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AI Sada (Professor Sada) Guide & Strategy Tips
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AI Sada (Professor Sada) Guide & Strategy Tips

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AI Sada (Professor Sada) Battle Strategy for Pokemon SV (Scarlet and Violet). Guide includes AI Sada, Pokemon team, weaknesses, recommended Pokemon, strategy, Koraidon battle and best types to use!

Table of Contents

AI Sada - Strategy Walkthrough

  1. Unlock 4 doors in Area Zero
  2. An event will start once you approach AI Sada inside the lab
  3. Put the Scarlet Book inside the pedestal
  1. Unlock 4 Doors In Area Zero
  2. Unlock 4 doors

    Unlock four doors in Area Zero in order to unlock the entrance to the Zero Lab.

  3. An Event Will Start Once You Interact With AI Sada
  4. AI Sada

    A story event will start once you start talking to Professor Sada. She will reveal everything about how she's not the real Professor and state that she is just an AI imbued in Prof. Sada's body.

  5. Insert The Scarlet Book Inside The Pedestal
  6. insert the Sarlet book inside the Pedestal

    After reaching the far end of the Zero Lab, AI Sada will instruct you to insert the Scarlet Book into the central. AI Sada also warns you that you will automatically start a battle with her, so be prepared for the challenge.

AI Sada - Pokemon Team & Weakness

First Round - Pokemon Levels & Weaknesses

Second Round - Pokemon Levels & Weaknesses

AI Sada - Recommended Pokemon

Recommended Pokemon

PokemonRecommended Move
アイコンAzumarillAqua Tail (Acquired at Lv. 21)
Play Rough (Acquired at Lv. 25)
Ice Punch (Acquired through TM)
Marill evolves at Lv. 18
Lucario iconLucarioAura Sphere (Acquired at Lv. 1)
Close Combat (Acquired at Lv. 60)
Meteor Mash (Acquired at Lv. 48)
When Riolu is tamed, it will evolve at a higher level.
Meowscarda iconMeowscardaTrick Flower (Acquired at evolution)
Play Rough (Acquired at Lv. 47)
Starter, Sprigatito evolves at Lv. 36
Glalie iconGlalieIce Fang (Acquired at Lv. 40)
Frost Breath (Acquired at Lv. 30)
Snorunt evolves at Lv. 42
TinkatonTinkatonFlash Cannon (Acquired Lv. 31)
Play Rough (Acquired at Lv. 35)
Skitter Smack (Acquired at Lv. 47)
Tinkatuff evolves at Lv. 38
SkeledirgeSkeledirgeFlamethrower (Acquired at Lv. 32)
Falre Song (Acquired at evolution)
Crocalor evolves at Lv. 36
TalonflameTalonflameFlame Charge (Acquired at Lv. 1)
Flare Blitz (Acquired at Lv. 1)
Steel Wing (Acquired at Lv. 56)"
Fletchinder evolves at Lv. 35
HeracrossHeracrossMegahorn (Acquired at Lv. 55)
Close Combat(Acquired at Lv. 60)"
North Province (Area One)

Recommended To Use Fairy/Ice/Steel Types

AI Sada uses multiple types of Pokemons, and it will be quite difficult if you only use one type of Pokemon during the battle. It is highly recommended that you use a Fairy, Ice, or Steel type of Pokemon as they have an advantage against AI Sada's Pokemon team. Try to make her team vulnerable by remembering their techniques before the battle starts.

Roaring Moon Used Its Booster Energy

Roaring Moon increases its capacity

Roaring Moon will use its Booster Energy to have a huge advantage during the battle. Use a Fairy-type pokemon to attack its weaknesses since this type inflicts 4x the damage.

Second Round - Battle With Koraidon

Koraidon Battle Is A Must-Win Battle

There will be a second round after defeating AI Sada, but this time it will be a Koraidon battle. In this round, there is an assurance that you can always win regardless if you don't use Endure, you can still hold on to your 1x HP and after making turns, you will automatically activate Tera Burst in order to win the battle.

Battle Event With Koraidon
  1. Choose Koraidon
  2. Keep attacking Koraidon
    ※ You can choose any technique
  3. Select Endure once Penny asked you to "Hold back"
  4. Koraidon will wctivate Terastal
  5. Activate Terasatala and use Tera Burst
  1. Choose Koraidon
  2. Choose Koraidon for the second round

    In the second round against Koraidon, you will not be able to use normal Pokemon, instead choose Koraidon for this battle.

  3. Select Endure Once Penny Asked You To Hold Back
  4. オーリムの手持ちポケモンと攻略の画像

    Once Penny asked you to hold back during that time you are still deciding to use a technique of your liking, and if you proceed on choosing Endure, your attack will be greatly enhanced.

  5. Koraidon Will Activate Terastal
  6. Koraidon Will Activate Terastal

    During the battle, Penny will prompt that your Tera Orb is glowing, and after that, your Koraidon will activate its Terasatal enhancing its attack and defense.

    Terastal Guide
  7. Activate Terasatal & Use Tera Burst
  8. Activate Terasatal & Use Tera Burst

    Once Koraidon's Terasatal is activated, use Tera Burst to hit your opponent's weak points and inflict massive damage.

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