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Three Realms Gateway Offering Guide & Puzzles

Genshin | Three Realms Gateway Offering Guide & Puzzles

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Three Realms Gateway Offering is an upcoming event for Genshin Impact. Guide includes release date, bokuso box, location, how to unlock, rewards, puzzles, free weapon, Enkanomiya.

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2.5 Version Updates
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Three Realms Gateway OfferingDivine Ingenuity
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2.5 Update - Release Date & Patch Notes

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Location & How To Unlock

Located In Another Variation Of Enkanomiya

New Map

▲Same structure as Enkanomiya but a different map.

The event will take place in Enkanomiya. Story-wise it is referring to the same Enkanomiya that was explored the previous version. However, in-game it is a totally different location with their own section in the map.

Enkanomiya Gimmicks & How To Unlock

The Location Is Only Available For A Limited Time

Three Realms Gateway Offering is only available during version 2.5. After version 2.5, unobtained chest and unfinished quest will no longer be available. Maximize this opportunity to gather more resources in this area.

How To Unlock Three Realms Gateway Offering?

Finish Archon Quest Chapter 2: Act 2

You will need to progress through the Archon Quest in Inazuma if you want to participate in the event. Complete the "Stillness, The Sublimation Of Shadow" Archon Quest in order to be eligible for the event.

Stillness, The Sublimation Of Shadow Archon Quest (Chapter 2 Act 2)

Complete Erebos' Secret World Quest

You must also complete the Erebos' Secret World Quest in Enkanomiya. Finish the series of quests to unlock the event!

Erebos' Secret World Quest Walkthrough Guide

Three Realms Gateway Offering - How To Progress Efficiently?

Step-By-Step Guide

1 Follow through the story until you unlock Bokuso Box.
2 Finish the Part 1 of the Story.
3 Collect treasure, gather materials, and do challenges in the area within the vicinity of the first Story.
4 Level up Or Upgrade your Bokuso Box.
5 Proceed to the next story.
6 Repeat 3 ~ 5 until you finish all main story.

1. Unlock The Bokuso Box

Bokuso Box Is The Main Gadget For The Area

Bokuso Box is the most important item needed to explore Three Realms Gateway Offering. This will enable you to defeat enemies, gather supplies, and protect you from corrosion.

Bokuso Box Location & How To Get

Use Box To Dispel Darkness For Enemies, Chests

Dispel Darkness

The Bokuso Box is capable of cleansing away the darkness from both objects and enemies. Enemies, materials and Treasure chests cannot be defeated or obtained if it is inflicted by darkness unless you remove the darkness using Bokuso Box .

Offers Resistance To Corrosion


Besides clearing the darkness, the Bokuso Box also offers resistance to Corrosion. Each location in Three Realms Gateway Offering has a specific corrosion level. The higher level your Bokuso Box is, the higher the Corrosion resistance that you will get.

Requires Replenishing Energy

Requires Replenishing Energy

The Bokuso Box can run out of Energy, preventing players from exploring further. You can replenish its energy by going to the Statue at the Serpent's Heart. Alternatively, you can capture Coral Butterflies and interact with Light Conches to get a bit more energy.

4. Level up Or Upgrade your Bokuso Box.

Upgrade Bokuso Box With Light Realm Sigils

Upgrade With Light Realm Sigils

The Bokuso Box can actually be upgraded with the use of Light Realm Sigils. It will be offered to a shrine, you can collect these Light Realm Sigils from treasure boxes, world quest rewards and unlocking waypoints.

Chests Locations For Three Realms Gateway Offering

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Story Quests & World Quest List

All Three Realms Gateway Offering Quest Walkthroughs

Limited World Quests Available

The Bunkoku Enigma

World Quest

Talk to Yaba and to unlock a quest about a certain treasure.

The Bunkoku Enigma Quest Guide | Retrieve The Stone Slates

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Puzzles, Challenges & Gimmicks

Exploration Challenges

Exploration Challenges

Most of these challenges are easy and will be accomplished as you play the game. Check the game menu for and do the tasks listed for rewards.

There are three sets of exploration challenges that players can complete to get different rewards! There are 3 set of challenges travelers can complete to obtain generous rewards.

Exploration Challenges

First Exploration Event Challenges

Cleanse 1 Tower Of The VoidPrimogems x 30
Mora x 20,000
Open 30 treasure chests in Three Realms Gateway OfferingPrimogems x 30
Mora x 20,000
Upgrade the Bokuso Box to Level 4Primogems x 30
Mora x 20,000
Collect 10 Aphotium OreJade Branch Of A Distant Sea x 2
Light Realm Sigils x 20
Mora x 20,000
Collect 10 Tokoyo LegumesNarukami's Affection x 2
Light Realm Sigils x 20
Mora x 20,000
Defeat Shadowy Husks and obtain 3 Husk GemsMask Of The One-Horned x 2
Light Realm Sigils x 20
Mora x 20,000

Sentou Trial

Sentou Trial

Head to designated areas and complete battle challenges to get Light Realm Sigils. However, you will need to complete prerequisite quests first before you can do these trials.

The Call Of Ice And Thunder

The Call Of Ice And Thunder

After finishing the story, you can unlock this boss challenge. Come face to face with the Bathysmal Vishap Herd and test out your might against them. There will be difficulties that you can choose from to defeat them!

Puzzles & Gimmicks

Water Mirror Puzzle Guide

Water Mirror Puzzle

Make use of Water mirrors to reflect light and unlock contraptions.

Water Mirror Puzzle Guide

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Items & Materials

Three Realms Gateway Offering - New Wildlife (Living Beings)

Coral Butterfly

Coral Butterflies
Coral Butterfly

A new live being/wildlife that can only be found in the region of Enkanomiya during the Three Realms Gateway Offering event.

Coral Butterfly Locations

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Event Rewards

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Event Rewards

Free 4★ Weapon

One of the Rewards for the quest is a 4★ catalyst weapon called the Oathsworn Eye. It will also have Refinement Materials for the weapon.

Oathsworn Eye How to Get & Is It Good?

Primogems & Other Materials

You can also get a number of Primogems, Level Up Materials, Mora, and more when clearing the Event. Currently, it's unknown what is the amount of rewards players can get.

Listed Event Rewards

Three Realms Gateway Offering - Release Date

Releases In 2.5 Update

Confirmed Part Of 2.5 Update
Event Duration
February 17, 2022, 10:00 (Server Time) - Until the end of Version 2.5
- Reach Adventure Rank 30
- Complete the Stillness, The Sublimation Of Shadow Archon Quest
- Complete the Erebos' Secret World Quest

During the 2.5 Livestream, it's been revealed that the Three Realms Gateway will be part of the 2.5 Update. It will be released on February 17, 2022, 10:00 (Server Time) and will last until the end of the 2.5 update.

2.5 Update - Release Date & Patch Notes

Storyline Follows Enkanomiya

A new darkness has settled in Enkanomiya and it's up to you to uncover what it causing it and prevent it from causing trouble to Watatsumi Island above.

Kokomi Will Play A Part In The Event

Official descriptions of the Event mentions that it's Sangonomiya Kokomi who will task you with figuring out what's causing the darkness in Enkanomiya. How much she'll show up in the quest is unknown.

Kokomi Character Aricle

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Event & Wish

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Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


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