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Glimmora Best Build & Moveset

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Glimmora Best Build & Moveset

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The Best Build for Glimmora in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the recommended Move set, held items, how to distribute EV, and build up for each type.

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Glimmora Summary & Review


Ability & Hidden Ability

  1. Scatters poison spikes at the feet of the opposing team when the Pokémon takes damage from physical moves.
  2. The Pokemon can poison the target even if it's a Steel or Poison type.

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Glimmora Review In Match Battles

  • Able to set Toxic Spikes with Ability [Toxic Debris].
  • High offense with the Sp. Attack of 130.
  • Beware of its 4x weakness, Ground moves.

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Glimmora Best Build & Moveset

IconEVs: SpA Spe / Lead Style

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
FlyingTimidToxic DebrisFocus Sash
Base Stats159×110182101151

Recommended Moves

  1. Rock
  2. Rock
  3. Ground
  4. Grass


Build Type

Strengths & How to Use

A variey of available moves

Glimmora's moves with the Same-type attack bonus will be halved by Steel and Ground types, but in opposition to the enemies that come to you recklessly, [Earth Power], the Ground move, can be used against Steel types, and [Energy Ball] can be used against Ground types. This makes it possible to take on a wide range of Pokemon.

High Sp. Attack Stat

It has a Base Sp. Attack Stat of 130, which is the same as Garchomp's Base Attack Stat. The wide variety of learnable moves makes it powerful even when holding a Focus Sash to block the opponent's Stats boosting Attacker. It is commonly used to set [Stealth Rock] or [Toxic Spikes] in the Lead, but it can be used for other purposes as well, so you could increase more options.

Put tremendous pressure on the opposing pivot

Stealth Rock can damage the opposing Pokemon that switches in, and the poison of [Toxic Debris] can gradually reduce the opposing Pokemon's HP. You can force your opponent to make a difficult decision between taking the damage from [Stealth Rock] by switching the pivot and taking the damage from [Toxic Debris] by not switching the pivot.

Things to Keep in Mind

Can't use Yawn

If you've set Toxic Spikes with [Toxic Debris], you can no longer use the combination of [Yawn] + [Stealth Rock]. Be careful if you build a team with Dondozo or Hippowdon.

Beware of High-Speed Attackers

Pokemon that tend to be sent out as the Lead are those with high Speed, such as Garchomp and Hydreigon. Glimmora has a Base Speed Stat of 86, so you may only be able to take action once when facing them.

Pokemon Team Compositions

Kingambit IconKingambitPokemon that has an advantage against Gholdengo, which is immune to Poison and doesn't take much damage from [Stealth Rock].
Garchomp IconGarchompIncreases the power to defeat all the opposing Pokemon. With [Stealth Rock], [Toxic Spikes] and [Rough Skin], you may be able to defeat the Pokemon that cannot be defeated originally.
Wash Rotom IconWash RotomA Pivot Pokemon that is used against Water and Ground types, which are Glimmora's weaknesses. The power of [Hex] can be increased by [Toxic Debris].

Other Suggestions

Nature & EV Distribution

If you want to deal more damage to the Pokemon you face in Lead, this is the way to go. But it will be slower than the max Speed-enhanced Gholdengo, the Mimikyu, whose Speed has Best IV and been enhanced with 252 EV, and Baxcalibur.

Suggested Items Other Than [Focus Sash]

Air Balloon IconAir BalloonIt can nullify the 4x weakness, Ground type. If your holding item is not Choice Sash, you may not be able to withstand the CB style Garchomp and Dragonite's [Outrage] in Lead, so it is necessary to prepare a pivot against them.
Lum Berry IconLum BerryIt is used against the Status Effects from Breloom or Hippowdon in Lead.

Suggested Moves

Sludge BombA move that has a 30% chance of poisoning a [Sash] style Breloom and beating it with one shot. It can also defeat a [EVs: HP] style Grimmsnarl.
ToxicIf you don't want the opponent's Tank Pokemon or Stats boosting Pokemon to stay too long. It is an option when you have high durability Pokemon in your party.
Mud ShotA candidate to replace [Earth Power]. The firepower may be less, but it allows you to have a chance of acting twice against an opponent with higher Speed than you.

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