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Post Game Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See what you can do after you completing the game, rematch leaders, Academy Ace Tournament, Lesser Legendaries & more!

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Unlockables & What To Do In The EndgameWalkthrough Guide

Things To Do After Clearing The Game

▼Academy Ace Tournament
-Re-challenge all 8 of the Gym Leaders
-Challenge the Academy Ace Tournament for the 1st time
-Post Game High Difficulty Terra Raid will be unlocked in Academy Ace Tournament
-Ability to rechallenge in each area to defeat the bosses of the Team Star in each base
-You may challenge ONCE a day
-You may get EXP and money
▼Completion of Pokedex
-Capture Legendary/Pseudo Legendary Pokemon
-Exchange Version different Pokemon
-Look for Shiny Pokemon

Steps To Be Done After The Ending

After completing the "The Way Home" and finished watching the Ending, there will be features that will unlock. There are some things that unlock right after the ending, but the Academy Ace Tournament or High Difficulty Terra Raid will not be unlocked unless you complete a few steps. If you want to play the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for the fullest, then don't let your guard down and enjoy the last few steps!

Academy Ace Tournament Guide

Walkthrough Steps
  1. Go to the Director's Room
  2. Re-challenge all the 8 Gym Leaders
  3. Speak to Geeta at the Academy's entrance
  4. Join the Ace Tournament at the entrance of the academy
  5. 1st Battle: Battle Arven
  6. 2nd Battle: Battle Jacq
  7. 3rd Battle: Battle Dendra
  8. Final Battle: Battle Geeta
  9. Unloack Academy Ace Tournament & High Difficulty Terra Raid
  1. Go to the Director's Room
  2. マスターボール

    You will be back in your dorm after the Ending. There will be an announcement calling you to the Director's Room. When you arrive, an event will start, and will be given a Master Ball.

  3. Re-challenge all 8 Gym Leaders
  4. After speaking to Geeta in the Director's room, re-challenge all the Gym Leaders. Post Game the levels and the Pokemon will change, so level up your Pokemon appropriately.

    Each Gym Leaders Guide (Post Game)
  5. See Greeta once again at the Academy
  6. After defeating the Gym Leaders again, speak to Greeta again in front of the Academy's entrance.

  7. At the entrance join the Academy Ace Tournament
  8. 学校

    After speaking to Greeta , you may enter the Academy Ace Tournament. Speak to the receptionist at the entrance and join. All your opponents will be at Lv 70, which is very high so its recommended to level up appropriately.

  9. 1st Battle: Battle with Arven
  10. Arven
    ▶See Arven's Pokemon and Guide
  11. 2nd Battle: Battle with Jacq
  12. Jacq
    ▶See Jacq's Pokemon and Guide
  13. 3rd Battle: Battle with Dendra
  14. Dendra
    ▶See Dendra's Pokemon and Guide
  15. Final Battle: Battle with Geeta
  16. Greeta
    ▶See Geeta's Pokemon and Guide
  17. Unlock Academy Ace Tournament & High Difficulty Tera Raid
  18. Once you defeat Greeta, you will be able to enter the Academy Ace Tournament once again. After your first challenge, the tournament's opponents will be chosen at random. You will also unlock the High Difficulty Terra Raids as well so you will be able to farm Individual Values.

    After first completion, you will get a hat


Academy Ace Tournament

Clearing For The First Time
Clearing For The Second Time
Academy Ace Tournament Guide

Guide Chart for STC

  1. At each Team Star's Base, Speak to the Boss in front of the Tent
  2. Re-battle the Boss
    └ The next day, you will be able to battle again
  1. Speak to each Team Star's Boss at the Base
  2. After the Ending, go to each Team Star's Base, and in fron of the tent you can speak to the Boss. The icon that was there before Completion will be deleted. Look at the map and see where they are.

  3. Re-battle the Boss
  4. ボス

    Once you talk to the Boss, you may battle with them again. Their Pokemon and their levels have changed so level up appropriately. They will not use the Star Mobile so it will be a normal Pokemon battle.

    Once the day changes, you may challenge again

    You may challenge a Team Star's boss ONCE a day. You may not consecutively challenge them so make sure to challenge every day.

Star Training Center (STC) Guide

Completing the Pokedex Guide

  1. Capture Koraidon/Miraidon
  2. Go capture the Paradox Pokemon
  3. Unlock the Pseudo Legendary Pokemons
  4. By trading get Pokemon from other version
  5. Capture Shiny Pokemons
  1. Capture Koraidon/Miraidon
  2. After the Ending, your Koraidon or Miraidon will change their forms into Battle Form and you will be able to use them for Pokemon Battles. But you will use this Koraidon/Miraidon for riding so you would want to capture another one that is hiding in the deep of Area Zero and use that for Pokemon Battle.

    ▶How To Get Koraidon

    ▶How To Get Miraidon

  3. Go Capture Paradox Pokemon
  4. パラドックスポケモン

    After the Ending you will be able to go into Area Zero freely. In this area, there are Paradox Style (Ancient/Future) Pokemon and you do not have them so you want to capture them.

  5. Unlock the Pseudo Legendary Pokemon
  6. 全て解放するとポケモンを解放できる

    Around the map, You can challenge them before the Completion, but they are Lv 60 and very strong so it is recommended to level up your Pokemon and challenge them when you are ready.

    ▶Stakes & Pseudo Legendary Pokemon Locations
  7. Trade between different versions and get different Pokemons
  8. 交換

    Scarlet & Violet have their own limited Pokemon so if you only have 1 type of version, you will not be able to fill up your Pokedex. Buying 2 different versions and playing by yourself will take too much time, so you may want to use the Trading Forum and be able to gather the Pokemon that you need and missing.

    Different Version Pokemon
    Different Version
    Different Pokemon in Versions
  9. Looking for Shiny Pokemon
  10. 色違い

    The traditional Pokémon feature of "Shiny Pokemons" is also present in this game as well. With a very rare possibility, you will be able to get different colored "Shiny Pokemon". The powers do not change, so this is a neat way to add new Pokemon to your collection.

    ▶Shiny Pokemon Guide - How To Shiny Hunt Fast?

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Pokemon SV storyline
▶Complete Story Guide

Victory Road

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Victory Road Guide

Starfall Street

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Starfall Street Walkthrough

Path of Legends

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▶Titan Pokemon List

The Way Home (Zero Lab)

After Completing The Game

Academy Ace Tournament

Clearing For The First Time
Clearing For The Second Time
Academy Ace Tournament GuideFarming Money in Ace Tournament

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