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Post Game guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the fourth storyline Endgame, the unlocked contents, Legendary Pokemon, recommended team, rematch and more!

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[The Way Home] Unlocked After Clearing The Main Storylines

The Last Storyline After Completing the 3 Main Storylines

The Way Home

To see the ending of the game, you have to clear "The Way Home," the storyline that proceeds after clearing the three routes. This article summarizes the contents that can be unlocked after the ending.

▶See the Story Walkthrough

Post-Game Unlockables

▼Master Ball Is Available
▼Academy Ace Tournament Takes Place
▼6 Star Tera Raid Battle Unlocked
▼ Koraidon/Miraidon's Form Is Changable
▼ Koraidon/Miraidon Is Catchable
▼Battle Team Star Again
▼Judge Function For IVs Unlocked

You Will Receive The Master Ball

Master Ball

When you visit the Director's Office, you will receive the Master Ball from Clavell, which is able to catch any Pokemon, it is recommended to use for Legendary Pokemon and Lesser Legendary Pokemon.

All Legendary Pokemon List & Types

Academy Ace Tournament Takes Place

Academy Ace Tournament

After you finish the rematches with Gym Leaders, the Academy Ace Tournament will be held. You are able to challenge the students and teachers that have appeared so far.

Gym Leader Rematch Guide

Academy Ace Tournament

Clearing For The First Time
Clearing For The Second Time
Academy Ace Tournament Guide

5 Star Tera Raid Will Be Unlocked By Clearing The Academy Ace Tournament For The First Time


After you first complete the Academy Ace Tournament, Jacq will tell you that a powerful Tera Raid has appeared. And the 5 Star Tera Raid Crystal will also appear.

6 Star Tera Raid Unlocked

Unlocked After Clearing 5 Star Tera Raid At Least 10 Times

powerful tera raid

If you complete the 5 Star Raid a certain number of times, you will receive a report from Jacq about the appearance of 6 Star Tera Raid. We have confirmed that it is unlocked after completing the Tera Raid a total of 10 times, including when the 5 Star Tera Raid has not been unlocked. The crystals of the 6-Star Tera Raid are different from those of the 5-Star and lower levels, they are black with electric shocks.

▶See the Tera Raid Battle Guide

Koraidon & Miraidon's Form Becomes Changable

ride form change
Reduce the Pokemon in your team to 5 or less
Select Koraidon/Miraidon in the lower left corner and press A button
Koraidon/Miraidon will be added to your team

After the ending, your Koraidon/Miraidon will be able to change to Battle Form and join the battle. But note that, they will be out of your team once you use the Legendary Ride in the field.

▶See the Legendary Ride Guide

Unable To Be Sended Into The Boxes

cannot put it in the box

Unlike other Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon that have been added to your team in Battle Form cannot be sended into the boxes.

Koraidon/Miraidon Becomes Catchable

If you reach the deepest part of Area Zero, you will be able to fight Koraidon/Miraidon. This Koraidon/Miraidon is different from those for Legendary Ride and can be put in the box.

Individual Value And Nature Are Fixed

Koraidon IconKoraidon
[Ability] : Adamant
[Individual Value]
HP - Attack - Sp. Atk : [Best!]
Defense - Sp. Def : [Pretty Good]
Miraidon IconMiraidon
[Ability] : Modest
[Individual Value]
HP - Attack - Sp. Atk : [Best!] ]
Defense - Sp. Def : [Pretty Good]

The Koraidon and Miraidon you caught at Area Zero, their Individual Value and Nature are fixed. It is no need to reroll them.

▶How To Catch Legendary Pokemon

Battle Team Star Again

Battle Giacomo again

After the ending, you can visit Team Star's base to have rematches with them once a day. Their Pokemon are around Lv60, which is a good way to farm EXP and money as you will get more than 10,000 in prizes.

Judge Function For Individual Value Will Be Unlocked


Visit the Pokemon Center after the ending, the Judge Function for Individual Value will be unlocked. You will be able to check your Pokemon's Individual Value on the boxes screen.

What To Do After The Ending

▼Complete the Pokedex
▼Catch Paradox Pokemon
▼Catch Lesser Legendary Pokemon
▼Challenge the Academy Ace Tournament second and more round
▼Challenge Tera Raid Battle

Complete the Pokedex

Pokedex Reward

Completing the Pokedex is one of the challenges after completing the game. Many Pokemon only can be caught after the ending.

▶See the Paldea Pokedex

Version-Exclusive Pokemon Can Only Be Obtained By Exchange


There are Pokemon that appear only in one version of the game, and you need to exchange Pokemon from the other version to complete Pokedex.

▶See the Version Differences

Catch Paradox Pokemon

Paradox Pokemon

Paradox Pokemon appear on the way to Area Zero. Those Pokemon that did not appear in the main stroylines will show up, so be sure to catch them.

Paradox Pokemon Are In The Forms Of Different Era

Paradox Pokedex

Paradox Pokemon are the Pokemon, which appear for the first time in this game, in the forms of different era. Most of them are really powerful, you should reroll them not only for Pokedex but also for battle.

Catch Lesser Legendary Pokemon

Lesser Legendary Pokemon

There are several stakes in the Paldea region. If you pull out all the stakes of the corresponding color and head to the shrine, you can battle each Lesser Legendary Pokemon. Although it is possible to encounter them even if you haven't cleared the game, it is recommended to encounter them after then as their level will be 60.

▶See the Stake Locations

Challenge Academy Ace Tournament Second And More Rounds

battle Jacq

You can challenge the Academy Ace Tournament again and again even after winning, and the opponents will change after the second round, it is worthy to challenge.

Challenge Tera Raid Battle

Tera Raid Battle

You can catch rare Tera Type Pokemon by challenging Tera Raid Battle, and it is able to get various rewards in addition to Pokemon.

▶See the Tera Raid Battle Guide

It Is Recommended To Challenge With Friends

A button

You can challenge Tera Raid Battle with your friends. It is more efficient than solo and you may be able to participate in the Tera Raid of the Pokemon you are looking for.

Tera Raid Event Lists

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The Way Home (Zero Lab)

After Completing The Game

Academy Ace Tournament

Clearing For The First Time
Clearing For The Second Time
Academy Ace Tournament GuideFarming Money in Ace Tournament

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