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7 Star Delphox Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon
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7 Star Delphox Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon

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7 star Delphox Tera Raid Strategy Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn more about the best counter Pokemon for unrivaled Delphox, type, moves, & builds!

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Table of Contents

7 Star Delphox Tera Raid - Event Dates & How To Join

Event Dates & How To Join

Delphox Raid
Event Duration1st Wave : July 7 (Fri) 00:00am - July 9 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
2nd Wave : July 14 (Fri) 00:00 - July 16 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
How To UnlockAfter the Ending 6★ Raid Unlocks
How To ParticipatePlay as Multi-Player and Participate in the Raid

The Unrivaled Delphox Tera Raid will only be unlocked after the Ending Event. And you must unlock the 6★ Raids. There are no restrictions for joining Unrivaled Raids with other players, so find a Unrivaled Raid in the bulletin board and participate.

How To Unlock A 6★ Raid
How To Unlock A 6★ Raid
Complete All 3 Routes and watch the Ending
Rematch all 8 Gym Leaders
Complete the Academy Ace Tournament
└ After completing you will be contacted by Jacq
Complete 4★ or more Tera Raid 10 times
└ After completing you will be contacted by Jacq and you have unlocked 6★ Raid

How To Participate Unrivaled Tera Raid

After Unlocking 6 Star Tera Raid
Connect to Internet
① Connect to Internet
Select [Connect to Internet] from Menu. After connecting you will be able to see the Crystals of Delphox Tera Raids.
Mighty delphox
② Go to the Black Crystals Shining On The Map
The Black Crystals shining on the map are the Unrivaled Delphox. Go to that spot and participate in the Tera Raid.
If you have not Unlocked 6★ Tera Raids
Mighty Delphox
① Participate in Multiplayer
Even if you have not unlocked 6★ Raid, you can participate from Multiplayer.

Best Counter Pokemon

Ceruledge That Can Nullify Fire

Tera Type Nature Ability Item
SteelFireAdamantFlash FireCovert Cloak
Base Stats75125806010085

Ceruledge is one of the recommended Pokemon because it has a recovery move and can nullify Delphox's fire moves with its ability. Since the opponent frequently uses Psychic, which Ceruledge is not good at, have Ceruledge hold Covert Cloak, which can prevent special defence down.

Steel Or Fire is Recommended For Tera Type

For Tera Type, we recommend Steel, which can reduce all Delphox attack moves to less than half, including the effects of Flash Fire.

However, since Steel tera type have the risk of taking heavy damage from the opponent's fire moves at the same time Ceruledge ability are disabled, Fire tera type, which can increase the power of Bitter Blade, are also an option.

Recommended Moves

  1. Fire
  2. Normal
  3. Poison
  4. Steel

After raising your own attack power with Sword Dance, attack while recovering with Bitter Blade. Ceruledge can also learn Iron Head, which can attack the opponent's weak point, but it is more stable to attack while recovering with Bitter Blade.

Also, let Ceruledge learn Clear Smog to reset the opponent's special attack up that the opponent will use in the middle of the battle.

▶︎Ceruledge Build For Tera Raid

Armarouge With Acid Spray

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
SteelModestFlash FireShell Bell
Base Stats85601001258075

Recommended Moveset

  1. Steel
  2. Poison
  3. Psychic
  4. Fire

Armarouge, which has excellent resistance including ability, is another recommended Pokemon. Compared to Ceruledge, it has the advantage of being able to boost the firepower of all allies with Acid Spray. However, note that since it relies on Shell Bell for recovery resources, it may be overwhelmed by Magic Room, which the opponent uses in the middle battle.

The Stored Power build Armarouge may not have enough firepower, so if you participate in a random multi-play team, you might run out of time after your ability is reset.

▶Armarouge Build For Tera Raid

Heatran Has An Advantagerous Resistance

TerastalNatureAbilityHeld Item
SteelModestFlash FireMetronome
Base Stats919010613010677

Recommended Moveset

  1. Steel
  2. Steel

Heatran can take the damage from all the Delphox's attacks at less than half. First, use "Metal Sound" to lower the opponent's Sp. Defense, and then use "Flash Cannon" repeatedly.

Since "Metal Sound" is ineffective to an opponent with a barrier, try to gain the number of times "Flash Cannon" to secure firepower with Metronome's effects.

[Multi-Player] Gholdengo + Perrserker

Gholdengo IconGholdengo
Perrserker IconPerrserker
Perrserker IconPerrserker
Perrserker IconPerrserker
▶︎For More Information On This Build

Add EV To Gholdengo's Speed To Make It Faster Than Delphox

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
AnyTimidGood as GoldChoice Specs
Base Stats8760951339184
  1. Steel

Delphox's speed is 268 including nature correction. Distribute EV to Gholdengo's speed to make it faster than Delphox. Use Make It Rain after confirming that Perrserker's Fake Tears has hit the opponent.

▶︎Gholdengo Build For Tera Raid

Perrserker Should Hold Occa Berry

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
AnyCarefulSteely SpiritOcca Berry
Base Stats70110100506050
  1. Dark

Even if you maximize the Perrserker's speed, it will not outperform the Delphox, so give the Perrserker' an Occa Berry to avoid being knocked down by the opponent's Fire Blast.

▶︎Perrserker Build For Tera Raid

Tips On When Participating Unrivaled Raids

Challenge With Level 100 Pokemon

Challenge With Level 100 Pokemon

7★ Raids are very powerful so it is recommended to have a Pokemon that is Level 100 to participate. Even on the Official it has been posted, [It is very hard to defeat by 1 Trainer]. So be prepared by leveling up your Pokemon.

▶How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

[Caution] Most Past Unrivaled Bosses Are Not Useful

All the Pokemon that has been caught in the 7 star raids are all starting Level 100, but they do not have any useful skills to participate in an Unrivaled Raid. Especially in Multi-Player, it is disliked so if you are planning to use it, then use in Solo battles.

Use The Appropriate Raid Pokemon

Compared to 5★-6 raids, you can not win by just consecutively attacking with Koraidon's "Collision Course" and Miraidon's "Electro Drift". Make sure you research the opponent's abilities and choose a Pokemon that is your advantage.

7★ Raid Bosses Are About 25 Times Normal HP

This guide is created as an assumption it can be defeated with a One Shot. This article is not made with throughtout precise measurements.

7★ Raid Bosses HP is 25 times a regular Pokemon raid. For example, if the Pokemon that is in the Raid Boss has a regular HP of 300, then in a 7 star raid, it is estimated to have about 7,500 HP. Due to this you will not be able to defeat it with a Pokemon with low attack power and run out of time.

Other Powers Are The Same

Other than HP (ATK/DEF/SP ATK/SP DEF/SPD), the other status does not range differently. You especially want to learn the SPD, because you will have an advantage if you choose a move that has a faster reaction than your opponent.

How To Fight & Defeat Unrivaled Delphox

Unrivaled Delphox Stats

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
Base Stats756972114100104
▶︎Delphox - Type, Moveset, & Stats

Unrivaled Delphox Moveset

  1. Psychic

The Unrivaled Delphox use the type-matching Fire Blast and Psychic as well as the fairy move Dazzling Gleam. Also, since Will-O-Wisp burns your Pokemon, a special attacker or a physical attacker that can nullify the burn is recommended.

It Uses Dazzling Gleam On Its First Move

The Unrivaled Delphox uses Dazzling Gleam right at the start of the raid. Be careful not to let your opponent take advantage of your weakness and knock you down.

It Uses Magic Rooms And Nasty Plot In The Middle Of The Battle

As the remaining time decreases, it will use Magic Room and Nasty Plot. If it uses Magic Room, you will lose the effect of the held items for 5 turns; be careful if you rely on Shell Bell or other items to recover HP, you will have a hard time after the middle of the battle.

Hidden Ability "Magician"

  1. The Pokemon steals the held item of a Pokemon it hits with a move.

It has the Hidden Ability "Magician", like those of past 7-Star raid Pokemon.

This Ability Is Not Activated In Tera Raid Battle

We tested this by transforming Ditto, and found that the opponent's ability Magician was not activated and our held item was not taken away. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Unrivaled Delphox is practically without any abilities.

7 Star Delphox Tera Raid Rewards

List of Rewards


The Unrivaled Delphox Raid rewards are still not confirmed, but if it is the same as the past Unrivaled Raids, you will get a great amount of EXP Candy L or XL, Rare Candy, and Tera Shards. But you will not get Herba Mysticas and other food ingredients.

Past Unrivaled Raid Rewards
けEXP candy IconEXP candy LEXP Candy XL IconEXP Candy XL
Tera ShardTera ShardRare CandyRare Candy
Star Piece IconStar PieceComet ShardComet Shard
Nugget IconNuggetMint IconVarious Mints
PP UpVarious VitaminsBottle CapBottle Cap
Ability Capsule IconAbility CapsuleAbility Patch IconAbility Patch (Rare)

Guaranteed Ability Patch and Gunk Shot On First Catch

Ability PatchAbility PatchわざマシンのアイコンTM Machine

In the past Unrivaled raids, when you complete it for the first time, you will receive an "Ability Patch" and a "TM Machine" that relates to the Unrivaled Pokemon. It is most likely this will be the same case.

Can Capture 1 Fixed 6IV Delphox

Delphox Icon

In this event you will only be able to get 1 Unrivaled Delphox per save data. It is most likely all of them have a fixed 6IV. All the nature and ability will be fixed as well so you can not reroll them.

Delphox - Type, Moveset, & Stats

The 2nd One Can Only Be Obtained By Breeding

Breeding Walkthrough
Add the Unrivaled Greninja and Ditto in your Pokemon team
Use the Egg Power then start up a Picnic
Wait about 30 seconds and check inside the Basket and press the A Button and find Eggs
Have the Eggs inside your team and walk around or ride your Legendary Ride
Best Breeding Guide

You may not get 2 of the Unrivaled Delphox. Other than an undiscovered Egg Group, you can breed it with a Ditto and get an offspring without the "Mightiest Mark".

Get The Mightiest Mark

After defeating can get Mighty mark

When you capture the Unrivaled Delphox, it will come with a mark called [Mightiest Mark]. When you take it out to battle, it will have a different effect then using a normal version.

▶Mark List - How To Get & Titles

Recommended Sandwiches Before Challenging

During Raid Power, Increase In Reward Items


When you participate in a Delphox Raid with activated the Fairy Raid Power, you will get an increase in rewards when you complete the raid. If you want to gather Tera Shards efficiently, then this is the best way.

Recommended Fairy Raid Power Recipes

Fairy Raid Power Lv1 (Without Herba Mystica)

  1. Bacon
    Encounter Rock Lv1
    TeensyGrass Lv2
    RaidFairy Lv1

Fairy Raid Power Lv2 (Without Herba Mystica)

  1. Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
    Whipped Cream
    Encounterあく Lv1
    HumungoDragon Lv2
    RaidFairy Lv2

Fairy Raid Power Lv3 (With Herba Mystica)

  1. Tomatoes
    Spicy Herba Mystica
    Sweet Herba Mystica
    SparklingFairy Lv3
    TitleFairy Lv3
    RaidFairy Lv3
▶Sandwich Recipes Guide

Foods that Activate Fairy Raid Power

FoodsRaid Power/Purchasable Cities
Choco Mint Ice
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
(950 Pokedollars)
Fairy Raid Power Lv1
・Porto Marinada
・Los Platos
Klawf al Ajillo
Klawf al Ajillo
(1,500 Pokedollars)
Fairy Raid Power Lv1

Will There Be Shinies?

There Will Be A Chance No Shinies In The Raid

There is a chance there will not be any Shiny Delphox's in the Mighty Delphox Raid so you do not need to reroll and capture your Fixed 1 6V Pokemon.

If You Breed, You Can Get A Shiny

Reroll Using Breeding Technique

Reroll Procedure
By completing the Pokedex you will receive the Shiny Charm which increases your chances of getting a Shiny.
▶Paldean Pokemon Pokedex
PrepareReceive a Ditto from overseas by trade
▶Ditto Trading Board
Use Egg Power
(Recommend going to restaurant in Cascarrafa and getting Lv 2)
Put just the Foreign Ditto and Mighty Pokemon in your party
Other than the city, open up a Picnic
Take your Pokemon out of its ball and leave them alone
Check the basket next to the table and see if you have an Egg
*If you leave them alone longer, you may get a few
Put 1 Pokemon and 5 Eggs in your party and run around
You want to add Pokemon with the Abilities *Magma Armor, Flame Body, Steam Engine with your Eggs in your party, so you can decrease the amount of walking steps to hatch your eggs.
Once the Eggs hatch, check to see if Shiny
Repeat these Steps until you get a Shiny

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