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Hangout Event For Kaeya - Endings & Answers Guide
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Hangout Event For Kaeya - Endings & Answers Guide

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Kaeya Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact 3.8. Guide includes story endings, dialogue choices, branches, answers, choices, hidden achievements & rewards!

Table of Contents

Kaeya Hangout Event - Branches & Endings

All Ending List

Number of Hangout Endings
Number of Hangout Achievements
Tap To Jump To A Route Guide
▼ Questions ▼An Informant, Or A Friend? ▼ A Boat Untethered
▼ The Grapes of Warmth ▼ Our Sun

Ending 1: Questions

Ending 1: Questions

This ending is related to the play at Port Ormos where Kaeya shows off the Sailwind Shadow costume.

Branches & Major Choices

The Birdwatcher
That's not what a Dusk Bird's call sounds like.
Guess your natural charisma drew me here.
A Familiar Face In A Faraway Place
Do you wanna stop and see the show?
The Stage
Feels like we've missed a lot of the backstory.
Hello. (no other choices)
How did you become friends with Darbil? (no other choices)
Sounds like this story has made quite an impression on you.
All the World's a Stage
It's too bad that we won't see the end of the story.
Can Kaeya fill in for him? (no other choices)
I was just kidding. (no other choices)
You're such a show-off! ...But you do look pretty good.
I would bravely face my fate.
Good show, Kaeya.
Didn't want to stay for a free meal sometime?
Must It Be So?
I thought your performance was intriguing.
Mostly, I was curious to know what was going through your mind on stage. (no other choices)
Do you really believe that?
I'm not sure I fully understand...
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Ending 2: An Informant, Or A Friend?

Kaeya ending hangout event

Branches & Major Choices

The Birdwatcher
That's not what a Dusk Bird's call sounds like.
Guess your natural charisma drew me here
A Familiar Face In A Faraway Place
Where were we just now? Travel expenses?
His Ideas
isn't this embezzlement?
Let me take you somewhere new
No problem, I'll show you around
Feathers Adrift in a Spring Breeze
I know all the best scenic spots. Can't go wrong when you're with me
Actually, let's check if they sell anything off the shelf
Ah, you the jade-betting guy
(We should be careful...)
Are you really thinking of buying it? (no other choices)
I have a better-quality pieces than these
Maybe he owes Kaeya money?
Kaeya is a kind soul
Old Favors
Let's find some seats (no other choices)
Didn't you say you had something to do at the South Wharf?
So wait, Kaeya's saved you more than once?
Activity: talk to Kaeya, Guangzhi and Aunt Zhang
Did you avoid bringing up the whole story on purpose?
You have a favor's ledger?
I know Dr. Baizhu! Maybe I should go and help...
... (no other choices
Did you like the storyteller?
Were you defrauded?
Don't say that. This is not your fault. (no other choices)
Your good nature is nothing to be ashamed of
What is it, Kaeya? Got a solution?
There must be more we can do
You didn't want others to laugh at Captain Wu's woes.
And that's why I believe you'd be willing to help (no other choices)
(Adjust the in-game time to 8:00 - 12:00 the next day)
The Gamblers
Got it (no other choices)
Note: if he touches his Chin, it means bet heads, if he touches his forehead, go for tails
I'll head up now
The other tables are all taken. This was the only place left.
(Kaeya is a young lord from a wealthy family)
I am an aspiring foreign disciple of the Guhua Clan (no other choices)
Where are you originally from?
But waterfront properties are so expensive...
It's the Guhua Clan (no other choices
The Guhua Clan is devoted to the teaching of martial arts (no other choices)
If you're comparing the Guhua Clan to street performers, we have noting to talk about (no other choices)
I will take my leave now. I'll get my own check as well (no other choices)
I was merely passing by. Your generosity would be better served elsewhere
...Wanna fight? (no other choices)
Ugh... Okay, then how about we settle this with a coin toss? (no other choices)
I'll foot my own bill if I win (no other choices)
You insulted me first, and now you also want to dictate terms?
If I win the bet, you have to make a formal apology to the Guhua Clan (no other choices)
Easy. We can just borrow a pen from the counter to mark one side (no other choices)
Sure (no other choices)
Note: Kaeya touches his Chin, it means bet Heads
Let's keep going
(This isn't a part of our plan! What should we do...)
(Why is Kaeya still smiling...)
No need
(Phew, that was a close call) (no other choices)
My turn (no other choices)
I'm out
You're on your lucky streak today
Yeah, he said one million.
Feel free to find me again if you need any further explanation (no other choices)
I think you delivered
Here, Sir. I am happy to give a testimony
I'm just glad that nothing went wrong when I tossed the coin (no other choices)
How do you control it, anyway?
He caught us off guard when he insisted on taking the second coin toss (no other choices)
Never change your good nature
Kaeya just put the coin back in his pocket... (no other choices)
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Ending 3: A Boat Untethered

Ending 3: A Boat Untethered

Branches & Major Choices

The Birdwatcher
That's not what a Dusk Bird's call sounds like.
Guess your natural charisma drew me here
A Familiar Face In A Faraway Place
Where were we just now? Travel expenses?
We can't spend public money for our own amusement.
I can join you for the journey.
You got me a souvenir?
Fine. (no other choices)
Thank you, I'll put it on display.
We can chill out together, so you can relax without getting bored.
Poems Dedicated to the Wind
Which lifestyle do you prefer? (no other choices)
Can you even hear what you're saying?
It sounds very interesting.
Hello, Venti. (no other choices)
Even if they aren't singing the same tune?
The Helper
What're your thoughts, Venti? (no other choices)
I, for one, am inclined to agree with Venti's understanding of Barbatos.
Who should I go look for?
Barbara! Just the person I was looking for.
We're having a discussion in the plaza now, would you like to join?
A Poem From the Wind
Hey, Diona.
Let's hope Diluc won't mind...
Do you want to leave?
Here you are helping other people out, when you're supposed to be kicking back and relaxing...
You just think writing poetry is too much trouble.
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Ending 4: The Grapes of Warmth

The Grapes of Warmth kaeya ending hangout event

Branches & Major Choices

Thank you, I'll use it as a decanter
I can join you for the souvenir-giving, so you have some company
An Ordinary Day for the Knights of Favonius
Long time no see, everyone
(I have a sudden urge to expose him...)
Hello, Albedo (no other choices)
Why are you smirking?
Fragrance of Wine
(Adjust the in-game time - the next day)
Greetings (no other choices)
Want to come, Diluc?
Thank you. (no other choices)
(That was the least natural segue in conversational history)
To our generous hosts!
Winery Work
I'm not hungry
I will help too (no other choices)
Activity: Pick up Ripe Grapes
I'll take good care of him
Kaeya is an important friend to me (no other choices)

Ending 5: Our Sun

kaeya ending hangout ending

Branches & Major Choices

This is just the norm to you?
The day after tomorrow
Taste of Home
(Adjust the in-game time - within 2 days)
Cider Lake?
Of course, my drink is non-alcoholic
(Try the Cider Lake that Elzer mixed) (no other choices)
It's quite sweet, and very tasty (no other choices)
huh? Is that allowed? (no other choices)
Cold Cut Platter
You seem to know Kaeya's preferences inside-out (no other choices)
I can't always tell what he's up to
That's right (no other choices)
I understand what you mean (no other choices)
And I got to hear some stories about your childhood (no other choices)
She said you had a strong sense of justice
Yeah. Let's eat together.
It's all Kaeya's fault (no other choices)
Yes, everyone is Kaeya's friend
Hi, I'm (Traveler/Player's Name) (no other choices)
Kaeya's plan succeeded again
What are you rescuing Kaeya from...?
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Kayea Hangout Event - Rewards

Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward

Kaeya hangout event rewards

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you various rewards! This includes Primogems, Mora, and sometimes even Dishes!

Achievements Unlocked

Kaeya Hangout event achievements
Make MerryComplete Shenanigans and Sweet Wine and unlock all endings
Shh... Listen!Listen to the voice coming from the confinement room
Lucky CoinParticipate in teh wager set up ny Kaeya
Check Out The All Achievements List Here!

Obtain Prince Qubad 's Intaglio

Prince Qubad

Prince Qubad 's Intaglio can be obtained after finishing the ▲ Questions Ending. This can be found in the inventory together with other quest items.

Get The Mysterious Lamp Of Fate Ordained

Mysterious Lamp of Fate Ordained

You can get the Mysterious Lamp of Fate Ordained furnishing after completing the ▲ A Boat Untethered Ending.

Furniture List

Kaeya Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

Available Starting July 25, 2023

kaeya hangout event for 3.8
Release Date
July 25, 2023

Kaeya's Hangout Event becomes permanently available beginning from the second part of 3.8 Update.

How To Unlock

Unlock Conditions
└ Complete the Caribert Archon Quest
└ Complete Kaeya's Story Quest - Pavo Ocellus
└ Adventure Rank 35 or above.

Requires Story Keys To Unlock

kaeya hangout event required story keys

Requires 2 Story Keys to unlock the event and you can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Complete Daily Commissions For Keys

Upon completing the Daily Commissions you will obtain a Story Key that will be needed to unlock the Hangout Event. These keys are the same keys to unlock a Story Quests.

How To Select Regions for Daily Commissions?

Other Hangout Quests

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

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MangoTango 1

You can get "Shh... Listen!" at the Homecoming event, just walk back into the Knights of Favonius barracks and interact with the solitary confinement door.

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