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Lynette's Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact. Guide includes story endings, dialogue choices, branches, quiz, poem, answers, hidden achievements & rewards.

Table of Contents

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

Lynette Hangout All Endings Guide

All Ending List

Number of Hangout Endings
Number of Hangout Achievements
Tap To Jump To A Route Guide
▼ Adventurers, Investigators, and Cats ▼ A Roaring Success ▼Standby Mode
▼ Save the Kitty! ▼ A Seat in the Audience

Adventurers, Investigators, and Cats

Lynette Hangout Event ending

Branches & Major Choices

A Chance Meeting
"What are you up to?"
"Made you jump? Barely. I didn't notice."
"..So uh, what kind of trouble are you in, exactly?" (no other choices)
"I see...So they sent someone to find you and bring you back? But why?" (no other choices)
"The lead role!?"
"So this is the dramatic debut of the magician's puppet, huh..." (no other choices)
"That does sound pretty avant-garde... But can people understand the plot?" (no other choices)
(For once, you weren't able to use Lyney as a human shield...)
"I take it Bonnie's your pet cat?" (no other choices)
"...And you've already named her!?" (no other choices)
"Owner? Not a stray cat, then?" (no other choices)
"Is this a tough decision for you?" (no other choices)
"What's this?" (no other choices)
"And how does that help you make a decision" (no other choices)
"Simple and straightforward!" (no other choices)
"I feel like maybe this wasn't a design issue..." (no other choices)
A Decision
"Less than 5... So that means, no helping Bonnie..." (no other choices)
(I think what Lyney really meant is, sometimes you have to accept the answer you didn't want...)
"Alright, I'll pick another card for you..."
"I think you should help Bonnie..."
"So, how do you plan to find Bonnie's owner" (no other choices)
"Sure, if it means I get to hang out with you for a bit longer" (no other choices)
The Forgotten Cat
"Any commissions in there about a missing cat?"
"I'll be there!"
(Adjust the in-game from 7:00 - 9:00)
"What's going on"
"How about...we let Bonnie decide?" (no other choices)
[Animal Handling] (Let's see who Bonnie decides to approach)
- Use the Fateometer (note this is an RNG system)
"This is no way to tell who her owner is..."
"Then how are you sure she belongs to you?" (no other choices)
"What's the Humane Society" (no other choices)
(WIth us here to keep watch... it should be fine...)
"So... is this your friend's cat?" (no other choices)
"So... is this your friend's cat?" (no other choices)
"...!" (no other choices)
"If I were on the run..."
"So, what's being smuggled?" (no other choices)
"Who is he exactly?" (no other choices)
"Could his family be hiding him?" (no other choices)
"Is it really okay to share all this information with us?" (no other choices)
"You don't look so good..."
"Then the assassin Elodie mentioned..."
"...Are you okay?" (no other choices)
"You think he knows about Pierre?" (no other choices)
"Along the way? Are we going somewhere?" (no other choices)
"Are you trying to help out Lyney with his investigation?"
"Sometimes, you've just got to take the bull by the horns, right?"
Lefevere's Curse
"We meet again" (no other choices)
"Are you here because of the Lefevere Case?" (no other choices)
"...You're really teaming up with the House of Hearth?" (no other choices)
"I'm assuming you wouldn't be opposed to some extra help?" (no other choices)
"But little sisters don't stay little forever"
"So, that would mean... Pierre is a bastard child?" (no other choices)
"Wait, what happened?" (no other choices)
"Did you find anything useful at his residence?"
"What is it, Lynette?" (no other choices)
"She must have wandered off only after Pierre brought her to his secret base." (no other choices)
[Animal Handling] I can give it a go... Meow... Meow meow...
(note this is an RNG system)
"I'll leave it to you then.." (no other choices)
"That's why the Marechussee Phantom didn't find anything suspicious in his home" (no other choices)
"What about if the dropoff happened at sea? There'd be no one around to see him" (no other choices)
"To lightly seal big bags full of air"
"Turning them into airtight flotation devices" (no other choices)
"Barrels that could float away and get lost at sea...
Pierre's Lost Base
"Why use such a convoluted drop-off method, though?"
"That explains why we couldn't find evidence linking him to any overseas operations" (no other choices)
"Have you looked into the ports already?" (no other choices)
"A small boat and a few barrels isn't going to get you very far..." (no other choices)
"We can still search for other clues"
Harbored Secrets
"We're here to check the travel logs..." (no other choices)
"What are you doing here?" (no other choices)
"Are things usually pretty hectic around here" (no other choices)
"Whatever Girard smelled on you probably came from us.."
"We've encountered that organization before, right?" (no other choices)
"He was using the animals at his shelter"
"So that they wouldn't be digested" (no other choices)
"...So that the animals would be able to breathe." (no other choices)
"..So that they would keep still in the floating barrels." (no other choices)
"Do you think Bonnie could have Imitation Sinthe in her stomach? (no other choices)
"The fact is probably what spared Bonnie" (no other choices)
"They also would have needed a lot of cleaning agents to get rid of the resulting smell"
"So, where is he now? (no other choices)
So, where's that letter now?" (no other choices)
Falling Into Layers of Fog
(First, Talk to Lynette)
- Choose About Bernard's Letters
Choose the ff thoughts:
- The lost cat, Bonnie
- The Letter's purpose and then submit conclusion
Choose the ff thoughts:
- The end of Lefevere" associate it with the Pet Handoff.
- Initial suspicious, then submit conclusion
Choose the ff thought:
- Ingredients
- Ledger, then submit conclusion
(Lastly, Talk to Elodie)
[Contemplation] (They're about to leave. Is it really okay to let them go?)
(note when choosing a card, it has an RNG system)
"Hold it right there!" (no other choices)
"...Bernard and Pierre. They weren't really acting alone, were they? (no other choices)
"And Pierre thought he was taking orders from Bernard"
"But for all this time, neither of them knew..."
"And considering his precarious situation, the pendant should have been the last thing Pierre would leave lying around."
"Honestly, this third person probably planned to sell both of them out from the very beginning."
"With everything accounted for, the third person would then be cleared of all suspicion."
"And made him "disappear"
"Bernard would then testify that Pierre was the one who cam eup with the whole plot."
"Not so fast" (no other choices)
"Miss Elodie Lefevere?" (no other choices)
"And once the Special Patrol and Lyney got involved..."
"A great option, of course, would be to also dispose od Bonnie, and leave her body at Pierre's base in anticipation of a later discovery." (no other choices)
"However, something unexpected happened at the base..."
"But you were extremely unlucky."
"And you also knew of Lynette's previous encounter with the Lefevere family"
"By showing us the port's travel logs..." (no other choices)
"You'd open the lids and also dump in the raw materials"
"As long as you did it before Pierre came for his pickup, there'd be no on the wiser" (no other choices)
"First, you got in touch with both parties, and secured the raw materials"
"And requested that Pierre pick up the barrels and bring them back to his base"
"But do you have any evidence?"
"You could also keep him in a very cool environment to be handled later"
"Chevreuse! Lyney!
"No one asked about your past"
[Deception] (Assist Lyney in deceiving Elodie)
"Don't do this Lyney" (no other choices)
"And what about that device she had? (no other choices)
(So, she really was just bluffing...) (no other choices)
"She also pretended like she had a villainous breakdown..."
"You mean... when you said I could stop by your place?"
Robogirl's Rest and Relaxation
"A cup of tea, please."
"Are you not interested in any follow-up developments from it?"
"The tea party"
"With quality time, you should be able to recharge more quickly."
"When did you start to suspect Elodie?"
"Back then, Elodie tried to get close to Bonnie..."
"Hmm, fair enough! (no other choices)
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A Roaring Success

Lynette hangout event endings

Branches & Major Choices

A Decision
"I feel like maybe this wasn't a design issue" (no other choices)
"Less than 5... So that means, no helping Bonnie..." (no other choices)
"You should leave the razzle-dazzling to Lyney..."
"I think you should head back to the drinks reception..."
"I mean...clearly you don't want to go... You could just--" (no other choices)
"You'll feel guilty inside?" (no other choices)
"Sure. Then you'll have at least one friend there."
A Banquet
"You're so popular!" (no other choices)
[Insight] Observe Lynette to see how she's doing (note this is an RNG system)
Are you alright...? (no other choices)
"Tea party mode...?" (no other choices)
"Maybe after a few more interviews, you'll get used to it?"
(Wait, that means...the reception STILL isn't over?) (no other choices)
"Furina, You managed to get an invite to the drinks reception, too? (no other choices)
"So then, what did you think?" (no other choices)
A Cloud of Suspicion
When you left the event midway... What was the real reason? (no other choices)
...I mean, if you really don't want to talk about it... (no other choices)
"Maybe someone's jealous of you? You did land a leading role in your first show"
"Okay... Well, if you're not worried, I'm not worried. (no other choices)
"What!? It's a threat letter!" (no other choices)
(Examine the letter to see if there is anything amiss...)
(Think back to what was happening on the first floor while we were taking some time out...) (no other choices)
"Shall we ask Merieux what he makes of "You have destroyed this work of art" "? (no other choices)
"We won't take up too much of your time." (no other choices)
"Then how do you explain this letter?"
"Could it be someone involved in the production?"
"Well ... Is there any way Lynette could lie low until this blows over?" (no other choices)
"You sound very familiar with their methods"
"Do you think that's it? (no other choices)
"So you noticed that too" (no other choices)
"Do you know where she lives?" (no other choices)
"She's got a bone to pick with you, I guess? (no other choices)
"Can we talk about the original protagonist?"
"Lynette received this letter..."
"How do we get our hands on the original draft? Who currently has it? (no other choices)
Behind the Scenes
"...It's very rough. Looks like he was constantly editing it"
(Investigate all the 5 documents)
"...It would destroy the reputations of Maloney's friends"
"Convincing him to replace the lead actress won't be easy..."
[Contemplation] (Is there any other way?) (note that this is an RNG system)
"It's no good. Merieux wo;; never consent to it" (no other choices)
"Huh? .. Wait, surely you don't mean...(no other choices)
"Whether the plan succeeds..."
[Contemplation] (Could the letter be from one of Gillian's fans?) (note that this is an RNG system)
"...Huh? So Suddenly?" (no other choices)
"Was it Gillian's sister?" (no other choices)
"She wrote that letter in a fit of anger"
"Aren't you gonna confront her about it?" (no other choices)
"I can imagine (no other choices)
"No wonder she's so hostile towards you"
(Adjust the in-game time 2 days later from 16:00 to 18:00)
"Well done, Director. You saw through it" (no other choices)
"And you have no hope of paying them all off"
"Or this director not all he's cracked up to be?"
"Do you think the critics will still have any credibility then?" (no other choices)
"Look who finally decided to show up"
"He's the one who was looking at Lynette with contempt"
"It's clear as day that Gillian is an outstanding actress"
"And her acting debut was sure to attract attention"
"Or because you were lured in by the money...
"Ultimately, you betrayed yourself by choosing Lynette" (no other choices)
"...At the cost of your own artistic integrity?"
[Persuassion] Today is the day! It's time to live your dreams! (note that this is an RNG system)
"You two should definitely keep in touch"
"..." (no other choices)
"Oh no, I can't take anymore of that..." (no other choices)
(His worst fear is coming true...)
"I'm sure that will help Director Merieux by setting future audiences up for the surprise twist at the end." (no other choices)
"Is an excellent piece of theater, and not celebrity cameos"
"Wouldn't you say Gillian's was the performance of a lifetime?"
"How would you rate this show?"
That's All, Folks!
"At least you came to your senses just in time"
[Performance] What's she talking about? Never heard of it. (note that this is an RNG system)
"Alright, that's enough..."
"What's up? (no other choices)
"Is smiling tough for you? (no other choices)
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Standby Mode

Lynette hangout event ending

Branches & Major Choices

A Decision
"I feel like maybe this wasn't a design issue" (no other choices)
"Less than 5... So that means, no helping Bonnie..." (no other choices)
"You should leave the razzle-dazzling to Lyney..."
"How about... you do neither?"
"That applies both to your troupe, and to Bonnie's owner"
[Persuasion] Well, Bonnie sure seems to like that idea! (note that this is an RNG system)
"We can just stick around here for a while"
"If you're going into standby mode..."
"Shall we get some snacks for us, too?"
"Let's find a place to chill"
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Save The Kitty!

Lynette Hangout event ending

Branches & Major Choices

Falling Into Layers of Fog
(Talk to Elodie and not Lynette)
[Contemplation] (They're about to leave. Is it really okay to let them go?)
(note when choosing a card, it has an RNG system)
"Don't force yourself"

A Seat In The Audience

Lynette hangout event endings

Branches & Major Choices

That's All, Folks!
"And you've got an amazing group of talented people behind you"
(Wait and see how things play out)
"Shall we hear what Lynette has to say?" (no other choices)
"She seems pretty insistent..."
"The show's about to start"
"You gave her your supporting role in the play, too?"
"You don't feel even a little bit disappointed?"
"Like you are doing now?" (no other choices)
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Lynette Hangout Event - Rewards

Lynette Hangout Event Rewards

Each Ending Unlocks Different Rewards

Lynette Hangout Event rewards

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you various rewards! This includes Primogems, Mora, character ascension materials, and even the character's specialty dish!

Unlock Achievements

Lynette hangout achievements
Decks & DetectivesHave a peaceful tea party with Lynette after solving the smuggling case.
SpeedrunPersuade Lynette to spend a leisurely, peaceful day with you.
Indicators of FateComplete "Checks & Cats" and unlock all endings.

Lynette Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

Released On March 13, 2024

Permanently Available After The 4.5 Update

Lynette Hangout Event
Release Date
March 13, 2023

It has been confirmed that Lynette and her Hangout Event will be part of the upcoming 4.5 Update. This was announced during the recent 4.5 Livestream.

4.5 Update Release Date & Banners

Requires Story Keys To Unlock

Might Require Story Keys To Unlock

Requires 2 Story Keys to unlock the event and you can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Complete Daily Commissions For Keys

Upon completing the Daily Commissions you will obtain a Story Key that will be needed to unlock the Hangout Event. These keys are the same keys to unlock Story Quests.

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

How To Unlock?

Unlock Conditions
└ Adventure Rank 40 or above.
└ Complete the Archon Quest: Masquerade Of The Guilty
└ Complete Animula Choragi Chapter: Act I - Furina's Story Quest

Other Character Hangout Events

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

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Anonymous 3

without going thru the talk with lynette its really hard to get the number above 20 :/

Anonymous 2

Who in their right mind would make a hangout event rng based. I'm just gonna have to retry drawing cards over and over again until I get one

Kyrios 1

Worst Hangout event of all time I would recommend you guys don't do this sh*t at all unless you want the ending and achievements. this takes eternity to complete and boring af and RNG based

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