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The Best Build for Grimmsnarl in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the recommended Move set, held items, how to distribute EV, and build up for each type.

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Grimmsnarl Summary & Review


Ability & Hidden Ability

  1. Gives priority to a status move.
  2. The Pokemon can check an opposing Pokémon's held item.
  3. Steal the opponent's item when hit with a direct attack.

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Grimmsnarl Review In Match Battles

  • [Prankster] allows you to use Status Move as Fast Move.
  • Can be many styles such as Screen Setter and Lagging Tail + Trick Style.
  • By learning [Parting Shot], makes it more useful in a wider range.

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Grimmsnarl Best Build & Moveset

IconEVs: HP Def / Screener Style

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
DarkImpishPranksterLight Clay
Base Stats201140128x9780

Recommended Moves

  1. Psychic
  2. Psychic
  3. Dark
  4. Electric


Build Type

Strengths & How to Use

Stability screen setting with Prankster

Grimmsnarl can set a screen on its first move, so it can be said it is strong for its defense. With its Ability "Prankster", it can set both screens (Reflect/Light Screen) and lower the risk of getting defeated.

With Foul Play, it can restrain opponent's Physical Attacker

After Grimmsnarl has put up a Screen, you can use Foul Play on your opponent's Physical Attacker, and give them great damage with Same-type attack bonus. Even if your opponent uses Swords Dance or Dragon Dance right after Grimmsnarl uses Reflect, you will Foul Play so your opponent will not be able to setup easily.

Things to Keep in Mind

Beware of Dark Type Pokemon

If your opponent is a Dark Type Pokemon, the effect of the Ability "Prankster" will be disabled, so note that Thunder Wave and Taunt will not work. Even if the opponent is a Dark Type, you can still use your screens like Reflect.

Beware of Ability "Infiltrator"

The Ability "Infiltrator" can ignore Screens and give damage. There are a lot of Trainers who has Dragapult's Ability as Infiltrator, so even if you put up screens, they will be able to ignore it so you need to figure out a way to prevent this.

Pokemon Team Compositions

Annihilape IconAnnihilapeThe signature move [Rage Fist] is a move that increases in power depending on the number of attacks it receives, making it a good match with [Screen setting], which reduces the damage it receives.
Baxcalibur IconBaxcaliburIt has high Base Stats and [Dragon Dance], and its strength is that [Icicle Spear] is hard to be stopped by Mimikyu and Pokemon holding Focus Sash.
Volcarona IconVolcaronaIt has a powerful Stat boost move [Quiver Dance] that makes a good match with [Screen Setting] Pokemon, and is strong against Steel type such as Scizor, which Grimmsnarl is weak to.

Works well with Stack Attackers with low durability

With its Ability "Prankster", Grimmsnarl's [Screen Setting] has a high success rate, so it is good to employ in a team even for Stack Attackers which usually has low durability. An ideal Team would be Grimmsnarl as Lead & Stack Attackers & a Pokemon that has Ability "Unaware".

Other Suggestions

Suggested Tera Types

GhostIt is not the best choice that using Terastal for a Setup style Grimmsnarl, but Ghost Tera type can nullify [Brick Break] which is commonly used against [Screen Setting].

Suggested Moves

TauntEffective against opponents who try to run out the turns of Screen setting by using Status Moves against Grimmsnarl.
Spirit BreakEffective against Special Attackers such as the opposing Grimmsnarl and Hydreigon. It can make full use of its high Attack Base Stat.
Parting ShotAfter [Screen Setting], it can switch to the other Pokemon while lowering the opponent's Attack and Sp. Attack.

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