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Stonehide Lawachurl Tavern Challenge Guide (TCG)

Genshin | Stonehide Lawachurl Tavern Challenge Guide (TCG)

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Genshin | Stonehide Lawachurl Tavern Challenge Guide (TCG) - GameWith

Stonehide Lawachurl's Rest Tavern Challenge Guide for TCG (Genius Invokation of Genshin Impact). See best cards & deck to use, how to unlock & win, objectives, tips, & rewards.

Table of Contents

TCG Gameplay Guide

How To Unlock Tavern Challenge: Stonehide Lawachurl

Friendly Fracas At TCG Player Level 6

Stonehide Lawachurl's Rest is the fourth Tavern Challenge available and Friendly Fracas can be unlocked when you reach TCG player level 6.

Friendly Fracas Opponent's Character Card

Friendly Fracas Opponent

For Friendly Fracas, the opponent uses Stonehide Lawachurl with 16 HP and equipped with Stonehide Reforged.

Serious Showdown At TCG Player Level 7

You can unlock Stonehide Lawachurl's Majesty when you reach TCG player level 7 but you must complete all of the ▼objectives of Friendly Fracas first.

Serious Showdown Opponent's Character Card

Serious Showdown Opponent

It is similar to Friendly Fracas but the only difference is that Stonehide Lawachurl in this mode has 24 HP.

Defeat NPC Challengers For Leveling Up

Defeat NPC Challengers

To gain player EXP and level, you need to defeat NPC challengers and complete the weekly guest challenge.

NPC Challengers Map & Locations

Talk To Prince At The Cat's Tail

Friendly Fracas At TCG Player Level 6

When you reach TCG player level 6, go to The Cat's Tail at Mondstadt and talk to Prince to initiate the Tavern Challenge.

Tavern Challenge: Stonehide Lawachurl Objectives

How To Complete All Objectives

Friendly Fracas Objectives
- Achieve Victory
- Achieve Victory within 5 Rounds
- Win without losing a single character
Serious Showdown Objectives
- Complete all Friendly Fracas objectives
- Achieve Victory

You need to accomplish all of the objectives above when completing Tavern Challenge: Stonehide Lawachurl's Rest. The tips below are helpful to finish all of the objectives.

How To Beat Stonehide Lawachurl (Tavern Challenge)

Remove The Initial Shield

Remove The Initial Shield

The passive of Stonehide Lawachurl makes it durable and could take several turns to be removed. Before going all out, ensure that the shield is no longer there.

Geo Damage While Passive Is Active

Geo Damage While Passive Is Active

When shielded, all of its damage is converted from Physical DMG to Geo DMG. As much as possible, avoid using moves that can apply you with an element that can be triggered with Geo as it can gain shield points when it triggers Crystallize reaction.

Likely To Use Burst

Likely To Use Burst

Once Stonehide Lawachurl has acquired 2 energies, it is likely to use Burst which deals 5 Physical DMG or Geo DMG when passive is still active. If your active character's HP is 5 or less, switch to another character so you do not fail 1 of the objectives.

Passive Can Be Reactivated

Passive Can Be Reactivated

When one of your character cards has been defeated with Burst, it regains its passive and it conjures a shield while converting all of its damage to Geo DMG.

Freeze Is Recommended

Freeze Is Recommended

Stonehide Lawachurl initially has a shield and can be tanky. Its Burst only require 2 energies so it is likely to be used after 2 Normal Attacks & Skills. You can halt its actions by freezing.

Recommended Character Cards

Cryo Characters
Hydro Characters
All Character Cards List

Can Forcefully End Opponent's Turn

Can Forcefully End Opponent

Since the opponent only uses 1 character card, freezing Stonehide Lawachurl forcefully ends the opponent's turn for the round. You can take this opportunity to setup or take an offensive action in succession.

Sustain Freeze Or Proc Other Reactions

While freezing can give you an easy time to setup, triggering other elemental reactions are also great since it can deal additional damage.

TCG Elemental Reactions & Effects

Recommended Deck For Stonehide Lawachurl

Action Cards Are Significant

There are action cards that can give you additional cards. Some action cards can provide energy & guaranteed elemental dice that matches the active character. The effects of most action cards can be stacked.

Include Talent Cards In Your Deck

The talent cards are advantageous since it improves the effect of a character's talent.

Character Cards
Ayaka- Do not end the round with Ayaka as active to gain Cryo infusion
Xingqiu- Burst can synergize with Ayaka's Normal Attack
↳ Can trigger Freeze when Ayaka has Cryo infusion
Mona- Burst can increase the damage of Hydro-related reactions
- Passive works well with Ayaka's talent card
Action Cards
Card NameDetail & Cost
Kanten Senmyou Blessing- Ayaka's talent card
↳ Improves Cryo DMG output
- 2 Pyro dice
Scent Remained- Xingqiu's talent card
↳ Improves Skill
↳ Gain Rain Sword which can reduce 1 DMG
- 4 Hydro dice
Prophecy of Submersion- Mona's talent card
↳ Improves Burst
↳ Further amplifies the damage of Hydro-related reactions
- 3 Hydro dice & 3 energies
Exile's Circlet- All standby characters gain 1 energy when the user has activated Burst
↳ Great to pair with Calx's Arts
↳ Great for Burst uptime
- Costs 2 unaligned dice
Liyue Harbor Wharf- Gain 2 cards during end phase for 2 rounds
- Costs 2 similar dice
Jade Chamber- Guaranteed 2 elemental dice that matches the active character
- Costs 1 die
Paimon- Gain 2 Omni dice on the next round for 2 rounds
- Costs 3 similar dice
The Bestest Travel Companion!- Converts 2 dice to 2 Omni dice
- Costs 2 unaligned dice
Strategize- Gain 2 additional cards upon use
- Costs 1 die
Chang the Ninth- Gain 2 cards after you do 3 Physical attacks or elemental reactions
- No cost
Liben- Gets 3 unused dice with different elements and gives 2 cards & 2 Omni dice on the next round
- No cost
Timmie- Gain 1 additional card & 1 Omni dice after 3 rounds
- No cost
Starsigns- Gain 1 energy when used
↳ Good for Burst uptime
- Costs 2 unaligned dice
Iron Tongue Tian- Gain 1 energy when character's energy is not at max
↳ Prioritizes active character
↳ Good for Burst uptime
- Costs 2 unaligned dice
Minty Meat Rolls- Normal Attack cost reduced by 1 unaligned die before the round ends
↳ Recommended to use when Ellin is in effect
- Costs 1 die
Ellin- Reduced 1 aligned die when repeating an action
↳ Great to pair with Minty Meat Rolls
- Costs 2 similar dice
When the Crane Returned- Switches to the right character after using Skill (switches to the 1st card when used by the 3rd card)
↳ Bypasses the cost when switching
- Costs 1 die
Elemental Resonance: Woven Waters- Gain 1 Hydro die
- No cost
Elemental Resonance: Soothing Water- Restores 2 HP to the active character & 1 HP to standby characters
- 1 Hydro die

Tavern Challenge: Stonehide Lawachurl Tips

Active Deck Is In Use

Active Deck Is In Use

Set your active deck in the Casket of Tomes before you start the Tavern Challenge. The active deck is marked by a blue flag with 2 swords symbol.

Best Decks For TCG

Use Card To Heal

Go For Offense

Use all of your dice to perform an offensive move for every round as much as possible. If you want to heal, you can include Sweet Madame Card in your deck which has 0 cost and it does not end your turn upon use.

All Cards List For Genius Invokation

Concede To Reroll Cards

Concede To Reroll Cards

If you do not like the 5 initial cards that you get after the initial reroll, you can concede the match and restart. You can repeat this until you get the cards of preference since the 5 initial cards, even the rerolled ones, are all random.

Elemental Tuning Can Be Used

Elemental Tuning Can Be Used

In case you do not have useful elemental dice and you ran out of chance to reroll, you can sacrifice an action card to replace it with an elemental die that matches the active card.

The Bestest Travel Companion! Card

The Bestest Travel Companion! Card

This card is universal and can transform 2 different elemental dice into 2 Omni dice. It is recommended since it is a better version of elemental tuning.

Elemental Tuning Guide

Limited Action Card At Hand

Limited Action Card At Hand

It is great to have a lot of cards on hand but the max cards you can hold are 10 and the succeeding cards are automatically discarded.

Tavern Challenge: Stonehide Lawachurl Rewards

Friendly Fracas Rewards

Stonehide Lawachurl Card Details

Plama LawaNormal Attack
Deals 2 Physical DMG.
1 Geo & 2 Unaligned
Movo LawaElemental Skill
Deals 3 Physical DMG.
3 Geo
Upa ShatoElemental Burst
Deals 5 Physical DMG.
3 Geo & 2 Energies
Infused StonehidePassive
When the battle begins, this character gains Stonehide and Stone Force.

You can also get Stonehide Reforge Card which can only be used if Stonehide Lawachurl Card is included in your deck.

Serious Showdown Rewards

You can get 1,000 Lucky Coins from completing Serious Showdown.

Lucky Coins Guide

Other Tavern Challenge

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