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Tinkaton Build For Tera Raid - How To Train
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Tinkaton Build For Tera Raid - How To Train

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How to train Tinkaton Build For Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See how to know Gigaton Hammer, Effort Values, recommended skills and what to bring.

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Table of Contents

Tinkaton - Pokemon Details

High-Powered Steel Type Physical Attacker With Excellent Defense

Tinkaton Icon
Tera TypeNatureAbilityHeld Item
FairySteelAdamantMold Breaker
Own Tempo
Sitrus Berry
Base Stats8575777010594

Recommended Moves

  1. Steel
  2. Fairy
  3. Normal
    Status Move
  4. Psychic
    Status Move

Tinkaton is a Steel/Fairy type and has excellent defense. Also its personal move, Gigaton Hammer has amazing power of 160 which has more Attack Power than looking at IVs.

Great against Dragon/Fairy Pokemon

Since it is great against Dragon and Fairy type moves which is a weakness for Koraidon/Miraidon. It will fill in your weaknesses which is a strong point. Especially if the Raid is weak against Steel types, you can use the "Gigaton Hammer" and it will be super effective.

Can Also Be Used For Support

It is a great Attacker when using Gigaton Hammer, but also it will learn Reflect and Light Screen as well, so it can be used for support in certain situations. If you can work your moves properly, completing the Raid will go smoothly.

How To Train For Raids

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▶How To Reroll/Train Tinkaton▶Learn Their Special Moves

How To Reroll/Train Tinkaton

Procedure Guide
  1. Catch the Pokemon prior to evolving, Tinkatink or Tinkatuff
    └ If you want to save money, you would want to Reroll
  2. Use Mints and change Nature to Adamant
  3. Increase Effort Value
  4. Increase Level to 100
  5. Use Bottle Caps to Max IVs
  1. Catch the Pokemon prior to evolving, Tinkatink or Tinkatuff
  2. PokemonLocation
    Tinkatink IconTinkatink
    Tinkatuff IconTinkatuff

    Tinkatink and Tinkatuff can be found on the Map. They will spawn in the areas near the ruins.

    If You Want To Save Money, You Would Want To Capture By Reroll

    Once you have a Tinkaton set up, you would want to use items to increase its Effort Values. With each item, you will need to use money, so if you want to save a little bit of money, you would want to do some reroll for [Nature], [IV], [Ability] to make it easier.

    ▶Best Breeding Guide | How To Make Strong Pokemon

    Confirm The Ability The Tinkaton Has

    If you capture a Tinkaton in a 5★ raid, it might have the Hidden Ability. Hidden Ability [Pickpocket] is not useful against Raid Battles so you want to use the Ability Patch, if you have enough, and change your ability to a normal one. If you do not have enough patches, you would want to get a Wild Tinkaton.

  3. Use Mint and Change Nature to Adamant
  4. ItemEffect/ Where To Get
    Adamant Mint IconAdamant Mint- Change the Nature to Adamant
    - Nature itself remains the same
    - Purchase at the Chansey Supply Shop for $ 20,000

    You can change the Nature to Adamant using the corresponding Mint for it. If you do not have one, get it from the Chansey Supply Shop in Mesagoza or other areas for $ 20,000 Pokedollars. If the original Nature is Adamant, there is no need to use Mints.

  5. Increase Effort Value

    You need to make sure that you do not faint in a Raid Battle. For this you want to distribute to have MAX HP. Also if your attack power is not strong enough, then you will run out of time, so it is recommended that you strengthen your ATK as well. For the rest you have left, you want to use it for SPD.

    If You Have Money To Spare, Buy Items and Strengthen Quickly

    HPHP Up IconHP Up ×25
    Health Feather IconHealth Feather ×2
    ATKProtein IconProtein × 25
    Muscle Feather IconMuscle Feather ×2
    SPDCarbos IconCarbos ×1 or
    Swift Feather IconSwift Feather ×6

    If you have money to spare, you can buy a lot of items to increase your EV in a very fast speed. But each one does cost $ 10000 and for each stats you need 26, and so in total you would need about 50 ($ 500000).

    If You Want To Save Money, Battle Wild Pokemon

    Power Items (Increase Effort Value by +8)
    Power Weight IconPower WeightPower Bracer IconPower Bracer

    By capturing or defeating Wild Pokemon, you can earn 1 to 3 Effort Value for each of them. If you give a Pokemon a Power Item, you can increase the amount of Effort Value it gets by 8. Power Items costs only $ 10,000, so they are recommended for those who want to save money.

    ▶Power Items List

    ▶Recommended Locations To Earn Effort Value

    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location
    +1Lechonk IconLechonk
    +2Oinkologne IconOinkologne
    Chansey IconChansey
    ※Encounter Power Required
    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location
    +1Yungoos IconYungoos
    +2Arcanine IconArcanine
    Heracross IconHeracross
    Ursaring IconUrsaring
    Bisharp IconBisharp
    Lokix IconLokix
    +3Luxray IconLuxray

    If you cannot see the location clearly, click the image to enlarge it.

    Effort ValuePokemonRecommended Location
    +1Fletchling IconFletchling
    Wingull IconWingull
    Buizel IconBuizel
    Magikarp IconMagikarp
    +2Basculin IconBasculin
    Barraskewda IconBarraskewda

    If you cannot see the location clearly, click the image to enlarge it.

  7. Raise Its Level to 100
  8. The Fastest Way Is To Level Up With Rare Candy

    The Fastest Way Is To Level Up With Rare Candy
    Exp. Candy LGives 10,000 EXP
    Exp. Candy XLGives 30,000 EXP

    Complete 5-star or 6-star Tera Raids to get Exp. Candy L & Exp. Candy XL This is the best way to train one Pokemon.

    ▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

    Those With No Candy Can Gain EXP From Chansey

    If you do not have enough candy to raise its level to Lv 100, try to defeat Chansey in North Province Area Three to raise your level quickly. Keep leveling up until you have enough candy to get to Lv 100.

    ▶How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming
  9. Max IV with Bottle Caps
  10. ItemEffect / How To Get
    Bottle CapBottle CapMax one IV
    Purchase from Delibird Presents for $ 20,000
    Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle CapMax All IV
    Purchase from Porto Marinada auctions

    Use the Bottle Cap to "Hyper Train" and raise the Individual Value to the highest except for the Sp. ATK. Hyper Training can be done by speaking to the NPC behind the Pokemon Center in Montenevera.

    Locations To Hyper Train

    MonteneveraNPC Location
    NPC Location

Teach Them The Ideal Moves

Gigaton Hammer
Recommended Move List
Gigaton Hammer- Learn when you evolve
- Power is 160 and main weapon
Play Rough- Learn at Lv 35
- Strong against Dragon Raids
- Can be used after the move Gigaton Hammer
Swords Dance- Learn with TM 88
- Increases Attack Power
Light Screen
- Reflect : TM 74
- Light Screen : TM 75
- If the opponent is mainly Physical then use Reflect, if its Sp. Attack Main, then use Light Screen

The personal move, Gigaton Hammer is learned when you evolve into Tinkaton, so this is a move that you do not want to forget. Swords Dance and Reflect can be learned by TMs so you can make them at the TM Machine so look for items to make it.

How To Use Tinkaton In Raids

Raid Guide
  1. Give them a Sitrus Berry
  2. First turn use Reflect or Light Screen
  3. For turn 2~4 use Swords Dance
  4. Once you use Sword Dance 3 times, use Gigaton Hammer
  1. Give them a Sitrus Berry
  2. ItemEffect / Explanation
    Sitrus Berry iconSitrus BerryWhen a Pokemon holds it, it can eat it to restore its own HP when it is less than half and restore 1/4.
    - Since it can heal its HP you will not wait while using Swords Dance
    Lum Berry IconLum BerryWhen a Pokemon holds it, it will heal from certain conditions (Poison, Paralysis, Burns, Frozen, or Confused)
    - When you are burned, your damage will be increased so to heal these, it will be easier to complete the Raids
    Light Clay IconLight ClayWhen a Pokemon holds, when it uses the move [Light Screen] [Reflect] [Aurora Veil] it will increase by 3 turns.
    - In lengthen the time of these moves, you can cut down the damage and make it easier for you to complete the Raids

    Before participating in a Raid, do NOT forget to give TInkaton an item to hold. The items listed above is highly recommended.

  3. First turn use Reflect or Light Screen
  4. Reflect

    If you have learned Reflect or Light Screen, you would want to use these on the 1st turn. It will decrease the amount of damage you get, and it will allow you to use Swords Dance easier.

  5. For turns 2~4 use Swords Dance
  6. From the 2nd turn and on you want to increase your ATK so use Swords Dance. In about 3 usages of Swords Dance, you will be able to have your ATK to its Max.

    Your Opponent Might Try To Decrease Your Moves

    Sometimes Pokemon in Raids will try to reset your current stats. If this happens, use Swords Dance again. If you start to struggle and you are losing HP, start [Cheering] and prioritize the healing process.

  7. Once you use Sword Dance 3 times, use Gigaton Hammer
  8. Gigaton Hammer

    Once you have used Sword Dance 3 times, you are now ready to use Gigaton Hammer. If it is super effective for some Pokemon, you will be able to defeat it in 1 blow.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Information

Pokemon SV Raid Events Banner
▶Latest Raid Events

Tera Raid Events

EventEvent Duration & Contents
Mighty Mewtwo
Event Period
Sept 1 (Fri) 00:00 - Sept 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
7★ Mighty Mewtwo will appear. The Mewtwo will have a Mightiest Mark and the Tera Type is Psychic.
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How to Train Pokemon for Raid

▶Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles

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