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How To Get A 6IV Ditto - Ditto Raid Farm
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How To Get A 6IV Ditto - Ditto Raid Farm

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How to get a 6IV Ditto Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to locate a 6IV Ditto, where to find, how to check the stats, and more!

Table Of Contents

How To Get 6IV Ditto

Recommended Methods
  1. Unlock 6★ Raids
  2. Check the Pokemon that appears in the 6★ Raid
  3. Change The Date On The Switch's Main Settings Screen
  4. Confirm Pokemon in 6★ Raid
  5. If it's Not a Ditto, Repeat Step 3 and change the date
  6. Repeat and carefully select until you get a 6IV Ditto
  1. Unlock 6★ Raids
  2. 6★ Raids Are Unlocked After Clearing The Story

    The preliminary preparation for Ditto selection is to unlock the 6★ Raid. The 6★ Raid can be found on the map and the Individual Value is fixed at 5 IV or higher. Therefore, first proceed with unlocking the 6★ Raid in order to be able to get a Ditto.

    Unlock 6★ Raids
    Complete the story and watch the ending.
    Talk to Geeta at the Director's Office and Rematch with 8 Gym Leaders.
    Go to the entrance and complete the Academy Ace Tournament.
    Clear 10 raids with 4 stars or higher to unlock 6★ Raids
  3. Confirm Pokemon Appearing In 6★ Raid
  4. 6★ Raid

    Look for the Black Glowing Crystals on the map. Only one will appear on the entire map per day, so make sure to check the Pokemon that has appeared for that day. If it is not a Ditto, then proceed to changing the date.

    Map6★ Raid icon5★ Raid icon
    Crystal6★ Raid icon5★ Raid icon
  5. Change The Date On The Switch's Main Settings Screen
  6. *Use at your own risk as it may impact game performance.

    Turn Off Synchronize Clock Via Internet

    If the Pokemon that appears on the 6★ Raid is not Ditto, you can change the date from the Switch's settings screen to the next day. Changing the date will change the Pokemon that appears in the 6★ Raid.

    Detailed Date Change Procedure

    1Go to the Switch home screen with the Home button
    *No need to exit the game at this time.
    2Open Settings at the bottom of the screen.
    3Open System at the bottom.
    4Open Date and Time under the region.
    5Turn off the Synchronize Clock via Internet
    6Advance the date by one day the current Date and Time and press OK.
    7Return to the Pokemon screen and check if there's a Raid
    └If it does not reset, advance it once again to another day.
  7. Confirm Pokemon In The 6★ Raid Again
  8. 6★ Raid

    When the date has changed, the location of the 6★ Raid and it's featured Pokemon will change, so go and check it. If they appear, catch them, if not, just repeat changing the date.

  9. Check The Individual Value Of The Ditto You Captured
  10. 6IV Ditto's reroll method | Images of DittoRaid strategy

    The Individual Value of the Pokemon caught can be checked by opening the box and using Judge Function. It is called 1V~6IV depending on the number of statuses indicated as high, so aim to catching Ditto with 6IV .

    Individual Value Checker Guide
  11. Confirm Pokemon In The 6★ Raid Again
  12. Confirm Pokemon Appearing In 6★ Raid

    The only thing left to do is to go quickly around 6★ Raid as much as possible for as long as you have time. Gamewith's "Raid Battle Recruitment Board" is very active, so please try to participate and recruit for Ditto Raid.

Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

Ditto Raid Completion Guide

Ditto Raid Is A Multi-Player Group Raid

Ditto Raid Walkthrough
  • Host Selects Pokemon With No Special
  • High-Level Pokemon For Everyone Else, Except Host
  • Host Selects A Pokemon With No Special Moves
  • Host Selects A Pokemon With No Offensive Moves

    Ditto in Tera Raid Battles will transform to the Host's Pokemon. Therefore, the best way to make the raid easier is if the host chooses a Pokemon with no special moves.

    Moves Can Be Changed From The Status Screen

    Moves Can Be Changed From The Status Screen

    Pokemon moves can be changed from the Status Screen. They cannot be changed from the Box.

    How To Relearn Moves
  • High-Level Pokemon For Everyone Else, But The Host
  • Koraidon & Miraidon Are Recommended

    Koraidon & Miraidon Are Recommended

    When participating in Ditto Raids, a High-level Koraidon or Miraidon are recommended. However, in the case of Tera Types, Miraidon and Koraidon are weak, so it's better to bring another Pokemon that counters that instead.

All Legendary Pokemon List & Types

Example Of Ditto Raid Party

HostPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
Low Lv Pokemon
No attack move
※Most important

The difficulty of a Raid can be greatly reduced by simply replacing the host Pokemon, so just select the host Pokemon with no Attack moves + the weakest Pokemon.

Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles

Is 6IV Pokemon Required?

Not Required Due To How Difficult It Is

6IV Are Hard To Get So 5IV Is Okay

Stats That Does Not Have To Be Best- Attack
- Special Attack

It's very hard to get a 6IV Ditto Raid. Since 5IV are fixed, there is no problem aiming for a 5 IV Pokemon instead.

Egg Hatching & Power Guide

Better To Have A Ditto Per Each Nature

JollySpeed↑Special Attack↓
AdamantAttack↑Special Attack↓
ModestSpecial Attack↑Attack↓
QuietSpecial Attack↑Speed↓
ImpishDefense↑Special Attack↓
CalmSpecial Defense↑Attack↓
CarefulSpecial Defense↑Special Attack↓

The efficiency for breeding is improved if you have a Ditto of each nature, even if they do not have a high Individual Value. Ideally, 20 Natures should be available. At the very least, catch the frequently use Nature Ditto from above.

There Is No Meaning For Creating 6IV With Hyper Training


Only The Individual Value And Nature At The Time Of Catching Are Reflected

Take note that the Individual Value and Nature can be increased by doing Hyper Training and by using Mints starting at Lv 50, but this status increase is not reflected in Eggs. Only the Individual Value and Nature at the time of capture are inherited.

Advantages Of Getting A 6IV Ditto

Greatly Increases The Efficiency When Breeding

The presence of high Individual Value Ditto, including 6IV and 5IV, will greatly makes the results of breeding better. Better IV Pokemon can be gotten from eggs, allowing for better breeding.

Egg Hatching & Power Guide

Saves Money On Items For Stat Increase

If you get better IV & Nature Pokemon from breeding, you won't need to purchase products that increase stats, like Bottle Caps and Mints to change the Nature. These items can be bought , but in this case you do not have to purchase anything.

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