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Hangout Event for Gorou Walkthrough - All Branches & Endings
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Hangout Event for Gorou Walkthrough - All Branches & Endings

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Gorou's Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact. This guide includes release date, story walkthrough & endings, dialogue choices, branches, how to unlock, achievements, and rewards!

Table of Contents

Gorou's Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

Gorou's Hangout For 2.3

Gorou Hangout Event
Release Date
November 24, 2021

Gorou's Hangout event is set to be released on November 24, 2021 and it will also be permanently available after 2.3 version update.

2.3 Update & Patch Notes

Gorou Hangout Event - How To Unlock

Requires 2 Story Keys To Unlock

2 Story Keys

Upon the release of the Hangout Event, it's likely that it will require 2 story keys to unlock it similar to previously released Hangout events.

Get Story Keys By Doing Daily Commissions

You can obtain Story Keys by doing daily commissions. You can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Who Is Gorou?

A New Geo Character For 2.3

Genshin Impact Gorou

Gorou is a new Geo Bow that will be available for the second phase of the 2.3 Update. He can be obtained through Arataki Itto's Banner.

Gorou Best Builds

Gorou's Hangout Event - All Branches & Endings

Warning; This section contains major spoilers about Gorou's hangout.

Hangout Event Summary

Num Of Endings5
Num Of Achievements3

Ending 1 - Desserts Are The Best!

Gorou Ending 1

Branches & Major Choices

Accidental Encounter
"Alright, that's enough!"
(Steal a glance at Gorou's tail)
Countermeasure Conference
"Do you know Yae Miko well?" (no other choices)
"Why don't I help you overcome this weakness?"
"I can act as a personality you find difficult to deal with..."
"Have you found yourself in scenarios like this before?" (no other choices)
"Then I'll pretend to be a merchant!" (no other choices)
Professional Imitator
"Oh, it's you. You came all this way to see me?"
"20,000 Mora" (no other choices)
"That's it? Just like that?" (no other choices)
"200,000 Mora, then." (no other choices)
"Let's switch to something that you're more interested in." (no other choices)
"100,000 Mora for a slice of cake." (no other choices)
"If you want to bargain, you'll have to do as I say"
"I really don't think so..."
"I think I've met Fatui with the right kind of personality" (no other choices)
"I like you just the way you are."
"The more, the merrier!"
"Looks like I was pretty convincing"
Activity: Defeat the Fatuis.
※ (Gorou can be used for trial)
"There's only one thing for it"
"I'll imitate the person you fear the most"
"Be brave and give it a try."
That Didn't Work?
"Ready?" (no other choices)
"It sounds like you won't mind if I don't go easy on you?"
"Go on, let me rub your ears!"
"Like Yae Miko?" (no other choices)
"???" (no other choices)
"That makes sense" (no other choices)
"Surely some cake will cheer you up"
"You don't get to eat cake very often?" (no other choices)
"Want to try my cake?"

Ending 2 - The Smiling Send-Off

Gorou Ending 2

Branches & Major Choices

Countermeasure Conference
"Do you know Yae Miko well?" (no other choices)
"It's ok, let's just ignore her"
"Actually, Yae Miko's not all bad..."
"What is it?" (no other choices)
The Secret Behind The Letters
"I'll stay and keep you company"
"It sounds like she's falling in love"
"More professional than I expected..." (no other choices)
"What does this one say? (no other choices)
"Perhaps take a softer tone..."
"Are you sure that will work?" (no other choices)
"Is it someone you know? (no other choices)"
"You'll have to answer this one, Gorou"
A Friend's Path
"Let's go visit them together" (no other choices)
"We all go through it."
"Long live the resistance!" (no other choices)
Those Who Depart
"Ms. Hina?"

Ending 3 - That's, Uh...

Gorou Ending 3

Branches & Major Choices

The Secret Behind the Letters
"I'll go keep watch at the Yae Publishing House"
The Mysterious Pamphlet
(Let's see what this is all about) (no other choices)
"I've never heard of her"
"Looks kind of familiar..."
"So Ms. Hina is..." (no other choices)
(I wonder how Gorou would react to this...) (no other choices)
"No she isn't" (no other choices)
"What's up, Gorou?" (no other choices)
"Why are you helping to write for them?" (no other choices)
(I'll just have to hide it from him for now) (no other choices)
"Why don't I deliver them for you..." (no other choices)
(Temporary) Secret-Keeper
"Not really..."
"You're imagining things!"
"It's a Narukami Island custom!"
(Phew, managed to keep him in the dark...) (no other choices)
"I heard Yae Miko is about to arrive back!" (no other choices)

Ending 4 - Final Remembrance

Gorou Ending 4

Branches & Major Choices

Countermeasure Conference
"Do you know Yae Miko well?" (no other choices)
"It's okay, let's just ignore her"
"Let's steer clear of Yae Publishing House for now, then."
"No problem"
Treasure Rumors
"Has the box gone?"
"Let's head to Komore Teahouse first" (no other choices)
"A place to have tea"
"You understand Taroumaru?"
"I don't..." (no other choices)
"You got all that from "woof"!?" (no other choices)
The Good Returned
Activity: Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
"Troumaru's best buddies!"
"Yes, Sir!" (no other choices)
"Are you going to open it and take a look?" (no other choices)
"What are these?" (no other choices)
"Gorou..." (no other choices)
"You got the box back. It's alright now" (no other choices)

Ending 5 - Tactical Retreat

Gorou Hangout Ending 5

Branches & Major Choices

Countermeasure Conference
"Do you know Yae Miko well?" (no other choices)
"Why don't I help you overcome this weakness?"
"We can start with some theoretical study..."
Asking Around
"What's the logic behind that?" (no other choices)
"What does it say?" (no other choices)
"I think we can visit Yae Publishin House" (no other choices)
"are these books personally selected by Yae Miko?" (no other choices)
"What's Up?" (no other choices)
Praying for Fortune
(Select the rightmost Fortune Slip)
"This must be a trap" (no other choices)
Shrine Showdown
"We're in this together"
"You know we were coming?" (no other choices)
"Whoa there, calm down Gorou!" (no other choices)
"Yeah, me too..."
"I can't take it anymore"
"Gorou..." (no other choices)

Poll - Which Ending Is Your Favorite For Gorou?

Gorou's Hangout Event - Rewards

Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward

Gorou Ending Rewards Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward
Click to Enlarge

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you rewards relating to the character you had an event with. If Gorou's Hangout event follows the same format as those released before, it should give rewards per ending unlocked!

Completing Endings Could Unlock Achievements

Gorou's Hangout Event Achievements
Click to Enlarge
To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is The QuestionDiscovering Ms. Hina's true identity at the Yae Publishin House.
General of WatatsumiComplete "The Canine General's Special Operations" and unlock all endings.
Changing TimesDraw all the Fortune Slips at the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Completing an ending & going through all possible paths in the Hangout event can also give you access to obtain Primogems and unlock some achievements under the Wonders of the World Achievements List.

Check Out The All Achievements List

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Anonymous 4

There’s a third achievement you have to draw all the fortune slips

Spelling Nazi 3

There's a spelling error under Ending 5 during tactical retreat. You spelled "Wgat's" when it's actually spelled "What's" in the game

Anonymous 2

There are 3 total achievements for Gorou, not 2.

Anonymous 1

there's another achievment called "changing times" that can be done by drawing all Fortune slips

Anonymous 1

There is actually three achievements, on the Grand Narukami Shrine, if you draw all the fortune slips, there is an achievement to get.

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