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Egg Hatching & Power Guide | How To Make Eggs

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Egg Hatching & Power Guide | How To Make Eggs | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Egg Hatching & Power Guide | How To Make Eggs | Pokemon SV - GameWith

How to make Eggs Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV).See how to hatch eggs, food with Egg Power levels, recommended locations and abilities to hatch eggs and more!

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How To Make Eggs

You Can Make Eggs At A Picnic

Play with your Pokemon

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you can make combinations to make an Egg at a picnic, and once a certain time passes, you will be able to make an Egg. Wherever you can have a picnic, you are able to make Eggs. It is a lot easier than the past game titles.

Picnic Guide

How To Make Eggs

Egg Procedure
  • Picnic with 2 Pokemon of different gender and same Egg Group
  • Picnic with any 1 Pokemon and Ditto
  • Picnic With 2 Pokemon Of Different Gender And Same Egg Group
  • ♂ Original Trainer♀ Original Trainer
    Group: Water 2/Dragon
    Group: Monster/Dragon
    ♀Original Trainer's child is Offspring

    Eggs are born when a picnic is held between a ♂Original Trainer and a ♀Original Trainer whose Egg Groups match. The Egg born at this time will be the child of the ♀ Original Trainer. If there are two Egg Groups, it does not matter if one of them matches.

    Foreign Egg Breeding Guide
  • Picnic With Any 1 Pokemon And Ditto
  • Original Trainer 1Original Trainer 2 (No Gender)
    The non-Ditto's Original Trainer's offspring is born.

    Ditto can spawn Eggs with all Pokemon except for some undiscovered egg groups and with another Ditto. The gender of the non-Ditto Original Trainer can be either male or female, and the resulting Egg will be the offspring of the non-Ditto Original Trainer.

    Use Egg Power To Hatch Eggs Faster

    Estimated Time
    No Egg Power Longest, it can take about 30-40 minutes
    Egg Power Lv1Longest, it can take about 30-40 minutes
    Egg Power Lv2
    It takes about 30 seconds to make one Egg.
    Egg Power Lv3Takes about 15-30 seconds to make one Egg.

    Activating the meal's Egg Power can greatly reduce the time it takes for the Egg to be ready. You can make your own Sandwich, but it is quicker to eat a meal at a restaurant. Also, level 3 activation requires Herba Mystica which is a waste since they are rare so Egg Power with level 2 is recommended.

    Egg Power 2 Meals Can Be Bought In Gastronomie En Famille


    If you want to activate Egg Power 2 by eating at a restaurant, we recommend the Compote du Fils worth 2,800 Poke Dollars at the Gastronomie En Famille Restaurant. This is available in the four towns listed above.

    Egg Power Sandwich & Food List

    You Do Not Need To Exchange To Make An Egg

    You do not have to exchange to male eggs
    AdvantageYou and your partner's Pokemon can make Eggs.
    └ Eggs of unknown Pokemon can also be made.
    DisadvantageThe number of Eggs that can be picked are shared.
    └ If one takes all the Eggs, then other can not pick any.

    If you use the Union Circle in the Poke Portal, you can have a picnic with other players. If you do this, you can use the Pokemon that another player is using and breed it with your Pokemon to have them make an Egg.

    Recommended To Use 2 Pokemon For Hatching

    Take note that only one can be taken to Picnic in the Union Circle. If there are more than 3 people, 3 Pokemon will be able to participate in the picnic, this will make it difficult to create the type of Egg you are aiming for.

    Multiplayer / Co-Op Guide

    Note The Difference Between Regional Variants And Original Form

    May Require Everstone

    Even if one of the Pokemon parent is normal like Wooper and the other has a regional form, it will be a Paldean Wooper's Egg, no matter which one is from the Original Trainer. To create a normal Wooper Egg, the Original Trainer's normal Wooper must have an Everstone.

    Example: Normal Wooper Hatching Method

    Normal Wooper Hatching Method

    ♂ Original Trainer♀ Original Trainer
    Held Item: None
    Woooper iconWooper
    Held Item:Everstone
    Nature: Timid
    Nature: Timid

    To make a Normal Wooper Egg, the Original Trainer's Normal Wooper is given an Everstone. If you want to change the Nature of the offspring's Wooper, you can also have Male Original Trainer (in this case, Ditto) have Everstone, so that nature like Timid and Modest have a 50% chance each to be inherited.

    Incorrect Hatching Method 1

    ♂ Original Trainer♀ Original Trainer
    Held Item: Everstone
    Nature: Modest
    Held Item:None
    Nature: Timid
    Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper

    If the Wooper does not normally have Everstone, a Paldean Wooper is born. Male Original Trainer is a Paldean Wooper with or without Everstone.

    Incorrect Hatching Method 2

    ♂ Original Trainer♀ Original Trainer
    Held Item: None
    Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper
    Held Item: Everstone
    Nature: Timid
    Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper

    Even if the Paldean Wooper has Everstone, the Egg will still be a Paldean Wooper. Since the Paldean Wooper is common in SV, having an Everstone in a Paldean Wooper does not usually produce a normal Wooper.

    The Difference In Form Is The Same As Female Original Trainer

    For Pokemon like Oricorio which have different forms depending on the location, the status of Female Original Trainer is carried over to Egg. For example, if you want Oricorio's Pom-Pom style form Egg, you have to breed a Female or Male Oricorio with Pom-Pom form from the Original Trainer with Ditto to create an egg.

    The Only Way To Hatch Eggs Is To Walk

    In previous titles, in order to hatch and obtain some Pokemon from the Egg, it was necessary to have the Original Trainer have a designated incubator in the inventory to hold it for a particular time period. In this game, the only way to hatch them is to walk. Each egg has a definite Egg Cycle that corresponds to a certain number of steps required for it to hatch.

    *In past works, an incubator is required to obtain it.

    How To Hatch Eggs And Reduce Hatching Time

    Best Way To Hatch Eggs Is By Riding Around With Them On Koraidon Or Miraidon

    Legendary Ride with Egg on Pokemon Team

    Eggs are placed in the Pokemon Team and after a certain number of steps are taken, the Eggs hatch. Since both walking and riding on the Legendary Ride are acceptable, it is recommended that incubation take place on the Legendary Ride, which is the fastest way to travel.

    Eggs Can Be Placed In Up To 5 Pokemon Teams

    Up to 5 Eggs can be included in a Pokemon Team. If you ride with five eggs in, you can hatch five at the same time, which is more efficient.

    Easy To Run Around In A Circle

    ▲Just input the L stick and R stick both to the right.

    If the area is large and free of obstacles and wild Pokemon, it is very easy to keep running with simple controls. The incubation process can be done singlehandedly, even with your eyes off the game screen.

    ▼Move to the recommended location for hatching.

    Some Ability Can Reduce The Hatching Time By Half

    Ability That Can Reduce Hatching Time
    Flame BodySteam EngineMagma Armor

    When hatching Eggs, if you have a Pokemon with the above Ability in your Pokemon Team, the number of steps required to hatch the Egg will be halved. Keep one as it will greatly reduce the time needed for hatching.

    Recommended Pokemon And Map Locations

    Map & Location
    RolycolyRolycolyAbility: Steam Engine
    Map Image
    CarkolCarkolAbility: Steam Engine/Flame Body
    Map image
    *Can be obtained by evolving Rolycoly at Lv 18.
    Larvesta iconsLarvestaAbility: Flame Body
    Map Image

    Egg Power Can Shorten Hatching Time

    With AbilityWith No Ability
    No Egg PowerAbout 3 minutes Approximately 1 minute 30 seconds
    Egg Power Lv1Approximately 2 minutes 20 seconds About 1 minute 10 seconds
    Egg Power Lv2
    About 2 minutes About 1 minute
    Egg Power Lv3About 1 minute 20 seconds About 40 seconds

    *Verified with Eevee hatching (Take note that each Pokemon may have a slight difference))
    *Time taken while dashing in Legendary Ride

    Eating meals like Sandwiches activate Egg Power that can reduce the number of steps required to hatch an Egg. You can create your own Sandwich, but it is more convenient to buy food at a restaurant. In addition, Egg Power 3 requires Herba Mystica, which is a waste of rare items to use for Egg Power, so it is recommended to use meals with Egg Power 2 instead.

    Get Egg Power 2 With Gastronomie en Famille Meals


    If you want to to buy a meal with Egg Power 2 at a restaurant, we recommend Compote du Fils worth 2,800 Poke Dollars at Gastronomie en Famille. It can be purchased in the four towns listed above.

    Egg Power Sandwich & Food List

    Recommended Locations For Egg Hatching

    ▼Cascarrafa・Eat a meal with Egg Power 2 at the store to activate its effects.
    ・You can ride in the town.
    ・Picnics available outside of town.
     └ Can make Eggs
    ▼In front of Zero Gate・Create a picnic on the spot to have eggs
    ・It is easy to run with wide spaces
    ・You can create your own Sandwich but it is too much time consuming
    ・Must progress the story to access it.
    Foreign Egg Breeding Guide



    You can ride around and find a store in Cascarrafa where you can buy a meal with Egg Power 2. Furthermore, if you fly to the Pokemon Center and go out of town, you can also craft Eggs with Picnic.

    How To Hatch Eggs With Legendary Ride

    ▲ Try to find an open space where you can cycle around on either Koraidon and Miraidon.

    In Front Of Zero Gate

    area zero gate
    In Front Of Zero GateAfter the ending
    ▶Post Game Walkthrough Guide

    Since there is no towns in front of Area Zero Gate, it is better to hatch eggs there than Cascarrafa since you can open a Picnic in that area and make Eggs on the spot. On the other hand, Area Zero Gate does not have a store that you can buy a meal with Egg Power 2, so you have to make your own Sandwich or buy one before hand to activate its effects.

    How To Ride When Hatching

    ▲Just press either R and L button to turn on right or left

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reroll/Training

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reroll/Training
    ▶Breed Best Stats Guide

    Useful Articles for Reroll/Training

    Helpful Items for Reroll/Training

    Items for Reroll
    Bottle CapBottle CapMintsMintsAbility PatchAbility PatchAbility CapsuleAbility Capsule
    Items for Training
    Power ItemsPower ItemsExp. CandyExp. CandiesIron Vitamin IconVitaminsFeather IconFeathers
    Useful Items for Battles
    Focus Sash IconBattle ItemsBerriesBerriesDropped Items IconDropped ItemsTM MapTMs
    ▶New! How To Collect Tera Shards
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You've needed to walk to hatch an egg since Gen 2. The incubator is for Pokemon GO

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