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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming
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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

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Check out how to level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Know the fast way to level up pokemon quickly and early game EXP farm tips..

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How To Level Up Fast?

Fastest Way Is To Do 5 Or 6 Star Raids

Fastest Way Is To Do 5 Or 6 Star Raids
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After clearing the story, there will be 4 Star or 5 Star Tera Raid that will be unlocked on several regions of the map. The 5 Star and 6 Star Tera Raid is the most effective way to level up a single Pokemon as you can also obtain Exp Candy XL or L as additional rewards.

Exp Candy LExp Received 10,000
Exp Candy XLExp Received 30,000
6 Star Tera Raid Guide

Sample Of Amount Of Needed EXP To 100

 Sample Of Amount Of Needed EXP To 100
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The amount of EXP needed to reach Lvl. 100 can be divided in 4 patterns, at Pattern A, you just need to join ten 6 Star Raids.

Pattern APattern BPattern CPattern D
Around 800,000Around 1,000,000Around 1,050,000Around 1,250,000

Use The Raid Battle Recruitment Board!

GameWith's Raid Battle Recruitment Board is very active, you could try to Co-op with others by recruiting or joining teams using the GameWith Raid Search Board if you want to take on raid challenges with high difficulty.

▶Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

Hunt For Chansey At North Province (Area 3)

*Chansey should only be defeated in normal battles as Let's Go! will not give you the experience bonus.

Experience Obtain (Reference)
Lv35(Main)Around 4400 Exp
Lv39(Party)Around 2000 Exp
Lv80(Main)Around 1900 Exp
Lv77(Party)Around 1000Exp

※The Chansey defeated is at Lv44, no EXP Buffs

Defeating many Chansey at North Province Area 3 gives you alot of EXP. You can easily get to this area with Legendary Rides early in the game, making it possible to farm EXP this way so long as you can defeat Chansey. After obtaining 3 badges, you can easily defeat Chansey by capturing a Paldean Tauros.

Chansey - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature
  1. Prepare for Battle with a Pokemon with high ATK Stat.
    └Capture Paldean Tauros if you do not have one.
  2. Head to North Province (Area 3)
  3. Do a Picnic and use Encounter Power: Normal.
  4. Defeat the Chansey that will appear.
    ※ If you use Autobattle, the amount of HP you will get becomes lower.
  1. Prepare For Battle With A Pokemon With High ATK Stat
  2. Prepare for Battle with a Pokemon with high ATK Stat
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    Chansey is weak at fighting types, further more, it has a very low DEF making Chansey vulnerable to Physical Fighting moves. For quick farming, use a fighting Pokemon that has a high ATK. While it depends on the Pokemon, most of the time, Lvl. 30 is enough to defeat Chansey in one hit.

    If You Do Not Have One, Capture A Paldean Tauros

    ※Around the central west of the map near Porto Marinada.

    If you do not have a Pokemon that fits the condition, you can head to Porto Mirinada (around West Province Area 2) and capture Paldean Tauros. Even at its freshly captured state of level 26, it can easily defeat Chansey. At Lvl. 35, it learns the move Raging Bull which makes it easier to farm EXP.

    How To Get To Porto Marinada?

    ※Close to the goal, you can get to Porto Miranada by heading west.

    Start and End
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  3. Head to North Province (Area 3)
  4. North Province Area 3
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    Once you have the Pokemon to defeat Chansey, head to the route above and and head to the North Province (Area 3). Porto Miranda is the start location shown in the map but if you do not know how to get there, check the map in the collapsible section of above.

  5. Do A Picnic And Activate Encounter Power: Normal
  6. Sandwich80: Ham Sandwich

    Upon arriving at North Province Area 3, do a Picnic and prepare a Ham Sandwich to activate Encounter Power: Normal. If you make a mistake in preparing the sandwich, the effect wont trigger so be careful.

    How To Make Sandwiches?

    How To Obtain Ham Sandwich Ingredients?

    MaterialsShop Map
    Ham (170 Poke Dollars)
    Mayonnaise (120 Poke Dollars)
    Mustard (130 Poke Dollars)
    Mesagosa: Artisan Bakery
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    Mesagosa: Artisan Bakery
    Pickle (90 Poke Dollars)
    Mesagosa: Artisan Bakery
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    Mesagosa: Sure Cans
  7. Defeat Chanseys That Appears
  8. Defeat Chanseys

    After activating Encounter Power: Normal, head to the North Province Area 3 to spot Multiple Chanseys. Use the Pokemon you prepared and defeat Chansey for EXP Points. If you cannot defeat it in one hit, use ZR to throw the ball from behind to catch it off guard and get one free turn.

Farm Tatsugiri For Early Game EXP Farming

Can be done after the Academy Event at Mesagoza
▶Story Walkthrough Guide

Experience Obtained (Reference)
Lv5 (Main) Around 5300 Exp
Lv30 (Party) Around 1100 Exp

*The defeated Tatsugiri is Lv 50 and has no Exp. Point Power.

From early game to lvl. 50, you can gain many EXP buy farming Tatsugiri. Below Level 52, the only move that is used by Tatsugiri are water type moves so using Pokemon that has the ability, Water Absorb, will prevent its damage forcing it to use Memento and faint.

Level Up Procedure
  1. Capture a Pokemon with Water Absorb ability.
  2. Head To The Place Where Tatsugiri Appears
  3. Use Water Absorb Pokemon as Main then Battle.
    └Use Food to increase EXP gained.
  1. Capture A Pokemon With Water Absorb Ability
  2. At the area between the first Lighthouse and Los Platos, you can capture a Paldean Wooper that has Water Absorb so capture it.There are other abilities that Wooper can have so it is easier to test it by attacking first with a Water Attack or the ability Trace.

    Paldean Wooper Evolution & How To Get (Location)
  3. Head To The Location Where Tatsugiri Appears
  4. Start-End Location
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    Start at Mesagoza then follow the route above until you reach the place where Tatsugiri spawns. If your Pokemon faints during the trip, go to a Pokemon Center Marked by Pokeballs in the map.

  5. Use Water Absorb Pokemon As Main And Battle Tatsugiri
  6. Use Water Absorb Pokemon As Main And Battle Tatsugiri

    ▲You can easily use Tatsugiri to farm money by defeating Lv 51 Pokemon and below.

    Use the Pokemon with Water Absorb ability as the main Pokemon such as Paldean Wooper use moves like Tail Whip and wait for Tatsugiri to use Memento. Remember that at 52 and above, Tatsugiri will learn a dragon move so only fight those at Lv. 51 and below. After registering in the Pokedex, you can see the level by pressing ZL button to lock on and check level.


Use Water Or Dragon Exp. Point Power To Further Increase EXP Gained

Eat a Sandwich and activate Water and Dragon Exp. Point Power. Doing so will increase the experience gained by the Tatsugiri. You can activate it by drinking Lemon Soda at the Seabreeze Cafe in Mesagoza. After activating, press the right on the d-pad to open up the notice menu and check the remaining effect time.

Sandwich Recipes List - Locations & Unlock

Tips On EXP Farming

Use Food To Activate EXP Powers

Use Food To Activate EXP Powers
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By eating food in cities or villages, you can recieve many effects. One of the effects are Exp. Point Power. This boost the EXP received from a certain type of Pokemon once you defeat it. A cruicial part of EXP Farming so do not forget to eat food.

Make Pokemon Hold Lucky Egg

Make Pokemon Hold Lucky Egg

The Exp gained by Pokemon holding a Lucky Egg increases by x1.5. This can be obtained after gathering 6 Gym Badges and talking to a Gym personel.

▶Story Walkthrough Guide

Fight Group Of Pokemon Using Let's Go

With Let's Go, you can easily defeat many Pokemon. making gathering EXP a breeze when fighting a group of Pokemon. The EXP obtained is only 40% of what is gained from Normal Battles.

Auto Battle Feature Guide - How To & Uses

If You Can Defeat The Pokemon In One Hit, Normal Batter Is Better

If you can defeat the Pokemon on one hit (with Super Effective moves and such) Normal battles would not take much time making it better when farming for EXP. This is especially effective when fighting Pokemon that produces lots of EXP like Chansey

Actively Fight Trainers

Actively Fight Trainers

From battling trainers, you can obtain lots of EXP so make sure to battle Trainers you encounter actively.

Collect Pokemon As you Go


Even just by capturing Pokemon, you can gain EXP so if you encounter a Pokemon you don't have, capture it to get EXP.

Paldea Pokedex Guide

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