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Azumarill Belly Drum Build For Tera Raid - How To Train
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Azumarill Belly Drum Build For Tera Raid - How To Train

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How to get Azumarill Best Build For Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to train Belly Drum, Effort Values, recommended skills, and what to bring.

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Table of Contents

Azumarill Belly Drum Build - What Is It

Belly Drum Max Stacks & Attack Up

Tera TypeNatureAbilityHeld Item
FairywaterAdamantHuge PowerSitrus Berry
Shell Bell
Base Stats1005080608050

Recommended Moves

  1. Normal
  2. Water
  3. Fairy
  4. Water

Belly Drum is a move with Attack Up stacks and when at max stacks, it can amplify the damage of an offensive move. Azumarill's base stats are typical but the power of Physical moves are doubled with Huge Power ability. With these factors, you can inflict ridiculously high damage output when using Belly Drum.

Effective Against The Unrivaled Charizard

Unrivaled Charizard
Period1st: 12/2 (Fri) 9:00- 12/5 (Mon) 8:59
2nd: 12/16 (Fri) 9:00-12/19 (Mon) 8:59

Azumarill Belly Drum build could be effective against the Unrivaled Charizard in 7★ Raid event to be held during the above period. Since Unrivaled Charizard will have a Dragon Tera Type, it is possible that it will use Fire & Dragon type moves and Azumarill could decrease the damage received since it is resistant.

Charizard Tera Raid Guide - Best Pokemon & Types

Possible to Complete by Solo

  1. Normal
  2. Fairy
  3. Water

With Belly Drum Azumarill, it is possible to Solo the ★7 Charizard Raid. Although be aware that there is a possibility of failure you may miss when using Play Rough, it is still worth to challenge. It'd be better to use Covert Cloak as the held item which is immune to additional effects such as Hurricane.

Water & Fairy Weakness In Difficult Raids

It is recommended to use Play Rough & Liquidation after increasing attack thru Belly Drum. Water & Fairy type is great for Tera Raid Battles.

Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles & Raid Tips

How To Train Azumarill Belly Drum

Navigation Table (Tap to Jump)
▼ How To Train & Strengthen Azumarill▼ Learn Azumarill's Best Move

Training & Strengthening Azumarill

  1. Get Azumarill or Marill before evolution
    └ Reroll or breed if you want to save money
  2. Change ability to Huge Power with ability capsule
  3. Change Nature to Adamant with Mints
  4. Raise Effort Value
  5. Raise Azumarill to Lv100
  6. Raise Individual Value with Bottle Cap
  1. Get Azumarill Or Marill Before Evolution
  2. MapWild Terastal
    Azumaril Map & Location
    Terastal Azumaril Map & Location

    Make sure to have Azumarill or catch Marill before evolution. As much as possible, get Marill with Tera Type which can be found north of Casseroya Lake. Since the Marill that can be found there is Lv55 and has Individual Value 3V or higher, the training needed would be easier.

    Reroll Or Breed To Save Money

    After preparing Azumarill, you are going to use various items to increase its stats to the desired value. If you want to save money, reroll or breed since buying various items can be costly. In addition, the Nature of each Pokemon differs thus it is recommended to reroll or breed.

    How To Get Strong Pokemon - Breed Best Stats Guide
  3. Change Ability To Huge Power
  4. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Ability CapsuleAbility CapsuleUsually one of the two abilities can be done
    Purchase from Chansey Supply (100,000)

    If you use Ability Capsule, you can change Azumarill's Ability to Huge Power. If you do not have it, you can buy for 100,000 from Chansey Supply. You do not need to use Ability Capsule if the original Ability is already Huge Power.

  5. Change Nature To Adamant
  6. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Adamant MintAdamant Mint- Changes Pokemon's Nature to Adamant
    - Nature does not change by itself
    Purchase from Chansey Supply (20,000)

    You can change the existing Nature of your Azumarill to Adamant by using Adamant Mint. If you do not have this specific mint, you can buy it from Chansey Supply at Mesagoza for 20,000. You do not need to use Adamant Mint if the original Nature is already Adamant.

  7. Raise Effort Value

    In order to increase Azumarill's defense & attack which affects Belly Drum, it is recommended to raise its HP & ATK by 252. You can use the extra 6 for DEF but it is ok if you use it to raise SP. ATK or SPD instead.

    If You Don't Hold The Sitrus Berry, HP Needs To Be 248

    Give Effort Value 252 for HP to make the maximum HP at Lv 100 an even number (404) and after using Belly Drum, use the Sitrus Berry to heal your HP. If you are not planning to hold the Sitrus Berry, you want to give the EV 248 to make it an odd number (403) so you can avoid losing more HP.

    Use Vitamins To Increase Effort Value

    If you have enough money, the fastest way to raise the Effort Value is to buy Vitamins from shops although it costs a total of 500,000 so do this according to your preference.

    Where To Get Vitamins & Feathers?

    Vitamins are available from Chansey Supply while Feathers can be obtained from the subtle glitters at Casseroya Lake.

    Get Money From Winning Battles

    Power Item (Increase specific EV gain by +8)
    Power WeightPower WeightPower BracerPower Bracer

    You can raise the Effort Value of a Pokemon by 1-3 when you catch or defeat a wild Pokemon. Meanwhile, you can increase it by 8 by using a Power Item which costs $ 10,000 a piece so it is recommended to buy this if you have money to spend.

    Power Items Guide

    ▼Recommended Pokemon To Defeat To Raise Effort Value

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    Lechonk Map & Location
    Oinkologne Map & Location
    ※Requires Encounter Power
    Chansey Map & Location
    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    Yungoos Map & Location
    Recommended Map & Location
    Luxray Map & Location

    Please click the image to enlarge it and see the location.

    Effort ValuePokemonMap & Location
    Recommended Map & Location
    ※ Scarlet Limited
    Recommended Map & Location

    Please click the image to enlarge it and see the location.

  9. Raise Azumarill to Lv 100
  10. Fastest Way Is To Use Exp Candy

    Fastest Way Is To Use Exp Candy
    Exp. Candy LEXP Value: 10,000
    Exp. Candy XLEXP Value: 30,000

    You can get Exp. Candy by clearing 5-6★ Tera Raids. Raising the Lv of a Pokemon to the highest is great if you are focusing on your Pokemon Team one by one.

    Get Chansey If You Have Few Candy

    If you do not have enough candies to raise a Pokemon to Lv 100, it is recommended to hunt for Chansey at North Province Area Three until you get sufficient candies.

    EXP Farming Guide
  11. Raise Individual Value With Bottle Cap
  12. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Bottle CapBottle CapMaximize 1 Individual Value
    Buy from Delibird Presents ($ 20,000)
    Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle CapMaximize all Individual Value
    Win bidding auction at Porto Marinada

    Use the Bottle Cap to raise Individual Value of a Pokemon, such as HP, DEF, & SP. DEF, to the maximum. You can buy Bottle Caps from the NPC near the Pokemon Center of Montenevera.

    Where To Buy Bottle Cap

    Where To Buy Bottle Cap Map & Location
    Where To Buy Bottle Cap Map & Location
    Bottle Cap Guide

Best Moves To Get For Azumarill

Belly Drum- Learn from transfering egg moves with Mirror Herb
- Sharply raises Attack
Liquidation- Learn from TM110
- Water-type move
Play Rough- Learn at Lv25
- Fairy-type move
Rain Dance
- Learn at Lv50
- Move range improves
- Learn at Lv35 or from TM50
- Amplifies the damage of Water-type moves by x1.5

Belly Drum significantly increases attack and Liquidation & Play Rough are moves that matches Azumarill's type. The other remaining move slot is free so if you do not have a Fighting-type Pokemon ally during Raids, use Superpower or Rain Dance otherwise.

All Moves List
Transferring Belly Drum Egg Move Using Mirror Herb
  1. Prepare a Makuhita/Hariyama at Lv25 or higher
    └ Can be found at East Province (Area Three)
  2. Purchase Mirror Herb at Cascarrafa (30,000)
  3. Let Azumarill hold Mirror Herb and forget 1 move to free a slot
  4. Include both in the Pokemon Team and do a Picnic
  5. Transferring egg moves with Mirror Herb would occur. When it is done, stop Picnic and check.
  1. Prepare Either Makuhita Or Hariyama At Lv25 Or Higher
  2. MapLocation
    Makuhita & Hariyama Map & Location
    Makuhita & Hariyama Map & Location

    To be able to transfer Belly Drum using Mirror Herb, secure either Makuhita or Hariyama at Lv25 or higher. If you do not have one, you can find & catch it at East Province (Area Three).

  3. Purchase Mirror Herb From Delibirds Presents At Cascarrafa (30,000)
  4. MapPurchase Screen
    Delibird Presents Cascarrafa
    Purchase Mirror Herb

    Delibird Presents is marked with ★

    Mirror Herb can be purchase from Delibird Presents at Cascarrafa for 30,000. It is available for purchase right from the start and it is ok to buy just x1 since it is not commonly used.

  5. Let Azumarill Hold Mirror Herb & Free 1 Move Slot
  6. Let Azumarill Hold Mirror Herb & Free 1 Move Slot

    After getting a Mirror Herb, give it to Azumarill and forget a move to free 1 slot.

    Egg Moves Guide & How To Use Mirror Herb
  7. Include Both In The Team & Do Picnic
  8. Include Both In The Team & Do Picnic

    When the above procedures are done, put Azumarill & Makuhita/Hariyama in your Pokemon Team then do a Picnic. A Picnic is an activity that can be done anywhere except at towns. If there is no nearby NPC and the ground is stable & flat, you can start by pressing the 'X' button.

    Picnic Guide
  9. Stop Picnic & Check When Transferring Is Done
  10. Stop Picnic & Check When Transferring Is Done

    When the move transferring has been completed, you can stop the Picnic and check if Azumarill has already acquired Belly Drum.

How To Use Azumarill In Raids

  1. Let Azumarill hold either Sitrus Berry or Shell Bell
  2. Use Belly Drum for the first turn
  3. Use an offensive move after waiting for support from allies
  1. Azumarill With Either Sitrus Berry Or Shell Bell
  2. Hold ItemDescription
    Sitrus BerrySitrus BerryRecovers 1/4 of max HP when current HP is less than half
    Multi-player Recommended
    Shell BellShell BellRecovers HP from 1/8 of the damage received by allies
    Solo Recommended

    Since Azumarill does not have a move that can regen HP, it is recommended to let it hold either Sitrus Berry or Shell Bell to recover HP consumed by using Belly Drum.

  3. Use Belly Drum For The First Turn
  4. Use Belly Drum For The First Turn

    Using Belly Drum at the very first turn drastically increases the attack of Azumarill which amplifies its offensive move.

  5. Use An Offensive Move After Waiting For Support
  6. After sharply increasing Azumarill's attack with Belly Drum, wait for allies to debuff the enemy & provide buff for the whole party. When everything has been set, you can go for offense by using either Play Rough or Liquidation.

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