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2.8 Update Banners, Characters & Contents

Genshin | 2.8 Update Banners, Characters & Contents

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2.8 update is an upcoming version for Genshin Impact. Guide includes character banners, release date, patch notes, schedule, Summer Fantasia, what to expect, weapons, characters

Table Of Contents

2.8 Version Updates
KazuhaKazuhaKleeKleeShikanoin HeizouHeizouYoimiyaYoimiya
Hangout For HeizouSummertime Odyssey
Echoing ConchesPhantasmal ConchesImaging Conches
2.8 Livestream Schedule

2.8 Update Patch Notes & Live Contents

Version Release Schedule
2.8July 13, 2022

2.8 Update Is Now Live!

New Quests
Acer Palmatum Act 1
└ Story Quest of Kazuha.
Trap 'Em by Storm
└ Hangout Event for Shikanoin Heizou
Version Limited Quest
The Treasure of the Four Skerries
Thus Was the Work Done in Vain
Treasure Voyage
The Final Treasure
Drama Phantasmagoria
Bake-Danuki Wanderlust
The Misplaced Photo
The Discarded Insignia
A Misplaced Conch
New World Quest
Film Notes
2.8 Update Banners, Characters & Contents

2.8 Update Content Summary

Main Cover
New Banners
Klee Rerun BannerSparkling Steps
1st Phase
2022/07/13 - 2022/08/02
KleeKleeShikanoin HeizouHeizouThomaThomaNingguangNingguang
Kazuha RerunLeaves In The Wind
1st Phase
2022/07/13 - 2022/08/02
KazuhaKazuhaShikanoin HeizouHeizouThomaThomaNingguangNingguang
YoimiyaYoimiya Banner
2nd Phase
YoimiyaYoimiyaBennettBennettXinyanXinyanYun JinYun Jin
New Events
Summertime Odyssey
└ Main event for version 2.8
Evermotion Mechanical Painting
└ Steampunk-themed Puzzle using Gears
Resonating Visions
└ Collect Conches to receive the free Fischl Skin.
Reminiscent Regimen
└ An event that is held at Golden Apple Archipelago.
Hidden Strife
└ Story for Diluc's new skin
New Materials & Weapons
New Collectible
Phantasmal Conches
New Weapon
Kagotsurube Isshin (Cursed Blade)
New Skins
Ein Immernachtstraum
└ New Skin for Fischl
Red Dead Of Night
└ New Skin for Diluc
New Quests
Acer Palmatum Act 1
└ Story Quest of Kazuha.
Trap 'Em by Storm
└ Hangout Event for Shikanoin Heizou
Version Limited Quest
The Treasure of the Four Skerries
Thus Was the Work Done in Vain
Treasure Voyage
The Final Treasure
Drama Phantasmagoria
Bake-Danuki Wanderlust
The Misplaced Photo
The Discarded Insignia
A Misplaced Conch
New World Quest
Film Notes
Island Puzzle & Gimmicks
Island Gimmicks
Minacious Isle Gimmicks
Pudding Isle Gimmicks
Broken Isle Gimmicks
└ Twinning Isle Gimmicks

New Character For 2.8

Shinkanoin Heizou

Shikanoin Heizou

A new Anemo character that is officially introduced by Hoyoverse. He is widely known as a young detective from the Tenryou Commission that is a free-spirited personality and also an admirable character.

2.8 Update Character Banners


Phase 1 Banners: Kazuha & Klee Reruns

Phase 1 Banner

The first two rerun will be Klee and Kazuha. This is the first set of banners that will be released for version 2.8 and it will be released once version 2.8 update maintenance is done.

Shikanoin Heizou Is One Of The 4 Star Characters

Heizou, the new 4 star character, will be released in the with Klee and Kazuha as one of the featured 4 stars.

Phase 2 Banners: Yoimiya Rerun

Phase 2 Banner

After the first phase end, Yoimiya will be back! A suiting character for a summer themed celebration.

More About Yoimiya Banner Rerun Here!

2.8 Update Upcoming Events

Summertime Odyssey

Summertime Odyssey

Summer Odyssey is the main event for the 2.8 Update. Explore a new realm with characters such as Kazuha, Mona, Fischl and Xinyan. The new location will take place in another version of Midsummer Island or Golden Apple Archipelago.

Summertime Odyssey Event Guide

Includes Different Mini-Games

Summertime Odyssey also features different mini-games including a Coop exclusive event.

Evermotion Mechanical Painting


Evermotion Mechanical Painting features different puzzles using gears. It will also give you a new furniture for your Serenitea Pot!

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Event Guide

Resonating Visions

Fischl Skin

This event is similar to the Echoing Tales Event, in which you must find conches scattered throughout the Golen Apple Archipelago. Collecting enough conches will give you the brand new Fischl Skin!

Resonating Visions Event Guide

Reminiscent Regimen

Reminiscent Regimen

Reminiscent Regimen is the first Co Op exclusive event in Genshin impact! Play with your friend in Golden Apple Archipelago and do various puzzles!

Reminiscent Regimen Event Guide

Hidden Strife

Hidden Strife

Hidden Strife is an event that lets you test the new skin of Diluc. You will also receive various rewards such us upgrade materials and primogems!

Hidden Strife Event Guide

2.8 Update Patch Notes New Quests & Hangout

Acer Palmatum Act 1: Story Quest For Kazuha

Kazuha Story Quest

Learn more about Kazuha's family and the mysterious sword through the new story quest Acer Palmatum Act 1.

Story Quest Of Kazuha Release Date & Walkthrough Guide

Act 1 - Trap 'Em by Storm (Hangout For Shikanoin Heizou)

Phase 2 Banner

Shikanoin Heizou will have his own Hangout together with his release. Bond with Heizou and help him solve different crimes in Inazuma!

Hangout Event For Shikanoin Heizou Endings Guide

Limited World Quest

Version 2.8 features limited quests that should be done within the version. Make sure to unlock and accomplish all of the quest above before the end of update to not waste rewards such as Primogems.

New World Quest

These world quest will stay even after the version update. You can take your time in clearing the quest in this list.

2.8 Update Patch Notes - New Features

Skin System (Character Skins) Guide

Premium Character Skin For Diluc

Diluc Skin

Diluc will have a new outfit that will be on sale starting version 2.8. This is also the first 5 star skin that will give additional effects to the skills and also an additional idle animation for Diluc.

Skin Of Diluc (Red Dead Of Night) - Looks & How To Get

Free Skin For Fishcl

Fischl Skin

Fischl will also have her own skin. This can be obtained for free by finishing the event "Resonating Visions". After the version ends, it can be bought in the shop using Genesis Crystals.

Skin Of Fischl (Ein Immernachtstraum) - Looks & How To Get

2.8 Update Patch Notes New Areas

Golden Apple Archipelago Returns

Golden Apple Archipelago

An upgraded version of Golden Apple Archipelago was shown in the livestream. It seems to feature the whole island plus some upgrades.

Golden Apple Archipelago Guide

2.8 Update Patch Notes - New Weapons & Artifacts

This section will be updated once the weapons & artifacts for this 2.8 update are officially introduced by Mihoyo.

2.8 Update Patch Notes - Adjustments

In-Game Optimizations

Spiral Abyss
Blessing of the Abyssal Moon Phase 1: Valiant Moon
On-field character gains 1 Fortitude stack every 2s, 3 stacks max, which increases ATK by 20%. Hitting an enemy with 3 stacks with Charged Attacks will unleash a shockwave.
Phase 2: Windswept Moon
Swirl decreases the enemy's DEF by 12% for 10s, 3 stacks max.
Phase 3: Shivered Moon
On-field character's Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 12% for 8s whenever you hit an enemy, 4 stacks max.
Floor 11 Ley Line Disorders Whole party gains 75% Pyro DMG Bonus
Floors 11 & 12 Update Different monster lineup
Enemy Update
Specters HP & interruption resistance reduced, HP% to fill the Fury meter increased, and can now be affected by CC when not in "expanded" state.
Looting an Item the icon of the drop will also show the stacks number if it's more than 1
Filtering Artifacts Optimizes the attribute filtering of Artifacts
Prompts Adds "Traveler" Character Level-Up prompts to the character screen.
Receiving a Gift Adds Receiving a Gift voice-over lines for some characters in "Character > Profile."
Optimization Sound effects for certain character attacks
Volume performance of some cutscene animations
Japanese, English, and Korean voice-over for certain characters, quests, and NPCs
Voice-Over of Venti Adjusts the Korean voice-over to be consistent with the subtitles.
Wish Interface During the same period of Event Wishes, when you enter the Wish interface again, the page will retain the Wish interface selected when you exited last time.
Paimon Menu "Guide" page changed to "Version Highlights"
Fixed Issue When Using A Controller Fixes an issue whereby buttons may conflict in the "Character Selection" interface: in the "Character Selection" interface, the Claim Friendship Rewards button will be hidden and the corresponding function of the L3 button will be to carry out filtering.
The Purchase button and purchase function of items that are not available for purchase or redemption in the Event Shop will be disabled.

2.8 Update Patch Notes - Bug Fixes

In-Game Fixed Issues

The Tales Behind the Fan Quest item "Archaic Stone" from the Story Quest "No Mere Stone" would disappear abnormally after completing the World Quest
Perilous Trail Errors in the text of some quest items in the Archon Quest
Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Baleful Vajras summoned would have a small probability of positioning themselves incorrectly
Stormterror Dvalin The character would have a small probability of not being able to target and aim correctly when attacking the claws
Xiao & Gorou Clipping would occur on their movements on the Characters > Talents interface and optimizes the streamer ribbon effects on Gorou, Venti, and Kaedehara Kazuha's outfits on this same interface
Tartaglia Elemental Skill CD duration would be abnormal after performing certain actions if he enters Melee Stance after using his Elemental Skill
Yelan Whitesilk Mantle caused clipping to occur in Aimed Shot at certain angles
Lisa When equipped with the Echoes of an Offering and activating the 4-Piece Set effects, her Normal Attacks would have a small probability of triggering an additional instance of Physical DMG
Missing A chance that music may be missing in some cutscene animations
Missing sound effects in some environment areas
Controller Mode Attribute Reference interface could be opened abnormally in the Weapon Switching interface
Serenitea Pot The Snow Weasel model would not display correctly in the placement function
Aether Would not have an expression during his idle animation on the character interface
Sayu, Itto, Diona, & Yanfei The character interface where their shadow would flicker abnormally during some of their idle animations
Mail There are emails in some languages (such as Thai) in the Mailbox, some emails in the Gift Mail Box are not displayed normally
Tutorial Entry Reward There is a small chance of not being able to claim Primogems. After the version update, the tutorial entries whose rewards could not be claimed will reappear with a red notification dot and claim Primogems as normal.
Co-Op Mode If the host performed certain actions, enemies in the open world would abnormally remain in the state when the game was paused after a guest entered the world
Weapon Effects A small probability of disappearing after character teleportation
Shatter Reaction Character switching or sprinting had a chance to abnormally trigger the Shatter special effects repeatedly when the character undergoes the Shatter reaction.
Missing Subtitles When playing in Japanese, German, English, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, some subtitles were missing in the cutscene animations of individual quests
Textual Errors Some textual errors in 13 languages and optimizes text. "Note: Related in-game functions have not changed." (Travelers can view the changes in different languages by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Language and changing the Game Language.)

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