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Rolycoly - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Rolycoly - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature | Pokemon SV

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Rolycoly evolution and how to get Rolycoly (Location) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV)! Learn about the best Rolycoly movesets, best builds, best nature, & base stats!

▶Paldea Pokedex - Spawn Area & How To Get

Table Of Contents

Rolycoly - Type Chart, Base Stats & Abilities

Rolycoly - Shiny, Base Stats & Abilities


Paldean Pokedex091
Gender♂ / ♀
Egg TypeMineral
Effort ValuesDEFF+1
Appears In

Base Stats/Actual Values

421/ 435
389/ 435
304/ 435
Special Attack
345/ 435
Special Defense
308/ 435
392/ 435
Total Stats
417/ 435
Check Actual Stats At Lv50

※Stats Shown Are At Lv 50
Best: Highest IV, Max EV, Boosted By Nature
High: Highest IV, Max EV, Not affected by Nature.
Base: Highest IV, No EV, Not affected by Nature
Low: Highest IV, No EV, Decreased by Nature
Lowest: Lowest IV, No EV, Decreased by Nature

Type Chart

  1. WaterGrassFightingGroundSteel
  2. NormalFirePoisonFlying

Abilities/Hidden Abilities

  1. When a Pokemon with Steam Engine is hit by an Fire-type or Water-type move, its Speed stat is increased by three stages. Does not make you immune.
  2. Weakens the power of Fire-type moves.
  3. Powers up the Pokémon's Fire- type moves if it's hit by one.
Other Abilities & Hidden Abilities Here

Rolycoly - Information On Evolution

Conditions For Evolution

NameHow To Evolve
Rolycoly IconRolycoly-
Carkol IconCarkolRolycoly Lvl. 18
Coalossal IconCoalossalCarkol Lvl. 34

Recommended Tera Type

Recommended Tera Type

Power-Up TypeRock
If the original Type is same as the Tera Type, the power of moves will be doubled!
Counter TypeWaterGrassDragonFireGrassPoisonFlyingBugDragonSteelPoisonFlyingPsychicBugGhostFairyGrassFlyingBugFireWaterElectricSteel
Terastalize to the type you were weak against and catch your opponents off guard!
Tera Type Guide - How To Change & Reroll

Rolycoly - Learnable Moves

    1. Learned at Lvl. 1
      A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
    2. Learned at Lvl. 1
      The user releases an obscuring cloud of smoke or ink. This lowers the target's accuracy.
    3. Learned at Lvl. 5
      A spin attack that can also eliminate such moves as Bind, Wrap, and Leech Seed. This also raises the user's Speed stat.
    4. Learned at Lvl. 10
      The user throws a stone or similar projectile to attack the target. A flying Pokemon will fall to the ground when it's hit.
    5. Learned at Lvl. 15
      The user polishes its body to reduce drag. This sharply raises the Speed stat.
    6. Learned at Lvl. 20
      The user attacks with a prehistoric power. This may also raise all the user's stats at once.
    7. Learned at Lvl. 25
      To inflict massive damage, the user burns itself out. After using the move, the user will no longer be Fire type.
    8. Learned at Lvl. 30
      The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the opposing team. The trap hurts opposing Pokemon that switch into battle.
    9. Learned at Lvl. 35
      The user slams its target with its flame-covered body. The more the user outweights the target, the greater the move's power.
    10. Learned at Lvl. 40
      The user hurls hard rocks at the target. Two to five rocks are launched in a row.
    11. Learned via TM66
      The user drops onto the target with its full body weight. This may also leave the target with paralysis.
    12. Learned via TM1
      A reckless, full-body charge attack for slamming into the target. This also damages the user a little.
    13. Learned via TM55
      The user burrows into the ground, then attacks on the next turn.
    14. Learned via TM74
      A wondrous wall of light is put up to reduce damage from physical attacks for five turns.
    15. Learned via TM85
      The user goes to sleep for two turns. This fully restores the user's HP and heals any status conditions.
    16. Learned via TM86
      Large boulders are hurled at opposing Pokemon to inflict damage. This may also make the opposing Pokemon flinch.
    17. Learned via TM103
      The user creates a substitute for itself using some of its HP. The substitute serves as the user's decoy.
    18. Learned via TM7
      This move enables the user to protect itself from all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
    19. Learned via TM5
      The user hurls mud in the target's face to inflict damage and lower its accuracy.
    20. Learned via TM90
      The user lays a trap of spikes at the opposing team's feet. The trap hurts Pokemon that switch into battle.
    21. Learned via TM51
      A five-turn sandstorm is summoned to hurt all combatants except Rock, Ground, and Steel types. It raises the Sp. Def stat of Rock types.
    22. Learned via TM47
      The user endures any attack with at least 1 HP. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
    23. Learned via TM70
      While it is asleep, the user randomly uses one of the moves it knows.
    24. Learned via TM107
      The user shoots a sinister flame at the target to inflict a burn.
    25. Learned via TM25
      This attack move doubles its power if the user is poisoned, burned, or paralyzed.
    26. Learned via TM36
      Boulders are hurled at the target. This also lowers the target's Speed stat by preventing its movement.
    27. Learned via TM104
      The user hardens its body's surface like iron, shraply raising its Defense stat.
    28. Learned via TM76
      The user hurls hard rocks at the target. Two to five rocks are launched in a row.
    29. Learned via TM101
      The user attacks with a ray of light that sparkles as if it were made of gemstones.
    30. Learned via TM99
      The user slams the target with its steel-hard head. This may also make the target flinch.
    31. Learned via TM150
      The user stabs the target from below with sharpened stones. Critical hits land more easily.
    32. Learned via TM116
      The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the opposing team. The trap hurts opposing Pokemon that switch into battle.
    33. Learned via TM28
      The user strikes everything around it by stomping down on the ground. This lowers the Speed stats of those hit.
    34. Egg Move
      The user attacks everything around it by causing a tremendous explosion. The user faints upon using this move.
    35. Egg Move
      The user hurls mud in the target's face to inflict damage and lower its accuracy.
    36. Egg Move
      The user blocks the target's way with arms spread wide to prevent escape.

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