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Auction House Guide - How To Rest & Bidding Items

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Auction House Guide - How To Rest & Bidding Items | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Auction House Guide - How To Rest & Bidding Items | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Auction Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn how to bid, reset/refresh system, items you can get, auction location, pricing & strategies and more!

Table of Contents

Useful Bid Tips

Date Change & Reset Available To Reschedule

Product Research Procedure
Check the items on the Bid List
Save game and reload back in front of the market place if you don't find what you're looking for
Advance the date by one day from the Main System settings
▶ How To Change Date And Time
Launch the game and check the items on bid
Exit the game if you don't find what you're looking for
★Exit without saving game
Repeat 4 and 5 until you get what you want

If you want to change the bid items immediately, the most reliable way is to change the date & reset the time in the main system settings. Once you have advanced the date, simply exit and restart the game until you find what you are looking for.

Time Lapse Required If Date Is Not Changed

Approx. 37 minutesAbout 3 minutesAbout 34 minutes

Bid items are available at the start of the day in the game. If you don't change the date, you have to wait until the in-game time switches to the next morning.

Make Sure That You Have Enough Money

Even if you succeed in winning the bid, the purchase will be voided if you do not have enough money (no LP purchases are allowed). Make sure to check the Academy Ace Tournament after clearing the game as you can earn about 120,000~130,000 Poke Dollars in a short time.

How To Earn Money Fast

Item List And Bidding Priority

Bid Item List

ItemBid Priority
Rotom Catalog IconsRotom Catalog★★★★★
・Necessary to change Rotom
・Available only in the Auction
Apricorn BallsApricorn Balls★★★★・
・Balls with unique and popular design
・Unnecessary if you don't care about design
・Also obtained through Pokedex rewards and Academy Ace Tournament.
・Multiple availability on Bid is effective
Pomeg Berry IconBerries★★★★・
・Decrease Effort Value by 10
・Recommended if you want to secure a large amount
・Can also be obtained from Raid rewards or by picking it up
Sun Stone IconsSun Stone★★★・・
・Items to evolve specific Pokemon.
・Mostly can also be obtained by picking them up
・Available at Delibird Presents
Health Feather iconFeather★★・・・
・Increase the Effort Value up by 1
・Can also be obtained as item drops from winning Tera Raids or by picking it up
Bottle Cap iconBottle Cap★・・・・
・Will make 1 Individual Value to Best
・Cheaper to buy at Delibird Presents
Gold Bottle Cap iconGold Bottle Cap★・・・・
・Will make all Individual Value to Best
・Only in Auctions can get a bulk amount
・It is cheaper to buy 6 Bottle Caps at Delibird Presents
・Increase the Effort Value and PP
・Cheaper to buy at Delibird Presents
Regular Poke Ball
HP recovery items
・May be bought from the shop

High Priority Items Price

Rotom Catalog

ItemStandard Price
Rotom Catalog IconRotom Catalog4000 Pokedollars

The actual bidding price is above and below the Standard Price

If you have caught Rotom, you may start to purchase Rotom Catalog from a specific bid section. It is required for form change, therefore if you want to evolve Rotom, you must get it.

Rotom - How To Get & Changing Forms

Apricorn Balls

ItemStandard Price
Speed Ball IconSpeed BallFriend Ball IconFriend Ball1 Ball: 200,000 Pokedollars
Level BallLevel BallLure BallLure Ball
Heavy BallHeavy BallMoon BallMoon Ball
Dream BallンDream BallHeal BallHeal Ball

The actual bidding price is above and below the Standard Price.

Apricorn Balls are expensive, and after researching the cheapest is 200,000 and the most high is about 300,000 so you will need to have extra money on your hands to participate.

Apricorn Balls List


ItemStandard Price
Pomeg Berry IconPomeg BerryKelpsy Berry IconKelpsy Berry1 berry: 300 Pokedollars
Qualot BerryQualot BerryHondew BerryHondew Berry
Grepa BerryGrepa BerryTamato BerryTamato Berry

The actual bidding price is above and below the Standard Price.

It may take up to 50 Berries to reset the Effort Value, so depending on the Effort Value structure, you may store up on Berries to change the Effort Value .

EV Training Guide

Evolutionary Item

Sun StoneSun StoneMoon StoneMoon StoneAt the time of verification
1 Piece:3000 Poke Dollars

1 Piece:4000 Poke Dollars
Shiny StoneShiny StoneDusk StoneDusk Stone
Dawn StoneDawn StoneCracked PotCracked Pot
Chipped PotChipped Pot-

Bid prices vary per Bid.

You may only acquire items used in evolving Pokemon from rewards or from bidding in the auction market as these items may not be able to be bought at the shop. Although they are not used frequently, they are important to have on hand in case of emergencies.

Evolve Condition Of All Pokemon

Bid Locations

Porto Marinada Location


Porto Marinada is located at the western end of the map. Cross the Asado Desert and head to where you can see the lighthouse and Pokemon Center, and you should end up in Porto Marinada.

How To Get To Porto Marinada Market

▲Porto Marinada's Pokemon Center is located in West Province (Area Two). The market is located slightly down to the west.

What Is A Bid?

Auctions With NPCs

Bid is an auction that can be conducted in the Porto Marinada market. The price is raised until someone offers the highest bid, so it is recommended that you have a good amount of Poke Dollars you can spend to make it easier on winning bids.

Bid Released After Cascarrafa Gym Quest

Cascarrafa Gym

An event occurs in front of the gym in Cascarrafa and you are asked to deliver to the gym leader who has gone to Porto Marinada. This Gym Test is a tutorial for the Bid and you will be able to participate in the regular Bid once it has been cleared.

Cascarrafa Gym - How To Beat & Winning Bid

Advantages Of Bidding

Rare Items Can Be Purchased

Bid may include items that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as Lure Ball and Tamato Berry. The best advantage is that any rare items can always be obtained as long as you have enough money.

Limited Editions Are Also Available

The Rotom Catalog is the only item available in the Bid. It is needed to change the form of Rotom, so buy it if you want it. Take note that if you do not have Rotom, they will not sell it to you.

How To Get Rotom

Bid Specifications

You Can Check The Minimum Bid Price

After the items are lined up in the bid, you can check the minimum winning bid for that bid if you save and reset before participating in the bid. Some bids have price fluctuation that ranges in hundreds to thousands Poke Dollars, so try to get the best deal possible.

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