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Hangout Event For Faruzan Endings & Answers Guide

Genshin | Hangout Event For Faruzan Endings & Answers Guide

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Faruzan's Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact. Guide includes story endings, dialogue choices, branches, quiz, poem, answers, hidden achievements & rewards.

Table of Contents

3.5 Version Update
Fungus MechanicusFaruzan Hangout
Dehya StoryHeated Battle Mode
Hangout Event Characters & Guides

Faruzan Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

Released On March 1, 2023

Permanently Available After The 3.5 Update

faruzan hangout for 3.5 update
Release Date
March 1, 2023

It's been confirmed that Faruzan and her Hangout Event will be released as part of the upcoming 3.5 Update. This was announced during the recent 3.5 Livestream.

3.5 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

How To Unlock?

Unlock Conditions
Complete the following quests:
Akasha Pulses, The Kalpa Flame Rises
Vulpes Zerda Chapter: Act 1 (Tighnari Story Quest)

Requires Story Keys To Unlock

Might Require Story Keys To Unlock

Requires 2 Story Keys to unlock the event and you can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Complete Daily Commissions For Keys

Upon completing the Daily Commissions you will obtain a Story Key that will be needed to unlock the Hangout Event. These keys are the same keys to unlock a Story Quests.

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

Faruzan Hangout All Endings Guide

All Ending List

Stories Of The Past

Stories of the Past Faruzan Hangout Ending

Branches & Major Choices

An Akademic Problem
Let's help her resolve her current problem first.
I can stay and help Faruzan.
(no other choices)
Let's observe the situation first.
It's no trouble at all.
Tell me more about that Haravatat Course...
Direction of Research?
(no other choices)
(So this subject is what you might call a "Sunset Industry"...)
Wait, I have an idea.
(no other choices)
Collei needs to learn how to read...
Does she have to hold this class IN the Akademiya?
Doing Paperwork Sure Is Tough!
Did I end up giving her a bad idea?
The way she treats you...
So she's a teacher with no students...
(no other choices)
So you're scared of her because...
That sounds like something a grandmother might do for her granddaughter...
(no other choices)
That was fast!
(no other choices)
(Were they convinced...)
Out learning objectives is to teach people to read, right?
(no other choices)
...What other learning methods does Collei use?
So we've got teaching methods sorted out.
How old is that story, exactly...?
Finding Teaching Material Sure Is Tough!
There might be people out there who will.
Those are what we call "tropes".
(no other choices)
It's for readers who don't care much for logic.
(Is she embarassed to admit that she likes books like that?)
She was able to say those phrases in such a serious tone...
I think it's because such names are "fancy"...
The most popular book back then?
What's wrong?
(no other choices)
That book's only 100 years old, Collei...
I'm afraid not.
Who was the passerby, in any case?
(no other choices)
Being A Classic Sure Is Tough!
You don't have to worry about that.
The story's decline might not have been due to changing trends...
...But I suppose the principle is the same.
You should think about the present first.
How about "The Legend of Antara", then?
(no other choices)
Perhaps "Analysis of Popular Literature" might do the trick?
I think we can ignore the whole dark history thing just for now...
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Knowledge Is Wealth!

Knowledge Is Wealth! Faruzan Hangout Ending
Question And Answer Time
So, about Kshahrewar...
Then why do you refuse to join them?
(no other choices)
Do you have any ideas?
Try to be accurate and detailed?
A Failed Reference Book...?
(Adjust the in-game time - in two days)
I feel like I'm in class
I must apologize, too...
(no other choices)
Will there be an issue with the Akademiya?
(no other choices)
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The Gardener And The Nursery

The Gardener And The Nursery Faruzan Hangout Ending

Branches & Major Choices

An Akademic Problem
Let's help her resolve her current problem first.
I can stay and help Faruzan.
(no other choices)
You don't have to force yourself.
I specialize in solving problems.
Let's hear what this Kshahrewar collaborative project is about...
He only said that you're a very senior researcher in the field of mechanisms...
It wouldn't hurt to hear them out.
(no other choices)
I can help out.
Toys And How To Play With Them
By any chance, has it been very difficult for you...
So they were lured in by the promise of a different toy...
* 127 steps.
Achievement: ▼ Mechanics: From Beginner to...?
Should I come back in two days, then?
(no other choices)
Question And Answer Time
Oh yeah, about Anis...
Why don't you take her on as your student?
(no other choices)
I see. I hadn't considered that.
(no other choices)
About the collaborative project...
Try to keep it simple and fun?
Potential Students...?
(Adjust in-game time - two days ahead)
Looks like these early learning toys are a success.
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Start Over

Start Over Faruzan Hangout Ending

Branches & Major Choices

A Mysterious Senior
In a predicament, I see?
(no other choices)
Why'd you think of me...?
Research banned by the Akademiya?
Who's "she"?
(no other choices)
When you say "very experienced"...
(no other choices)
100 years? Is she human?
(no other choices)
Do we really have to invite her here?
(no other choices)
Did she get caught by the Akademiya?
(no other choices)
Sure thing.
(no other choices)
An Akademic Problem
She looks so young!
(no other choices)
(What in the world happened to her?)
Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Madam
(no other choices)
(This sounds like some internal Akademiya dispute...)
(Collei seems like she wants to say something...)
(no other choices)
Please give me a moment with Collei
(no other choices)
Let's think of some way to get her to Pardis Dhyai.
I do have the makings of an idea.
Actually, Tighnari wants to invite her over to discuss some research.
(no other choices)
That was quick thinking back there
(no other choices)
A Greater Problem
(no other choices)
I also wanted to ask about her past..
(no other choices)
(no other choices)
(no other choices)
I see
(no other choices)
It has collected parts before, yes...
From the Ruins?
(no other choices)
Why's that?
(no other choices)
What's the lead researcher's name?
The Ruin Wanderer
She's a researcher from the Akademiya.
We can't just waste our time here like this.
This machine they speak of...
What's so weird about it?
(no other choices)
I want to learn more about the legend of the Ruin Wanderer (no other choices)
Suspicious Abounds
A dozen years ago?
(no other choices)
The Restitution Module!
(no other choices)
You've encountered others besides Karkata?
(Is it no longer around?)
Why didn't you go and investigate earlier?
(no other choices)
No problem.
(no other choices)
It's me
What's the tent you mentioned, if I might ask?
And you're discussing that over here because...
(no other choices)
There are people who'd steal these relics?
(no other choices)
We're heading back already?
(no other choices)
Thoughts That Wandered For A Century
You can decipher coded messages?
(no other choices)
So "tent"...
(no other choices)
They still prayed for your safe return...
(no other choices)
...I'm sorry.
(no other choices)
Faruzan Hangout rewards
* Read all the 3 letters scattered on the ground, in front of Faruzan
Achievement: ▼ To You In A Hundred Years
Time To Decide
(Tell the whole truth...)
(no other choices)
A Promise To The Future
(Adjust the in-game time the next day)
(no other choices)
I'll help, too
(no other choices)
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Welcome Back, Faruzan

Welcome Back, Faruzan Faruzan Hangout Ending

Branches & Major Choices

Time To Decide
(Keep Tamimi a secret)...
(no other choices)
Chat Under The Moonlight
(Adjust the in-game time to the next day)
I told them about Raed.
You don't plan on telling them?
(no other choices)
You don't have to shoulder all this alone.
It would be my pleasure.
(no other choices)
You got it.
(no other choices)
(no other choices)
Welcome home, Faruzan
(no other choices)
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Faruzan Hangout Event - Rewards

Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward

Faruzan Hangout rewards

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you various rewards! This includes Primogems, Mora, and sometimes even Dishes!

Achievements Unlocked

Faruzan Hangout ending achievements
Optimal SolutionComplete A Confounding Conundrum and unlock all endings.
To You in a Hundred YearsRead all the letters sent to Faruzan
Mechanics: From Beginner to...?Guess correctly the smallest number of moves it will take to solve a seven-layer Pagoda Stack.
Check Out The All Achievements List Here!Hangout Event Characters & Guides

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meth 6

out of nowhere i got hit in the feels. unbelievable

Fikar Exact 5

One of the best Hangout events story, "To you in a Hundred years". Where once she was adrift on the sea of time, she has found her home s**** once again.

Hi 4

Why Stories of The Past ending, not start from Tighnari and Collei scene? I just confused with the chosen word that you showed to us from the beginning hangout story. The chosen word is not really same with in-game. But i just realized, Tighnari and Collei scene is in the Start Over Scene.

Ren 3

super useful!

Anonymous 2

thank you for this!

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