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EV Training Guide - How To Reset & Check
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EV Training Guide - How To Reset & Check

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See EV Training Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Guide includes how to check & reset EV, vitamins & feathers that can increase Effort Value points/stats!

Table of Contents

How To Get Strong Pokemon - Breed Best Stats Guide

How To Increase EV

EV Raising Method

Raise EV ProcedureDescription
▼Using Power Items When Farming- Does not need to spend much money
- Raise multiple EV simultaneously
▼Using Power Items- Time convenient
- Costly since some could cost 10,000 apiece
▼Using Feathers- Ideal for adjusting EV
- Not recommended for raising an EV to max

Use Power Item When Farming Wild Pokemon

Power Item (each EV +8)
Power WeightPower WeightPower BracerPower BracerPower BeltPower Belt
Power LensPower LensPower BandPower BandPower AnkletPower Anklet

You can raise the EV of a Pokemon by 1-3 when you catch or defeat a wild Pokemon. Meanwhile, you can increase it by 8 by using a Power Item which costs $ 10,000 apiece so it is recommended to buy this if you have money to spend.

▼ Recommended Location To Raise EV

Farm Wild Pokemon Until EV Becomes Max

Normal EV+1+2+3
With Power Item+9+10+11
Necessary to farm 252 wild Pokemon
(with Power Item)
28 times26 times23 times

Can Be Purchased From Delibird Presents (10,000)

※Location of Delibird Presents is marked with ★


Power Items can be purchased at Delibird Presents that can be found at Mesagoza, Levincia, & Cascarrafa. There are no purchase conditions so it can be purchased right from the beginning.

Defeat Or Catch Wild Pokemon

1Cannot gain EV thru Let's Go! (Auto Battle)
2Fainted Pokemon cannot gain EV
3Reserved Pokemon can also gain EV

You cannot gain EV if you do Auto Battle & if the Pokemon is in a faint state so make sure that all of your Pokemon has recovered before you start the training.

Use Items For Convenience

Vitamins (EV +10)
HP UpHP UpProteinProteinIronIron

You can raise EV and get the maximum value possible with Vitamins. This method is convenient since you can instantly increase a stat by 10 which saves a lot of time.

Vitamin Could Be Costly

However, a Vitamin costs 10,000 a piece and you need to use 26 to get the maximum value possible per stat and about 50 to raise everything to the maximum (500,000 Pokedollars). This method is only recommended if you have sufficient money to spend.

Money Farming Guide

Vitamin Is Available From Chansey Supply

※Location of Chansey Supply is marked with ★

Chansey Supply Mesagoza
Chansey Supply Levincia
Chansey Supply Cascarrafa
Chansey Supply Montenevera

Vitamins can be bought from Chansey Supply store that can be found from 4 towns mentioned above. You can purchase it when you have gotten 3 gym badges.

All Gym Leader Guide

Use Feather For EV Adjustments

Feathers can be used to raise the EV of a stat by 1. It is recommended to use this if you are trying to raise your levels in small numbers.

Get Feathers Around Casseroya Lake

AppearanceMap & Location
Feather Appearance
Feather Map & Location

You can get a random Feather by getting the sparkling around Casseroya Lake. It can be obtained not only from the sparkling on the ground but also from the water.

EV Best Training Location

Mass Outbreak

Mass Outbreak

Mass Outbreak is an event where one type of Pokemon starts to appear in groups at a specific area. Since it takes time for the Pokemon to get cleared during Mass Outbreak, it is recommended to raise it here.

Mass Outbreak Guide

Recommended Wild Pokemon & Location

Recommended Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon That Raises HP

Lechonk Map & Location
Oinkologne Map & Location
※ Requires Encounter Power
Chansey Map & Location

Wild Pokemon That Raises ATK

Yungoos Map & Location
Recommended ATK +2 EV Map & Location
Luxray Map & Location

Wild Pokemon That Raises DEF

Recommended DEF +1 EV Map & Location
※ Scarlet Exclusive
Recommended DEF +2 EV Map & Location

Wild Pokemon That Raises SP. ATK

Houndour Map & Location
Glimmora Map & Location
+3Iron JugulisIron Jugulis
※ Violet Exclusive
Iron Jugulis Map & Location

Wild Pokemon That Raises SP. DEF

Hoppip Map & Location
Recommended SP. DEF +2 EV Map & Location

Wild Pokemon That Raises SPD

Fletchling Map & Location
Recommended SPD +1 EV Map & Location
Recommended SPD +2 EV Map & Location

How To Reset EV

Use Berry

Berry (EV -10)
Pomeg BerryPomeg BerryKelpsy BerryKelpsy BerryQualot BerryQualot Berry
Hondew BerryHondew BerryGrepa BerryGrepa BerryTamato BerryTamato Berry

By using the berries mentioned above, you can lower the EV by 10 per berry consumed. For example, you need x26 Kelpsy Berry if you want to reset ATK EV by 252

Get Berries From Winning Auction Bid

Get Berries From Winning Auction Bid

You can get berries by getting the subtle glitter on the field & by making the winning bid at Porto Marinada Auction. It is recommended to get berries from the auction since you can obtain it in bulk unlike the ones from the field which can only give you a single piece.

Bidding Procedure

Necessary- Disable Auto Save
1- Manually save at the auction area at night
2- Reload the game
Change Date & Time thru Switch settings instead of waiting until the next day
3- Check the items that are being auctioned
└ If you prefer the items, proceed to step 4
└ If you do not prefer the items, repeat from step 2
4- Participate & make the winning bid to get the auctioned item

Cannot Reset EV All At Once

In the current state of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there is no way for you to reset the EV of a Pokemon down to 0 although it could be possible in the future updates as it existed in previous versions.

How To Check EV

Select Check Summary

Select Check Summary
EV Check Procedure
1Open menu by pressing 'X' button
2Select the Pokemon and choose "Check Summary"
3Once the summary has been loaded, press 'L' button

You can see the current EV of a Pokemon from the "Check Summary" screen and an EV graph can be found on the upper right part of the screen after pressing 'L' button.

Graph Status Of Max EV

When the EV has a total upper limit (510), the graph color is while. If the EV of each stat reaches the max value (252), the applicable ability shines.

What Is EV

Hidden Parameter That Improves A Pokemon

EV refers to the stats breakthrough. A Pokemon's HP that has stopped at 100 can still be increased by raising its EV. There are several ways on how to improve a Pokemon's EV but it is not mentioned in the game.

Raise EV To 252 Per Stats

It is possible to raise the EV of each stat up to 252. A Pokemon has 0 EV initially. However, if you got the Pokemon thru trading with other players, it is likely that the EV of that Pokemon is not 0.

Possible Total Is Up To 510

The EV can get up to 510 at max for all stats. Therefore, it is recommended to raise 2 stats only then the excess 6 to HP.

Raise EV That Is Divisible By 4

The EV that is reflected on the stats is the quotient of the raised EV divided by 4. Remember that the remainder does not reflect so it is wasted if you raise the EV of a stat that is not divisible by 4.

Focus On 2 Stats

If you are unsure about your Pokemon's EV, it is recommended to raise the 2 main stats of a Pokemon according to its specialty. For example, a quick attacker is SPD+ATK/SP. ATK and to make a Pokemon durable, go for HP+DEF/SP. DEF. Usually, you are not going to have a problem if you choose to make your Pokemon more durable.

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