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Genshin | Hangout Event For Kaveh - Endings & Answers Guide

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Kaveh Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact 3.7. Guide includes story endings, dialogue choices, branches, answers, choices, hidden achievements & rewards!

Table of Contents

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

Kaveh Hangout All Endings Guide

All Ending List

Number of Hangout Endings
5 Endings
Number of Hangout Achievements
2 Achievements Unlocked
Tap To Jump To A Route Guide
▼ Leisurely Gathering ▼ A Done Deal ▼ Blueprint for the Future
▼ Beneath the Stars ▼ First Class

Leisurely Gathering

kakveh hangout event ending

Branches & Major Choices

Commissioner Quarrel
* No conversation
Tavern Heart-toHeart
"Are you all right?" (no other choices)
"I saw you arguing with someone just now..."
"I'll have a glass of juice" (no other choices)
"Something that embodies the creator's efforts and dedication?"
"Let's do something else and clear your mind"
"Why did you decide to become an architect?"
"Would she be able to understand how you're feeling right now?" (no other choices)
"Um... Do you think I can come with you?" (no other choices)
"I don't think so." (no other choices)
A Dear Memento
"What's wrong?" (no other choices)
"Is that a... drawing?" (no other choices)
"Why do you say that?"
"And what happened after that?" (no other choices)
"A notebook with a lock?" (no other choices)
"You could open it and take a look" (no other choices)
"Your birthday?"
"We can try asking some of her old acquaintances..."
"Who is that?" (no other choices)
The Missive Locked Away
"Don't tell me this is..." (no other choices)
"Maybe that's what she was trying to tell you?" (no other choices)
"Yeah, they do seem familiar..." (no other choices)
"Wait, you were actually considering not going?" (no other choices)
"It's normal for friends to take care of each other"
"It's always fun to have you around, Kaveh." (no other choices)
Companionship, The Sole Antidote
"Perhaps you could adjust the pace of the curriculum?" (no other choices)
"I think she should get through the second phase of her studies first" (no other choices)
"But you don't love your job, Kaveh?" (no other choices)
(Kaveh sure gets drunk fast...) (no other choices)
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A Done Deal

kaveh hangout story ending

Branches & Major Choices

Tavern Heart-toHeart
"Are you all right?" (no other choices)
"I followed you here"
"I'll have a glass of juice" (no other choices)
"Art is something that resonates with the masses?"
"I'll help you convince the client to come to your side"
"I don't think he was intentionally trying to be difficult"
Searching for the Commissioner
"Why do I feel like he's hiding something?" (no other choices)
"Should we follow him and see if anything unusual comes up?" (no other choices)
"He sounds super frugal, too" (no other choices)
Concealed Circumstances
"Why didn't you just tell us that from the start?"
"Bad people are everywhere" (no other choices)
"You seem really passionate about this project" (no other choices)
"Would any other merchants be willing to sponsor the project?"
"Can we ask Dori?" (no other choices)
"Maybe she can connect us with some of her contacts?" (no other choices)
"Let's get back to why we're here" (no other choices)
"We would like to ask for your help in introducing us to some merchants" (no other choices)
"Thank you" (no other choices)
"You can get Kaveh's client to advertise you business in the desert"
"Please only ask questions that are relevant to the discussion"
"That's just business, I guess" (no other choices)
A Merchant Most Famous
"Is Lord Sangemah Bay?" (no other choices)
"You seem rather pleased" (no other choices)
"You don't mean..." (no other choices)
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Blueprint for the Future

kaveh hangout ending

Branches & Major Choices

Concealed Circumstances
"Why did you feel like you needed to lie?"
"Bad people are everywhere" (no other choices)
"You seem really passionate about this project" (no other choices)
"Can we try a slightly different style?"
Field Study
"Are you hurt?" (no other choices)
"What's on your mind?" (no other choices)
"You are also that kind of person, which is why you're helping him"
"And is that still how you feel? (no other choices)
"I'll help you when the time comes"
"Setaria?" (no other choices)
"You've got a new design plan already?" (no other choices)
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Beneath The Stars

kaveh hangout ending

Branches & Major Choices

A Dear Memento
"What's wrong?" (no other choices)
"Is that a... drawing?" (no other choices)
"You sound as confident as you used to be"
"And what happened after that?" (no other choices)
"A notebook with a lock?" (no other choices)
"You could open it and take a look" (no other choices)
"Even after all those years?" (no other choices)
"Your name?"
"Then maybe we should just put it aside for now" (no other choices)
"Sounds good to me" (no other choices)
The Temple of Wisdom
"You sound like you almost miss it" (no other choices)
"Why did you like to draw in the House of Daena?" (no other choices)
"I want to know what happened next"
"Kaveh's feeling a little..." (no other choices)
"Waiting is about all we can do..." (no other choices)
"He was put through the wringer recently by a particular difficult client" (no other choices)
"It doesn't seem far from the truth, though" (no other choices)
"So the problem is with Kaveh...?" (no other choices)
"Wait, what?" (no other choices)
"An arch bridge?"
Successes and Regrets
"Did you design one of the buildings here?" (no other choices)
"How did you come up with the idea for it?" (no other choices)
"I'm sure the residents of Port Ormos really enjoy it"
"But having no regrets would also mean you had no higher hopes for the future" (no other choices)
"I wouldn't mind" (no other choices)
Desert Sanctum
"You also haven't completely lost your passion for life" (no other choices)
"Now that's more like the Kaveh I know" (no other choices)
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First Class

kaveh hangout event

Branches & Major Choices

Educational Organization
"Did you start a new career?" (no other choices)
"I think you can give it a go"
"I'll join you for the lecture" (no other choices)
"Can I take a look at your materials?" (no other choices)
"It's okay, I was thinking about taking a walk anyway" (no other choices)
Activity: talk to Adan and Adil
"Did something happen, Kaveh?" (no other choices)
"Why do you say that?" (no other choices)
"So...instead of making money from architecture, you made your money from your students?" (no other choices)
"What do you plan to do next?"
"You'll give up the mora?" (no other choices)
"There's something strange about all of this" (no other choices)
"Some of the students didn't appear to be very wealthy"
"We can try asking the students"(no other choices)
Activity: talk to Uzayr
"Something doesn't feel right about all of this" (no other choices)
"We can pretend to be potential customers" (no other choices)
Arrested Development
"I'm really interested in architecture"
"What contract?" (no other choices)
"The matra will happily answer that question"
"That's no excuse for your actions" (no other choices)
"Alkami tried to hire Kaveh as one of his instructors." (no other choices)
"Oh? How so?" (no other choices)
"And that's why he thinks you're too rigid when it comes to making mora" (no other choices)
"It's good to stay true to yourself"
"Sure, I'll come" (no other choices)
The Best Building
"Where to?" (no other choices)
"What's the point of this exercise?"
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Kaveh Hangout Event - Rewards

Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward

Kaveh Hangout event rewards

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you various rewards! This includes Primogems, Mora, and sometimes even Dishes!

Achievements Unlocked

kaveh hangout achievements
Art and Life Complete "The Pendulum of Weal and Woe" and unlock all endings.
An Architect's RomanticismChat about the future with Kaveh in the desert.
Check Out The All Achievements List Here!

Kaveh Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

Part Of The 3.7 Update

Kaveh's Hangout Event was announced to be released as part of the 3.7 Update. This was announced in the 3.7 Livestream.

3.7 Update Release Date & Character Banners
Release Date
May 24, 2023

* This hangout event will be permanent after the release.

How To Unlock

Unlock Conditions
└ Adventure Rank 40 or above.
└ Complete Akasha Pulses, The Kalpa Flame Rises
└ Complete Alhaitham Story Quest - Vultur Volans Chapter 1: Act 1

Requires Story Keys To Unlock

kaveh story keys kaveh hangout event

Requires 2 Story Keys to unlock the event and you can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Complete Daily Commissions For Keys

Upon completing the Daily Commissions you will obtain a Story Key that will be needed to unlock the Hangout Event. These keys are the same keys to unlock a Story Quests.

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

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Anonymous 4

need to include how to get to educational organization in first class

Fikar Exact 3

There are 3 Achievement.

Achievement "School Days" can be obtained by reading 3 books in bookshelf when you meet Kaveh and Alhaitam in Academiya.

Merilly 2

If you want to get the "First Class" route, follow "Leisurely Gathering"'s route in the tavern until you reach the prompt about Kaveh choosing a new career and pick that to get back to the guide.

Some may not remember where that split was, so I'm mentioning it again.

MangoTango 1

In the Beneath the Star ending, during The Temple of Wisdom, if you inspect all 3 bookshelves after Kaveh rearranged them you can get the School Days achievement.

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