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New Updates for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn the latest news on upcoming patches, how to install them and what to do when you can't update them on Switch.

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Scarlet and Violet New Updates

Ver1.2.0 Released

Last December 2, 2022 JST, the Ver. 1.1.0 has been patched on the game. Rank Battles is now playable so make sure to update when you want to challenge other players on rank matches. In addition, several problems have been fixed, including the background music for the Elite Four and Champion battles.

Update 1: Feature Adjustments

Feature Adjustments

Feature Adjustments Patch Notes
・ Additional functionality has been added for Pokemon Boxes
・From a Pokemon’s summary, players can now change Pokemon’s nicknames, markings, held items, and Mark or Ribbon related titles, as well as reorder moves, have Pokemon remember or forget moves, and use TMs.
・Players can also now swap out held items by pressing the Y Button when in the Held Items view.
Update 2: Tera Raid Battles

Update 2: Tera Raid Battles

Tera Raid Battle Patch Notes
・A bug could prevent an opposing Tera Pokemon’s HP gauge from visually reflecting damage dealt by certain moves (such as Play Rough) or damage dealt at the same time that certain status conditions are applied, causing the Tera Pokémon’s HP gauge to fluctuate in an unusual manner. This has been fixed.
・A bug that caused all Pokémon on your side to faint at once despite their HP gauges indicating that they still have HP could occur in black crystal Tera Raid Battles against Pokemon with the Mightiest Mark. This has been fixed.
・A bug that temporarily prevented a player from entering any input into the game could occur if a Tera Pokémon took certain actions while the player was choosing the target of their move. This has been fixed.
・Errors could occur when someone connecting to a Tera Raid Battle saw a different Pokémon displayed on their screen than what the host saw. This has been fixed.
・A bug could occur that caused players joining a Tera Raid Battle from the Tera Raid Battles search screen to be brought to a Tera Raid Battle against a Pokémon different from the one they saw displayed. This has been fixed.
A bug that caused Tera Raid Battle crystals to stop appearing for a set amount of time could occur under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
Update 3: Battles

Update 3: Battles

Update 3: Battles Patch Notes
・Type matchups against Pokemon that have fainted will no longer appear when selecting a move or target during Double Battles.
・We have fixed a bug in which a Zoroark that had Terastallized and was disguised as another Pokemon via its Illusion Ability could have been identified as a Zoroark by using the Check Target option.
・We have fixed a bug in which the type matchups of moves targeting a Zoroark that had Terastallized and was disguised as another Pokemon via its Illusion Ability would display based on the type of the Pokemon that Zoroark was disguised as, rather than Zoroark’s Tera Type.
・We have fixed a bug in which the stats of a Dondozo with a Tatsugiri in its mouth increased when Dondozo used Order Up when the move should have been negated (for example, by an opponent using Protect).
・We have fixed a bug in which the effects of Destiny Bond failed to activate if a Pokemon Terastallized the turn after using Destiny Bond and then fainted.
Update 4: Others

Update 4: Others

Other Updates Patch Notes
・We have addressed an issue that made the game prone to forcibly closing at certain locations. As a result of this fix, there may be fewer Pokemon and people displayed in certain towns or in the wild.
・We have fixed a bug in which a Pokemon that is not a part of the Paldea Pokedex was displayed as being registered to the Paldea Pokedex after being obtained through a Link Trade.
・Certain actions prevented the main character’s expressions from changing until the game was closed and reopened. This has been fixed.
・A bug occurred for some players after Ranked Battles Season 1, wherein visiting the Ranked Battles screen immediately after the season’s results had been calculated caused an error right after these players received their rewards. Following this error, players were unable to participate in any further Ranked Battles. This has been fixed.
・We have fixed a bug in which a player may not have received the Master Rank Ribbon if they had registered several Battle Teams but had not used the Battle Team in the first slot when winning Ranked Battles in the Master Ball Tier.
・We have fixed a bug in which a Pokemon you caught may not have listened to your commands in accordance with what is written in the profile app (“Pokemon caught at Lv. XX or below will listen to your commands”) if that Pokemon was Link Traded back to you from another player.
・We have fixed a bug in which new information may not have been added to your Pokédex after you received a Shiny Pokemon or a Pokemon caught by a Trainer who plays in a different language via Surprise Trade if you already had that species registered to your Pokedex.
・Objects such as Poke Balls could have been displayed in certain areas unintentionally. This has been fixed.
・Passersby are no longer displayed during certain battles that take place in towns during the main story.
・A number of other bug fixes have been implemented.

Scarlet and Violet Upcoming Updates

Ver. 1.2.0 Planned Release In Late February

Updated data, Ver. 1.2.0, which adds functions and fixes problems, is scheduled to be distributed in late February. Details of the contents, updated data and the exact date are not yet known.

Support Link To Pokemon Home Starts In Early February 2023

Pokemon Home Support
Release Date
Pokemon TransferEarly 2023
View Battle Data StatisticsEarly February 2023

Pokemon SV and Pokemon HOME will be linked in 2023.You will be able to see ranked match results and other battle data statistics in early February, and you will be able to move Pokemon from other previous games to Scarlet and Violet around spring.

Pokemon HOME Support & Release Date

Glitches Are Still Being Investigated

The company will continue to investigate and discuss how to respond to any problems that affect the game progress.

How To Update In Scarlet And Violet

Keep Auto-Update Turned On


If you turn on automatic software updates from the unit settings, the update will be performed automatically, if the Switch is connected to the Internet when the update comes in. Unless you have some reason not to want to update, it is recommended that you leave it ON.

Press + Button On The Screen To Manually Update

What To Do
Select Pokemon SV on the Switch home menu and press +button
Select update Via the Internet from the Software Update
The most recent version number will be shown once the update has been installed.

The software can also be updated manually by pressing the + button on the HOME Menu.

What To Do When You Can't Update Scarlet And Violet

Make Sure You Are Connected To The Internet

It is not possible to update the software without an Internet connection. Check to verify if the Internet connection was accidentally turned OFF or if it is in Airplane Mode.

Check To See If There Are Any Issues

If you can't update, the Nintendo eShop servers may be down or there may be an error. Check the Official Twitter and Official Website for announcements.

Updates Have A Slight Time Difference

Even if the update time is announced, the update does not always come in time. Depending on how busy the server is and where your current location, there may be a delay on the time that may take several minutes or hours, so please wait a while and try again.

Try Turning "Restarting The Devices" ON/OFF

If the software is not updating at all, it is useful to restart the Switch's power itself at least once. Press and hold the Power Button and select restart on the power options to reboot.

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