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Starlight Coalescence Locations & How To Get

Genshin | Starlight Coalescence Locations & How To Get

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Starlight Coalescence is an Event Item in Genshin Impact 2.8. Guide includes locations, uses, where to get, how to capture, how many, and all 8 locations of Starlight Coalescence.

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How To Get Starlight Coalescence & Location Map

All Starlight Coalescence Locations Confirmed

Minacious Isle Two Island Form

First Island FormSecond Island Form
Version 1
Version 2

Minacious Isle has two island forms, and Starlight Coalescence is scattered on both.

Change Island Form

Place in Water

Use the pool to change the Island Form.

Starlight Coalescence In First Island Form

Version 1 All Loc

You can find all the Starlight Coalescence on the first island form on the map above.

Starlight Coalescence Location 1

Map 1-1
Loc 1-1

From the teleport waypoint, go to the Elemental Monuments and use the air current to glide northeast to get to the platform.

Starlight Coalescence Location 2

Map 1-2
Mural 1-2

Above is the initial location. Touch the star on the wall for the Starlight Coalescence to appear. Following it will lead you to change the island form where you can find the final location.

Starlight Coalescence Final Location 2

Map 1-2.1
Loc 1-2

Starlight Coalescence Location 3

Map 1-3
Map 1-3

From the teleport waypoint, go towards the mountains and use the air current to easily see it from above. Then glide towards the platform.

Starlight Coalescence Location 4

Map 1-4
Loc 1-4

Above is the initial location. You will need to break the rock for the Starlight Coalescence to appear. It will climb up the hill and then flies towards the platform above to its final destination.

Starlight Coalescence Final Location 4

Map 1-4
Loc 1-4.1

Starlight Coalescence In Second Island Form

2nd Isle All Loc

You can find all the Starlight Coalescence on the second island form on the map above.

Starlight Coalescence Location 1

Map 01-01
Capture 01-01

You can find it inside a hole and it's guarded by hilichurls inside.

Starlight Coalescence Location 2,3,4

Map 01-0234
Capture 01-0234

3 Starlight Coalescence can be found in the sky with a Luxurious Chest. You can get there by activating the portal after solving the Elemental Picture Puzzle.

Solution To Unlock The Portal

Elemental Monuments

Go to the Elemental Monuments Location in Minacious Isle.
2Activate the Elemental Monuments in the following order : Pyro > Anemo > Cryo > Hydro.

It will then activate a portal.

Hit the pinwheel with Anemo and use the air current to enter the portal.

Starlight Coalescence Location 5

Map 2
Location 2

Above is the initial location, you can find a mural around the centermost area of Minacious Isle. Interacting with it will release a Starlight Coalescence. Follow the start to its final location and capture it.

Final Place For Location 5

Map 2 Final
Loc 2 Final

Starlight Coalescence Location 6

Map 1
Loc 1

You can easily obtain this Starlight Coalescence by climbing the mountain marked on the map and jumping on the platform. Some sections in the air have a transparent platform that can only be seen when it's raining. Makes use of that platform to easily capture the Starlight Coalescence.

Starlight Coalescence Location 7

Map 4
Location 4

Starlight Coalescence can be easily found by gliding from the top of the mountain toward the sea. There are transparent platforms nearby that can only be seen when it's raining. You may also use those to get to the Starlight Coalescence.

Starlight Coalescence Location 8

Location 6
Location 6

Starlight Coalescence can be found by the sea protected by monsters. It is also close to a Sea Ganoderma.

Starlight Coalescence Location 9

Map 01-09
Capture 01-09

Starlight Coalescence is inside the Precious Chest that you can obtain by solving the puzzle on the top of the ruins.

Solution To The Puzzle

Puzzle Solution

Follow the pattern above to solve the puzzle.

Starlight Coalescence Location 10

Location 5
Location 5

Place 3 Starlight Coalescence in the contraption to unlock a hidden path. Climb the highest pillar in the location accessed to get another Starlight Coalescence.

Starlight Coalescence Location 11

Map 3
Location 3

The next location is close to the Luxurious Chest where you will use Starlight Coalescence. Climb the broken pillar and reach the top to obtain.

Starlight Coalescence Location 12 & 13

7 & 8

To unlock 2 of Starlight Coalescence, you must get the Sea Salt-Crusted Key and finish the puzzle related to the key.

Location Of Sea Salt-Crusted Key

Key Map
Key Location

Puzzle Location


Make sure that you are in the version of the island wherein there are no small island on the left side of Minacious Isle. You will not be able to find this location at "In The Water". Just getting the key from that location is enough.

Puzzle Step-By-Step Guide

Click To Reveal Guide

Proceed inside the cave ruins.

Pull the lever you will find inside.

At the opposite side of the first Lever, will be torches and another lever behind them pull that lever.

The cage from the ceiling will be open so quickly pass through it.

Continue the path and use the Sea Salt-Crusted Key at the gate.
6At the shining pot. obtain another Sea Salt-Crusted Key.
7 Destroy all of the pots in the area to open the gate.
8 Follow two stars. One of the stars is located past the hole on the right side of the time device.

Starlight Coalescence Location 14

Map 01-14
Capture 01-14

This Starlight Coalescence is not visible unless you get close to it and it's high above the mountains so you need to glide from a higher place.

Use The Constellation Path

Path to 14

You can jump off from the Constellation Path above the ruins and then glide towards the location of the Starlight Coalescence.

Uses Of Starlight Coalescence

Unlocks 3 Luxurious Chest


To unlock a Luxury Chest that is on the top of a mountain at Minacious Isle, you need to collect Starlight Coalescence.

Location Of The Luxurious Chest

Luxuruous Location

8 Pieces Needed

To unlock the Luxurious Chest, 9 pieces of Starlight Coalescence are needed. These can be found all around Minacious Isle.

Unlocks Transparent Platforms

Path to Luxurious Chest

By submitting 3 Starlight Coalescence, you will unlock a secret invisible path that will lead you to a Luxurious Chest. Presenting all of the Starlight Coalescence will not only reveal a path to another Luxurious Chest, but it will also unlock the first one found.

What To Do With The Extra Starlight Coalescence?

Extra 10 Starlight Coalescence


As of now, there are a total of 18 Starlight Coalescence, but only 8 of them were used to unlock the Luxurious Chest. It appears that there is still no other use for the extra 10 Starlight Coalescence. We will update this page if we find another way to use it. If you got any information on what to do with the extra, share it on the ▼Comments below!

What Is Starlight Coalescence?

Starlight Coalescence
CategoryEvent Item
DetailA translucent crystal that seems to hold coalescent starlight within it. This item seems to be key to solving a certain mechanism puzzle somewhere.

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Spent 2 hrs collecting the remaining 7 yet was still useless in the end.

Anonymous 3

i have 4 extras... no more uses for them?

Anonymous 2

there are a extra 9 .....

Anonymous 1

what is the use of the 5 extra stars

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