeding

▲ Fuecoco from North America and China

ProbabilityIncrease by 6x (1/683)

The process of creating eggs under the supervision of an Original trainer of a different nationality is called Foreign Egg Breeding, and the rate of appearance of shinies increases about 6 times more compared to normal hatching. Since foreign Pokemon cannot be obtained with the Japanese software, have someone with an overseas version of the software exchange Pokemon with you.

How To Make Eggs

Shiny Charm

Shiny Charm
ProbabilityIncrease by 3x (1/1365)

By just having the Shiny Charm in your possession, the chance of a shiny Pokemon will greatly increased. You can only obtain Shiny Charm by obtaining all 400 types of Pokemon in Paldea. After doing so, talk to Jacq at Biology Lab of Academy.

Shiny Charm Guide

Effective Ways For Shiny Hunting

Method 1: ▼Shiny Hunting at Mass Outbreaks
Can only be used when the target Pokemon has outbreak.
└The lineup can be changed by changing the time, but it is random.
・You can easily confirm by just walking around the area.
・You can increase the probability 6 times when you use Sandwich effects.
Method 2: ▼ Carefully Select From Ordinary Wild Pokemon
You can carefully select wild Pokemon that have not occurred in large numbers.
・In exchange, the probability of appearance is lower than in large numbers (up to 4 times).
・Encounter Power is required (Lv3 recommended).
・Paradox Pokemon is carefully selected in this way.
Method 3: ▼Carefully Selected By Egg Hatching (Foreign Egg Breeding)
You can select your favorite Pokemon if you have it.
・Eggs are hatched just by leaving them alone
You have to walk to hatch an egg.
f you use foreign breeding, the probability is about 6 times.

Shiny Hunting at Mass Outbreaks

Mass Outbreak Shiny Hunting
Shiny Hunting Procedure
Check the Pokemon that are having a Mass Outbreak in the map and their locations.
Defeat 60 Pokemon in a Mass Outbreak
*Recommend the Let's Go!
*Even if you use the Let's Go! it will not defeat Shinies
When you arrive to your location, Save your game
*Turn off Automatic Save
Activate Sparkling Power with Sandwich
▶Sparkling Power Lv 3 Recipes
Reset and look for Shiny Pokemon
*If you open up a Picnic or go far away from location, it will reset Mass Outbreak
If Shiny appears, capture
*If you are scared of accidents, Save your game
Once captured, save your game and search more Shinies till power is gone
Once Sparkling Power is done, you're finished
Mass Outbreaks Guide

Carefully Select From Ordinary Wild Pokemon

Carefully Select From Ordinary Wild Pokemon
▲ Only the target Pokemon will appear if you use Encounter Power.
Careful Selection Procedure
Head to the location where the desired Pokemon appears
Manually save when you arrive at your destination.
※ Turn off Autosave.
Activate Sandwich's Sparkling Power and Encounter Power
Search for Shiny while defeating it in Let's Go!
※ Rest assured that Let's Go! on Shiny will not knock it down.
If there are no Shinies when the Food power is over, do not save and close out your game. Start over at ③

Shiny Hunting Through Breeding

Shiny Hunting Through Breeding
Prep.Prepare a foreign (♀) Pokemon by trading with other players.
▶Use this Trading Board
Prep.Create a Sandwich to activate "Egg Power" (Quickens creation of eggs.)
1Get the Pokemon that you want to get (♀) and another Pokemon from the same Egg Group.
※If you have a Ditto just the male (♂) will do.
2Head outside towns an start a Picnic.
3Release your Pokemon from the ball and wait for a bit.
4Check the Basket right beside the table to get Pokemon Egg.
※If you leave them for a long time, multiple eggs can be obtained.
5Add one Pokemon in your Party and 5 eggs in other slots then start walking around.
※Pokemon with the abilities, Magma Armor, Flame Body, and Steam Engine will make the hatching faster.
6One the egg hatches, check if it is a Shiny Pokemon.
7Repeat until you obtain a shiny Pokemon.
Egg Hunting Related Guides
How To Make EggsEgg Moves Guide
▶Pokemon Trading Forum

How To Identify And Confirm Shiny Pokemon

Its A Shiny If You Can't Beat It With Let's Go!

Using Let's Go! against Shiny Pokemon does not trigger a battle. Therefore, if you are not sure if it is Shiny, it is easiest to distinguish it with Let's Go!

You Can Check With The Mark In The Box

In the box, you can check the shiny mark by pressing +Penny to open the status screen. Use it when you want to check the Shiny Pokemon you have caught.

All Legendary Pokemon List

Pokemon Without Shiny Forms

Starter Pokemon (When Picking Them At The Start)

When choosing from 3 starter Pokemon at the start of the game, those 3 cannot be in their shiny form. However, you can Shiny Hunt for them through breeding. If you want a shiny for the starters, you can only get them via Breeding.

Best Starter Pokemon

Koraidon / Miraidon (During The Story)

Scarlet ExclusiveViolet Exclusive

The Legendary Pokemon that you will be friends with in the Story will not have be a shiny. However, After the Hall of Fame, at Area Zero, the second legendary that you would encounter can have a shiny form. For those who wants a shiny form, use that chance.

Lesser Legendary Pokemon

Just like the Koraidon/Miraidon, there are no Shinies for the Lesser Legendary Pokemon. There is a high chance that once the DLC is released, this might change.

▶All Legendary Pokemon Locations & Type List

Fast Way To Fill Pokedex

Check Out Shiny Pokedex And Fill It In!

The article linked below lists the Shiny appearance and location of each Pokemon. It also has a checker function that allows you to add a check on captured ones, so please use it when filling the Shiny Pokedex.


Efficient Way To Fill In Pokedex

Recommended Methods
  1. Get Shiny Charm by completing Ludair Pokedex
  2. Filling Pokedex from Mass Outbreak Pokemon
    └ Activate Sparkling Power Lv3!
  3. Change the time when the Mass Outbreak you are looking for is no longer on the map.
  4. Aim for foreign breeding when the number of unhatched eggs decreases
  5. Paradox Pokemon can only be selected carefully in the wild in normal
    └ Because you can't spawn Eggs without Mass Outbreak
  6. Excess shiny will be exchanged on the bulletin board
  1. Get Shiny Charm By Completing Paldea Pokedex
  2. Excess Shiny will be exchanged on the bulletin board. You can get it by talking to Jacq in the biology room at school after the comp. It is an excellent item that increases Shiny probability by about 3 times just by having it.

  3. Filling Pokedex From Mass Outbreak Pokemon
  4. Mass Outbreak

    If you want Shiny to appear it's easiest to select them with Mass Outbreak. Head to the Mass Outbreak location on the map and look for Shiny Pokemon with the Sparkling Power Lv3 activated from Sandwhich.

  5. Change The Time When The Mass Outbreak You Are Looking For Is No Longer On The Map
  6. Once you have finished capturing Shiny Pokemon in all the Mass Outbreaks occurring on the map, change the time on the Switch itself to update the Mass Outbreak Pokemon.

    If you can update, continue to select Shiny in Mass Outbreak.
  7. Aim For Foreign Breeding When The Number Of Unhatched Eggs Decreases
  8. When the number of unhatched Shinies in the Pokedex is getting low, it will be difficult to target the Mass Outbreak you are looking for due to the change in main time, so switch to hatching selection using foreign breeding. Foreign Breeding can be easily done by exchanging foreign Dittos on the Ditto exchange bulletin board.

    Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board
  9. Paradox Pokemon Can Only Be Selected Carefully In The Wild In Normal
  10. Paradox Pokemon can't Mass Outbreak and can't produce Eggs, so you can only normally pick Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Make sure to eat Sandwich of Sparkling Power Lv3 (activate Encounter Power Lv3 at the same time) and choose carefully.

  11. Excess Shiny Will Be Exchanged On The Bulletin Board
  12. If you have extra ShinyPokemon, use the Shiny exchange bulletin board to exchange them for Shiny you don't have. In the case of version-limited Pokemon, it is recommended to exchange it for a version-limited Pokemon that you do not have.

What Is A Shiny Pokemon?

A Form Of Pokemon That Has A Low Chance Of Appearing

A Form Of Pokemon That Has A Low Chance Of Appearing

▲The normal color is Black but at Shiny form, it is pink.

Shiny Pokemon are forms that has different color compared to its usual looks. It is usually called "Shiny" and it is one of the biggest collectibles in Pokemon games.

Same Status With Normal Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon does not give an advantage in battle as compared to its normal form. However, Shiny Pokemon has special star animation that happens once it leaves the Pokeball making it a great Collectible for fans.

All Legendary Pokemon List & Types

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reroll/Training

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reroll/Training
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Useful Articles for Reroll/Training

Helpful Items for Reroll/Training

Items for Reroll
Bottle CapBottle CapMintsMintsAbility PatchAbility PatchAbility CapsuleAbility Capsule
Items for Training
Power ItemsPower ItemsExp. CandyExp. CandiesIron Vitamin IconVitaminsFeather IconFeathers
Useful Items for Battles
Focus Sash IconBattle ItemsBerriesBerriesDropped Items IconDropped ItemsTM MapTMs
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