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How to train Lucario and Best Build For Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to increase Effort Values, recommended moves and abilities, and what to bring.

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Table Of Contents

Lucario - Pokemon Details

Fighting Physical Attacker That Can Also Use Special Attacks

LucarioNatureAbilityHeld Item
FightingModestInner Focus
Wide Lens
Base Stats70110701157090
Effort Value252--252-6

Recommended Moves

  1. Steel
  2. Dark
  3. Fighting
  4. Normal

Lucario is an Attacker that can perform as both Special and Physical attacker. It has a full range of both move types, but due to its Base Stats, Special moves will have more damage.

Great In Raids Where Fighting Type Is Strong


With Focus Blast, you can increase SP. DEF & SP. ATK. It is recommended to use Lucario in Normal, Rock, Dark, and Steel Raids where Fighting types are very strong.

Physical Attacks Is Recommended Against Steel

Lucario can also learn Steel-type moves, but Steel Beam is not recommended since it cuts the user's HP in half. Use Meteor Mash instead as a Physical attack.

How To Train Lucario For Raids

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▼ How To Reroll/Train Lucario▼ Recommended Moves

How To Reroll / Train Lucario

Training Guide
  1. Catch Lucario or a Pre-Evolved Riolu
    └ If you want to save money, keep rerolling
  2. Change Nature stats with Modest Mints
  3. Increase Effort Value
  4. Raise Level to 100
  5. Use Bottle Caps to maximize Individual Value
  1. Catch Lucario Or A Pre-Evolved Riolu
  2. Wild RioluLocation
    How To EvolveIncrease friendship and level up during the Morning, Afternoon, & Evening

    First, catch either a Lucario or pre-evolved Riolu. It is recommended to catch Riolu since its easier to catch than Lucario, although it does take more time to evolve.

    Reroll If You Want To Save Money

    After getting a Lucario or a Riolu, use items to increase the IV stats. Since each item costs money, it's better to reroll its Nature and Individual Value to save money. When rerolling while breeding, use Raid and wild Terastal as the Parent Pokemon since they have a high IV to some extent.

    How To Get Strong Pokemon - Breed Best Stats Guide

    Ability Can Be Fixed

    All of Lucario's Abilities have limited use, and there is no ability that you really need to aim for. There is no need to use items to change them.

    Ability & Hidden Ability List
  3. Change Nature Stats With Modest Mints
  4. ItemEffect
    How To Get
    Modest MintModest Mint- Change Nature stats
    - Nature itself does not change
    - Purchase from the Chansey Supply Shop for 20,000 Pokedollars

    Modest Mints can be used to change the stats you get from your Pokemon's Nature. If you do not have one, head to the Chansey Supply Shop in Mesagoza or other locations, and purchase it for 20,000 Pokedollars. If the original Nature is Modest, there is no need to use Mints.

    Mints - Effects & How To Get

    Adamant Nature Is Also Good For Physical Attacks

    With Swords Dance & Drain Punch, you can hit damage and gain a bit of health. Close Combat & Meteor Mash can also be used. If you want to make it into a Physical attacker, get one with an Adamant Nature.

    Nature Guide - How To Change & Choose
  5. Increase Effort Value

    As a Special Attacker, you will want to maximize damage so distribute as much into its Special Attack. What's remaining should be distributed to HP and the rest to Speed. If you're running a Physical Attacker, distribute it into Attack instead.

    Effort Value Guide - How To Increase & EV Reset

    Faster If You Use Items To Increase Effort Value

    HPHP UpHP Up ×25
    Health FeatherHealth Feather ×2
    Sp. AttackCalciumCalcium ×25
    Genius FeatherGenius Feather ×2
    SpeedSwift FeatherSwift Feather ×6

    If you can afford it, the fastest way to increase Effort Value is by buying a lot of Vitamin. However, each Vitamin costs 10,000 Pokedollars, and you need 26 Vitamin per status and a total of 50 Vitamins (500,000) to maximize all of them.

    Vitamins - How To Get & Uses

    Save Money By Defeating Specific Wild Pokemon

    Power Item (Effort Value +8)
    HPSp. Atk
    Power WeightPower WeightPower LensPower Lens

    By capturing or defeating wild Pokemon, you can earn 1 to 3 Effort Value. If you give a Pokemon a Power Item, it will increase Effort Value gain by 8! Power items cost only 10,000 Pokedollars, so they are recommended to those who want to save money.

    Power Items List - Effects & How To Get

    ▼ Recommended Effort Value Farming Pokemon & Locations

    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location
    ※ Encounter Power required
    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location
    +3Iron JugulisIron Jugulis
    ※ Violet exclusive

    Click on the location image to enlarge it

    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location

    Click on the location image to enlarge it

  7. Increase Level To 100
  8. Fastest Way To Level Up Is With Candies

    Fastest Way To Level Up Is With Candies
    Exp. Candy LEXP Gain (10,000)
    Exp. Candy XLEXP Gain (30,000)

    Clear 5 or 6 Star Tera Raids to get EXP Candy L or EXP Candy XL. This is most efficient when leveling up a single Pokemon.

    ▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

    If You Have Few Candy, Defeat Chansey For EXP

    If you do not have enough candy to raise your level straight to 100, try to defeat Chansey in North Province (Area Three) to increase your level. Level up through this until you have enough candy to level up the rest of the way.

  9. Maximize Individual Value With Bottle Caps
  10. ItemEffort
    How To Get
    Bottle CapBottle CapMaximizes one Individual Value
    Purchase from Delibird Presents for 20,000 Pokedollars
    Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle Cap
    Maximize all Individual Value
    Bought from the Auction

    Use Bottle Caps to do Hyper Training and maximize Individual Values, except Attack. Hyper Training can be done by talking to the NPC behind the Pokemon Center in Montenevera.

    Hyper Training - Location & How To Do

    Hyper Training Lication

    MonteneveraNPC Location

Teach Recommended Moves

Recommended Move List
Metal Sound- Learn at Lv28
- Lowers SP. DEF by two
Nasty Plot- Learn with TM140
- Increases SP. ATK by two
Focus Blast- Learn with TM158
- High damage Fighting Special Attack
Screech- Basic move (Lv1)
- Lower Defense by two

With these moves, you can reduce the enemy's Sp. Def and increase your own Sp. ATK to fully take advantage of Focus Blast. Since it can also reduce Defense, it will help your allies to deal more damage.

Can Also Learn Physical-Type Moves

You can also build Lucario as a Physical Attacker since it can learn Swords Dance for stat increase, Close Combat for high damage, Drain Punch for damage and recovery, and Drain Punch. This will make it a strong Physical attacker.

How To Use Lucario In Raids

Procedure Guide
  1. Give Wide Lens To Lucario
  2. Use Metal Sound To Lower Sp. Defense
  3. Use Nasty Plot To Increase Sp. Attack
  4. Use Focus Blast to deal damage
  1. Give Wide Lens To Lucario
  2. Held ItemEffect
    Wide LensWide LensHit Rate of Move 1.1 times

    Metal Sound and Focus Blast have 100 Damage, but they have bad accuracy. Supplement the hit rate by using the Wide Lens held item.

  3. Use Metal Sound To Lower Sp. Defense
  4. First, use Metal Sound to lower the enemy's Sp. Def by 2 levels. It is possible to lower the Sp. Def by up to 6 levels, so it is more efficient if you combo with your allies.

    For A Physical Attacker, Use Screech

    If there is a Pokemon that uses Physical Techniques in your team. You can use Screech to lower Defense by two levels. Be flexible and adapt to your party's needs.

  5. Use Nasty Plot To Increase Sp. Attack
  6. After you finish lowering the Sp. Defense, use Nasty Plot to increase Lucario's Sp. Attack. In raids, statuses can be reversed so its best not to spend too much time to do this.

  7. Use Focus Blast To Deal Damage
  8. When you are ready, attack with Focus Blast. After the second attack, you can adjust the number of Nasty Plot and Metal Sound by checking the first damage.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Information

Pokemon SV Raid Events Banner
▶Latest Raid Events

Tera Raid Events

EventEvent Duration & Contents
Mighty Mewtwo
Event Period
Sept 1 (Fri) 00:00 - Sept 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
7★ Mighty Mewtwo will appear. The Mewtwo will have a Mightiest Mark and the Tera Type is Psychic.
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How to Train Pokemon for Raid

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