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Tera Type Guide - How To Change & Icons Chart
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Tera Type Guide - How To Change & Icons Chart

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Tera Type Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (PokemonSV). Learn about each Tera Type icons, how breeding change tera type, symbols in map, weakness chart explained and more tips.

Table of Contents

How To Change Tera Type

Can Be Changed In Medali's Treasure Eatery

Treasure Eatery Map
Treasure Eatery exterior
NPC for Tera Type change

Tera Type can be changed by going to Treasure Eatery in Medali. Enter the restaurant and talk to the NPC in the kitchen.

Available After Beating The Medali Gym

Changing Tera Type will be available after the Medali Gym is completed. If you haven't reached it yet, let's progress the story first.

Story Walkthrough Guide

Need 50 Tera Shards Of The Type Desired

Tera Shard

Changing Tera Type requires 50 Tera Shards corresponding to the Tera Type you want. It is mainly available as a reward for Tera Raid Battle of 3 stars or more, so if you want a specific Tera Shard, keep trying the same type of Tera Raid.

Tera Raid Battle Guide

The Higher The Difficulty Of Tera Raid, The More Pieces You Get

3 Star Raid4 Star Raid5 Star Raid6 Star Raid
1~2 Pieces3~4 Pieces3~5 Pieces3~6 Pieces

The more stars in Tera Raid, the more Tera Shards you get. If you want to challenge Raid of high difficulty, you could try to Co-op with others by using the GameWith Raid Search Board.

▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

You Get 50 Normal Tera Shards When You First Change Tera Type

You get 50 Normal Tera Shard when you use it for the first time
NormalTalk to the owner of Treasure Eatery in Medali
DragonHassel Class Reward
RockTyme Class Reward

When you change your Pokemon to Tera Type for the first time, you will get 50 Normal type Tera Shards. If you want to change the Tera Type to Normal, you can do it right there and then.

Classes & School Exam Answers Guide

Can Tera Type Be Inherited?

Cannot Be Inherited

Pokemon born from eggs always have the same Tera Type as the original type. It cannot be inherited from the parents.

Please Note That It Is A Reference To The Type Of Pokemon Before Evolution

When hatching Pokemon with different types before and after evolution, such as Eevee and Azurill, from Eggs, you need to pay attention to the Tera Type. Eevee, for example, has a fixed Tera Type of Normal, which makes it difficult to use Terastal at the destination of evolution.

Terastal Guide - What Is & How To Terastallize

Should You Reroll Tera Type?

Reroll In Raid Is Not Recommended Because It Is Inefficient

Careful selection in Raid is inefficient and deprecated.

▲The probability of getting the target Tera Type is 1/18

Pokemon that appear in Terra Raid have Tera types other than their own, but it is very difficult to reroll them because they appear at random from 18 different Tera types. It'd be better to think of it as a lucky chance if it happens to appear, and using Tera Shards is still the basic way to change Tera type.

Tera Pokemon Map Locations - How To Respawn & Reroll

Easy To Reroll During Pickup Events

Somewhat easier to target during pickup events.

During the Tera Raid pickup event, the target Pokemon are more likely to appear in the Raid, making it easier to reroll Tera Type than usual. About 10 pickup Pokemon Raids will appear on the map, and you can reset Raid information (including Tera Types) by changing the time, so don't miss the chance to reroll during the event.

Tera Raid Event Lists

Some Can Be Rerolled With Unique Symbols

Tera Pokemon

Some Pokemon appear in the field as unique symbols. Even if you have captured one, after some time another a Pokemon of the same type will reappear in the exact place, so you can use this opportunity to reroll and choose the best Nature and Individual Value to your liking. However, keep in mind that the Terastal type of Pokemon that appears is fixed, so if you want a different Terastal type, you must continue your hunting in raids.

List of Tera Pokemon

How To Recognize The Tera Type Symbols

List of Tera Type Icons Before Raid/On the Map


List of Tera Raid Type Icons In Battle

Tera TypeNormalTera TypeFireTera TypeWaterTera TypeElectric
Tera TypeGrassTera TypeIceTera TypeFightingTera TypePoison
Tera TypeGroundTera TypeFlyingTera TypePsychicTera TypeBug
Tera TypeRockTera Type GhostTera Type DragonTera Type Dark
Tera Type SteelTera Type Fairy
Types Strengths & Weaknesses Chart

What Is Tera Type?

The Type Of Status During Terastal Phenomenon

Tera Type

Tera Type is the type that a Pokemon changes to when being Terastalized. Even if it was a Dual-type Pokemon, it will only be one Tera Type when being Terastalized.

Terastal Guide

The Power of Tera Type Moves Increases After Terastalizing


OriginalTera TypePower of Moves
DragonFlyingDragonDragon moves are doubled
Flying moves are 1.5x
DragonFlyingFireDragon/Flying/Fire moves are 1.5x

According to the system, when using the same type moves as the Pokemon type, the power will be increased by 1.5 times, but when using the Tera Type moves during Terastal Phenomenon, the power will also be increased by 1.5 times. In this case, if the original type is same as the Tera Type, the power will be doubled.

Tera Blast Status To Tera Type

Terastal image

The new move "Tera Blast" is a move that changes its own type depending on the Pokemon's Tera Type. This move inflicts damage using the Attack or Sp. Atk stat - whichever is higher. Take note that it will be a normal move if you use it without Terastal.

Tera Blast - Effects & Which Pokemon Can Learn

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